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October 2018

Eden Project Marathon – 14 October

Martin McHugh 4:37:17 PB*

*Debut at this distance

The course is described in the race advert as a hilly, multi-terrain route, with the Marathon being roughly 70% on trails, paths and private roads and 30% on public roads. It didn’t mention driving rain, flooded roads, a river crossing and numerous knee deep muddy puddles.

It was possibly the hardest run I’ve ever done (I put ‘brutal’ on Strava) – but also possibly the most fun I’ve had whilst running on my own. The course was challenging and the organisers did say to add lots of hill reps to any marathon training plan you were following- and to add approx 30 mins to any expected times.

The marshals from St Austell running club were fantastic and so supportive throughout. I couldn’t fault it, and would return next year.

Recommended – 5 stars.


Daventry 10k – 14 October

36 Joe Kelly 41:37 PB
50 Mark Baker 44:11
85 Sarah McNaney 47:20
104 Craig McNaney 48:52
152 Melissa Fagan 53:02
153 Craig Murray 53:03
203 Martin Gavin 57:52

A new event held by Daventry Road Runners which proved popular despite the awful weather conditions.

The route took in much of the same route that the now defunct 10-mile road race used to be held, so for me there were no real surprises.  It started and finished at the Leisure Centre and took you out of the town, around some quiet-ish roads on the outskirts before twisting back towards the finish.  It’s not particularly a PB course as there were some cheeky little climbs and various twists and turns to negotiate, all of which took your mind off the pouring rain that never seemed to cease!

Despite the weather, the marshals were vocal and encouraging throughout the entire race.

All in all, definitely worth doing again (especially if the goody bag is as good next year!) – Sarah

Leicester Half- Marathon – 14 October

133 Tony Forde 1:33:42
159 Tommy Dempsey 1:35:04

Great Birmingham Run Half-Marathon – 14 October

68 Liam Mills 1:22:52 PB
444 Tom McNamara 1:32:45
1440 David Giles 1:44:46 PB
1995 Mark Dalton 1:49:30
2189 Gemma Ross 1:50:53
2447 Ian Paterson 1:53:02
3731 Alan Hewitt 2:01:29
4912 Pia Singh 2:11:45
6044 Nicole McClelland 2:23:17
6366 Nav Rai 2:25:07

Possibly the wettest races I have ever taken part in, the Great Birmingham Half may have been very sodden but was actually a real pleasure to run. As always there were some wonderful Northbrook performances with Liam leading the way with a very impressive run.

The weather didn’t deter too many supporters, who helped encourage the runners through the 13 miles. I managed a personal best time, taking 11 minutes off my previous best which was at this event last year – David

Green Leek 10.5k – 14 October

Chris Goodman 42:54
Damian Pharoah 43:16
Peter Kirkhope 45:21
Simon Jones 48:49
Dave Mills 49:04 PB
Andrew Ralph 49:17
Andy Scruton 54:36 PB
Kirstie Murray 58:17
Tracey Williams 66:04
Jane Stephens 73:48

A record attendance for this now very popular event saw a number of Northbrookers in a capacity field set off along the greenway from Burton Green to the Warwickshire Golf club, over road trail and a bit of cross-country.

The race began with former World record holder David Moorcroft setting us off in a extremely wet but very enjoyable race which was fantastically well-organised – Dave

Great Eastern Run Half-Marathon – 14 October

118 Damian Dear 1:21:09
172 Richard Hodge 1:24:50

I blame James Joyce. For years, John Wilson, James and I had planned an autumn assault on two races – the GER in Peterborough and the Leeds Abbey Dash. Sadly, because we’re old and decrepit, one or more of us have always managed to break down causing us to not get it organised.

2018 was supposed to be THE year but again, James managed to break himself and John decided Kenilworth HM was to be his late summer target which left me on my own. After a dedicated 12 week block of training where I surprisingly didn’t manage to injure myself, I toed the line of what can only be described as the flattest HM in the country (Wikipedia claims it to only have 13 metres of elevation).

Conditions were wet and cool although, crucially, the out and back nature of the course meant we had a tailwind for the final 6-odd miles. A well organised start meant Damian Dear and I were away quickly and thankfully, after the start, that was the last I saw of Damian until I crossed the finish line as he sped off.

The race was uneventful, as I ticked off my miles consistently in a narrow band of between 6m 23s – 6m 34s. I’m sure a sunnier day would have resulted in more support on the course but the good citizens of Peterborough were enthusiastic enough when they came out.

I crossed the line in a chip time of 84m 50s which is my fastest HM since my glory days of 2011 and it was my 2nd fastest HM ever which put a shine on an otherwise dull day weather wise. Damien duly delivered on his youthful promise with a fantastic 81m 09s and 118th overall – Rich

Isle of Wight Marathon – 14 October

38 Dave Halford 3:48:05 3rd MV60

Rugby 10 Mile – 7 October

38 Steve Turvey 01:03:07
49 Terry Moynihan 01:05:13
87 Paul Stead 01:10:37
89 Ian Paterson 01:10:53 PB
100 Tommy Dempsey 01:12:14
101 Spencer Davies 01:12:29
117 Martin McHugh 01:14:52 PB
120 Rob Cox 01:15:09
122 Cath Fenn 01:15:29 PB
127 Kevin Coughlan 01:17:00
135 Dave Halford 01:17:36
136 Tom Miller 01:17:39
148 Tom Cox 01:20:03
155 David Giles 01:21:14 PB
165 James Stubbs 01:22:03
171 David Mills 01:22:43 PB
173 Mick Duggan 01:23:04
184 Rich Cawley 01:25:12
200 Allison Smith 01:27:45
201 Claudie Combelas 01:27:55
205 Jo Arden 01:28:57
211 Mark Smith 01:31:03 PB
214 Eleanor Townsend 01:33:39
222 Fraser Barrett 01:37:38
234 Chris Archer 01:47:54 PB

Chester Marathon – 7 October

386 Natasha White 3:11:41 PB
399 Craig Slyde 3:12:57 PB

Oxford Half-Marathon – 7 October

51 Stuart Lumsden 1:18:12
302 Guy Bicknell 1:28:01

Run for Rotary 10k – 7 October

Sean Duffy 48:59
Sarah Duffy 48:59 PB, 1st female

Bournemouth Half-Marathon – 7 October

385 Peter Kirkhope 1:37:14

Alcester 10k – 7 October

Andy Scruton 51:16 PB

Tamworth 10k – 7 October

Tony Hughes 42:42 1st MV60
Anne Hughes 54:53 1st FV60

Cardiff Half Marathon – 7 October

920 Mark Baker 1:33:22
6495 Sara Boot 1:57:59