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Ivanhoe Isolation 2-Mile Virtual Relays

We were contacted by a running club from Leicester way to see if we would be interested in their 2-mile relay event. Looking though it was doable I thought let’s put it out there and let’s see what happens. Then the tidal wave of responses hit. I’m not saying that the membership were desperate to take part in a club event but we ended up fielding 23 teams. Some runners were not members but that did not stop us from including them. Then we found out this was just not an interclub thing this was a national event. As it was virtual and new we did the team draw live on social media, again another new task and idea completed.

The teams were set. The luck of the bingo machine meant we were totally random teams. I still suspected that come Monday morning we would be chasing to people to run, but they started of their own accord. The Coventry suburbs must have wondered what hit them as the sunburst was out on display in every corner with glowing red faced Northbrookers unable to speak having given everything they could give to participate. My race face at the end of my run said it all, give me oxygen, let me throw up and let me find shade to recover in.

It was great and the results kept pouring in. With Kev on board the results coming out were regular and drove everyone on to get faster as the elevation on a lot of the courses turned out negative. By the end of Wednesday evening every leg had been run, with a few recording double efforts to ensure we had full teams. A quick copy of Kev’s tables and the results were off.

Then Saturday morning the news broke, our mixed team had won their age category, and every other team had run hard to ensure their team mates were well placed.

What a great novel idea, that really took off and bridges built with more clubs – Spencer

Full team results on the Ivanhoe Runners website

Runner 1TimeRunner 2TimeRunner 3TimeRunner 4TimeTeam time 
61Northbrook Team 9MixedAmy Burdis00:14:19Mike Wheeler00:11:41Robin Aston00:10:36Oliver Jones00:11:2900:48:05
1410Northbrook Team 13MenAdam Brearley00:12:27David Mills00:14:31Stu Lumsden00:11:30Tom Miller00:13:4600:52:14
166Northbrook Team 10MixedDawn Webb00:17:00Steve Turvey00:10:43Natasha White00:11:40Jude O'Connor00:12:5800:52:21
199Northbrook Team 21MixedChris Goodman00:11:17Damien Dear00:11:19Spencer Davies00:12:55Sara Phipps00:17:2200:52:53
24=13Northbrook Team 17MixedAmanda Deavy00:11:47Claudie Combelas00:16:29Matt Hathrell00:11:37Rob Cox00:13:5400:53:47
2615Northbrook Team 4MixedCraig Slyde00:12:14James Lacey00:13:46Leisha Smith00:14:55Lisa Bragg00:13:2900:54:24
2716Northbrook Team 22MixedChris Archer00:16:00Jon Seed00:12:50Liam Mills00:11:40Sally Eason00:14:0300:54:33
4423Northbrook Team 18MenAndy Scruton00:15:30David Giles00:12:54Richard Gould00:13:13Tim Hughes00:15:1900:56:56
5225Northbrook Team 6MixedJeannie Noonan00:17:33Paul Robbins00:12:12Rory Anderson00:11:39Ellie Aldridge00:16:1600:57:40
5326Northbrook Team 12MixedAdam Brearley00:12:54Lottie Graham00:14:34Mick Duggan00:16:28Cath Fenn00:13:5200:57:48
5830Northbrook Team 2MixedAdrian Powell00:14:52Jonathon Vardy00:11:22Sean Duffy00:12:44Verity Crichton00:19:0900:58:07
6533Northbrook Team 7MixedBret Stokes00:14:42Debbie Campbell00:17:05Kyle Beddoe00:13:45Jill Pittard00:14:0800:59:40
6734Northbrook Team 3MixedEmma Vardy00:14:54Fern Kenny00:14:59Megan Miller00:14:35Tony Bowe00:15:2200:59:50
7713Northbrook Team 16WomenCaroline Parkinson00:16:38Enya Tabram00:14:19Joanne Richards00:17:07Lottie Graham00:14:3501:02:39
7839Northbrook Team 20MixedKaty Davies00:15:56Sarb Sumal00:17:24Tom Cox00:13:04Kirstie Murray00:16:2501:02:49
8340Northbrook Team 14MixedTerry Moynihan00:13:04Narelle Copland00:20:57Ben Tabram00:12:58Sarah Booker00:16:5301:03:52
8742Northbrook Team 8MixedHelen Hodge00:21:24Simon Jones00:12:45Spencer Davies00:13:54Melissa Armston00:16:3101:04:34
8843Northbrook Team 11MixedCorinna O'Connor00:16:38Owen Drage00:11:51Pia Singh00:21:05Sarah McNaney00:15:0101:04:35
9145Northbrook Team 15MixedClare King00:13:39Lee Newark00:14:20Simon Aldridge00:16:34Tracey Cox00:21:0601:05:39
9948Northbrook Team 1MixedJamie Gould00:13:05Kevin Coughlan00:15:18Liane Powell00:19:44Catherine Shepherd00:19:5301:08:00
10450Northbrook Team 5MixedGraeme Brannen00:19:48Steve Bottomley00:13:33Jenna Davies00:16:47Annie McHugh00:18:5201:09:00
11454Northbrook Team 19MixedElle Townsend00:15:17Jane Stephens00:23:22Tracey Williams00:20:59Steve Handy00:13:0401:12:42
12356Northbrook Team 23MixedAlex Davies00:23:03Richard Arnold00:13:53Yvonne Boyle00:23:55Tori Boyle00:16:0501:16:56