Northbrook Race Championships 2021

It was slow start at the beginning of the year with little opportunity for competitive racing, but the easing of COVID restrictions mid-year breathed new life into the racing scene. Six months later and the competition is hot with Club members choosing their races with one eye on the Race Championship tables.

In the closing weeks of the season we saw plenty of jostling for position at all levels as the points accumulated at the various distances. Although 5k, 5-mile and 10k races were still popular, results sent in showed a marked increased in interest in the longer distance events such as half-marathon, full marathon and ultra-distance races, with trail events seeming to be particularly attractive.

Leading positions at the end of the year:

1. Stuart Lumsden
2. Matthew Hathrell
3. Tom Mitchell
1. Victoria Boyle
2. Charlotte Mills
3. Emily Drage
1. Chris Goodman
2. Robin Aston
3. Craig Holmes
1. Natasha White
2. Amanda Deavy
3. Jill Pittard
1. Terry Moynihan
2. Mike Wheeler
3. Spencer Davies
1. Lisa Bragg
2. Sara Pick
3. Allison Smith
1. Mark Baker
2. Rob Cox
3. Tom Miller
1. Debbie Campbell
2. Claudie Combelas
3. Tracey Williams
1. Charles Jones
2. Mike Duggan
3. Martin Gavin
1. Anne Hughes
2. Jean Noonan


View the final tables by selecting the link below:-

Northbrook Race Champs Tables

Seven race distances, from 5k to full marathon plus the Club Handicap

Runners’ best times in the season for each distance are ranked, and points (up to 200) awarded

Best five results to count

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