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The Club’s Annual Awards night on 16 February at the Windmill Village hotel was a combined Awards and 40th birthday celebration.

The Club had a disappointing 2018/19 Birmingham League Cross-Country season, finishing 6th overall in Division 3 and thus dashing earlier promotion hopes.

A new Greatest Mileage Award was introduced to be presented to the club member running the highest aggregate distance in the year.

Membership fees were left unchanged, but there was a one-time reduction of £2 in all feews for renewing memberships. The membership fee for new members was £43.


A particularly special year in the club’s history as it celebrated the founding of the club 40 years ago,under its original name of Northbrook Striders.

The Ruby Relay event took place in August where the winning team was the team that completed the most laps in 40 minutes.

Numbers competing for the club in the league and championship cross-country races continued to increase. In the Warwickshire Road Race League, Natasha White was 2nd woman overall, and others were highly placed in their age categories.

The club Road Race Championships showed unprecedented interest. Four teams were fielded in the Cotswold Hilly 100, achieving victory in the mixed team event, and 80 Northbrook runners ran in the Sphinx Summer 5 mile race. Northbrook won several of the prizes in the Sphinx AC mile relays.

There was a record turnout at the Summer Handicap, with 101 runners in one of the races.

Northbrook co-hosted the first of the Birmingham League/Midland Women’s League cross-country races of the 2018/2019 season at Coundon Hall Park with Massey Ferguson RC and Sphinx AC.

The minimum age for club membership was raised to 18 years.

Membership fees for new first claim members were increased to in line with the increase in England Athletics affiliation fees. The membership fee for new members was £43. Fees for renewing existing members were left unchanged.


One of the busiest years in the club’s history, with more interest in cross-country competitions and with more women running after the club were promoted to Division 1 of the Midland Women’s Cross-Country League at the end of the previous season.

Northbrook teams performed well in the Warks Road Race League, the Cotswold Hilly 100, and the Thunder Run relay. Tommy Dempsey completed all the races in the Warks Road Race League. The women won the team prize at the Sphinx AC Summer 5 mile race, and there were Northbrook winners at the Sphinx AC mile races.

The number of runners in the Summer Handicap increased greatly and a new app was introduced to assit with the results recording.
Beginner sessions were organised aimed at the Northbrook 10Km race which encouraged more people to join the club.

The club hosted a quiz night presented by Mitch Timms from Sphinx AC, and supported the Coventry Half-Marathon by organising support points on the course.

In recognition of his long-standing 33 years of dedicated service to the club, many of them in the position of Club Chairman, Bob Adams was awarded Life membership.

Membership fees for first claim members were increased to in line with the increase in England Athletics affiliation fees. The membership fee for new members was £42.

Club photo Summer 2017


Northbrook men were promoted to Division 2 of the Birminham and District Invitation Cross-Country League.
Additional age categories were introduced in the club’s Road Race Championship, categories for 2016 onwards being 1 overall winner, first 3 in the categories for Senior, 35+, 45+ 55+ and 65+, for men and for women.

New non-committee positions of Vice Captain were introduced for the men’s and ladies’ teams.

Tony French was elected as President following the resignation of Bob Awcock.

Membership fees for first claim members were increased to in line with the increase in England Athletics affiliation fees. The membership fee for new members was £41.


More interest was shown in the cross-country season with more ladies running. A ladies team won the Warwick University cross-country relays.

Amanda Deavy was again selected to represent Warkwickshire in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country Championships.

The men were in a good position to gain promotion from Division 3 of the Birmingham Cross Country League, being in 2nd place at the end of the year.

Teams also performed well in the Warkwickshire Road Race League, the Cotswold Hilly 100, and the Thunder Run.

The Summer Handicap was very popular and the filtering of the groups at the Wednesday evening sessions worked well and the sessions produced some great results. Sunday and Monday sessions proved very popular.

Northbrook was chosen as the ‘Club of the Year’ at the Coventry Half-Marathon. It was great publicity for the club and gave the club’s runners the chance to be ‘race pacers’. John Wilson organised training sessions for Myton Hospice runners who took part.

There was a record entry of 548 for the club’s 10Km race. Supported charities included Zoë’s Place, the Scouts, Great Ormond Street and Allesley Festival.

The Runner of the Month prize was changed from being a bottle of wine to become a £5 gift voucher, and that there be a male and female prize awarded each month.

There was much debate at the AGM about the status of Parkruns in the club’s Road Race Championship table. Eventually it was agreed that Parkruns not be included in the club’s Road Race Championship starting in 2016.

Membership fees for first claim members were increased to in line with the increase in England Athletics affiliation fees. The membership fee for new members was £40.


There was renewed interest in the cross-country season, with more ladies running. They were rewarded with a 3rd place in the Midland Cross-Country, and 4th place in the Warkwickshire Cross-Country Championships.

Amanda Deavy was selected to represent Warkwickshire in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country Championships.

The men were looking to gain promotion from Division 3 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League, and lay in 4th place at the end of the year.

Teams also performed well in the Warkwickshire Road Race League, and ladies were urged to enter a team in the Cotswold Hilly 100.

The Summer Handicap was a very popular event with many members taking part.

The Wednesday evening sessions were very productive and a decision to filter the groups before running worked well. Sunday and Monday sessions were also very popular.

In the club’s annual 10Km race there was another record entry and great support from sponsors. £3000 was raised for charities, including £2000 for ‘Zoes place’.

An updated Constitution and Club Rules were approved at the club’s AGM in January.

A Cross-Country Award was introduced to be presented to the club member who in the opinion of the club committee is the most worthy, with a separate award for men and for women.

Membership fees for first claim members were increased by £2 to cover an increase in cost of the club vest (included in the fee). The membership fee for new members was £35.

Club photo Summer 2014


On the cross-country front, there was an exciting conclusion to the season at the beginning of the year when, with the benefit of home advantage at Coundon Hall Park, Northbrook finished second on the day to secure promotion to Division 2 in the Birmingham Cross-Country League. Circumstances changed however going into the 2013/2014 season with a combination of an increased standard of running and the absence of some of the club’s top runners, meaning a battle to avoid relegation.

There was a consistent number of ladies running in the Midlands Cross-Country League, the team being led by Lyn McDonald.

At the Warwickshire County Championships Amanda Deavy qualified to run for Warwickshire in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country.

Club members competed with distinction in the Warwickshire Road Race League. The men’s and ladies’ teams both finished 5th overall in the series, and individual successes included Amanda Deavy as1st Vet Lady,  Pete Fellows as 1st V55 and Anne Hughes as 3rd V55.

Two Northbrook teams had an interesting time at the Thunder Run relay, with the race starting in heatwave conditions. The heavens then opened during the night which almost turned the course into a cross-country race. Despite one of the club’s runners going walk-about during the night, the 5-person team came 5th out of 71 teams.

The club fielded three complete teams in the Cotswolds Hilly 100 relay.

A record number of athletes ran in the Summer Handicap competition, with always a few friends from Sphinx AC joining in, which helped to cement the friendly rivalry between the two clubs.

The Awards Night was again a successful event, organised by Corinna O’Connor.

At the AGM in January a proposal to move the Wednesday evening start time to 7.15pm was discussed but not taken further.

Membership fees were raised by £5 for first claim members, as England Athletics would be doubling their fees per member from £5 to £10. The fee for new members was raised to £33.


There was continued interest in the cross-country season including some super performances from the ladies with Amanda Deavy coming 6th in the Warwickshire Cross-Country Championships. The ladies’ team also came 1st in the Warwick University Cross-Country relays. The men’s team performed well in Division 3 of the Birmingham League, and at the end of the year were lying in 3rd place overall, bidding for promotion with one race to go.

The club took on the task of hosting the final race of the series to be held at Coundon Hall Park in February 2013.

In the Warwickshire Road Race League, the ladies team came 2nd, and were also 2nd in the veteran category. The senior men were 7th and the men’s veterans were 4th. Northbrook was well represented in the individual categories.

A large team competed in the Thunder Run 24 hour relay, finishing 3rd in the mixed team of 5 category, and took part in the Cotswold Hilly 100 relay.

The leaders of the four Wednesday night training groups were praised for continuing to do a tremendous job, Corinna O’Connor even managing to get Bob Adams to run with Level 3. The sessions resulted in many personal best results being achieved

The Northbrook 10km race was moved to July to coincide with the Allesley Festival. As a result the Club did not stage a 5Km race.

There was much lively discussion at the club’s AGM in February. A proposal to rescind the rule that required that an entry submitted by a Club member to run in the Northbrook 10k race either be accompanied by a name of a marshal or helper was approved. Members also voted for a proposed new Constitution and Set of Rules be drafted for consideration and adoption at the Club’s Annual General Meeting to be held in 2013.

A proposal to bring forward the Wednesday night start time to 7pm was discussed but then withdrawn pending further evaluation.

Membership fees were raised, and the fee for new members was £28.


There was a revival of interest in the cross-country season with a record number of ladies running in the Midland League fixtures, and more than 20 men running in the Birmingham League races. Credit was given to the club captains Alix Critchley and John Wilson.

The ladies performed very well and it was a very proud day for the club when Amanda Deavy and Becky Smith both won individual medals in the Warwickshire Cross-Country Championships. The team finished in 3rd place.

The men’s team performed well in Division 3 of the Birmingham League and lay in 5th place overall at the end of the year, with one race to go. It was going to be tough to get into the top three positions but the club was only 1 point behind the 4th placed team.

On the road both teams performed with credit in the Warwickshire Road Race League, with the men’s team finishing in 4th place and the ladies finishing 3rd. John Wilson finished as 3rd senior man, Pete Fellows was 3rd over 50 man, Bob Simpson was 2nd over 60 man and Anne Hughes was 2nd over 55 lady. The club also competed well in the Cotswolds Hilly 100 relay.

At the Thunder Run the men’s team of 5 finished in an excellent 4th place, having covered a total of 193 miles in the 24 hours. There were also excellent solo runs from Paul Stead, Alix Critchley and Tony Bowe.

Clive Horton did a great job in co-ordinating the Wednesday evening training groups, and many members joined in the Sunday morning marathon training sessions.

Corinna O’Connor organised several social events and over 90 people attended the Awards Night, a 50% increase in the number who attended the 2010 event. The Olympic outfits looked great and Kevin Coughlan was in fine voice.

The 10Km race was judged to be the best value for money race in the area.

A new 5km category was added to the events included in the club’s Road Race Championships.

The points ranges for the Summer Handicap were increased to 50 points for men and 30 points for ladies.


In the Warwickshire Road Race League the men’s team came 4th overall but were only a few points behind the second placed team. The ladies also came 4th overall, finishing a very frustrating half a point behind Sphinx in 3rd place. There were some terrific individual performances by Sarah McNaney, Anne Hughes and Pete Fellows, all winning category awards.

It was very encouraging to see more ladies running in the Midlands League races, and Becky Smith qualified to run for Warwickshire in the Inter-Counties race. In the Birmingham Cross-Country League the men’s team stayed up comfortably, but injuries to some of the top runners meant there was a real battle to beat Centurion for a place in Division 2. The club Chairman made a passionate appeal for as many members as possible to be at Cofton Park for the final League race on 12th February, where the ladies’ team also ran.

There appeared to be an emphasis on longer runs, with lots of people running marathons. Several members were also seen dabbling in the ultra distance scene, with some spectacular and admirable results. A particularly welcome addition to the fixture list was the Thunder Run 24 hour relay, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of those who participated, resulting in a long queue of members wanting to run in it in the following year. Members were encouraged to look upon this as a fresh challenge, but I not to neglect the core events such as the 6- and 12-stage relays and the Cotswold Hilly 100 relay.

Participation in the weekly speedwork sessions was high, thanks to the work put in by Sarah, Clive, Jo, Abbe and Andy.

The 10Km race continued to be the best organised event in the area, and it was a proud day for the club when the Lord Mayor of Coventry came along to act as the official starter. The club Chairman certainly enjoyed riding up Browns Lane in the Lord Mayor’s car.  The club also organised the Allesley 5Km race in July. The numbers competing were not that great, but was thought that organising the event helped to enhance the reputation of a club in the local community.

It was announced that Coventry Runner were keen to sponsor the event, and the club would try to make it a higher profile race by promoting it to all those who run in the 10Km race.

Several social events were enjoyed, many with an alcoholic theme.

A sail banner was purchased for use at team events.

A proposal to require members who participate in the Club’s 10k race to provide a person to act as helper or marshal was hotly debated at the club’s AGM, and was approved by a margin of just one vote.

Tony French and John Hosie stood down from the committee.

Subscription fees remained at £25 for new members.

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The ladies’ team won the Nuneaton 10 mile race, the Coombe Abbey multi-terrain race and the Warks Road Race League. The men’s team were 2nd in the Warkwickshire Road Race League, and finished 7th in Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League.

The club hosted the 10Km race and the new Allesley 5Km race. A second-hand trailer and radio equipment was purchased for use at the 10Km race.

The structured training sessions were very well supported, and the social events proved very popular.

A new website was introduced.

The membership fee for new mebers was increased by £8 to include a club vest. The fee for new first claim members was £25.


The ladies’ team won Coventry Half-Marathon Shield and the Warkwickshire Road Race League. The men’s team won the Warkwickshire Road Race League and finished 5th in Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League.

The Northbrook 10Km race included the Inter-Counties championship.

The club hosted a men’s and ladies’ Birmingham League Cross-Country race, and staged the Allesley Fun Run.

The 30th Anniversary event and Presentation Night were judged to be excellent.

A proposal put to the club’s AGM in January that the club change its name from Northbrook Athletic Club to Coventry Northbrook Running Club was not carried.

A change was introduced to the annual voted awards procedure to allow the committee to put forward a shortlist of candidates together with a summary of their achievements.

Membership fees for first claim members were increased by £2 to cover the England Atthletics levy. The fee for new members was £17.


On the team front the men won the Warwickshire Road Race League for the fourth consecutive year whilst coming second in the Cotswold Hilly 100. In Division 2 of the Birmingham & District Cross-Country League, Northbrook finished a highest ever fifth.

Special mention was made about the outstanding running seen from Paul Andrew. He had entered the 2008 London Marathon and the club record of 2 hours 38 minutes was considered to be very much under threat.

Jack Langman showed no signs of slowing down at the age of 70 whilst Tony Mackness, in the 50 plus veteran category, seemed to record a personal best every time he raced. At the other end of the age spectrum Rob Pool and Dan Foulstone ran exceptionally well throughout the summer handicap series.

The ladies chalked up third position in the Warwickshire Road Race League. However, the ladies struggled to get runners out for the cross-country races but praise was given to stalwarts such as Becky Smith and Cath Fenn who took part in spite of a full team often being absent.

Becky Smith continued to run well and Sarah McNaney demonstrated to everyone in the Level Three training group the results that come from some structured speedwork sessions.

The 10k race was a great credit to the club with a record number of entries. It was chosen to be host for the Inter-Counties Championships in 2008. race. The 10k organising committee were Loretto Denley, Tony French and Con McHugh.

The club organised a more ‘traditional’ cross-country course over Coundon Wedge in February and, later in the year, hosted both men’s and ladies’ fixtures for the first time at Coundon Hall Park. The success of these events was put down to the willingness of the membership to be involved in a variety of roles: runners, marshals, car park attendants, catering assistances and so on.

The club also organised the Allesley Festival Run in July and although numbers for the main race slipped, the junior race proved very popular. strength. The club considered it important to continue to organise the Fun Run as it strengthened links with the local community, raised money for charity and was a potential source of new members.

A meal at the Blue Orchid proved very popular, and the Presentation Night held at the Coventry Hill Hotel was one of the best experienced.

Some members of  committee stood down, including Nathan Holmes who had been men’s captain for the previous four years.

The club Chairman wanted to encourage greater participation in the main cross-country competitions (the Birmingham League and Midland League) and the road relays at Sutton Park, as well as making more use of the ‘The Rainbow’ for the post mortems after races. More social events were also recommended to demonstrate the club’s reputation as a friendly running club.

At the AGM in January members voted to update the Constitution and Club Rules.

The committee post of Veterens’ Captain was discontinued and replaced by a new role of Vice Captain. The committee post of Fixtures Secretary was discontinued.



Ian Burgoyne broke the club record at the London Marathon. Paul Andrew performed at a level not seen before in a Northbrook vest, winning the club’s 10Km race, the Hartshill Heartbreaker and the Kenilworth half-marathon. Nathan Holmes was not far behind Paul, and was chosen to run for Warwickshire in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country Championships along with Becky Smith.

The men’s team again won the Warwickshire Road Race League, and also won the Sneyd 10 mile team prize. They finished 2nd in the Cotswold Hilly 100.

In the Birmingham Cross-Country League the mens team were 6th in Division 2. The ladies’ team finished 2nd in the Warwickshire Road Race League, and there was an all-ladies team in the Cotswold Hilly 100.

The Northbrook 10Km race saw increased participation, and the club also organised the Allesley Fun Run and staged a Birmingham Cross-Country League race at Coundon Hall Park. The club is working a new course across Coundon Wedge for this event.

On the social side the School Reunion Party was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

A list of key club events was introduced to which members were requested to give priority.

A proposal to bring forward the Wenesday night start time to 7pm was approved by members at the AGM but was later rescinded at a subsequent EGM.

The club affiliated to the Track & Field section of the MCAA for a one-year trial period.

Membership fees for new members was £15.


In his 2005 AGM report at the beginning of the year the Chairman commented that although he had announced 2 years previously that he would be standing down from the job as Chairman he was glad that he had been persuaded to change his mind, as there had been many occasions when he had felt very proud of the club.

Northbrook won both the men’s Warwickshire Road Race League and the Cotswold Hilly 100 relay. At the end of the year the men were 5th in Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League.

There were some outstanding individual performances. Paul Andrew won the Hartshill Heartbreaker 10 mile race, and was invited to run in the Inter-Counties Cross-Country race. Becky Smith had also been invited to the Inter-Counties race, and ran an excellent London Marathon time, gaining an elite start place for the future. Many other members recorded very good marathon times.

Nathan Holmes was 2nd in the Kenilworth half-marathon and Paul Kelly again won many age category prizes. Loretto Denley ran the 3rd fastest time ever by a UK female in her age category at the Preston 10 mile race.

The Northbrook 10K race was selected for the Warwickshire Championships, and was again organised by Loretto Denley, Tom  Gillon, Tony French and Con McHugh. The change of venue to the Quality Hotel worked well. The race was chosen as host for the Warwickshire Championships and to be part of the Warwickshire Road Race League again in 2006. The race was to be promoted as a ‘Family Run’ to attract more runners and to be accopanied by a 2Km children’s run.

The club hosted the Allesley Fun Run and a Birmingham League Cross-Country fixture at Coundon Hall Park. The latter was a challenge without the use of Keresley Grange School.

Speedwork sessions on Wednesday evenings continued thanks to Nathan Holmes, Alex Marshall and Sarah McNaney.

Difficulties were experienced in getting members to run in relay races. The Costwold Hilly 100 ‘B’ team was withdrawn at the last minute, and there was no ladies’ team. It was just possible to get a men’s 12-stage relay team, and numbers were down in the Summer Handicap.

Attendance at the club’s Presentation Evening was disappointing despite a great deal of organisational work by Tony Hoy, leading to a possible review of the format.

The start time for Wednesday night session was set at 7.30pm.

Jo Moyse took on role of Treasurer

The fee for new members was £15.


On the running front, the integration of the ex-Massey’s runners had been completed very successfully, and they had all contributed to making the club stronger. This had been illustrated by promotion to Division 2 of the men’s Birmingham Cross-Country League, and victories in the Cotswold Hilly 100 relay and the Warks Road Race League. The club also qualified for the National finals of both the 6-stage and 12-stage road relays.

Nathan Holmes, Paul Kelly and Ian Burgoyne occupied the first 3 places in the Warkwickshire Road Race League standings.

John Hosie finished 17th in the Milton Keynes Half-Marathon with a 1h 18m 11s personal best time. In the same race Paul McGurk (1h 29m 35s) and Tony Mackness (1h 31m 29s) also recorded PBs.

The ladies’ squad continued to develop over the year, and they just missed out on winning the Warkwickshire Road Race League. They won the team prize in the Christmas Pudding 10-mile race, and their determination to improve was demonstrated by the number of ladies joining the speedwork sessions.

The second staging of the Northbrook 10Km race was a success. Lorretto Denley, being a perfectionist, was not totally happy with how things went on the day, but it was nevertheless extremely well organised, and much appreciated by the runners who took part. The club’s 10Km race had by now become one of the best events held in the area, and had been selected as the Warwickshire 10Km Championship race for 2005.

The club hosted the Allesley Festival Fun Run, and a Birmingham League Cross-Country race at Coundon Hall Park.

Stuart Keen worked hard to organise the ‘Grease Night’. Stuart and Diane certainly showed everyone how rock-and-roll should be done, and everyone attending had a great night.

The Wednesday evening speedwork sessions continued to develop as a result of much effort by Gareth Knight and Alex Marshall.

As a result of his expertise in carrying out risk assessments for the club’s races Tony French was invited to provide a risk assessment for the National Cross-Country races in Birmingham. Con and Dan McHugh continued to do excellent work with the website and club magazine.

One of the challenges faced was the club’s presence at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club, where membership fees had been changed the previous year. Congestion in the bar area on Wednesday nights was a problem.

The fee for new members was £15.

Read Shaun Flanaghan’s tribute to club member Ingle Corbett.


The 25th anniversary of the club which was originally founded in the summer of 1978 as Northbrook Striders.

Successes included the hosting of a 10K Road Race in June with 260 entries and the showing of a race video on the day of the race. Loretto Denley and Tom Gillon organised and promoted this event.

There was a record club membership of 110, and a record number of 19 runners competing in the London Marathon.

Many ex-Massey Ferguson runners integrated well into the club.

The club performed well through the year, with the ladies’ section getting stronger, and there was individual recognition for Paul Kelly selected as 1st reserve for the England veterans cross country team. Paul was also 1st in the Warkwickshire Road League, with Rob Barry in 3rd place.

Sid Windridge was ranked in the top 10 UK marathon times for his age group, while Loretto Denley was ranked first in the UK for her age group in the half-marathon.

Neal Walker finished 12th in a field of 8500 in the Flora London Half-Marathon at Silverstone with a time of 1h16m41s. Paul Lawlor clocked a 1h25m47s PB in the same race.

In the men’s cross-country it seemed certain that club would gain promotion to Division 2 of the Birmingham League, after 4th place in Division 3 the previous year. The ‘B’ team were leading the field as well, showing the depth of the club’s ability. Rob Barry won 3rd place overall.

Changes to Jaguar Social Club membership fees caused discontent as an initial £10 fee and 50p weekly shower charge was introduced. This was later scrapped and replaced by a general £20 fee, which would have been better in the first place.

The social highlights was the 25th anniversary night, with many former members attending. The 70’s night was memorable for the array of wigs and strange costumes.

The first winner of the Runner of the Month award was Helen Forrester.

Club sponsor was Brose.

The fee for new members was raised by £2 to £15. A late payment charge of £5 was introduced.


There were some notable performances in the Warkwickshire Road Race League. Paul Kelly won the overall men’s title, and was selected to run for England (V50’s) after the Nuneaton 10-mile race. Gary Thomas was awarded 2nd senior men’s prize. Julie Neville won 2nd V45 prize.

Dawn O’Shea produced the performance of the year, finishing the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championships in 11 hours 30 secs. Dawn was first British lady, and completed the marathon leg in approx 3hrs 52 min.

The club’s relationship with sponsors Brose improved over the year, and Brose was thanked for their contributions to new club vests and Paris marathon expenses.

Northbrook promoted two races, the Allesley Fun Run and Birmingham League Cross-Country Division 3 race at Coundon Hall Park.

There were still challenges to face this year: Jaguar were not taking new associate memberships which could have affected new members. Each member was treated as an individual at renewal in October, and this could have affected the club adversely. Discussions between the new committee and Jaguar were needed to resolve this quickly. Issues with Massey Ferguson RC were also discussed.

A Runner of the Month award was introduced, to be awarded by the committee.


Off-road routes were closed from 1st March to 29th May due to a Foot and Mouth epidemic.

The ladies retained the Warwickshire Road Race League trophy, with four ladies in the top twenty overall. Loretto Denley won her ladies’ veteran category in the London Marathon. Dawn O’Shea was selected for the Inter-Counties cross-country team.

The men finished 3rd in the Warwickshire Road Race League, with Paul Kelly 2nd overall.

Unfortunately, the men’s squad was relegated from Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League, but was now 4th overall in Division 3, with Rob Barry in the overall lead. Rob won the first Division 3 race at Senneleys Park.

Mick O’Shea was selected for the Inter-Counties cross-country team.

The club fielded  record contingent of eleven runners at the London Marathon, raising funds for various charities. Richard French was the first of the contingent to cross the line in 2h54m1s.

Northbrook hosted two running events. The Allesley Fun Run was a success, with 200 entries, raising funds for Northbrook and local charities. The hosting of a Birmingham League fixture at Coundon Hall Park was also good for the club’s profile.

Brose became a sponsor and provided funding with which to purchase a set of club jackets and a club tent. Steve and Mick O’Shea and Tony French organised this.

The committee position of Club Coach was created.


The ladies’ team won the senior and veteran categories of the Warkwickshire Road Race League. The men’s team were also strong in the Warkwickshire Road Race League, with Mick O’Shea winning the overall individual prize. The men’s team qualified for the National 12-stage road relay for the first time ever.

It looked certain that Northbrook would be relegated from Division 2 of the Birmingham XC League due to injuries, loss of form, etc.

Interval training on Wednesday nights provided opportunities to put effort into running improvement.

The club became very settled at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club.

The post of Social Secretary was created.

Club photo Summer 2000

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Men’s and ladies’ race performances through the year were the best ever.

The club committee considered the implications of a change of club name to Northbrook Jaguars but took no further action.

There was a large number of proposals submitted to the AGM, and several complex issues were dealt with.

A club website was set up by Con McHugh. http://www.northbrookac.org.uk.


The first full year based at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club. Membership increased from 60 to around 80. More ladies had joined, and were making use of the other facilities at Jaguar.

The highlight of the year was Northbrook men and ladies winning  the first ever Warwickshire Road Race League. It was good to see the members with the winners’ shields pictured in the Coventry

The ladies won 3rd prize in the Warwickshire Cross-Country Champs. The men were 5th in The Cotswold Hilly 100 in 10h12m33s.

In their first season in Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League the men finished 7th. At the end of the year they were in 10th place, but in no real danger of relegation. The club’s new Kenyan athlete, Josphat Rotich won the last race, but strength in depth was clearly lacking.

The Summer Handicap route was changed and made exactly 5k. The Winter Handicap was to be based on club cross-country fixtures.


One of the most eventful years in the Club’s history. The Telepost Club was sold by BT to private owners and the consensus amongst club members was that they were not very welcome with poor facilities, especially for ladies. The Telepost Club was closed for alterations with the running club meeting at the Nugget pub. The owners clearly favoured football as the main sport. An EGM was held in November with 90% of those present voting to move to the Jaguar Sports Club, Browns Lane, opposed only by compost corner. Very quickly the club atmosphere was restored. The ladies’ facilities were thought to be excellent and ensured that after many years of decline the ladies’ section started to grow.

The club was promoted to Division 2 in the Birmingham Cross-Country League for the first time in its 14 year history.

Dave Halford made the UK TV/Radio/National Press for getting lost on his leg of the Cotswold Way. He was found walking on the road to the Police Station. Mick O’Shea collected him at 2am. Dave also got lost on the club’s ‘Race the Train’. A popular tip was never to ask Dave for directions or follow him. Race the Train also saw John Bird collapsing yards from the finishing line – too hot.


The club won the Cotswolds Hilly 100.

Kolyn Banks finished 6th in the 61-mile Fellsman race across the Yorkshire Dales in 11h59m12s, and clubmate Dave Halford was 55th in 14h12m23s.

In the WRRC the club finished 11th.

The club kept its place in Division 3 of the Birmingham Invitation Cross-Country League.

Pete Austin ran a 10K PB in 33m48s at Sinfin Derby. Mark Baker broke 3 hours at Abingdon – 2h54m02.

Rumours circulated about the future of the Telepost Club. At an EGM the vote was to stay. Telepost Club was taken over by a private owner. There was an EGM vote to stay and see if promises made were met. was 57th in 15h54m.


Kolyn Banks finished 2nd in a field of 300 in the 61-mile Fellsman race across the Yorkshire Dales in 11h17m. Dave Halford was 57th in 15h54m.

Northbrook retained the Cotswold Hilly 100 title after a close tussle with Sphinx AC.

The club kept its place in Division 3 of the Birmingham Invitation Cross-Country League.


A best ever team finish in 38th place at the Midlands 12-stage road relay.

Northbrook won the Cotswold Hilly 100 by 1m 42 seconds in 9h44m29s. Neil Walker took the lead on the first leg with 54m21s starting at 7am.

Two weeks later the club retained the Buxton half-marathon team prize.

GB callup for Tri-athlete Dawn O’Shea in New Zealand.

In the Birmingham League Division 3 it was another fight to the last fixture to avoid relegation.


In the Birmingham League Div 3 the club finished in a highest ever 6th place overall. Tim Wright took the runner-up individual prize.

Kolyn Banks covered the 80-mile South Downs Way in 12hr21m13s and finished 13th in a field of over 500. The race was won in 11h15m10s with the last competitor taking 27 hours.


The club’s 10k Road Race was part of the Warwickshire Championships race but getting sponsors was proving difficult.

The club took third place in the Cotswold Hilly 100.

The club took the team prize on their first appearance at the Buxton half-marathon.

After a dazzling start to the cross-country season with a best ever 24th place in the 4 X 4 Midlands relay, the club started off badly in Division 3 of the Birmingham Cross-Country League Division 3, only getting out of the relegation area at the last meeting.

Dawn Robinson represented the UK in the World Triathlon Champs in Manchester. She also secured a Warwickshire place with a 5th position in the Warwickshire Championships and took 88th place in the Nationals.


Northbrook came second in the Cotswold Hilly Hundred relay. Rob Barry wins the Two Castles l0km road race in 33m23s.

Tim Wright was fifth in the Coventry firms’ five-mile race in a time of 25m41s. Rich O’Shea came 6th in 25m51s. Dawn Robinson won the women’s Warwick AAA 10-mile road race in 63m32s.

Northbrook achieved a best ever 50th team place in the 12-Stage relay with a time of 4hl8m08s, and another best ever result of 4th place in the 6-Stage relay.

Vince Clisham (Massey Ferguson) won the Northbrook 10km in 31m40s. Tim Wright was third in 3lm55s.

Dawn Robinson broke the course record at the Carcington Cracker, finishing in 1h36m06s and taking the women’s prize.

Northbrook finished in second place in the Race the Train event.

Tim Wright set a new club record in the Chelmsley Wood 10-mile with a time of 52m38s. Dawn set a new ladies’ record for ten miles with a pb of 61m10s in Rugby. She also won first prizes in the Massey 10, the National Plastics l0km, and the Lickey Hills l0km.

After a bad start Northbrook climbed out of the relegation zone of Division 3 to take l0th place. The club achieved a best position of 148th in the Nationals, with Rich O’Shea finishing 237th. The club finished 10th in the Warwickshire Championships.


In the London marathon Bob Adams ran 2h50m42s and John Bird 2h53m05s.

Northbrook won the 24 hour relay held at Fort Dunlop, covering 254.68 miles in 24 hours. The B team also did well covering 212 miles 1760 yards.

At the ninth Weaverham half-marathon Northbrook won team prizes. Rich O’Shea was 6th in 1h15m23s, John Gardner 8th in 1h16m06s, George Steele 20th in 1h21m32s and Adrian Lawton 23rd in lh22m.50s. Dawn Robinson won the ladies prize in 1h25m56s.

At the Chelmsley 10-mile.Tim Wright was 15th in 53m41s. Rich O’Shea was 39th in the Lake Vyrny half-marathon in 1h13m21s. Dawn Robinson ran 1h22m13s.

In the Hartshill Heartbreaker Rich O’Shea came 4th in 1h05m52s In the Offa’s Dyke event Northbrook came 5th, Rich O’Shea was 23rd in 1h40m48s.

The Northbrook 10km was held at the AT7 with an aim for a more prestigious event. Godiva’s Colin Brown won the event in 30m55s. Royal Mail and the Heart of England Building Society sponsored the event. Dawn Robinson won the ladies’ event in 37m50s.

Northbrook won the team event at Race the Train.

Mick Reynolds became club chairman.

In the Birmingham League, Northbrook missed out on promotion by one point, finishing third. The team won the fourth meeting with Neil Walker runner up. Rich O’Shea was third in the individual championship. Eventually Northbrook gained promotion to Division 3 by default.

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In the Two Castles six mile race, Rich O’Shea came 4th in 30m15s. Dawn Robinson won the women’s race in 37m01s. In the Langdale l0km Rich came 3rd in 31m59s.

The club’s best ever Hilly 100 time of 10h6m42s produced a 3rd place finish The B squad was 9th out of 20. B Team Anchor man Tony Murphy was greeted by team captain Rich O’Shea after finishing with “the bar’s closed and your chips have gone cold”.

John Bird ran 2h52m24s in the Birmingham Vax Marathon, not bad for 43 and a club vet PB.


In the Birmingham League Division 4 Joe Cox won the junior individual Cross-Country Championship, going on to gain a squad place in the Inter-Counties race with an 11th place in the Warwickshire Championships.

The club held on to 9th place in Division IV with Sphinx 8th, Alvis l0th and Dunlop 15th. Dave Hagen was 38th in the Warwickshire Championships.

Ian Ladbrooke took over as Chairman.

The club finished 177th in the Nationals with Rob Barry placed 889th.

Tim Wright ran 1h15m16s in the Trumpeter half-marathon. Shaun Flanaghan ran 3h36min in the Telford marathon.

Rich O’Shea won the Rugby half-marathon in 1h14m00s, John Bird 1h24m42s.

The club finished 3rd in the Fort Dunlop 24-hour relay, covering 240 miles, 1020 yards in the 24 hours. Northbrook achieved sixth position in the Birmingham Cross-Country League Division 4. (Alvis were l0th, Sphinx 9th).

In the National championships the club came 179th, John Gardner was 687th.

With running being so popular at this time there were many local runs: Jaguar Fun Run, Jaguar 8, Cardinal Newman 6, Coventry half-marathon, Burton Green 6, Bedworth 10, Northbrook 10k., Massey Ferguson Powerpart 10, Festive 10K and 3M.


In the Wolverhampton Marathon Glyn Perrens ran 3h17m, Rich O’Shea ran 3h40m. Rich O’Shea finished the Abingdon marathon in 2h51m57s coming 36th. Rich O’Shea finished 5th in the Warwick 10-mile road race in 55m13s.

The club hosted the Warwickshire Grand Prix series in October – Barney O’Conner came first in 31m08s, Dave Hagan was 10th.

At Race-the-Train the Northbrook juniors destroyed the opposition with Dave Hagan 1st, Tim Wright 2nd, Steve Simpson 3rd and Dave Buckenham 4th. In the 12-13 section, Joe Cox came 2nd.

In the MCAAA open meeting 800 metre track event Tim Wright won in 2m08.4s, the first ever track victory although in the slowest of the nine graded races. Ian Ladbrooke and Rich O’Shea represented Warwickshire in the Inter-Counties 20-mile road race.

In the Birmingham League the club finished 12th, Sphinx 6th, Alvis 8th and Dunlop 10th. Northbrook juniors won the junior title with Dave Hagen, Tim Wright, Steve Simpson and Dave Buckenham making up the team.

John McKenna took over as chairman from Nick Moore. Ian Ladbrooke edited the Northbrook Runner.

Garry Clark competed in the world’s smallest and largest marathon races in successive days, the Benbecula and London races.


67 runners took part in the summer handicap. The event was won by Stuart Whitehouse.

The club entered the Amsterdam half-marathon with John Shuttleworth gaining the best time of lh25m00s. Garry Clark ran in the Lincoln 100km in 10h09m, the first runner to run an ultra event. Ian Ladbrooke ran 2h58m in the Gloucester marathon.

John McKenna took over as editor of the Northbrook Runner.


The first open 10km race was staged. Dave Hagan was selected for the West Midlands Inter-Counties B team. 38 Northbrook runners entered the Massey Ferguson Powerpart Ten. The club’s best finisher was Joe Kelly running 55m58s.

A good year for marathon runners within the club with Garry Clark completing 4 in 57 days. In the London marathon three Northbrook runners cracked the 3-hour barrier, Joe Kelly 2h50m, Ken Puffett 2h56m13s and Ian James 2h58m10s.

A new Jaguar Relief Road was proposed that would effect the Summer Handicap route.

The newsletter cost 5p.


Jerry Murland brought out the first Northbrook Runner, a magazine newsletter. Pete Osborn completed the Astral pre-London half marathon in 75m44s and ran 56m00s in the Solihull 10-mile race. Ken Buckenham was voted Club Personality of the Year. He also finished 5th in the Midlands veteran l0km.

The club took part in the Birmingham and District Invitation Cross-Country League season for the first time, finishing seventh. Alvis were sixth. Pete Osborn came 997th in the National Cross-Country championship. All three recently formed Coventry running clubs shared a coach to the event.

The club staged its first 10km as an invitation race. Jim Solan won in 36m04s.


The club organised a trip to Paris to take part in the Paris 20km. Neil Buckenham and Bob Hewitt ran 1h32m.

Dave Hewitt aged 19 covered the King Henry VIII 10-mile course in 68m20s.

Seventeen Northbrook runners entered the Fleet pre London half-marathon with Treasurer Ken Buckenham highest placed with a time of 1h29m27s, just ahead of John Mckenna in 1h29m56s.


Two runners broke the 3 hour barrier for the marathon – Gary Sherwood running 2h57m and John Varden 2h56m. Gary Sherwood also ran 58m48s in the Henry VIII 10-mile race, closely followed by team mate M Wilson in 59m04s. The club was also active in raising money for charity, organising a relay around its 5km course and covering 102.4 miles in 11h54m. £184 was raised for Wainbody School.



The first summer handicap was held with 41 members taking part (seniors and juniors). The club also entered its first marathon on 1st May – the Chelmsley people’s marathon. Frank Mone 3h42m54s, Tony Brindle 3h51m11s, and Vince McLeod 3h52m04s.


Northbrook Striders was founded by a few local runners, and was based at the BT Telepost Club, Northbrook Road.

Founder members included Tony Brindle, Mick Parkes, Mick Moore, Ken Buckenham, Neil Buckenham, Bob Hewitt, Tony Murphy and Ron Burden.




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The club began like many other running clubs at the start of the road running boom in the 1980s.

Known originally as Northbrook Striders and based at the BT Telepost Club in Northbrook Road, the Club was started by a dozen or so local runners who wanted to run without the fuss that sometimes goes with membership of bigger clubs.

The name changed to Northbrook Athletic as the Club became more ambitious and sought open status and AAA membership.

The Club was considered then as it is now, one of the most welcoming clubs in the area enjoying beautiful scenery for its runs.