Wacky Races

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The big event this month is a real life 2 mile handicap – the Northbrook Wacky Races.

The format is simple. It requires groups of 6 (rule of 6 is in play), and the finish is at Swans Pet Food Supplies out in the lanes. At a distance of 2 miles away we have 4 different start locations. Participants will be handicapped based on either a recent 5k or 2 mile time that will be verified.

Each group has a nominated starter who is running, they release the runners at a handicap time. The 4 starts converge with either 1.5 or 1 mile to go. The race is to the finish.

Depending on number of people interested the plan is for races to start in week beginning 19 April and to run it on consecutive days for play-offs until we get to a final 24 who get to run again a week later.

This is a handicapped event so this will be your effort against your effort, with the added bonus of a free real life race theme involved

Participants will be able to submit their results using the form on the Virtual Events page.

To enter we will need a  2 mile time for the handicap to unfold.

Last date for entries is Saturday 17 April.