Please note:

10k race number and timing chip collection and entries on the day are at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club, Browns Lane, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9DR.

Fun Run number collection and entries on the day are at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9FG.

Changing and shower facilities are at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club.

Results, presentations and refreshments are at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane.

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  • 1. What are the Race Rules?

    The 10km Race and accompanying Fun Run will be run under the UK Athletics (UKA) Rules. (UKA is the internationally recognised authority for organisation and control of athletics in the United Kingdom. They produce the Rules for Competition. The Race Licence provides suitable insurance and requires that these rules are complied with and that our event will be held to the standards and quality that UKA requires.
    (For a copy of the UKA Rules go to the UKA website. Rules 1-24 & 201-215 apply).

    All instructions issued for the safety of the runners and others must be complied with. (As well as UKA, the police and Local Authority also require that we operate an event that is safe for competitors, officials and the public in general. All instructions before, during and after the event arise from or are connected with our Safety Plan).

    First Aid - by entering the event you are authorising the release of personal and medical details by the Medical Team to the Event Organiser, for statutory purposes, if attended to in a medical emergency. (This is a requirement of the event licence and for compliance with the insurance policy. All information will be kept secure and only released as required by law).

    Entries will be accepted on the day (up to 8.40am Fun Run, 9.00am 10km race) provided the race limit has not been exceeded. (We want as many people as possible to take part in the event and have made arrangements to accept entries on the day if they are available. The 10km race limit is decided by various factors and we are not allowed to exceed it).

    You must be 15 years of age or over on race day to compete in the 10km Road Race.
    (Age limits for various race distances are determined by UKA Rules).

    Fun Run - you must be under 15 years of age to take part in the Fun Run. All children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult. (This is for safety reasons and to ensure they are under guidance and control at all times. The child has the number not the adult).

    Time limit authority for road closures lapses at 11.45am when marshals will be withdrawn and runners will no longer be insured. Any competitor still on the course after this time will automatically become a pedestrian and responsible for their own safety. We will endeavour to ensure they are made aware of this and may record their time at the finish line if they are within a reasonable distance.

    Images - by entering the event you give permission for the free use of your name, voice and picture in any record or promotion of this event. The event organisers need to be able to identify all competitors at all times during the event for control and safety reasons. We also usually have a video recorder at the finish line for record purposes and may also make recordings along the route.

    Results will be published on our website, and may also be sent to local media. Club runners' results will be forwarded to the County and National Athletics Authorities. If you are a club runner, unless you indicate otherwise, we will pass on your contact details to the Warwickshire Road Race League organisers. We do not have any arrangements for passing information to any commercial organisation.

    All competitors should be aware that the event takes place on the public highway and the organisers have no control over people taking pictures and/or making recordings.

  • 2. What has changed since last year?

    In response to feedback from participants chip timing has been introduced for the 2020 race.

  • 3. What are the entry fees?

    Entry fees will be published in due course.

  • 4. What are the age categories and prizes?

    Prize distribution will be worked out nearer the time of the race, based on the level of sponsorship we achieve and on the number of entries in each category.

    The table below is provisional and will be updated.

    Category Prize Category Prize
    Under 17 Male 1 prize Under 17 Female 1 prize
    Under 20 Male 1 prize Under 20 Female 1 prize
    Senior Male 5 prizes Senior Female 5 prizes
    Male 35+ 1 prize Female 35+ 1 prize
    Male 45+ 1 prize Female 45+ 1 prize
    Male 55+ 1 prize Female 55+ 1 prize
    Male 65+ 1 prize Female 65+ 1 prize
    Male Club Team (4) 1 4-part prize Female Club Team (3) 1 3-part prize


    Category Prize
    Under 17 Male 1 prize
    Under 17 Female 1 prize
    Under 20 Male 1 prize
    Under 20 Female 1 prize
    Senior Male 5 prizes
    Senior Female 5 prizes
    Male 35+ 1 prize
    Female 35+ 1 prize
    Male 45+ 1 prize
    Female 45+ 1 prize
    Male 55+ 1 prize
    Female 55+ 1 prize
    Male 65+ 1 prize
    Female 65+ 1 prize
    Male Club Team (4) 1 4-part prize
    Female Club Team (3) 1 3-part prize


    Note, that any one competitor can win only one prize. For example, if the 1st male competitor to finish is in age category 35+, he will qualify for the 1st Male prize only, and the 1st 35+ category prize will then be awarded to the 2nd Male 35+ category competitor to finish.

  • 5. Are there any medals or mementos for finishers?

    All 10k race finishers will receive a medal and a memento. These will be available for collection from the finish area on presentation of your race number.

  • 6. What is the Facebook prize?

    The names of two entrants, one male and one female, who have "liked" our Facebook page will be drawn at random at the conclusion of the 10km race, and the winners will receive a refund of their entry fee.

  • 7. What is a Club Team?

    Club Teams are teams of competitors who are members of the same affiliated (to England Athletics) Club. Number to count as indicated.

  • 8. What are the record times for the course?

    The course records are:

    Men - 31:27, set by Mark Powell in 2008

    Women: - 35:56, set by Kim Fawke in 2012

  • 9. How do I enter the 10km race?

    We would prefer it, and you may find it more convenient, to enter online. A link will appear on the How to Enter page when entries open.

    Entry forms will also be sent to all Affiliated Clubs in the Midlands, and to shops and businesses around the Coventry area.

    There will be "Entry on the Day" (subject to race limit) at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club, but you are asked to arrive in good time before the 9.45am start.

    If you experience problems with entering the race please let us know.

  • 10. How do I pay when I enter by post?

    You can pay by cheque or postal order, made payable to “Northbrook AC”. Send your completed entry form, with payment, to:
    Race Entries Northbrook 10km, 25 Guphill Avenue, Coventry, CV5 8BA.

  • 11. I entered by post. Why hasn't my cheque been cashed?

    Postal entries are processed and numbers allocated as entries are received, but there may be a delay before cheques are cashed.

  • 12. Can I enter on line?

    A link for on-line entries will be provided here when entries open.

  • 13. I entered online. How will I know that my entry has been received?

    Online entries are processed and numbers allocated as soon as they are received. We will email you with an acknowledgement when your entry has been processed, normally within a week.

  • 14. I've entered but I can't run. Can I give my race number to someone else, or can I get a refund?

    Giving your race number to another person to take your place without the agreement of the Organisers is a breach of UK Athletics Rules and makes you subject to disqualification. You will not be covered by insurance and your action may frustrate our emergency arrangements. If you are a UKA affiliated member you may face disciplinary action.

    If you cannot run on the day, you can transfer your place in the race (i.e. your registration) to someone else of your choice (but see below for UKA Members transferring to an unattached competitor) provided you contact the Race Secretary (by post or email) citing your Race Number and giving all the identity details of your replacement, as set out on the Entry Form. Upon confirmation that we have accepted the change, you may give your race number to the replacement person. A UKA affiliated member transferring a number to an unattached competitor must follow the same procedure and also pay the additional insurance premium (£3.00) for the transfer to become effective.

    Transfers must be requested and approved in advance of the race. We cannot make transfers on the day of the race.

    Entry fees are not refundable or deferrable.

  • 15. When will I get my number and chip?

    WE DO NOT SEND OUT RACE NUMBERS AND CHIPS. Numbers and chips will be available for collection on the day from the Jaguar Sports & Social Club. Please make sure you arrive in time to collect your number.

    Alternatively, numbers may be collected on the day prior to race day - from 2pm to 4pm from the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane.

  • 16. Can an athlete with a disability enter?

    We welcome entries from disabled athletes, bearing in mind the nature of the event and course.

    The 10k race is entirely on the public highway and road closures will be in force for the whole course. The location and practical considerations do mean that the course does undulate quite a lot and prospective competitors are advised to check out the course for suitability.

    A certain amount of parking for the disabled is available close to the Race HQ and the start. We ask that you advise us when entering the event so that spaces can be reserved.

    Toilet facilities for the disabled are available at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club.

    Athletes in self-propelled wheelchairs should ensure they are suitable for purpose and comply with IPC requirements. Be advised that the start is on a rising hill. Any entries in this category will be started 5 minutes before the mass start.

    Entrants in assisted wheelchairs should provide their own assister who should ensure that they do not impede other competitors, especially at the start and finish.

    Athletes with visual impairment should provide their own guide. If tethered the tether must comply with 2013 IPC requirements.

    Assisters and guides will be considered as taking part in the race, but must cross the finishing line behind the guided athlete.

  • 17. Does the route have Council and Police Approval?

    Applications for a UKA race permit and a road closure order are being made.

  • 18. Can you describe the course?

    The race is run around the Allesley to Corley area in Coventry over a course that is undulating and very scenic. The finish is at a lower elevation than the start. The last 3 km will be fast. The route should be traffic free.

  • 19. Is there a map of the route available?

    A map of the route can be viewed by following this link.

  • 20. Where are the start and finish?

    The start is in Browns Lane, approximately 150 metres from its junction with Washbrook Lane. The start is on a rising hill.

    The finish is in Washbrook Lane just before Streamside Close, approximately 150m from the Scout Hut where the presentations will be held.

    Visit the location page.

  • 21. Has the course been officially measured?

    The course will be officially re-measured before the race and the certificate no will be displayed on this website.

    Each kilometre will be marked by roadside signs and by marks on the road.

    The height of the start is 110m above sea level. The highest point is 164m. The lowest point and finish are 100m above sea level.

  • 22. Is the course marked?

    The course will be marked every 1km.

  • 23. Does the race have a permit?

    An application is being made for a UKA race permit. The permit no will be displayed on this website and at the race venue.

  • 24. What can you tell me about the Fun Run?

    We include a children's 2km Fun Run to offer a  family dimension to the event. The Fun Run is for children under 15 years of age. The Fun Run will start at 9.00am.

    The route starts in Washbrook Lane and runs up one side of the road to just before Hawkes Mill Lane and returns down the other side.

    All children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 25. How do I enter the Fun Run?

    We would prefer it, and you may find it more convenient, to enter online. A link for on-line entries will be provided on the Fun Run page when entries open.

    However, entry forms will be available when entries open. There will be a link on this website to download an entry form. There will also be "Entry on the Day" for the Fun Run at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane.

  • 26. What are the car parking facilities?

    Limited parking is available at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club. Additional parking is available at Townfields Stables in Butt Lane, just a short walk from start and finish points.

    Competitors must not park in Browns Lane as this affects access for residents and may impede the race route.

  • 27. Where are the toilet facilities?

    There are toilets at the Jaguar Sports Social Club, and also near the race finish at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane. The start is approximately 400m from the Jaguar Sports & Social Club - see course map.

  • 28. Where are the changing facilities?

    There are changing facilities and showers at the Jaguar Sports & Social Club.

  • 29. Where are the water stations?

    Water stations will be located just after 3 km (Bridlebrook Lane), at around 6 km (Corley Moor) and at the finish.

  • 30. Will First Aid be provided?

    First Aid will be provided. However you have a duty of care to yourself to ensure that you are medically fit to undertake this event.

    Remember the race takes place in early summer and you should be prepared for UK summer weather conditions.

  • 31. Will refreshments be available after the race?

    Cakes, tea, coffee and squash will be available at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane before, during and after the race.

  • 32. When and where do the presentations take place?

    Presentations will take place at the Scout Hut in Washbrook Lane after the race at approx 11.30 am.

  • 33. When will the results be available?

    The results should be available on-line by the evening of the day of the race.

  • 34. How does the rolling road closure work?

    Just before runners enter a road it will be closed. The road will remain closed until the last runner has passed through.

  • 35. How are the local residents affected?

    Letters are delivered to all residencies along the route approximately 2 weeks before the race explaining how residents may be affected.

  • 36. How are users of the Jaguar Sports and Leisure Club affected?

    Browns Lane will be closed to all traffic for approx 20 minutes from 9.40am, meaning access and egress to the Club will necessarily be curtailed for this period.

  • 37. How do I know if I am medically fit to take part?

    The usual advice is to have a medical check-up before taking up any exercise programme, or are changing/increasing an existing regime. A useful source of information specific to running can be found at

  • 38. Can I run wearing headphones/earphones?

    Like most race organisers we strongly discourage the wearing of headphones/earbuds whilst running. At the start of the race we give verbal instructions to which you must listen. On the course direct instructions from the marshals must be heard and obeyed for safety reasons. Headphones may interfere with your hearing such instructions, and any possible rogue vehicle that may be on the course.

    If headphones are worn they must be of the bone conducting type as approved by UK Athletics.
    You are warned that wearing any other type of headphone/earbud will render you liable for disqualification.

    Please remember; your safety and that of others is also your responsibility.

  • 39. Can I enter the race and run for a charity?

    Competitors are free to choose whatever charity they wish to support, or not. The chosen charities for our event are those to which we donate any surplus funds from whatever profit we make from putting on the race. If you are raising money through sponsorship, you can provide proof from our Results List, or we would be quite happy to certify any official sponsorship form presented on completion of the race. Just ask for the Race Director at the finish or at the Race HQ.

  • 40. What happens if the event is cancelled?

    If we have to cancel the event due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control we will take all practical steps to contact all entrants by email or by post. In the event that advance notice is not practicable due to the timescales involved we will use reasonable endeavours to provide other suitable methods of informing entrants. In the event of cancellation, we will donate all surplus funds, after unavoidable costs, to the causes advertised for this year's event.

  • 41. Will there be an official photographer?

    No, but amateur photographers are welcome to photograph the event provided photographs are placed in the public domain.

  • 42. Will there be a video record?

    We video the race, especially the finish, for record purposes and in case of any conflict in the timed results. If the recording is of suitable quality we may post it online.

  • 43. Who has sponsored the event?

    Our sponsors in 2019 were: Bruker, Coventry Runner, Tony's Home Improvements, Deeley Construction, JLN Plumbing and Heating and Curtain Call.

    We also had support from Townfields Saddlery, who provided the parking for competitors in exchange for a donation to a charity of their choosing.

  • 44. How many times has the event been staged?

    2021 will be the 18th staging.

  • 45. Who organises this event, and does it make a profit?

    The event is organised by a sub-group of the members of Northbrook AC.

    Our thanks to all our sponsors and to those who help make this day possible.

    The event aims to raise money for our chosen charities. Most of our costs are to pay for the road closure, which enables us to offer a "Traffic Free" course, and the cost of suitable equipment for marshalling the race.

  • 46. Can you tell me more about Northbrook AC?

    Full details can be found on our Club website under 'Membership'. We have approx 200 members and we meet on Wednesday evenings. We cater for all levels. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy being a member.

  • 47. Does Northbrook AC put on any other races?

    Yes, by agreement, we usually stage one of the races in the Birmingham Cross-Country League.

  • 48. Can you tell me more about the Warwickshire Road Race League?

    The Warwickshire Road Race League is a series of short and middle distance road races from Spring through to Autumn. The best seven results count for individual placings, the best seven results count for team placings. For more details visit our Warwickshire Road Race League web page.

  • 49. Whom do I contact for more information or with a query?

    Please go to the Contact Us page.

  • 50. How do I make comments about this event?

    If you have any comment you would like to make about the organisation or other aspects of the event, please use the Comment page.

    We strive to make this a well-organised and enjoyable day and we are always open to listen to the views of participants.