held on 21 May 2018


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
R. Cawley (Membership Secretary and Social Secretary)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)

In attendance:

R. Ladbury (Guest)

  1. Apologies – None
  2. Matters Arising – none
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness showed details of the accounts.
  4. Social Secretary Report – A post marathon meal was held on 27th April at Cyrus restaurant in Earlsdon. There was a picnic at the Kenilworth 10km race. A 40th Anniversary of Northbrook could be organised in 2018. Sphinx have invited us to a quiz on 29th June at Copsewood.
  5. Men’s/Women’s Captains’ Report – There were lots of good road race runs including the Warks Road Race League and Spring Marathons. Amy Burdis won an ultra race. Jo Brown won an off-road race. Soon we will run the Hilly 100 and Sphinx mile relays.
  6. 10Km race – Next race is on Sunday 8th July 2018. Many entries have been received. The main charity is Cyrenians. Press releases are appearing in local magazines. We need marshals and helpers. Leaflets need to be distributed to local residents.
  7. Runner of the Month – April 2018 winners – Men: Seb Jones-Brain (won Coventry Way), Women: Natasha White (PB in London Marathon and 3rd lady at Masseys 10Km).
  8. Kit – New members can get affiliation and a sunburst t-shirt (£47) instead of a vest (£43).
  9. Any other business:
    1. Summer Handicap – 88 ran in second race.Thanks to Richard French and volunteers.
    2. Juniors – we could consider parents running with their own children if group leaders agree.
    3. Couch to 10Km training – popular and continuing each week.
    4. Birmingham XC League – we voted against a 60 minute time limit in races.
    5. Cotswold Hilly 100 relay – date is Sunday 27th May 2018. We have 4 teams
    6. Good, Bad, Ugly relay – Wednesday 27th June
    7. Race the Train – Wednesday 11th July
    8. 40th Anniversary Run: Ruby Relay – Mark Baker will organise for Wednesday 15th August.
  10. Next Meeting – Monday 25 June 2018 at 8pm at Richard Cawley’s residence.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker