Distance routes

A selection of Clive’s Sunday morning routes. Of course you don’t have to run them only on Sunday mornings – many of them are good for the lighter evenings too.
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Route NoDistance (miles)Route Description
Route 17.27 miles lanes
Route 27.447.5 miles local lanes
Route 37.5Winter route - all roads
Route 47.98 miles along local lanes
Route 58.2An easy 8 miler
Route 68.3A nice little 8 miler with a twist
Route 78.5A nice 8 miler along local lanes
Route 88.53A nice run through Harvest Hill
Route 98.8
Route 108.82A nice 9 miler
Route 118.9A good 9 miler for snowy conditions
Route 128.98A good, testing 9 miler that's suited for winter conditions
Route 149.7An inner city run for when the weather is not so good
Route 159.8Nearly 10 miles with a couple of bumps
Route 1610A nice 10 miler, and not too lumpy
Route 1710.210 miles that's flat in paces - a good route for half-marathon training
Route 1810.4The standard 10 miler
Route 1910.7A good, testing 10 miler
Route 2010.8A steady 11-ish miles
Route 2110.87An inner city 11 miler that's relatively hill free
Route 2210.97Mainly in the lanes, but rather lumpy
Route 2310.98A comfortable 11 miler, but take care on Fillongley Road
Route 2411Lumpy 11-miler
Route 2511.2An easyish figure of eight giving you 11 miles
Route 2611.511 miles with a difference
Route 2711.6A nice 12-ish miler along local lanes
Route 2811.68
Route 2911.7A 12 miler with a drop out
Route 3012.4A route for half-marathon runners
Route 3112.71A 13 miler with a drop out for anyone wanting 7 - 8 miles
Route 3212.72Slight extension to a popular route giving just over 12 miles
Route 3312.92More roads than lanes
Route 3412.97A 10 miler, but adding on the Club handicap course gives you 13 miles
Route 3513A route on familiar roads, with a drop out at 8 miles for anyone tapering
Route 3613.2A good training route with two tough climbs
Route 3713.6Not quite 14 miles, with a drop out at 8 miles
Route 3813.8A tough one
Route 3914.2An interesting route that will introduce you to the longer distances
Route 4014.59Flat in places
Route 4114.61Similar to Route 15 but includes main roads and also some good country air
Route 4214.63
Route 4314.64A good route for bad weather conditions, but caution is needed through the park
Route 4414.65Mostly along the lanes, and rather lumpy
Route 4514.95A variation on the Corley routes
Route 4615.04A 15 mile lollipop out and back route around Berkswell - a bit lumpy
Route 4715.06Just a 15 miler
Route 4815.13A testing 15 miler
Route 4915.9Just shy of 16 miles this figure of 8 route gives a drop out around 10ish
Route 5015.94A nice little trot around Meriden
Route 5116A 16 miler that's no too lumpy
Route 5316.25An easier 16 miler out into country lanes, with a couple of main roads to be aware of
Route 5416.7A lollipop route including Coundon Wedge Road
Route 5517.5A toughish, long run
Route 5617.9Just under 18 miles through Fillongley and Kinwalsey
Route 5718.03A nice long run out Meriden way
Route 5818.5An 18 miler with lumps
Route 5918.16An alternative route for bad weather conditions - all on main roads
Route 6018.2Good marathon training
Route 6118.5A good 18 miler well into the Warwickshire countryside
Route 6219.5A challenging route with nice hills
Route 6319.6
Route 6419.8A run taking in the lanes with a couple of gentle inclines - good for Ashby training
Route 6520.2A 20 miler including a run down Kinwalsey hill
Route 6620.21A run that includes some good lumps
Route 6720.4A long run that includes Kenilworth Road
Route 6820.5A nice 20-ish miler
Route 139.36Country lanes, not too lumpy