How to Join Northbrook AC

Give us a try

If you have never been a member of a running club you may be perhaps uncertain about joining. Don’t be; our membership encompasses a wide range of ability, age and commitment. Whatever your experience or standard of fitness, you’ll be more than welcome and you are bound to find someone in the club who is about the same standard as you. The only thing to note is that we aren’t set up to cater for absolute beginners.
Before taking out club membership you may want give us a try for a few weeks by coming along to the training sessions. We meet at 7.15pm on Wednesday evenings at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club in Browns Lane.

Eligibility for membership

Provided you are not already a member of a running club that is affiliated to England Athletics you join Northbrook AC as a First Claim member. As a First Claim member you will be registered with English Athletics and be given a Unique Registration Number that will allow you to enter EA-licensed road races and other competitive events that require athletes to be registered. You will also benefit from a reduction in race entry fees and be covered by the EA’s race insurance. As a First Claim member you will be eligible to vote at Northbrook Annual General Meetings.

If you are already a member of a running club you can join Northbrook AC as a Second Claim member. This may be appropriate, say, if you don’t reside in the Coventry area but spend some time here on business or other visits. You will able to take part in private Northbrook competitive and social events, but the benefits that go with First Claim membership won’t apply.

Joining up

To join you need to fill out a Membership Application Form.

A downloadable form is also available which you can post to us with the appropriate fee, or bring it along to a Wednesday Club night. (Cash not accepted).

Membership fees for 2021 are:
First claim £45.00, 2nd claim £30.00
(both include a Club vest).
Concessionary rate are available – refer to application form.

As a Club member you can subscribe to our email list and receive news about Club running and social events right at your desktop or smartphone.

Jaguar Sports and Social Club

To use the car park, shower and/or changing facilities, or the bar at the venue for Wednesday night training sessions you have to take out Associate Membership of the Jaguar Sports and Social Club. Details of Associate Membership are on the Jaguar Sports & Social Club website.

Please go to our FAQ page if you have questions about membership.


If you have questions please look first at our FAQ page, or get in touch via our
Contact Form

Club vests, men’s and women’s, are available from the Club.