Northbrook AC Voted Awards

The Club’s annual Awards Night is on
Saturday 13 January 2018


As well as awards to be presented for running achievement there are awards for club members voted for by the membership.

Voting is online. Club members will receive an email containing a link to the voting paper. You must cast your votes by 5pm on Sunday 7 January 2018 for your votes to be included. You may nominate up to 3 people in each category, enter their names in order of preference. All votes are kept confidential and counted independently by a non-member.
We require you to provide your email address when voting, for authentication purposes. Email addresses will be removed before the votes are collated for counting.

The categories are :-

ClubPerson of the Year – A person who has contributed the most to the club over the year by giving up time to organise events, support other members, support club events, raise funds, publicise the club, or generally look after the club’s best interests.

Most Improved Runner – A person who has most improved their running ability or race performances during the year.

The committee have offered some suggestions for likely candidates for these awards. However, your choice is not limited to the named persons; members can vote for anyone who is a member of the club.

Committee suggestions (these are suggestions – not recommendations)

ClubPerson of the Year

  • Rob Cox
  • Spencer Davies
  • Cath Fenn
  • Clive Horton
  • Terry Moynihan
  • Liz Pharoah
  • Jill Pittard
  • John Ralph

Most Improved Runner

  • Rich Cawley
  • Rob Cox,
  • Julie Cozens
  • Andrew McConville
  • Liam Mills
  • Terry Moynihan
  • Mark Parker
  • Damian Pharoah
  • Anita Sanderson
  • Steve Turvey
  • Emma White

So, get your thinking caps on and consider whom you might nominate in each of these categories.
Remember, you can vote for up to three members in each category. You could even vote for the same person in both categories if you think that person is pretty special.

Remember, you can vote for whomever you think is deserving of an award
Check your email Inbox for the link to the voting form
A paper voting form can be downloaded from here