Road Race Championships 2019

Getting on for half-way through the year and there has been plenty of activity in all of the distances. In the Men’s table Liam Mills has taken the lead with six of the eight race distances completed. Steve Turvey, Mike Wheeler, Ian Paterson and Pete Fellows (tying for the MV55 spot) and Charles Jones head the other men’s categories.

Natasha White has maximum points from all her five race distances to keep her lead at the top of the women’s table. Gemma Ross, Lisa Bragg, Sarah McNaney, and Ros Myers are the other women’s category leaders.

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Results up to 19 May 2019

Northbrook Road Race Champs Tables

Seven road race distances, from 5k to full marathon plus the Club Handicap

Runners’ best times in the season for each distance are ranked, and points (up to 100) awarded

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