Northbrook AC Annual General Meeting 2020

Proposals to be put before the Annual General Meeting

The Club Constitution requires that proposals to be put to the Club’s next Annual General Meeting be published in advance of the meeting.

The following proposal will be put before the Northbrook Annual General Meeting to be held at Jaguar Sports & Social Club, Browns Lane, Coventry on

WEDNESDAY 29th JANUARY 2020 at 8.30pm.

Proposal 1

The Club Constitution to be amended by the addition of a new clause 40, new clause 40 to read:

“The quorum for any general meeting shall be 15% (fifteen percent) of the current First‑Claim membership, and shall include at least two officers of the club as defined in Clause 12”.

Consequent upon this addition all subsequent clauses shall be re-numbered.


Due to an oversight the setting of a quorum was omitted when the club constitution was updated in 2014. This proposal seeks to rectify that omission.

The figure of 15% of the current membership is proposed as a balance between ensuring that decisions taken at general meetings are regarded as representative of the membership and having a sufficient number of members present for such a meeting to proceed. The current membership is around 220 members, meaning 33 members would have to be present for a general meeting to be quorate. The numbers of members present at previous Annual General Meetings have been:

2019 – 35
2018 – 35
2017 – 40
2016 – 50
2015 – 50

These numbers are estimates as there has been no requirement for attendees to register their attendance at the meetings.

A relative, rather than absolute, number should mean that the quorum should not need to be re-defined as the size of the membership changes.

Proposed by: Roger Ladbury

Seconded by: Mark Baker

Proposal 2

The name of the Northbrook Road Race Championship be changed to Northbrook Race Championship. Clauses 68 and 69 of the Club rules to be amended to accommodate the following:

The same race distances will apply as before i.e.

  1. The Summer Handicap 5k
  2. 5k
  3. 5 miles
  4. 10k
  5. 10 miles
  6. Half Marathon
  7. 20 miles
  8. Marathon

but all races completed over these distances will now qualify, regardless of the surface on which they are run. As long as the race is advertised to be over the appropriate distance, there will be no need for an official Certificate of Course accuracy to be produced.

The only time that such a Certificate of Accuracy will be required is when a member breaks one of the official club records.

The Categories will continue to be : All Men, All women, Veteran Men (MV35, MV45, MV55 and MV65) and Veteran Women (FV35, FV45, FV55 and FV65).

If a member completes more than 5 distances in a calendar year, the best 5 distances count to their total. It is the responsibility of members to inform the results compiler of their results by using the Results Upload form on the Club website, to ensure that their results are included in the Championship.

200 points will be awarded to the fastest time over each distance, for both Men and Women, then 199 and so on.


Confusion has arisen regarding which races can count in the Road Race Championship, This proposal intends to remove that confusion by including any race over the appropriate distance.

The increase in the number of members and the corresponding increase in the number of results being reported over each distance neccesitates widening the points range to avoid some members scoring zero points.

Proposed: by Bob Adams/Richard Cawley

Seconded by: Roger Ladbury/Sara Phipps


Proposal 3

A separate race league for all events not counted as road races. This will allow for everybody’s races to be recognised in some way. A separate league to the road race will also enable more club members the opportunity to win an award.

Proposed: by Sarah Duffy

Seconded by: Kelly Parker

Proposal 4

That there be two Most Improved Runner awards, to be awarded to the Most Improved Male runner and the Most Improved Female runner, and that this take effect for the Awards Presentation in 2020.

Proposed: by Richard Cawley

Seconded by: Sara Phipps

Proposal 5

The points awarded at the Summer Handicap to start at 200, and the same range to apply to men and women.


The increase in the number of participants means some members complete a handicap race but score no points.

Proposed: by Richard Cawley

Seconded by: Sara Phipps

Proposal 6

Have volunteering at the handicap to count as part of the qualification towards the London Marathon place draw. So, if a member does not run, but does volunteer at the handicap, they can still use the handicap as their part of the qualification for the London Marathon place draw.


The Handicap enables members to qualify for London, but the handicap cannot take place without the volunteers.

Proposed: by Richard Cawley

Seconded by: Sara Phipps

Proposal 7

A Summer family olympics day at Godiva track. Mixture of fun and competitive activities but something for all of the family to take part in.

Proposed: by Sarah Duffy

Seconded by: Kelly Parker

Proposal 8

A Northbrook minibus for travelling en masse to big races; XC; events etc. Could do fundraising events to help with costs.

Proposed: by Sarah Duffy

Seconded by: Kelly Parker