It’s Not a Sin

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Taking inspiration from a well-known event, the Seven Sins, that is usually staged around this time of year and involves 7 hills in 7 miles, the first virtual challenge for March involves some climbing as well as running.

The challenge is to run a route that is no longer than 7.5 miles and to include a maximum of 7 hills. You devise your own torturous routes to complete the challenge and, as no hill is to be repeated, routes have to be submitted to qualify.

You have to report your time for the run, the run distance and the elevation gain. The winning performance will be calculated firstly by largest elevation gained, then on shortest distance, then on the run time. Extra kudos is gained for naming each hill as one of the original sins on your route. Selfies at summits are encouraged.

The competition runs from 1st to 7 March.

Submit your response using the form on the Virtual Events page.