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June 2017

Good, Bad & Ugly Relays (3 x 3.2 miles) – 28 June

Despite the cool conditions and threatening skies there was a splendid turnout again this year for the GBU relays with club and guest runners taking part. The start and finish is the junction of Hawkes Mill Lane and Browns Lane. The route is from Hawkes Mill Lane, left at the White Lion pub, along Wall Hill Road, then left to Bridle Brook Lane, on to Washbrook Lane, left into Hawkes Mill Lane, up the hill to the finish at the junction with Browns Lane.
Rich Cawley had done a superb job working out the teams, and the results was an exciting close finish for the first few teams to complete all three laps of this interesting course.
Bottles of wine were presented to the winning team of Helen Hodge, James Lacey and Amy Burdis. The second team of David Giles, Jane Edwards and Simon Davies and the third placed team of Dominic Price, David Mills and Joe Kelly received chocolates as prizes.
Thanks to Rich for sorting the teams, to Bob and Paul for timekeeping and to everyone who helped on the night.

For full details of this unusual event go to the GBU page.

Good,Bad & Ugly Relay 2017 winners
Helen Hodge and Amy Burdis

1st runners-up
David Giles, Jane Edwards & Simon Davies
2nd runners-up
Dominic Price, David Mills & Joe Kelly

Milton Keynes 10k – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 8 – 27 June

Pos Cat M/F Cat Pos
386 Julie Cozens F50 55:54 91 9

Series standings after 8 races (best 6 to count):

Cat Cat Pos
Julie Cozens F50 9

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Giants Head Marathon, Dorchester – 24 June

144 Claudie Combelas 5:21:44
146 Amy Burdis 5:21:51

Weedon 10k – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 7 – 20 June

Pos Cat M/F Cat Pos
179 Charles Jones M65 50:00 151 2
281 Julie Cozens F50 60:00 69 10

Series standings after 6 races:

Cat Cat Pos
Charles Jones M65 5
Richard Hands M45 33
Julie Cozens F50 17

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Arden 9 – 18 June

109 Tommy Dempsey 1:07:41
134 Darron Handley 1:10:26
138 Spencer Davies 1:10:47
153 Mark Parker 1:12:05
191 Peter Kirkhope 1:16:54
275 Jo Arden 1:27:52
276 Julie Liggett 1:27:52
283 Fraser Barrett 1:29:03
314 Rachel Liggett 1:35:02
316 Simon Jones 1:35:23
340 Emily Hughes 1:41:25
350 Tony French 1:43:05

A late start on a very hot Sunday in Hampton in Arden saw 12 Northbrookers brave the furnace like heat that the Arden 9 threw at us. Headwear, suncream, sunglasses, vests and shorts and loads of water was the order of the day. I have never seen so many runners run from shade to shade to looking for the coolest line to run. Extra water stations had been set up and numerous householders came out with their garden hoses to stop us overheating. It was too hot for me to race, so getting to the finish was the goal for me, a nice steady run that was comfortable despite the heat.

Our loyal supporters saw us all in with welcome cheers (more in relief that we were safe than encouragement to finish). The heat proved a bit too much for a couple of runners who collapsed at the end, and our own Fraser also needed support afterwards as the conditions had been a bit too demanding – Spencer

Trail Marathon Wales – 17 June

Claudie Combelas 5:07:59

Ran half

Tony Hughes 3:21:10
Anne Hughes 3:21:11

Pennine Barrier 50 Mile – 17 June

Amy Burdis 13:56:00

Sphinx Summer 5 – 14 June

20 Steven Turvey 29:43
26 Owen Drage 30:23
49 Terry Moynihan 31:41
50 Amanda Deavy 31:43 1st female
51 Damian Pharoah 31:47
64 Anita Howe 32:18 3rd female, 1st FV45
81 Andrew McConville 33:17
82 Mike Wheeler 33:22
96 Ben Smith 34:03
109 Mark Baker 34:37
125 Spencer Davies 35:20
128 Tommy Dempsey 35:23
130 Tony Hughes 35:28
146 Cath Fenn 36:01
151 Sarah McNaney 36:14 2nd FV55
171 Peter Kirkhope 36:58
172 Corinna O’Connor 37:00
184 Kevin Coughlan 37:30
185 Ian Paterson 37:39
186 Sally Eason 37:42
187 Rob Cox 37:42
192 Martin Seeley-Davies 37:48
193 John Davies 37:48
195 Darron Handley 37:54
196 Adrian Powell 37:55
202 Mark Parker 38:20
211 Rich Cawley 38:44
224 Richard French 39:08
227 Andrew Ralph 39:18
235 Mark Dalton 39:55
236 Claudie Combelas 39:56
237 Nigel Mccann 40:02
238 Craig Mcnaney 40:05
253 Martin Mchugh 40:47
265 Jo Arden 41:15
279 John French 42:09
282 Louise Myers 42:28
288 Amy Burdis 42:45
296 Anne Hughes 43:21
314 Andrew Houston 44:35
319 Julie Liggett 44:46
339 Fraser Barrett 46:06
343 Jason Brannigan 46:36
344 Helen Wyatt 46:53
345 Gemma Ross 46:53
347 Julie Cozens 47:09
350 Lisa Busby 47:57
353 Rachel Liggett 48:08
361 Chris Archer 48:49
365 Anita Sanderson 49:12
366 Emma White 49:33
371 John Ralph 50:08
381 Emma Boyle 51:36
383 Anthony French 51:59
391 Rachel Clancy 53:23
395 Tracey Cox 54:20

Harborough 5 – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 6 – 13 June

Pos Cat M/F Cat Pos
179 Charles Jones M65 38:41 148 5
270 Julie Cozens F50 45:59 78 10

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Two Castles 10k – 11 June

98 Guy Bicknell 39:38
103 Terry Moynihan 39:56
128 Damian Pharoah 40:54
136 Anita Howe 40:46 1st F45
143 Damian Dear 41:24
144 Andrew McConville 41:26
172 Liam Mills 41:45
215 Trevor Knight 42:13
288 Tommy Dempsey 44:33
321 Tony Hughes 44:22
343 Spencer Davies 45:15
387 Corinna O’Connor 45:46
396 Peter Kirkhope 46:22
454 Rich Cawley 46:42
555 Paul McGurk 47:10
558 Kevin Coughlan 46:25
559 Ian Paterson 46:22
563 Peter Fellows 47:45
572 Mark Parker 47:42
628 Darron Handley 47:03
634 Robert Dimbleby 48:03
675 Adrian Powell 48:14
696 Philippe Rawson 48:54
704 Martin McHugh 49:07
725 Simon Davies 49:08
738 Andrew Ralph 49:09
757 Tom Miller 48:59
870 Bob Adams 51:00
993 Mark Dalton 51:22
1048 Anne Hughes 53:15
1069 John French 53:17
1132 Jo Arden 52:51
1229 Louise Myers 53:45
1260 Mike Cherrington 54:03
1433 Julie Cozens 57:40
1438 Mike Duggan 49:53
1507 Julie Liggett 56:40
1587 Andrew Houston 57:41
1676 Anita Sanderson 59:49
1844 Rachel Liggett 59:54
1899 Emma White 61:44
1901 Nadine Owen 61:45
1903 Helen Hodge 61:46
2074 John Ralph 61:51
2076 Tony French 63:16
2638 Lisa Nowak 62:00
2734 Philip Townsend 66:03
2889 Tony Bowe 70:02
3306 Ros Myers 72:10

Neusser Sommernachtslauf 5k – 10 June

97 Sarah Fry 22:29

Needles Cross-Country Marathon – 10 June

18 Dave Halford 4:21:17

Banbury 5 – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 5 – 6 June

Pos Cat M/F Cat Pos
207 Denis Daly M60 38:37 170 9
231 Mike Duggan M75 39:47 184 1
311 Julie Cozens F50 46:20 91 12

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Comrades 55-Mile Ultra-Marathon, South Africa – 4 June

933 Steve Turvey 8:08:42
2681 Amy Burdis 9:12:38
4852 Liz Pharoah 10:04:28

Steve Turvey

Ever since I first landed in South Africa (in 2013) and announced that I was ‘a runner’ I’ve had people there asking if I’d completed the Comrades Marathon. Apparently everyone needs to do the Comrades at least once to be a ‘proper’ runner! And so it was, that after successfully putting it off for a few years, I finally caved in last year and entered the Comrades. As an added bonus, it fitted in really nicely with our wedding plans in South Africa. You might even say we planned it that way.

This year was an “Up” run, starting at sea level in Durban, and ending at 600m altitude in Pietermaritzburg 87km later. You’d think one Northbrooker being crazy enough to attempt this is bad enough, but we actually managed to get three to come along; Amy Burdis came along for the wedding too as did Clare Rowntree who was sensible enough though not to run further than 5km at a time. For Amy, these days 87km is almost a sprint, but perhaps more impressively, Liz Pharoah, who was looking to do something special to celebrate an important birthday – 21st I think? – came over just for the week to do the run.

The race started at a sleep-depriving 5:30am which, being dark and in winter was a bit chilly. Fortunately, all of us had experience of early starts and cold weather thanks to “altitude training” at Nambiti Nature Reserve – none of us were caught by lions anyway. The early start helped us to get away from the worst of the humidity by the coast before the sun came up and it got too hot. We were impressed by the incredible number of supporters and the atmosphere they brought, regardless of whether we were in Durban before sunrise, or out in any of the suburbs or villages, or in fact anywhere accessible from the main road.

Amy Burdis

Given that this was an “Up” run, there were a few hills. Thankfully they did at least warn us about the bigger ones (those that last a few km or more) Cowies, Fields and otha’s Hill came and went and I felt reasonably good, passing halfway at about 3:35. I even thought that I might somehow squeak a Silver medal for completing the race in under 7:30. Then came Inchanga, a 6km long beast of a climb that just snakes away into the distance. My legs were really feeling it at this point and as I turned a corner halfway up I found myself having to walk for the first time. Naturally, this was the point at which I came across Bruce Fordyce, 9 times Comrades winner who was one of those most fervent in encouraging me to sign up for this madness. If I recall, he informed everyone within earshot that I was a Leicester City supporter. This not being Coventry, I don’t think anyone minded too much. I managed to jog again at least until I was out of his sight.

The Inchanga hill soon made me realise that 7:30 wasn’t going to happen, and every slight incline after that point really started to tell on my legs. I got a couple of leg massages at points along the road to try and soothe calves and hamstrings that ached with every bit of uphill. The support from everyone (special shout-out to wife Lindie, parents, Damian Pharoah and some others you’ve never met) for carrying me through this stage, which culminated in a 2.7km walk (I ran for about 10 steps) up the final big hill, Polly Shortts.

Liz Pharoah

Looking back at the stats, Amy (despite finishing an hour back) actually made up a few inutes on me through this stage of the course. So bad did I look here that Lindie actually ran backwards along the course because my tracker seemed to have stopped moving. She then started jogging alongside me and had to slow down so that I could keep up. Fortunately the course after Polly Shortts was basically downhill, which I found much more agreeable and so got to experience the sensation of overtaking people again, all the way through to the finish. At the finish, I was greeted with possibly the smallest finishers’ medal (called a “Bill Rowan”) you’ve ever seen (size isn’t everything). Added to that was the fact that the only route to the International tent was up some steps which take you across the course, which was ever so slightly cruel in my opinion. But the food, drink and chance to meet up with my lift home just about made it worthwhile.

I was very proud to see Amy come in and find that Liz too had comfortably beat the 11 hour mark in order for both to qualify for the Bronze medal. All 3 of us made it into the top 5,000, which out of over 17,000 starters is not bad at all. The question now is – who is going to return in 2018 to go for the “back to back” medal? And who else from Northbrook is up for the challenge? – Steve

Tysoe 10k Windmill Run – 3 June

16 Spencer Davies 50:25
28 Rich Cawley 53:20
35 Mark Parker 55:14
42 Claudie Combelas 57:01 1st FV55
90 Linda Richards 67:12
92 Chris Perkins 68:09

Tysoe 5k Windmill Run – 3 June

69 Tracy Cox 40:05


This Saturday morning alternative to a Parkrun was a warm very hilly 10k or 5k run, starting in the village and running to the top of the windmill hill. There the 5k race doubled back for the return; for the 10K it was down the stairs (yes, stairs!!!) cut into the other side of the hill before the hills kept coming and coming. Overall it was a challenging off-road 10K with great scenery. Organisation by the village commitee seemed to be flawless. Definitely a must do again – Spencer