A Northbrook virtual event based on the annual
Good, Bad & Ugly relay competition


How does it work?
It’s a 3-person 5k relay for teams made up of runners with differing abilities, the idea being that the teams are evenly matched.

The virtual event is being staged over 3 days from Tuesday 14 July to Thursday 16 July with each team member running on a day different from the other team members.

It doesn’t matter who runs on which day, the organiser will order the teams alphabetically by first name but each team is free to negotiate its own running order.

Who decides the teams?
The event organiser will create the teams from the list of people who have put their names forward. Summer handicap times will be used to assess standards where possible. Teams themselves decide the order in which their runners run.

There are 21 teams taking part.

What is the course and over what distance?
here is no set course, runners can choose any 5km course that is local to them.

There are virtual prizes so the members of the top three teams can imagine having won wine or chocolates.


A relay race for teams of 3 people of different standards, eg a level 1, a level 3 and a level 4 runner can make up a team.