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December 2018

Draycote Water Santa Dash – 16 December

77 Andy Scruton 42:25
208 Chris Archer 50:48

Listed as "approximately 8km". My Garmin says 7.7km – Chris

Mortimer Forest Trail Run – 16 December

Eleanor Townsend 1:40:28

This event probably wasn’t a good choice for my first trail race, however I really enjoyed it after I got over the shock. The crazy uphill wasn’t too bad as you’re all scrambling up in a single file at a slow pace. The crazy downhill was more terrifying for me, but I managed to only slip fully over once!
The scenery was gorgeous, and it was a really fun, muddy run. Will probably do it again next year with a bit more experience and a foggy memory of the horrible hills!

Christmas Reindeer Runs – 16 December


4 Sarah Duffy 28:37 1st female
19 Sara Phipps 45:08
20 Tracey Cox 45:08


3 Craig Slyde 44:20
7 Spencer Davies 46:54
10 Martin McHugh 47:38
12 David Mills 49:25
14 David Giles 50:24
Rich Cawley
25 Dawn Webb 54:35
32 Pia Singh 57:04
75 Chrissie Cooper 67:30
76 Helen Hodge 67:31


14 Claudie Combelas 1:55:37


Fourteen Northbrookers headed to Stoneleigh on a cold and frosty morning looking forward to a run around the showground. Between us we were entered into 3 different race distances, that much we knew. The course was billed as multi-terrain, which was tarmac, rough tarmac and a muddy/stony trail. I’ve run on worse surfaces on some road races. Good job we all went with road shoes.

What became apparent shortly after setting off was that no-one knew who else was running each different distance. Was the really fast guy running a 5km? And how come the results showed a 27 minute 10K finisher? What became even more apparent was that the organisers really messed up the course. I passed Sarah (doing 5k) at 5k, with another mile to go at least if she was going to finish at the finish. The 10k turned out to be 11k and then, while we were complaining, the organiser moved a race point, so some ran under 10K and most of us ran over 11K. Positions and times are questionable and apologies could not make up for the farce that this race was. But we all smiled, and finished and brought a burst of sun to our huddled group at the end.

We did have 2 podium places, as we think Craig was 2nd, and Sarah was first female, but presentations were put on hold as the organiser was stressed and struggling to work out who was in which distance – Spencer

BVC Wageningen (Dutch XC League) – 15 December

Amy Burdis 32:06

I took part in the “Vrouwen sen/mas Lange cross 6850 m”, 4 miles exactly on my watch. Just like the UK, the men ran a different distance, but as the numbers were smaller we ran at the same time. Time on my watch was 32:06.

If you are interested you can learn more at the BVC Wageringen website.

Sneyd Pudding Runs, 10-Mile & 5-Mile – 9 December

10 Mile Race

56 Craig Slyde 1:08:52
57 Spencer Davies 1:09:03
99 Paul Robbins 1:14:32
100 Martin McHugh 1:14:39
Darron Handley 1:18:18
154 Rich Cawley 1:20:52
167 Gemma Ross 1:22:37
193 Katherine Plunkett 1:24:48
244 Sara Phipps 1:31:33
290 Chris Perkins 1:38:08
328 Sue Clarke 1:46:54
342 Chris Archer 1:50:27

5 Mile Race

33 Sarah Duffy 38:01 PB, 2nd FV35


Thirteen Northbrookers headed to Sneyd’s pudding run. With the hope of more than a Christmas pudding and resembling the walking wounded beforehand with niggles, tape and injuries all being advertised as pre-race excuses, we were all keen to see what we could do. It’s a 5 mile loop that the 10 milers run twice.

Sarah took the option of 5 miles sensing more points available for that distance and recorded a PB. There was a lot of surface water but we soon settled into our own battles. The Robbins/McHugh battle took another twist with Paul resoundingly beating Martin. Is this a turning point? Rich was pushed for 1 lap by Gemma, I was dragged by Craig who ensured I knew I was running.

It was a good morning, 4 on the debut for the distance and 4 on PB’s for the distance. Good course and good event – Spencer

Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon – 9 December

357 Mark Baker 1:46:37
680 Claudie Combelas 2:03:30

Lanzarote International Marathon and Half-Marathon – 8 December


180 Ben Smith 3:57:34
412 Allison Smith 4:46:24
534 Linda Richards 5:26:58


Mark Smith 2:18:15

Four runners flew the Northbrook flag at the Lanzarote International Marathon. This event is held annually in December in Costa Teguise, over two days.On Friday it’s the children’s races and Saturday is marathon day, along with a half-marathon and 10k run. The marathon is run on on an out and back course with the half way turn around atPuerto del Carmen. The half-marathon and 10k runners are transported out to their start points and all finish back at Costa Teguise. There are plenty of aid stations with water, fresh fruit and cola along the route. We had a hot, sunny run along the coast road, which is billed as flat and fast but the final 10k was lumpy, along with the infamous Lanzarote headwind it made for a tough final leg.
A bright technical tee, a great swag bag and we all earned the bling – Mark

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile, Race 2 – 2 December

4 Natasha White 31:55 1st female
8 Paul Stead 33:51 1st MV45
11 Peter Kirkhope 34:26 3rd MV50
14 Spencer Davies 34:34 2nd MV45
16 Tommy Dempsey 35:09 2nd MV40
18 Martin McHugh 35:45 PB, 3rd MV45
28 Rich Cawley 36:50 3rd MV40
34 David Giles 37:10 PB
34 Cath Fenn 37:17 2nd MV45
35 Sean Duffy 37:26
37 Tony Mackness 37:57 2nd MV60
44 Sarah Duffy 39:07
46 David Mills 39:18
51 Gemma Ross 39:58
63 Andy Scruton 42:37
70 Jo Arden 43:29
80 Julie Liggett 45:32
82 Katy Davies 45:35
99 Julie Horbury 52:30

Nineteen Northbrookers headed over to the increasingly popular Centurion 5-mile Grand Prix series. The weather was dry but one side of the course had a strong headwind which did take some pushing through. Eight of us still had the previous days cross-country in our legs to add to the challenge. But we were up for it, Natasha leading us home and showing the field how to run in becoming 1st female home.

The positions for the month were splattered with Northbrook names and at least 1 pb recorded. A great sunburst turn out for a great local and friendly event – Spencer

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 2 at Stratford – 1 December

Northbrook Women – 11th, Overall – 11th
Northbrook Women Masters – 11th overall

4 Amanda Deavy 28:50
62 Cath Fenn 34:19
66 Enya Tabram 34:32
79 Katherine Plunkett 35:30
96 sarah Duffy 36:38
109 Eleanor Townsend 38:15
142 Helen Morris 41:16
144 Claudie Combelas 41:27
147 Katy Davies 41:41
149 Emily Drage 41:44
165 Dawn Webb 42:51
166 Sara Bott 42:54
171 Lottie Graham 43:24
173 Catherine Shepherd 43:38
177 Pia Singh 44:12
203 Anne Hughes 47:16
204 Tracey Williams 47:18
207 Verity Crichton :47:30
224 Kelly Parker 51:10
233 Jane Stephens 54:22

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 2 at Gloucester – 1 December

Men’s ‘A’ Team 6th – 282 points, Overall 5th – 490 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 4th – 546 points, Overall 4th – 1065 points

17 Stuart Lumsden 35:29
20 Andrew McConville 35:45
47 Liam Mills 37:39
55 Steve Turvey 37:57
70 Darren Taplin 38:20
73 Rob Barry 38:27
82 Damian Pharoah 38:47
90 James Lacey 39:20
98 Jamie Gould 39:36
99 Richard Gould 39:37
103 Lee McKervey 39:52
110 Terry Moynihan 40:16
118 Tom McNamara 40:58
122 Mark Baker 41:10
124 Spencer Davies 41:24
132 Tommy Dempsey 41:56
137 Owen Drage 42:08
142 Simon Jones 42:21
147 Martin McHugh 42:38
162 Steve Handy 43:10
169 Paul Robbins 43:28
186 Ragbhir Sangha 45:06
198 David Giles 46:00
201 Tom Cox 46:06
203 David Mills 46:16
206 Martin McCrystal 46:38
239 Fraser Barrett 55:56

Full results are on Bham League web site