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October 2021

Apocalypse Run – 31 October 10M

9 Matthew Hathrell 1:23:15

Whilst everyone else was swimming the Cov Half, I took a trip down the M5 to do a 10 mile trail race near Gloucester. I feared I would have similar conditions during the drive over, but on arrival the clouds parted and it turned out to be a really nice day for a race.

The route starts with a 1 mile road ascent, then turns into Standish woods, taking the Cotswold Way and neighbouring trails for the next 8 miles, before descending back down the road for a sprint finish. As with Cleevewold, I struggled massively on the 4 big climbs, walking most of them whilst the other runners would disappear over the top. I was still strong on the downhills, which led to some good back-and-forths with a couple of other runners, but in the end it wasn’t quite enough, as I finished less than a minute behind 6th place.

Overall, this was a really fun race and a great course. Definitely one I’ll be looking to do again.

Coventry 5K – 31 October 5K

  Tori Boyle 0:23:32

Coventry Half-Marathon – 31 October HM

  Stuart Lumsden 1:20:46  
  Chris Goodman 1:25:08  
  Pete Stafford 1:26:17  
  Natasha White 1:26:55 3rd FSEN
  Liam Mills 1:27:23  
  Craig Holmes 1:28:13  
  Amanda Deavy 1:30:25 3rd FV40
  Mike Wheeler 1:30:35  
  Robin Aston 1:32:11  
  Will Carr 1:32:03  
  Martin Winch 1:33:00  
  Tom Cox 1:32:48  
  Tommy Dempsey 1:33:51  
  James Lacey 1:34:57  
  Darren Taplin 1:34:06  
  Tony Forde 1:35:42  
  Tim Ottley 1:36:27  
  Megan Miller 1:36:40  
  Paul Robbins 1:36:53  
  Robert Cox 1:40:44  
  Kyle Beddoe 1:42:02  
  Simon Abbott 1:42:29  
  Spencer Davies 1:42:30  
  Craig Slyde 1:42:45  
  Richard French 1:42:54  
  Francis Mason 1:43:45  
  Duncan Gordon 1:44:34  
  Lisa Abbott 1:48:25  
  Adrian Powell 1:48:47  
  Adrian Lowe 1:49:42  
  Jamie Gould 1:50:23  
  Michael Pearson 1:50:24  
  David Hadley 1:52:54  
  Neil Smith 1:52:27  
  Gavin Crockwell 1:50:22  
  Tim Hughes 1:54:33  
  David Halford 1:55:56  
  Mark Dalton 1:54:24  
  Phil Hyde 1:55:21  
  Richard Arnold 1:57:03  
  Kevin Coughlan 1:56:50  
  Mike Duggan 1:59:07 2nd MV70
  Allison Smith 1:58:55  
  Richard Sutcliffe 1:57:29  
  Andrew Pitt 1:59:09  
  Caroline Hughes 2:01:28  
  Melissa Armston 2:02:05  
  Louise Myers 2:03:55  
  David Giles 2:04:08  
  Catherine Armstrong 2:04:00  
  Simon Aldridge 2:06:07  
  Ellie Aldridge 2:07:20  
  Martina McConville 2:13:02  
  Joanne Evans 2:18:16  
  Tracy Jefferson 2:21:04  
  Emma Mitchell 2:21:20  
  John French 2:28:17  
  Chris Archer 2:36:37  
  Chris Perkins 2:43:20  
  Kelly Parker 2:48:02  
  Tracey Cox 2:48:13  

Spooky Trail Half-Marathon – 30 October HM

4 Claudie Combelas 2:27:21

A very wet start had turned this lapped course into one with many puddles and water features. I had no idea it was going to be laps. I hate laps!

I managed 16 laps, including 32 hills and 16 water features. It was a shock to the system but not quite as bad as I thought it might be.

Halloween Twilight Trail Race – 30 October OTH

2 Sara Pick 0:44:24 1st Female

Enigma Jolly Roger Marathon, Day 3 – 28 October M

  Duncan Gordon 5:19:10

Very hungover run, so glad that Eddie was there to keep me going .

Enigma Jolly Roger Marathon, Day 2 – 27 October M

  Duncan Gordon 6:28:44

Charlie’s 100th Enigma Event, nice & steady with Charlie & Karen.

Enigma Jolly Roger Marathon, Day 1 – 26 October M

  Duncan Gordon 5:28:18

Nice and steady around the lake with Charlie for her 99th Enigma Marathon.



Newport Marathon – 25 October M

  Tom Miller 3:37:33

So after 4 months training the long awaited Newport Marathon took place. It was a cool and ultimately damp/wet day but nearly perfect conditions.

I tried a different plan in that all my training runs were mainly slow heart rate training with a couple of Fartlek type runs with fast intervals. I used the daily suggested run on my Garmin and my maximum distance was 10 miles but felt confident this would be okay and so it proved, well almost. I set off at my target pace and was very comfortable and consistent with my pacing for 20 miles passing that milestone in 2 hrs 35m and then my poor fuelling strategy kicked in; my times nosedived and I felt shaky and disoriented but somehow managed the final 10k and crossed the line in 3 hrs 37m 33 secs.
An okay result but disappointed I didn’t nail the last 10k as I was on target for 3 hrs 20m before but no problem I’ll rectify that issue next time out.

The course was relatively flat, but not well supported as we went out into the countryside on an out and back course. Extremely well organised event and the marshalls were brilliant especially at the end when I was in a state of collapse, but I survived my 8th marathon including my garden marathon. I’d definitely recommend this marathon.

Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll 5k, Half-Marathon and Marathon – 23/24 October

Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll 5K 5K

  Caroline Hughes 0:25:36
  Paul Hutt 0:26:10
  Tim Hughes 0:28:03

Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll Half-Marathon – 24 OctoberHM

  Caroline Hughes 2:04:14
  David Hadley 2:20:37
  Caroline Hadley 2:20:38
  Paul Hutt 2:30:37

Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon – 24 OctoberM

  Ben Smith 3:41:44
  Kirstie Murray 4:22:26
  Tim Hughes 5:02:37


This was my first Marathon. Original aim was to just get round, then I was looking at a time of around 4 hrs 30, so I am super pleased to have got that time.

It hasn’t put me off doing another – Kirstie

Sunday 24th October was the last ever Liverpool Rock and Roll Half-Marathon. Despite terrible weather forecasts and a late start due to baggage issues, the weather stayed dry and bright until the end of the race, the wind was even at your back on the notorious final stretch up the waterfront to the finish.

The route passed through many historical and scenic parts of Liverpool including the Liver Building, Cavern Club and Albert Dock.


One of the selling points of the “Rock and Roll” events is that live music is played at every mile, and the bands did not disappoint, though I’m not sure whether the lady in the bright yellow mac shouting spoken word poetry or the two gentlemen hiding in a bush in playing drums were official parts of the festival or just turned up on the day.


Northbrook was well represented in the Half-Marathon and I saw Carolyn and David Hadley on one of the many parks on the route, we shared a few words of encouragement while I struggled to catch up with a lady in a Cystic Fibrosis vest. Sadly did not see the equally impressive Paul Hutt, though do notice that Paul also did the 5k on Saturday to earn a third “Remix” medal for running both days. There was the opportunity to earn a fourth and even fifth medal by taking part in the mile-long Fun Run and running on two consecutive years. These races rival White Star for race bling and the weekend did not disappoint in this area.

Sadly I missed out on a sub 2-hour time due to feeling unwell though my twin sister Kate managed a respectable 1:58. Sadly she lives in Suffolk so any attempt at recruiting her for the club is not to be – Caroline (Hughes)

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 1 – 24 October 10K

48 Spencer Davies 00:47:44  
57 Mark Parker 00:48:24  
61 Sean Duffy 00:48:43  
101 Cath Fenn 00:53:17 2nd FV45
106 Tori Boyle 00:53:40 1st FSEN
140 Rich Cawley 00:57:20  
141 Richard Hands 00:57:27  
153 Cliff Evans 00:59:12  
166 Claudie Combelas 01:00:39  
178 Joanne Evans 01:02:17  
202 Sarah Booker 01:05:08  
206 Natalie Murphy 01:05:31  
213 Peter Marshall 01:06:24  
227 Chris Archer 01:08:13  
254 Kelly Parker 01:13:14  
274 Tracey Cox 01:21:28  
280 Alex Darragh 01:33:10  
281 Angela Hands 01:33:10  

Winter is coming – hold the clock, its too late. Winter is here. Rejoice, that means big hills and great company on one of the toughest race series around.

With good weather 18 Northbrookers and 1 supporter/marshall flocked to the call. Hills to be hunted, the Red Lion offering a watering hole afterwards. The experienced trying to be measured in their approach, the new to the event wondering what they had entered. The proper race format to start us off and the horn set us going. Groups of Northbrookers staying together to get themselves round and up Larkstoke.

I summited the top, my usual strategy of run (if you can call it that) all the way up then release the legs at the top. Mark was wary and sat on my shoulders ready for the race down the hill. Sean, on his first visit felt the full effect of the climb not far behind us. The next 3 miles were a blur, Mark pushing me all the way, Sean reeling us in. Me running in fear of the 2 of them catching me.

At 8km we turn to go back up through the village and I knew this was my chance to kick. I pulled a lead out on Mark on the climb, Sean putting everything into catch Mark, but this last herculean effort from Sean cost him as Mark’s stamina kicked in. I led them home and just about caught my breath to roar Mark then Sean home. Every Northbrooker after that got louder cheers as they turned the corner for the finish.

A line in the sand has now been drawn. A marker for the remaining 2 anticlockwise routes. Clockwise next time and the full on plummet down Larkstoke beckons. A great turnout and great effort from all. The pub certainly appreciated us afterwards – Spencer

Bedworth Park 5k – 24 October 5K

1 Steve Turvey 0:20:34
  Lee Newark 0:23:36

Beachy Head Trail Marathon – 23 October M

  Jane Stephens 7:39:32
  Tracey Williams 7:25:47

A joint club venture saw 2 Northbrook and 3 Sphinx members tackle the notoriously hilly Beachy Head Marathon. Whilst the weather was kind on the day, the rainfall on Thursday had made some of the route “impassable” so at last minute change meant we would be running the half-marathon route twice.

Tracey and I started off up the 1st hill together and pretty much got round the first half together; at this point we realised we were not running up and down the 7 sisters but in fact running 4 of them twice! The aid stations were amazing, including individual sausage rolls from a local bakery, and the marshals were fabulous and encouraging and the other runners were inspirational (apart from the one Tracey told off for littering).

There were some tough moments and the mental challenge was the real nemesis
especially with the extra sister, but with every uphill slog came stunning views and at times you could hear the sea waves rolling onto the beach below.

We completed the final descent to the finishing line and were cheered in by our friends new and old, you remember this is why we run – Jane

Midlands Cross-Country Relays – 23 October OTH

Masters Women – 31st

1 Amy Peters 0:35:12
2 Tori Boyle 0:29:12
3 Claudie Combelas 0:33:26

Master Women – 40th

1 Joanne Evans 0:32:47
2 Tracey Jefferson 0:36:13
3 Tracey Cox 0:42:54

3 legs of 6km per leg

Men Masters – 42nd

1 Matthew Hathrell 0:22:40
2 Paul Robbins 0:24:39
3 Steve Turvey 0:24:59
4 Sean Duffy 0:27:15

Men Masters – 57th

1 Spencer Davies 0:26:49
2 Lee Newark 0:28:30
3 Adrian Lowe 0:28:46
4 Darren James 0:29:11

Men Masters – 60th

1 Kyle Beddoe 0:28:24
2 Tony Hughes 0:26:43
3 Rich Cawley 0:29:01
4 Simon Aldridge 0:29:40

4 legs of 6km per leg


Saturday afternoon bought the first cross-country event of the season and the weather was almost perfect. The ground was firm to good and the mix of trail and spikes worn by everyone gave enough “bite” to give everyone confidence.

This event is 3 women per team and 4 men per team, and is one of the better events as the women get to run at the same time as the men.
The cross-country drum had been beating and pulled in 3 men’s teams, 2 women’s teams and 5 supporters. On the build up, COVID conseqiences bought one replacement but our new recruit Amy stepped in.

The course is 2 laps of 3k each, mainly fields with some sharp and steep climbs and some disused railways to run along. It was great to see all the clubs back out and we can report the front end has not lost their speed with the men going round in 19 mins per leg.

Our plan was to pick the 4 fastest men to have a crack and to race the other 2 teams against each other. The women’s plan was to try to determine the 3 fastest women we had and field everyone for experience. With a small group of supporters and runners waiting to run the abuse from our fellow Northbrookers was loud and ringing in our ears. On the 1st leg as the gazelles at the front left us for dead we all settled into our positions. Cheering each other on during the out and backs we kept our spirits up.

The teams started to rotate around and the organisers did a great job with the handover process. By the time the last legs were coming around our plan to race 2 men’s teams against each other was coming to fruition. One of our leaders out against one of his trainees. Could Simon hack the pressure, would Darren play it just right? Would Tracey beat the 2 guys around, would Sean’s shoe laces stay done up? Would Claudie’s legs have warmed up after her exploits the previous week?

We waited, holding our breath. First to come into view was Sean, with 2 shoes on his feet he was finishing strongly no matter how much we abused/encouraged him. Then Claudie, legs ready for the next race. 3rd into view was Tracey, the smile as always plain for everyone to see. Her reaction to the abuse plain for everyone to hear. Then the trainee, Darren having laid Simon to waste, but it was close. Simon trying his best to stay on terms. He’s trained the lad too well and Darren finished ahead of him.

All teams home, we may have been outclassed for the finish positions but our morale and team support was certainly noted. We came, we finished we laughed, we ran, we encouraged and we were a team.

Listen for the drum, Warwick Relays are up next – Spencer



Bedworth Park 5k – 17 October 5K

1 Steve Turvey 0:20:54

Bedford Aerodrome Races – 17 October

Bedford Aerodrome 20 Miles – 17 October10M

8 Mike Wheeler 2:34:39
10 Spencer Davies 2:42:41

Bedford Aerodrome Half-Marathon – 17 OctoberHM

75 Rich Cawley 2:07:51

Bedford Aerodrome 10k – 17 October10K

2 Amanda Deavy 0:39:37
80 Tracey Cox 1:11:21

As the business end of the race season approaches, we find ourselves reaching out for the distances we need. Sunday was at Bedford Aerodrome. Mike and I were looking for 20 miles, Rich out for a bit of fun on a half, Tracey panic training for an upcoming half and Amanda hunting for points.

Bedford is a lapped course, 6 laps plus a bit for Mike and me, 4 laps and a bit for Rich and 2 laps for Tracey and Amanda, all starting at different times. The weather was wet and cold and what looked to be a windless day on an exposed airfield gave us a headwind and a tail wind.

Having watched the marathon distance start and the leader making like it was a mile event it was Mike (making his debut at this distance) and me first off for Northbrook. Nervous on the start line we discussed paces. I knew I could not get in a race for this one. It had to be my race at my pace and just me.

We set off and Mike stayed within reach for the first 10 miles, Tracey and Sara supporting and keeping our spirits up as we went round and round and round. With 9 miles to go Mike kicked. I resisted the temptation and carried on. My pace, my race. Rich had now started his Half and Tracey and Amanda were lining up for their 10k’s. Sara was now sole supporter shouting, abusing and encouraging us as we kept going.


We were now getting used to the 2 different paces, the headwind for half of the lap dropping the pace by a good 15 seconds making us work hard, and the tailwind pushing us and giving us a break to take in the steel drums. The welcome sight of Rich drifted into my view with 7 miles to go. It was just what I needed to keep me going. 2 laps to go and Tracey drifted into sight. She gave me plenty of abuse and informed me how well Mike was running. I could just about see him on some of the switchbacks, he looked strong. Tracey had 1 lap to go, me two. As I approached my last lap the miles were beginning to take their toll, Sara pointing out that Mike was only a couple of mins ahead of me. But this was my race, my pace. As I slowed Mike kicked again, using everything he had left in his tank. 2 quick miles to the finish and he blew his debut distance to bits. I picked up one of the guys who was left reeling when Mike kicked, with 1k to go, the guy Mike broke was having to walk, I tried to keep him going, but my aim pace required I left him.

As I approached the finish straight Mike was encouraging me, Tracey and Sara shouting abuse. The Stig was waiting to wave us over the line and present us with our hard-earned medals. Rich on cruise control following me in. All done, Mike with a strong debut, Amanda with 2nd place and 1st female, me with my achieved pace, Rich with a smile not breaking a sweat, and Tracey having miles in the legs and smiling as always.

Mission accomplished – Spencer

Great South Run – 17 October 10M

2481 Mark Dalton 1:24:04

Yorkshire 10 Miles – 17 October 10M

93 Tommy Dempsey 1:10:28

Yorkshire Marathon – 17 October M

575 Mark Baker 3:37:51


The Yorkshire Marathon was the final part of a trilogy of races for me, representing Wales in the MV55 Masters category. I’m always proud to wear the red vest, and this Autumn I had the chance to wear it for 10km, Half Marathon and now the Marathon.

That’s a total of 8 ‘caps’ running for Wales now.

Cleevewold 14-Mile Trail Race – 17 October OTH

28 Matthew Hathrell 2:16:45

A 14 mile trail race in the Cotswolds, and potentially the hilliest one I’ve ever done. The climbs certainly never seem to let up. Fantastic route all the same. I still need to get some fitness back post-injuries, so really struggled on the uphills. Flew on the downs though.

I’m not particularly happy with the time, but just making it round without aggravating anything was a success. All in all, a really fun day out. They even give you beer at the end.

Cambridge Half-Marathon – 17 October HM

  Alan Smith 1:58:59


My Garmin said exactly 1h 59m, but my official time was 1 second less, so I’ll take that, 58 sounds so much better than 59.

Another half with waves, but it didn’t pan out exactly as the organisers expected. Rather than have the crowds waiting behind the start line, it simply moved the crowds to the entrances of the holding pens, but it seemed to work quite well and my wave 18 went off more or less when it was meant to.

The new Cambridge route is really good, virtually flat all the way (they got rid of the 1 hill that it had last time), and very picturesque, even running around the quadrant of Trinity College which featured in Chariots of Fire.
My only gripe was that there were only 2 water stations, at 5.5 miles and 11.5 miles (the organisers claim UK Athletics are requesting that race organisers reduce the number of water stations which seems a bit odd).

The goody bag at the end was excellent (hessian tote bag with Cambridge Half printed on it) and full of things to eat and drink.

Next year’s race is back to its usual March date and a flat course which screams “PB”. Perhaps a new more Northbrookers next year?

Oxford Half-Marathon – 17 October HM

  Lisa Bragg 1:45:52
  Lee Newark 1:59:30

Centurion 100 Mile – 16/17 October OTH

  Claudie Combelas 26:53:55 1st FV55

This was first and my last 100 miler. I had promised myself to give it a go a few years ago but with little training I was not hopeful of finishing. Amy came over from the Netherlands to run with me and I certainly would not have finished without her.


Doubts crept it in from the start with humid and warm weather. Feeding issues did not help, though eating small amounts every two miles did. As the night set in, I could no longer eat anything (lack of GF food at stations too) and was struggling with terrible sickness and stomach pains. The only thing I could have other than what I brought was fruit from the aid stations and I think they made the wind and bloating worse. Lesson learned.


There were 4 out and back 25-milers, all starting and ending in Goring-on-Thames which was great as you could keep your drop bag with clothes and food there. We soon stopped counting miles but only focused on the next aid station. I can’t remember much about the night. It was sometimes foggy and sometimes wet so no lovely moon to navigate by. It was lovely to see Chris Archer appear at odd points during the course to cheer us on. A friendly face really helped.

As dawn came we set off on our last leg, speed walking with my sticks all the way while Amy valiantly run/walked. We made it with over an hour to spare and feeling very emotional.

Totally thrilled that we did it!

Isle of Wight Marathon – 10 October M

31 Dave Halford 3:58:20 2nd MV60

Bournemouth Half-Marathon – 10 October HM

  Peter Kirkhope 1:42:58

2021 Run Silverstone – 10 October ?

Silverstone Half-Marathon HM

5 Amanda Deavy 1:29:59 2nd FV40
44 Victoria Boyle 1:48:32  
572 Stewart Pearman 1:51:47  
829 Tim Hughes 2:04:45  

Silverstone 10k10k

92 Caroline Hughes 0:53:05 PB
669 Yvonne Boyle 1:21:51  
670 Jane Stephens 1:21:51  


Weather conditions for the 2021 Run Silverstone started off fairly overcast as all of the runners took their positions on the Start finish straight of the home of British Motorsport. The race was an unusual one with all distances (5km, 10km & HM) starting at the same time. Conditions were good and dry so all runners had their dry tyres for the race.

Lining up on the 2nd row of the grid was the speedy Amanda Deavy getting ready for her return to the Northamptonshire retired airfield. On the 3rd row we had the trio of late replacement Tori Boyle tackling her very first large participation event and her first official Half-Marathon, closely followed by Caroline Hughes taking on the 10k and Stewart Pearman also attacking the Half-Marathon. The 4th row consisted of me attempting to block out injury and make it around the 13.1 miles, lining up with some runners from our local clubs. Then on the 5th row were the ever-reliable Jane Stephens and Yvonne Boyle both prepared for their 10km ahead of them.


From the start at Copse Corner everybody had to get into their race mode and not be put off by the faster runners taking on shorter distances for the first mile and a half before the 5km runners peeled off around the back of the new International Pit Wing as the other runners carried on around the remainder of the track, turning into the National Pits and running alongside the straights before the 10km trio turned around at Stow Corner to run back to the finish at Copse, with Caroline sprinting up Hanger straight and Maggots on her way to a 10Km PB. Jane and Yvonne had a steady run with Yvonne scoring her 3rd quickest 10km. Meanwhile our remaining entrants took a very convoluted tour around the Silverstone inner and outer roads crossing the track a few times to complete their distance. Amanada led the teams around with her first sub 1:30 HM for 3 years, Yvonne gave an amazing performance to take her fastest HM time, Stewart putting in a solid race, and me having a nice steady run until running out of fuel at Stow and limping back home.

After the results were finalised Amanda came 2nd in class and 5th Female overall.

A great day and a really well organised event with everybody enjoying it running around such a prestigious motor racing venue – Tim

Manchester Half-Marathon – 10 October HM

1006 Jill Pittard 1:45:38
1039 Lisa Abbott 1:46:11
1977 Lee Miller 1:56:40
5206 Liane Powell 2:27:23
4205 Marianne Rutter 2:27:23

Although billed as a half-marathon the course was a bit long at 13.25 miles.

Manchester Marathon – 10 October M

888 Natasha White 3:06:00  
1649 Richard Bruce 3:23:13  
1745 Tom Mitchell 3:24:11  
6534 Claudie Combelas 4:13:19  
6899 Adrian Powell 4:16:55  
7763 Debbie Campbell 4:25:46  
8787 Pia Singh 4:35:53  
8839 Cliff Evans 4:36:28  
10796 Joanne Evans 4:59:55 PB
10857 Tracy Jefferson 5:00:37  
11932 Peter Marshall 5:22:02  
13074 Chris Archer 6:04:09  

This was one of those on-again, off-again races scheduled for April then moved to October. Verity, Graeme, Sarah Mc and Liz P were all down to do this one originally but injury and life got in the way and put paid to those plans.

Marathon training plans went out of the window for Claudie and me but we pitched up anyhow to see what a supposedly flat road course had to offer. We travelled up with Liz on Saturday and popped in to the decidedly low-key Event HQ on Saturday. For the second biggest marathon in the UK it was deeply unimpressive and a bit of a shame that the Half Marathon tees were a much better design (bees, they had bees!) than the corporate logo of the full. Bumped into Dorota (Kenilworth), Lisa and Jill (MCR Half). We repaired into town to an excellent trattoria for some Italian cuisine, followed later by the best ice-cream in the whole wide world at Heavenly Desserts.


Marathon morning dawned and the exquisitely crafted travel plan kicked in to avoid road closures and the anticipated travel strike (called off at the last minute). Off into deepest Cheshire to get the tram in. Worked a treat. Very late starts (both after 11am) meant a lot of hanging about but the weather was very kind even if there was no coffee to be had. Then the race happened. Claudie trotted off at her usual Duracell Bunny pace and delivered a 4:13 result which is “good for age” in anyone’s book. I pootled along and enjoyed the scenery and the excellent support along the route, including a nice young lady very excited to see a Northbrook top. Turns out it was Ade & Liane’s daughter.

Up at the front Natasha’s official (at time of writing) 3:08 was a mis-recording and a number of people had the course as long. I had a watch failure at 3km so had no idea. A whole bunch of other people were out there, so well done to all. It was Debbie’s first full Marathon and my first full on-road Marathon. Personally, I’m not sure the Marathon is my distance but I’ve now ticked that (road) box. Joe Kelly had to retire injured.

Together with those doing the Half and the various support crews it was a bit of a Northbrook Manchester takeover – Chris

Fantastic Marathon, mostly flat but was tough going as we were running at midday and it was a warm. I am not used to running at that time of day. Great sportsman spirit from runners checking if other runners are OK if they stop, and fantastic supporters, especially all our Northbrookers. PB for me – Joanne

This was my 3rd time running Manchester. Conditions were very good this year and the support was as good as ever, with lots of additional support on the course from friends, family, and fellow Northbrookers. I had done my longest Ultra a few weeks before (39 miles) and I knew my legs wouldn’t be 100%. So I approached it with the hope of maintaining a conservative 10.30 per mile pace and ended up doing just that, with a 4:36 time which was pleasing. Even more pleasing that I beat Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman – Cliff

Alcester 10K – 10 October 10K

33 Tom Cox 0:40:51
129 Spencer Davies 0:45:23
155 Rob Cox 0:46:11
406 Allison Smith 0:54:26

Four Northbrookers (the Rugby 2 plus Spencer and Allison) and two supporters turned up on this autumnal day in October. The weather was sunny and getting warmer, and it was nervousness from the word go as the race had “sold out”, with a comparatively large field of over 900 runners. Is this a sign normality is on the way back? It certainly felt awkward being shoulder to shoulder on the start lines.

We were soon set on our way, and the spaces quickly started to appear. Tom had already disappeared off towards the front, Rob and me starting together. The weather was warming but the organisers put on plenty of water stations. This I presume was to stop bunching up at the water stations. I took a bottle on the first station as my mental aid to get me through. As half way passed I knew I was approaching the summit of the course, but the pace was just off the Parkrun pace the day before. This was not going to end well, but I dug in. I expected to see Rob on my shoulder at any moment. Then at just after 4 miles, the water station was offering cider. It was a dilemma and I crossed the road I few times on the run up to it. Eventually I gave in and stopped for a small cider.

Refreshed, it wasa time to push on. It was as good as downhill or flat to the finish from here, so I picked up the pace, the cider pushing a landmark time just ahead of me. I raced up the finish straight to cross the line just inside the time I wanted. the next job was not to throw up and get out of the finish walk as soon as possible. Seeing Rob finish focused me and I managed to walk out grabbing all our goodies as we went, Tracey running up to ensure we knew where they were. After reaching Sally, Tom and Tracey we were grateful to roar Allison up the finish straight.

For Rob this was the first bit of running bling in nearly 2 years and was augmented by a T-shirt, bananas, cookies and alcohol free beer. All happy with our times, we set off for the bigger challenge of getting the cars out of the car park, which was in a field where we had to wait for the last runner to finish before we could exit on to the road in single file – Spencer/Rob

Staffordshire Epic Trail 10K – 9 October 10K

226 Matthew Hathrell 1:01:35

Can’t say I was expecting much from a supposedly mass participation trail race, but this turned out to be a very pleasant run. That was probably helped by fewer than 500 of the 2000 entries actually showing up, but the start was still quite busy.

Once things spread out we got into the ups and downs that you expect from Cannock Chase and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I’m still not fully recovered from injuries, so I was taking things somewhat steady, and testing out some new gear. After about 4 miles my calf was feeling a bit tight, so I pulled the poles out and walked the rest of the way in.

Happy enough with how it went. Back to resting for a few days now; there are much more important races coming up over the next few months.

River Ness 10K – 3 October 10K

36 Chris Goodman 0:37:41 PB
210 Kirstie Murray 0:48:23  

A new PB and a course PB by 42 secs.


Loch Ness Marathon – 3 October M

562 Lisa Bragg 3:49:51
589 Craig Slyde 3:51:10
1148 Sara Pick 4:19:57

London Marathon – 3 October M

1047 Stuart Lumsden 2:50:42
6737 Damien Dear 3:34:33
7183 James Lacey 3:37:01
8451 Mark Parker 3:43:17
11324 Kathryn Adams 3:55:28
13988 Duncan Gordon 4:06:21
20775 Jamie Gould 4:36:45
22643 Pia Singh 4:45:21
22819 Eleanor Aldridge 4:46:12
28609 Marianne Rutter 5:18:33
28615 Alan Hewitt 5:18:34


A fantastic atmosphere, and an aching blister from mile 16. It was a great event which hopefully I’ll be able to do again one day.

Garmin had a moment whilst in Canary Wharf hence the distance. Well done to all that took part & supported – Duncan

Before the main London Marathon race, a field of nearly 3000 runners ran the course in the reverse direction, having started at 2.00am. Spencer Davies had volunteered to be the official 5-hour pacer for this run.
Hats off to Damien Dear, who ran with Spencer’s group during the night and then he ran the main race in the other direction – incredible!

Virtual London Marathon – 3 October M


7157 Rich Cawley 4:51:40
9125 Richard Hands 5:10:46
12597 Caroline Parkinson 5:49:14
12599 Tim Hughes 5:49:15
13493 David Giles 6:00:39
18267 Peter Marshall 7:37:18

Rugby 10 Miles – 3 October 10M

24 Tom Cox 1:10:29
36 Rob Cox 1:16:59


In a significantly depleted field (61 finishers) Tom and I did our best to represent Northbrook in the 2021 Rugby 10 Mile. There was a smattering of Coventry/Warwickshire clubs represented but the majority of the runners appeared to come from the the East Midlands (Wellingborough were particularly well represented).

Conditions were cool and windy but generally good for running. As usual Cart Hill was particularly challenging. The race was friendly and well organised, and no queues for the toilets was a bonus. Sally’s support was much appreciated – Rob

Hanney 5 Miles – 3 October 5M

  Alan Smith 0:40:24


After failing to get into London (again), thought I’d do something different and combine it with a day out in Oxford. Nice flat course, with free parking at the start/finish. I was hoping to get under 40m, but just missed out, getting carried away at the start and running a far too fast 1st mile didn’t help.

Had a bloke chasing me down for the last 2 miles which helped keep my pace up. I was determined not to let him get past, and managed to finish 6 seconds ahead of him.