London Marathon Club Draw

About the Club Draw

Conditional on the Club receiving an allocation of “Guaranteed Entry” places, a draw is held to distribute these entries to Club members who meet the qualification criteria.

A draw will be made for the number of Guaranteed Entry places allocated to the Club, plus one reserve. Entries will be allocated in the order drawn.

First considerations will go to Club members whose application to the London Marathon has been rejected. If not all Club guaranteed entry places have been taken up by such members then other members who meet the remaining criteria may be included in the draw.

If the number of entries satisfying the requirement of Rule 5 below is fewer than the number of places available, Rule 5 will be relaxed by reducing the number of races to permit entries from runners with results from fewer than six qualifying races. Entries that satisfy fully the requirement of Rule 5 will be given preference in the draw.

How do I enter?

Register with the Club Secretary and present written evidence of your rejection (if applicable) from next years London Marathon (this will normally be your official rejection slip). Members selected will need to supply a full name and email address so that they can be registered online by the Club for a place.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if:

you have not been successful in a Club Draw in the past two years,
you can answer Yes to ALL of the following questions:

  • Are you a member of Northbrook AC?
  • Have you paid your Northbrook AC membership fees for the current year?
  • Have you been a member of Northbrook AC for at least twelve calendar months prior to the date for acceptance of Guaranteed Club Entries by the London Marathon Ltd (usually the beginning of January next)?
  • Will you have completed at least 6 (six) races from the designated Club events listed below by 31 December? – see note below


  • Birmingham League (men), Midland League (women)
  • MCAA 7 Champs (men), MCAA 5 Champs (women)
  • Warwickshire, Midland and National Championships
  • Midland and National Relays


  • Midland and National 6-stage relays (men), 4-stage relays (women)
  • Midland and National 12-stage relays (men), 6-stage relays (women)
  • Warwickshire relays
  • Warwickshire Road Race League
  • Cotswold Hilly 100 relay
  • Summer Club Handicap races
  • Warwick University Relays


  • Any team event supported by the Club and entered under the Club name

Entrants who have not completed 6 qualifying races at the time of entry submission will be required to specify the event(s) they intend to complete. If successful in the draw, allocation of the Guaranteed Entry will be conditional on the event(s) being completed.

The Draw is held in the Autumn, after individual London Marathon applications have been formally confirmed or rejected. Names are drawn after training on a club night by a non-club member.