Northbrook Results

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February 2018

National Cross-Country Championships – 25 February

Senior men, 12km – 95th,
6055 point, 162 teams

713 Andrew McConville 0:51:08
722 Liam Mills 0:51:13
815 Damien Dear 0:52:16
1224 Rob Barry 0:56:11
1262 Steve Turvey 0:56:33
1319 Rich Hodge 0:57:05
1431 Ben Smith 0:58:16
1784 Tommy Dempsey 1:02:33
1826 Craig Slyde 1:03:15
1873 Tom Miller 1:04:07
1982 Spencer Davies 1:06:18
2042 Rob Cox 1:07:31
2090 John Davies 1:08:36
2156 Martin McHugh 1:10:46

Senior women, 8km – 86th,
2686 points, 112 teams

508 Sally Eason 40:38
522 Amy Burdis 40:49
690 Cath Fenn 43:38
966 Julie Cozens 50:04

A long day was in store for the 14 men, 4 women and 9 supporters who headed to London for the cross-country season finale. This was the largest number of runners we had entered at the Nationals for a couple of years. Everyone was excited, the coach was on time, the weather was sunny but cold and we set up at the top of the hill with the best view across London we could get.

The course was the driest it had been for years but there were still patches of sticky and slippery mud. The women started off and showed us how to master the climb out of the pens and through the funnel at the top of the hill. Great running ensued and the women scored an amazing 86th team place on the day. All our women managed to get round before the male stampede that followed caught them up.

Then the men started, from 400 abreast in the pens and at least 6 deep, the gun went off and you felt the ground tremble, you battled through the steam and sweat in the sprint to clear the funnel at the top of the first hill. The noise was like a horse race, there were elbows, they took the tape and the marker spikes with them, no prisoners were taken. The stop start of the first mile for the men was a gentle introduction to what was to come. For one of us with road shoes on from the start it was careful placement on the slippery and sticky stuff. For another the sticky stuff claimed both shoes and he ended up in socks to finish the race.

Our supporters were in fine voice all round the course; with words of encouragement, abuse and advice ringing in our ears we ploughed on. The competition was what you would expect, fierce and fast, but our men claimed a 95th team place out of 162 on the day. The best I can ever recall.

With everyone of us displaying the “race face” at the end it was evident we all put a shift in. A great Northbrook day out with great Northbrook performances. Put the spikes away now guys and girls, concentrate on those road races, the cross-country will be back before you know it – Spencer

100 Marathon Club AGM Marathon – 24 February

Tony Bowe 3:51:41

Run for Rotary Winter Trio 10k – 18 February

Helen Hodge 1:09:40
Richard Hodge 1:09:40

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 5 – 18 February

39 Tony Forde 46:35
69 Richard Hands 50:53
74 Cath Fenn 51:23
126 Spencer Davies 57:37

Four Northbrookers, one marshal and one supporter headed to Ilmington for the remaining race in this year’s winter series. Once more up the hill to claim the coveted gilet and the sausages. For some who were not on form this was a tough day at the office, while Tony had the best run of the series. Though this course is long and tough, when you are on form it has its merits.

It has been a great series again run in all weathers with great company and new friends made, I’m sure we all want a few months to get over it before the urge to run back up the hill raises its head again.

See you next year – Spencer

Railway 28-Mile Ultra – 17 February

Tony Bowe 4:47:08

Draycote Water 10k – 11 February

Tony Bowe 47:53
Craig Murray 48:06

Prestwold Hall Half-Marathon – 11 February

  Andy Scruton 1:56:01

Keyworth Half-Marathon – 11 February

237 Mark Baker 1:44:45

This event was rearranged from December after heavy snowfall. Unfortunately, the new event was a day after a tough cross country league race, but it provided good training on tired legs.

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 4 at Ullwood Park – 10 February

Men’s ‘A’ Team 16th – 604 points, Overall 16th – 2342 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 8th – 1013 points, Overall 8th – 4164 points

52 Stuart Lumsden 40:07
77 Liam Mills 41:38
82 Damian Dear 41:47
120 Steve Turvey 43:45
130 Rory Anderson 44:17
143 Rob Barry 44:45
145 Richard Hodge 44:51
165 Mike Wheeler 46:15
171 Adam Brearley 46:29
173 Damian Pharoah 46:42
175 Jon Seed 46:49
184 Terry Moynihan 47:27
188 Mark Baker 47:50
190 Tommy Dempsey 48:10
191 Neil Smith 48:15
194 Martin Winch 48:36
203 Spencer Davies 49:20
210 Tom Miller 50:51
212 Craig Slyde 51:15
219 Mark Parker 52:09
223 Richard French 52:31
228 John Davies 53:21
231 Martin McChristal 53:46
240 Philippe Rawson 55:15
246 Kevin Erne 56:24
247 Andrew Pitt 57:19
249 Martin McHugh 57:58
257 Fraser Barrett 69:47

Midland Womens’ Cross-Country League Race 4 at Wolverhampton – 10 February

Division 1
Northbrook Women 15th
Northbrook Women Masters – 9th

75 Jo Brown 27:19
80 Jill Pittard 27:36
90 Sally Eason 28:06
92 Amy Burdis 28:17
112 Cath Fenn 30:09
127 Claudie Combelas 30:54
150 Julie Cozens 33:01
157 Helen Morris 34:51

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile Race 4 – 4 February

28 Spencer Davies 34:19
55 Amy Burdis 37:32
61 Mike Duggan 38:22 1st MV75
71 Bernard Blundell 39:16
77 Tony Mackness 39:41
79 Paul Cozens 39:47
81 Louise Myers 39:57
92 Julie Cozens 41:35 PB
100 Jo Arden 43:17
131 Emily Hughes 55:40

Ten Northbrookers headed over to a cold and chilly Chelmsley Wood for Race 4 in the Grand Prix series. It was slightly busier this time as it also hosted the Midlands Masters 5 mile handicap. With the temperature being so low you had to run hard to keep warm and wrap up very quickly afterwards.
Great runs all through the field with Julie not only achieving a pb but also getting 3rd in the handicap series with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. It only got better when Bernard also won a prize in the raffle – Spencer

Watford Half-Marathon – 4 February

Rob Cox 1:42:48
Sally Eason 1:42:49

Starting and finishing in Cassiobury Park near the town centre the course took us out through some posh suburbs before crossing over the M25 to loop round some traffic clear country lanes before returning on the same route back into town. There were a number of VERY cheeky hills in the course so not one for PB attempts. A very well organised event and far more scenic than you would expect – Rob

Enigma Quadzilla – 1 to 4 February

Day 1 Tony Bowe 3:51:07
Day 2 Tony Bowe 3:51:54
Day 3 Tony Bowe 3:54:22
Day 4 Tony Bowe 3:50:38

Day 4 was my 200th Marathon