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November 2021

Coombe 8 – 28 November OTH

20 Matthew Hathrell 0:59:02  
42 Megan Miller 1:03:14  
44 Paul Stead 1:03:40  
57 Kathryn Adams 1:04:59 3rd FSEN
85 Tori Boyle 1:09:15  
99 Cath Fenn 1:10:29  
105 Adrian Lowe 1:11:14  
109 Adrian Powell 1:11:50  
140 Cliff Evans 1:15:30  
163 Darren James 1:18:04  
164 Joanne Evans 1:18:37  
175 Simon Aldridge 1:21:38  
176 Richard Arnold 1:21:39  
179 Martin Gavin 1:22:32  
188 Claudie Combelas 1:24:12  
198 Pete Marshall 1:25:10  
208 David Hadley 1:27:25  
209 Carolyn Hadley 1:27:25  
229 Lianne Powell 1:35:54  
243 Chris Archer 1:49:25  

A cool and crisp morning greeted the 20+ Northbrook runners (and quite a few supporters) for the annual ‘I don’t do trail races but I’ll give this one a go’ race. The overnight frost had left the ground hard and the water hazard low, so even those in road shoes seemed to manage pretty well, and lots of quick times were posted on the board.

I just about managed to meet my target of under an hour, despite a sneaky extra 1/4 mile of distance, and the hot chocolate at the end was very welcome.

A good time seems to have been had by most, if not all, and I hope this encourages more people to try more trail races in the future – Matthew



Hatfield 5 – 28 November 5M

  Terry Moynihan 0:32:10


The Hatfield 5 mile event was another carry over from last year’s cancellations. Held on the outskirts of the Hertfordshire town, it bucked the trend of many recent races as its 800 runner capacity was sold out. This was likely explained by it forming part of the Herts County Senior Championships and the field being predominantly club runners from the South East region.

The event was billed as flat and fast, and there was no doubting that. It certainly had PB potential, although much of it was on footpaths which could stifle overtaking attempts. Having run an event the prior day, simply finishing rather than overtaking was foremost in my mind, and a PB was certainly not on the cards!

Being only 5 miles, it wasn’t too long before the finish line approached and another event could be ticked off. One point I did note was the very colourful running vests of many of the clubs in that area which made for a pleasing view.

Overall, a very well run event which I’d recommend if you’re prepared to travel a little further afield and are seeking a PB.

Derby 5 Miles – 28 November 5M

15 Rob Cox 0:36:10 2nd MV50
21 Spencer Davies 0:37:41  
27 Kevin Coughlan 0:39:39  
36 Mark Dalton 0:40:11  
42 Andy Scruton 0:41:26 PB
49 Rich Cawley 0:42:53  
156 Tracey Cox 1:00:55  

Sunday brought round the inaugural Derby 5 mile race, which was run alongside their half-marathon.
7 Northbrookers and 1 intrepid supporter/photographer ventured up between the weather windows to run.
The weather was cold and the numbers were low for the 5 miles. But a big Weatherspoons right next to the start line kept our spirits up and the coffee flowing before the start.

The 7 of us in varied numbers of layers set off, Rob soon gaining the lead to maintain it to the end. About 3 miles in there was a nice out and back section that meant we could encourage each other. Our supporter standing with 400 mtrs to go was a welcome sight as she roared us all through to the finish.

The course was slightly long at 5.1 miles but well organised apart from that – Spencer

Lee Valley Velo Park 10 Miles – 27 November 10M

2 Terry Moynihan 1:06:22 1st MV45
6 Steve Turvey 1:10:27 1st MV35

Winter conditions had certainly arrived as we set off for London with snow falling. We were heading to the Olympic VeloPark for a 10 mile event to capture a few points for the Northbrook Race Champs as the season draws to a close. We arrived in good time, allowing Steve Turvey and his parkrun partner in crime, James Grute, the opportunity for a warm-up by completing the Hackney Marshes parkrun. I wasn’t certain that was the wisest choice when Steve arrived back having completed it in 20 mins. Time would tell.


We set off in a windchill of below freezing to complete 10 laps of the Lee Valley VeloPark circuit. With 5 concurrent events of varying distance, it was difficult to determine precise positions, but it offered the advantage of having plenty of fellow runners to chase down around the circuit, and there was a good level of support throughout. Towards the end of the race, knowing precisely where the hills lay provided both knowledge of where to dig deep and to groan internally as they loomed.

Steve and I were happy with our results, both finishing first in our age categories. James was outstanding in completing both parkrun followed by the 10 miler with his training limited to a weekly parkrun.

With Steve attaining a 1- & 2-second advantage in the Northbrook Race Champs League over Tommy Dempsey & Tom Cox respectively, I’m not sure they’ll be rushing to offer their congratulations – Terry

Coventry 10k – 21 November 10K

4 Chris Goodman 0:37:15 PB
7 Craig Holmes 0:37:33 PB
43 Kirstie Murray 0:47:45 PB

Chris and I ran the Coventry 10k for the first time. It included parts of the parkrun route, so we were well practised, and we both got 10k PBs – Kirstie

Tissington Trail Marathon – 21 November M

61 Matthew Hathrell 3:47:46
230 Alan Smith 5:10:01

A cool, crisp morning, and a great day for a trail run. The course is an out and back on a former railway line, gradually climbing about 700 feet on the way out (into a headwind), and back downhill on the way back. I was running strongly through half way, but started struggling on the way back due to lack of specific training and probably lack of fuelling. From about 19 miles it was very much run/walk and get across the line however possible.

A slightly disappointing result; I guess I’ll have to go back and beat it in future – Matthew

A relatively new race (I think this was the 2nd running of it), It goes along the old Tissington railway line from Ashbourne to Parsley Hall, where you turn round and run back to Ashbourne. The organisers advertise it as a “long downhill finish”. It’s 13 miles of uphill followed by 13 miles of downhill.

It was good to see a fellow Northbrooker on the start line along with a couple of Massey runners. Not having done a marathon for many years, and not having run more than 13 miles for a long time, I set myself a modest target of 5 hours. I got to the halfway point in a reasonable 2h15m, taking in the spectacular views along the way, but soon after the turnaround point, the wheels fell off.
My legs felt like I was wearing diving boots, and no amount of Jelly Babies, Jaffa Cakes (available at each 3 mile water station) or isotonic drink made any difference. I was just glad to get to the finish line. I was a bit disappointed with my time, but it was still 20 minutes faster than my previous best marathon time set in 2009.

The organisation was brilliant with a nice medal and technical T-shirt at the end. It’s a popular route with walkers, so we got quite a lot of encouragement along the way. I think perhaps my next marathon will be somewhere a bit flatter – Alan

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 2 – 21 November 10K

79 Mark Parker 0:50:29  
80 Spencer Davies 0:50:46  
94 Rich Hands 0:52:02  
95 Tori Boyle 0:52:05 1st FSEN
97 Cath Fenn 0:52:11 3rd FV45
140 Cliff Evans 0:57:39  
155 Sarah Duffy 0:58:51  
158 Claudie Combelas 0:59:07  
179 Rich Cawley 1:02:22  
187 Joanne Evans 1:02:41  
223 Peter Marshall 1:06:43  
250 Chris Archer 1:11:34  
267 Angela Hands 1:16:31  
276 Kelly Parker 1:19:01  
278 Tracey Cox 1:20:03  

A clear and bright sunny morning saw 15 Northbrookers and 2 marshalls head to Ilmington for the 2nd race in the winter series. This time clockwise means village first. Claudie and I comparing flu coughs meant we were islolated before the start from our fellow club runners. We lined up and I had the sense to know a rough pace to stick to so I could breathe all the way round.

This way round feels more uphill and the first mile saw Rich Hands come sailing past me and I knew Mark was on my shoulder. But I was containing the breathing and pulled ahead. then as we left the village the 14% hill meant I had no choice but to walk the half-mile hill, with the mantra of “and breathe” to keep the air coming in and out without triggering the coughing. Rich, then Mark, then Cath passed me as I continued to stride the hill. I knew where the top was and where I could start again but it seemed to take forever. Then the last house on the left passed and I could go again, carving my way past those that took me on the walk up.

As we summitted I could see Mark just ahead but he was running in fear. He was risking his injury as I was risking breathing, both pushing as fast as we could down Larkstoke. But the last km all being uphill was always going to catch me with my breathing. Mark led me home, my breathing control had done the trick as no reaction this time. Rich managed to hold off firing on all cylinders Tori just in time to finish ahead of her though the Plantir may have not appreciated his efforts. Tori was next in being chased by Cath, both notables in their age categories. Sarah, on her first Ilmington race, looked shell-shocked. The veterans from the first race all finished as strongly as they could.

As we cheered Tracey over the line there was just one job left to do. A couple of refreshing drinks at The Red Lion in front of a roaring fire was very welcome.

Two down, three to go and what joys will the next in the series bring us – Spencer

I didn’t intend to race it but I felt good and the legs still had a bit left following yesterday’s Parkrun PB. A season best 10k despite running 6.4 miles – Cliff

Midland Counties Women’s 5-Mile and Men’s 7-Mile Cross-Country Championships – 20 November OTH

Northbrook Men – 7th

39 Tony Forde 0:46:50
53 Tommy Dempsey 0:49:43
54 Paul Robbins 0:50:00
62 Francis Mason 0:54:22
67 Spencer Davies 0:56:32
72 Adrian Lowe 1:03:07

Northbrook Women

25 Emily Drage 0:41:56
37 Joanne Evans 0:46:39
39 Claudie Combelas 0:49:22
DNF Fern Kenny  

Saturday afternoon saw a 3rd weekend on the trot of cross-country. This time the 5 & 7 mile cross-country championships at Bulwell Hall Nottingham.

We were lucky enough to start with a full compliment of women to make a team (the first time in 3 years) and only one short for the men, but with still enough to make a team. This is an event with declining numbers, so those that turn up, turn up fast. The ground was soft enough for spikes, but road shoes would have sufficed. The women ran first, our four setting off with Claudie not feeling well but ensuring she could count our women ahead.

It was 1 small lap and 2 larger laps (large laps had the fun of a log jump). Emily soon settled into her position to lead our women home. Joanne had settled into 2nd place, then Claudie bringing in 3rd with the news that Fern was not well and trying to walk it in for the team. It got too much for her and she had to concede in the end for her own safety and health. A great performance from our women in a fast field.

Then the men stepped up. It was the first run in cross-country for Tony in living memory, 1 was suffering with flu, 1 was straight out of Coronavirus isolation and 1 was on call and working during the run itself. But we were a team and the instruction was clear – finish, even if you have to walk and crawl.
The front end was fast with the 2 leaders shoulder to shoulder all the way round at 5 min miling. On the out and backs I could see the rest of the team but the flu meant I could not work out positions. But I could see every man was giving everything they could for us.

Half way into the event and the leaders lapped me, hurdling the waist high log from a metre back. It made my stop, sit on it and lower myself off the other side look a bit amateurish. As I finished, the 4 were waiting for me, Tony having led us home and Francis having given me someone to chase all the way through. Aidy battled the tail end to ensure the team got a position.

As a club we could ask no more from these 10. In spite of ill health, coronavirus and work commitment we all turned up and ran, flying the sunburst high. Well done all.

A welcome week off now from cross-country before the next League race at Plock Court for the men, and at Abington Park for the women – Spencer

Gato Head Torch 10k, Race 1 – 18 November 10K

4 Matthew Hathrell 0:41:21
12 Spencer Davies 0:48:29
45 Claudie Combelas 0:58:59
58 Pete Marshall 1:02:39
81 Chris Archer 1:09:46

If you go down to the woods at night – what do you find? Five intrepid Northbrookers had headed down the M1 to Salcey Forest for a run around the woods – during the night. This was the first race of 3 in a winter series. Headtorches compulsory and once you leave the start/finish area the reason why becomes very clear.

The night was unseasonably warm and dry. I felt underdressed in shorts and vest but I knew I would soon warm up. Both Claudie and I not being in the best form knew we would have to moderate our pace to get round. As we lined up, Matt progressed to the front and the rest of us took up our positions.

With a narrow path the start was fast and furious, but space soon became available. I found my position and settled to a pace that I knew and hoped would get me round. Once the space became available the all encompassing darkness enclosed you, making the mind run wild and the imagination even wilder. The course was well marked out, well marshalled and good underfoot.

I finished as expected and found Matt already changed and waiting by the car. By the time I returned all 5 of us were in and ready to start on the coffees.

I don’t expect the weather gods to be as kind for the next 2 races of the series but they will certainly be just as much fun – Spencer

Enigma Mallard Marathon, Day 2 – 17 November M

  Duncan Gordon 4:29:07

Enigma Mallard Marathon, Day 1 – 16 November M

  Duncan Gordon 4:56:16

Bedworth Park 5k – 14 November 5K

5 Lee Newark 0:23:28
12 Tracey Cox 0:35:06
13 Spencer Davies 0:35:09

Three of us in reduced numbers at Bedworth this Sunday. Tracey, having missed a cross-country outing needed a run, I with man flu decided to keep her company and Lee was in his usual spot chatting away.

It was nice to keep the tail runners positions going and helping Tracey to a course pb. Great small event – Spencer

Chepstow 365 – 14 November OTH

15 Matthew Hathrell 1:04:43
  Chris Archer 1:36:24

An early start and a long trip down the M5, but it was completely worth it. A great day for a race and a trail to match. Chepstow 365 starts at Chepstow Castle and follows 5k of tough, technical trails, overlooking the Wye Valley (and going through a cave) before ascending 365 rough stone steps. The finish is then about 5k of steady road descent where you should be able to pick up a lot of speed (total distance 6.7 miles according to the website). Unfortunately, I only lasted about 2 miles before completely bonking (hopefully that doesn’t become a trend) and dropping back down the order.

This race was absolutely brilliant, and is definitely one that I’d suggest people do at some point if you’re interested in this kind of thing. It is, unfortunately, quite a long way away, so I don’t think it would be a regular solo trip, but I’d definitely go again if we got together a group to go down – Matthew

Draycote Water 10k – 14 November 10K

  Martin Gavin 0:53:26
  Bob Adams 0:58:13

My first race for over 2 years – it seemed strange pinning on a number.
I couldn’t keep up with Martin, who romped round in 53-26. My sore knee started to stiffen up after 5k, but I did manage to finish.

My slowest ever time, but I’ll take it. It might even move me up a few places in the RC table. (After all that, I wasn’t even included in the official results, but I did finish it – honest!) – Bob

Draycote Water 10 Miles – 14 November 10M

  Paul Robbins 1:14:33
  Alan Smith 1:30:56

My first run out since having a particularly stubborn chest infection. Lots of people doing the 10k, not so many (82) doing the 10 mile. I was happy with my time, although one of these days I’m going to work out the secret of proper hydration so that I don’t need to stop for a toilet break half way round. I’d have got under 1h30m had I not stopped – Alan

Hamsterley Forest Trail 10 Miles Remembrance Run – 14 November 10M

  Sara Pick 1:37:15

A brutally gruelling first 5 miles followed by awful underfoot conditions for the last 5. Scenery was beautiful though.

Derby 10 Miles – 14 November 10M

63 Stuart Lumsden 1:01:25  
70 Chris Goodman 1:02:16  
105 Natasha White 1:05:27  
108 Amanda Deavy 1:05:40 2nd FV45
127 Mike Wheeler 1:06:58  
290 Peter Kirkhope 1:16:01  
302 Simon Abbott 1:18:42  
378 Lisa Abbott 1:20:24  
381 Jill Pittard 1:20:32  
402 Lisa Bragg 1:21:23  
419 Kirstie Murray 1:22:47  
444 Debbie Campbell 1:23:52  
518 Cliff Evans 1:28:13  
550 Allison Smith 1:29:48  
692 Joanne Evans 1:35:44 PB


Lovely course. Lovely setup/organisation (in my view) – low key, small, a minute’s walk from car to start, finish and proper toilets – Lisa

This was my second 10 miler, the first being the Hilly 100. Great atmosphere and so pleased with my time as the Marathon wiped me out – Debbie

My first attempt at the Derby 10 mile. Mostly road but plenty of path and a small grass section. Loved it, well organised and supported. Would recommend it – Cliff

Fantastic race, lovely flat course running through scenic parks and road. A PB for 10 miles – very pleased with that time so rewarded myself with some new trail shoes – Joanne

Rutland 10k Night Trail Run – 13 November 10K

  Richard Arnold 0:51:51

Enigma Millennium Falcon Trail Marathon – 13 November M


  Duncan Gordon 5:54:56

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Div 3 Race 1 at Betley Court, Crewe – 13 November OTH

Men’s A team – 7th
Men’s B team – 6th

16 Stu Lumsden 0:35:52
42 Matthew Hathrell 0:38:17
54 Tom Mitchell 0:38:53
57 Richard Bruce 0:39:22
69 Steven Turvey 0:40:22
103 Darren Taplin 0:42:27
108 Tommy Dempsey 0:42:41
114 Tony Hughes 0:43:08
154 Mark Baker 0:45:49
156 Francis Mason 0:45:55
166 Spencer Davies 0:46:38
171 Kyle Beddoe 0:47:06
172 Adrian Powell 0:47:09
192 Kevin Coughlan 0:50:01
214 Fraser Barrett 0:58:11

With the cross-country drum being beaten for weeks and getting louder, the pull to the Birmingham district of Crewe? was pulling the men north. Never mind “winter is coming”, this was “Northbrook is coming”. 15 men (not all heroes wear capes) answered the call. Excited, eager and champing at the bit, we lined up in the biggest cross-country fixture outside of the Nationals. The instructions were to line up two by two, two lines per team, fastest at the front. So two by two we started, this felt biblical.

The start was fast and furious, eyeballs out on stalks for the first 400 mtrs. The ground was thundering and shaking with every step, the shouts, the encouragement, the abuse from the marshalls, the supporters and fellow competitors were loud. Oh! how we had missed cross-country. Then came the deafening ring as 750 sets of spikes stormed the road onto the first hill. The front end had gone but I was comfortable where I started knowing if I could I would pick up places.

The course is one of the better ones. The hills are not too extreme, hardly any mud underfoot but enough that the spikes could get a grip. One lap in and the pace was still frantic, I was picking up places and engaging in my own battles, when at 3.25 miles the leaders stormed passed me with 400 mtrs to go for them. Luckily they were that fast the swearing from those around me could not deflect from their all-in sprint to finish. Onto the last lap and we now knew who we were racing. I could see Francis just ahead and Kyle and Ade just behind, nothing seemed to be phasing us, it was a matter of keeping on going. The faint incline to the finish meant all out was necessary for that all important place and we were done.

15 men, 15 heroes, all competing, all completing. Each man completing a job for the club (all 15 of our finishers beat some other clubs 6th place finishers, so building that all important cushion).

Plock Court next and those that prefer the flat and fast football pitches will be in their element. 1 race done, 3 to go and the job is just started. We are under no illusions. This will require every man we have, every set of spikes, every war cry and every beat of the drum.

Men, time to gather and push this team to where our next level is – Spencer



Full results on Bham League web site

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 1 at Betley Court, Crewe – 13 November OTH

Women’s A team – 12th
Women’s B team – 5th

25 Megan Miller 0:28:42
60 Cath Fenn 0:31:04
66 Tori Boyle 0:32:34
77 Emily Drage 0:33:34
102 Joanne Evans 0:35:45
110 Caroline Hughes 0:36:12
130 Fern Kenny 0:38:24
144 Rebecca Barber 0:40:17
  Julie Cozens 0:40:03
  Anne Hughes 0:41:01
  Marianne Rutter 0:41:36
  Liane Powell 0:41:49
  Kelly Parker 0:42:00

Twelve women, several of whom were new to cross-country, ventured up to Betley Court, near Crewe for the the first League cross-country event of the season.

It was a two lap run around an undulating course of hills, rutted paths & some muddy puddles, with a very nasty climb up to the finish line. The team was led home by Megan Miller with Cath Fenn and Tori Boyle not far behind. Great performances all round and a good solid start to the cross-country season.

Next stop Northampton – Sally Eason

Wyre Forest Half-Marathon – 7 November HM

  Claudie Combelas 2:11:44 1st FV60
  Chris Archer 2:49:00  


Claudie and I took to the forest trails to complete a hilly half. Sadly because some areas of the forest have been deemed out of bounds, official race distance was reduced to 12.7 miles.

With 427m of ascent it was still a fairly challenging course, but what a great day for running and what a beautiful course. Would definitely recommend.

Claudie bagged herself first in her age category which came with a bottle of beer and a bunch of gels. We treated ourselves to a carrot cake from the cafe too – Chris

Broadway Trail Marathon – 7 November M

  Corinna O’Connor 6:25:17


Flying Fox 10 Mile – 7 November 10M

81 Spencer Davies 1:22:56

Sunday morning saw an early start up the M6 to get to Staffs for the Flying Fox 10-miler. It’s one that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’d been warned of the elevation enroute and had researched it a little so I was aware this was not a race for a time. As the only Northbrooker attending I decided to stay in the heated van till the last possible moment. The walk to the start was cold and others were wearing long sleeves, tights and gloves. I felt underdressed.

As we set off I soon found my spot to sit in. The first small lap revealed a few hills but I didn’t want to move up the field. As the 2nd lap started I was a aware of the hill approaching. 2 miles later and I was summitting it. Having ground out the climb I was relieved to see a downhill that was steep and lasted 500 mtrs before starting to climb again.

A beautiful area of the country and the scenery kept me going. The time was irrelevant as I have now ticked off another race that I always fancied.

Bedworth Park 5k – 7 November 5K

  Lee Newark 0:22:55

Guy Fawkes 5 Mile – 7 November 5M

  Tommy Dempsey 0:33:55

Warwick University Cross-Country Relays – 6 November OTH

Northbrook Stormin’
15th Men’s Team

Leg   Time
1 Mark Baker 0:14:31
2 Paul Stead 0:14:19
3 Tony Hughes 0:14:40
4 Spencer Davies 0:14:47

Northbrook Rollin’
18th Men’s Team

Leg   Time
1 David Hadley 0:15:27
2 Simon Aldridge 0:15:23
3 Richard Arnold 0:21:27
4 Rich Cawley 0:17:57

Northbrook Sparklin’
5th Women’s Team

Leg   Time
1 Debbie Campbell 0:16:09
2 Lisa Abbott 0:16:06
3 Sarah McNaney 0:16:21
4 Claudie Combelas 0:15:52

Northbrook Slidin’
6th Women’s Team

Leg   Time
1 Katy Davies 0:15:45
2 Carolyn Hadley 0:16:22
3 Amy Peters 0:17:47
4 Joanne Evans 0:18:30

Northbrook Flash
2nd Mixed Team

Leg   Time
1 Jamie Gould 0:14:25
2 Kathryn Adams 0:14:50
3 Jill Pittard 0:15:18
4 Paul Robbins 0:13:56

Northbrook Slippin’
8th Mixed Team

Leg   Time
1 Sean Duffy 0:16:28
2 Rob Cox 0:19:32
3 Julie Cozens 0:19:05
4 Sarah Duffy 0:18:13

The last “warm up” before the League and 24 Northbrookers descended on Warwick University.
Teams of 4 and just over 2 miles per leg. With 2 teams in each category we showed our presence in all the competitions.

As usual with this event the students were flying, leaving us older runners to compete with our more local rivalries.
The first lap had a puddle/lake which seemed to catch a few out. Some hesitated, some ploughed straight through it, some went for the deepest sections they could find. Either way our supporters were there roaring us through the “water feature”.
There was a small ditch to cross and a few small rises per lap before you turned to the finish. Then 3 climbs and a sprint into the finish.


This was well organised this year from the booking system to the organisation on the day (though I think some of their individual times may be slightly out). On the day our mixed teams came away with 2nd and 8th places.

The men’s teams were fighting against the 18-year old students as were the women’s teams. But we all ran well. We had the sunburst on full display and shouted, cheered and encouraged each other in the only way that Northbrookers do – Spencer

Newcastle 10k Mo Run – 6 November 10K

  Sara Pick 0:52:33

Enigma Fireworks Marathon, Day 3 – 6 November M

  Duncan Gordon 5:48:16

Another great run with Charlie, met up with Rob and helped him complete #11 and his first multi-day event.


Enigma Fireworks Marathon, Day 2 – 5 November M

  Duncan Gordon 5:29:58

Another nice plod round the lake with Charlie.


Enigma Fireworks Marathon, Day 1 – 4 November M

  Duncan Gordon 5:36:29

Really nice run round the lake with Charlie.