Northbrook Road Race Champs 2018

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The last couple of weeks of the year some last minute desperate attempts to get a few more points on the Road Race Championships table, but the competition is now done and dusted and the results are finalised.

In the Men’s table Stuart Lumsden claims first place, 3 points ahead of second-placed Steve Turvey who heads MV35 category. A further 4 points behind sees Liam Mills tying with Damien Dear for third place, also tying for the MSEN category title.

Terry Moynihan and Tom Miller lead the MV45 and MV55 categories, and Mike Duggan has a clear lead at the top of the MV65 category.

By winning maximum points in her best 5 distances Natasha White’s perfect score leaves her with a 3-point lead at the top of the women’s table with Amanda Deavy in second place and Cath Fenn in third. Amanda Deavy, Cath Fenn, Sarah McNaney and Ros Myers lead the other women’s categories.

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