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June 2021

Gato Sports Summer 10k Race 2 – 30 June 10K

16 Victoria Boyle 00:45:26 3rd female
17 Spencer Davies 00:45:40  
18 Peter Kirkhope 00:45:41  
22 Eleanor Townsend 00:48:25  
31 Kevin Coughlan 00:52:21  
32 David Tittle 00:52:41  
36 Lisa Bragg 00:53:54  
42 Peter Marshall 00:57:16  
45 Tim Hughes 00:57:40  
53 Alan Hewitt 01:00:26  
54 Caroline Parkinson 01:00:27  
55 Chris Archer 01:00:35  
61 Rebecca Barber 01:04:56  
66 Tracey Williams 01:08:39  
67 Kelly Parker 01:08:51  
71 Tracey Cox 01:10:08  
74 Jane Stephens 01:11:00  
75 Verity Crichton 01:11:28  
89 Alex Darragh 01:16:34  

19 Northbrookers turned up at Ryton for Race 2 with 3 supporters willing and ready to encourage/abuse us on the course, which was dry and dusty and still warm from the day’s sun.

The format of the race is single starts but you have to be brave enough to start where you think is appropriate. Start out of place and the race becomes harder. As we all tried to out pokerface each other, Pete K pushed me into the start, and he quickly followed me, followed by the one to watch – the young gun Tori.

About half a mile in Tori had passed us and old experienced heads shouted/encouraged her to run in a straight line and not meander across the paths. It worked, Tori stayed straight and left the 2 old men of Pete K and me to try to keep her in reach.

With it being out and back twice there were plenty of opportunities to see the rest of our sunbursts battling in their own races. Tori was getting loads of encouragement about how well she was doing, and Pete and I were copping all the abuse for not beating her. Half-way and Pete had pulled out a small lead on me, more importantly Tori had stopped pulling away. I waited and watched. At 4 miles it became obvious Tori was tiring and now Pete was not pulling away. Aware that Tori was running to a 3rd female place and knowing how close the woman behind me was I stepped up a gear, summitting the middle hill to fall onto Pete’s heels. Gentle encouragement for Pete as he needed me to push on.

I got to Tori with half a mile ago and decided to drag/push her as hard as she could go. Just as the abuse landed on me about letting a girl lead me and the encouragement to Tori of not letting the old men catch her (thanks ladies). With 200 mtrs to go I released her, staying on her heels telling her to push harder all the way. 3rd female achieved for Tori as I lay in a heap trying to suck air in through the dirt and grass. Pete lying next to me in the same state as me.

Seeing Elle finish reminded me we still had sunbursts out on course. I grabbed some water and headed to the nearest cheer point to encourage them on. TC and KP ran together until about a mile to go when apparently Kelly burst into song, the now famous KP elbow came out to stun and leave TC as Kelly pushed on to TW’s heels.

A great event again, plenty more of us involved this time to create our own special Northbrook atmosphere – Spencer

Thirlmere Trot – 27 June OTH

Claudie Combelas 8:02:37

Another hot day and a lovely 24-mile run in the Lake District with Pete Marshall, a run which included several climbs and Helvellyn too. Reminded me how beautiful the lakes are on a sunny day – Claudie


Southport Half-Marathon – 27 June HM

  Tommy Dempsey 1:35:39

Milton Keynes Marathon – 27 June M

  Duncan Gordon 4:33:03

Quite a lumpy 2 lap course. Took it easier than normal ready for next weekend.

Tamworth Gate Gallop 10k – 27 June 10K

54 Peter Kirkhope 0:46:42 2nd MV55
94 Alan Smith 0:52:10  

A very enjoyable off-road race through fields of corn and along rutted paths with half a dozen stiles to climb over for good measure. Even had to negotiate the occasional steam engine! A gift box from Next and a medal for all finishers.

A definite race to do again next year – Alan

Heart of England Trail 5 Mile – 26 June 5M

  Andy Scruton 0:47:52

The Run for Beer Relays – 25 June OTH

2nd Men’s Team

  Chris Goodman 0:11:16
  Sean Duffy 0:12:32
  Terry Moynihan 0:11:52
  Pete Stafford 0:11:12
  3rd 0:46:52

Comedy of Runners
4th Vet Team (160+ yrs)

  Craig Murray 0:13:13
  David Mills 0:13:44
  Francis Mason 0:13:23
  Spencer Davies 0:13:19
  10th 0:53:39

7th Men’s Team

  Jamie Gould 0:13:13
  Rich Gould 0:14:00
  Richard Hands 0:13:44
  Tim Hughes 0:14:37
  16th 0:55:34

2nd Super Vets (200yrs+)

  Rob Cox 0:12:35
  Joe Kelly 0:13:10
  Kevin Coughlan 0:15:10
  Tom Miller 0:13:56
  18th 0:55:39

Sonnet Sprinters
1st Women’s Team

  Lisa Bragg 0:14:36
  Sarah MacNaney 0:14:56
  Kirstie Murray 0:15:23
  Jill Pittard 0:13:30
  22nd 0:58:23

Julius Chasers
3rd Super Vets (200yrs+ )

  Peter Kirkhope 0:12:16
  Chris Archer 0:16:50
  David Tittle 0:15:09
  Alan Smith 0:14:51
  24th 0:59:08

Runny-o and Juliet
13th Mixed Team (2M + 2F)

  Simon Abbot 0:13:05
  Graeme Smith 0:14:25
  Lisa Abbot 0:14:31
  Vickie Hand 0:20:50
  36th 1:02:50

Merchants of Menace
14th Mixed Team (2M + 2F)

  Julie Cozens 0:17:18
  Julie Cozens 0:18:03
  Mark Parker 0:13:28
  Adrian Lowe 0:14:29
  38th 1:03:17

Much Ado about Running
2nd Women’s Team

  Allison Smith 0:16:47
  Caroline Parkinson 0:15:42
  Claudie Combelas 0:15:58
  Sarah Duffy 0:15:05
  41st 1:03:32

Merry Whippets of Windsor
3rd Women’s Team

  Melissa Murray 0:17:40
  Collette O’Keefe 0:16:32
  Debbie Campbell 0:15:12
  Becky Barber 0:18:04
  52nd 1:07:28

Anthony & Cleopacers
18th Mixed Team (2m + 2F)

  Rich Cawley 00:14:50
  Jenna Davies 00:16:56
  Paul Cooper 00:17:04
  Emma Mitch 00:20:43
  59th 1:09:32


On a dry, if not sunny, evening 43 Northbrookers rocked up at the Run for Beer Relays hosted once again in the park opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon.

Bragging rights went to the Northbrook Sonnet Sprinters women’s team who won their category, closely followed by two more Northbrook women’s teams to fill the top three places in their category.

Honourable mentions also go to the Northbrook Macbolts Men’s team who came second in the Men’s category and the Northbrook Corio-leggers who finished 2nd (by 1 second!) in the Super-Vet category.

A pleasant sociable evening was enjoyed by all – Rob

Draycote Water Twilight 5k – 23 June 5K

4 Mark Baker 0:20:44 1st MV50

There was a small field for the 5km and 10km races at Draycote Water. It was a hot evening, and I was glad that I opted for the out and back 5km course. There were individual starts, with chip times, but organisation was good. Tough humid conditions, but a decent result for me.

EMGP Weedon 10k – 22 June 10K

Charles Jones 0:50:23

My first competition run since Covid.
Great conditions gave me exactly the same time as the last time I ran the course in 2018.

Coombe Abbey Swan Challenge – 22 June OTH

13 Katy Davies 5:44:42 28.8 miles
14 Paul Stead 5:44:45 28.8 miles
38 Chris Archer1 6:34:56 26.2 miles
44 Liz Pharoah 3:38:58 19.2 miles
63 Andy Scruton2 1:27:13 9.6 miles

1 “Last one standing”, ie runner who lasted longest on the course.
2 “First one home” – ie first person to complete their chosen distance and retire.

The format of the event is to start as many laps as possible or desired within 6 hours of starting.

Heyford Airbase 10k – 20 June 10K

  Tommy Dempsey 0:43:36

Race to the King – 19 June OTH

  Anne Hughes 19:03:33
  Tony Hughes 19:03:33

A 53.5 mile trail run along the South Downs Way.




Coventry Chase the Sun 10k – 16 June 10K

71 Simon Aldridge 0:53:14

Cheltenham Festival of Running Half-Marathon – 13 June HM

  Tim Ottley 1:43:44

A glorious but very hot day and a 4-lap course on mostly tarmac surface. Great location and very well organised. My time put me 4th in the MV50 age category.

St Albans Half-Marathon – 13 June HM

291 Tony Ford 1:44:27
918 Fern Kenny 2:06:16

Peterborough Midsummer 10k – 13 June 10K

47 Terry Moynihan 0:39:23


This was an event rescheduled from last winter, and the weather couldn’t have been more different. With temperatures approaching 20°C, a field of 900 set off in single file based on predicted finish time for the 10k event.

Although billed as a road race, the broadly flat Ferry Meadows course on the outskirts of Peterborough provided mixed terrain, comparable with the Monty 5k, comprising grass, trail, gravel with some tarmac making a guest appearance. The woodland sections provided some relief from the heat and I was pleased that exertions would not be too prolonged with a relatively short event distance.

A very well organised event, with a goody bag containing more calories than expended during the 10k!

Grimsthorpe Castle Trail Half Marathon – 13 June HM

  Rich Cawley 2:13:59

Not Offa’s Dyke 15 – 12 June OTH

130 Spencer Davies 1:38:58
184 Claudie Combelas 1:48:32
249 Kelly Parker 2:29:05
250 Tracey Cox 2:29:23
251 Chris Archer 2:31:21

A decision was made to run this instead of defer about a month previously. We weren’t to know the heat and weather was going to be a major element in this race. The day before after working out where it was and that we would need a 2 hour journey to get there and then back we prepared for a long day. Nervous but excited talk all the way down.

Race HQ was a school playing fields with no shade, but with plenty of space and amenities. The only bit of the race brief I heard was “the hill at 3 miles, I dare any of you to attempt to run it”. It still did not sink in.


I was the first of the 5 of us to start. It soon dawned on me that this was going to be hilly. I did not know the race distance and I was aware of the sun beating down. What was confusing was the number of people walking back, I heard them grumbling about hills and un run-able. I carried on. The first summit was about a mile and a half in, having managed to run it all I felt the relief on the calves as the gradient soon turned downhill. Not fast but I was never going to this one with a time or a pace in mind. Then as 3 miles approached I looked up, my heart dropped out of me. This was going to be awful. The marshalls were insisting walk it – like I was going to do anything else. Draining fluids from the bottles on me as I climbed I could not work out why they said it was gravelly. About 3/4’s of a slog walk up this beast a marshall popped up stating well done, half way there. I checked my watch then looked up. Picked myself back up from the floor as exactly the same climb loomed ahead of me but this time on loose gravel. The walk and the swearing continued. As I summited I took a moment to stop and admire the view. Was the sun really below us? Was it still Saturday?

The next bit was straight down the other side to the valley floor, just after you got the glimpse of the leaders re-summitting. I knew that meant another monstrous climb.

Easy down the big hill in an attempt to save the quads. Before turning back up, this time road turning to trails on the way up. The road signs saying 17% gradient and still no shade. I was drinking water like it was a reservoir, the steam of the sweat from the runners in front said it all. As we summitted for the last time I was determined to warn Tracey, Kelly and Chris if they were in sight. They had already started the drop to the valley floor. Back to my own race and it was obvious this was not the 7 miles I expected but unless there was an evil twist this was down hill all the way. No need to save the quads now. Make up for a bit of a time while hunting for any bit of shade there was.


A spirited finish, they put the medal and a water bottle in my hand. I lay there on the grass sucking in the furnace air while draining another 2 bottles, at least I’d finished. I suddenly remembered the rest of ours still out there. Sat up to witness a collapse on the finish straight worthy of a London marathon finish. This woman was not well, an IV waited for her as they tried to revive her. At least her rescuers who got her over the line turned off her watch.

I had no choice. Grabbing 3 bottles I had to get back out there for Tracey, Kelly and Chris. Claudie was finishing strong and her instincts were the same. Get back out there for them. 1.5 mile run/walk back to the top and 700 ft extra I found them. All in good spirits or so it seemed, they had been sensible. Chris was struggling, the shock of the heat, the lack of breeze and air had made Chris change all his race plans for the day. The girls left Chris with Claudie and I as we tried to keep his spirits up on the plummet to the finish.

Five started, five finished. No Northbrooker needing medical treatment. This was a tough race, even in cool conditions this would have been horrific, but in these temperatures, I would say it could have been deadly – Spencer





Dorney Lake Half-Marathon – 12 June HM

  Robin Aston 1:22:57
  Dan Stevens 1:24:29
  Tom Mitchell 1:29:58
  Sean Duffy 1:37:41

Enigma Guitar Heroes Marathon – 11 June M

74 Duncan Gordon 04:46:05


A very warm and hard going marathon today. Pain in calf and hip slowed me up and eventually meant a walk/jog marathon resulting in the 4:46:05 finish.

Happy with a sub 5, but need to find a good sports physio, do some stretching and recover before the next one.

Gato Sports Summer 10k Race 1 – 7 June 10K

19 Spencer Davies 00:47:09
23 Lisa Bragg 00:49:46
33 Elle Townsend 00:52:24
36 Andy Scruton 00:52:50
46 Tim Hughes 00:56:37
51 Pete Marshall 00:57:25
53 Caroline Parkinson 00:57:30
75 Verity Crichton 01:06:03
79 Chris Archer 01:07:07
81 Graeme Brannen 01:08:05
82 Tracey Williams 01:08:46
95 Jane Stephens 01:14:13
105 Alex Darragh 01:20:34

13 Northbrookers headed to a sunny, warm and dusty Ryton Pools for the first race in the 3 race series. Bodies were battered from the weekend with most having already raced this weekend. Not deterred we shared our current niggle updates andprepared in very good COVID-safe conditions. Two waves of starts with each person starting 30 seconds apart meant it felt very much like a time trial to start with and race positions were confusing from the word go.

The course was dusty and not the flattest, with an added bonus of a hill halfway that threw a few of us. The out and back course with a hairpin turnaround for the second lap meant plenty of chances to see fellow club mates and encourage them along. Our solitary supporter breaking into song everytime one of us approached.

It was good to get back on a start line with it beginning to feel a bit more normal, and leaving us more at ease.

A good job done with great representation and great camaraderie. Roll on race 2 – Spencer

Cotswold Hilly 100 – 6 June OTH

Team Ascent – 1st mixed Team
total time: 11:30:34
Team Captain: Liam Mills

  Amanda Deavy 01:07:40
  Terry Moynihan 01:08:40
  Ben Smith 01:19:55
  Stu Lumsden 01:04:08
  Dan Stevens 01:01:24
  Liam Miills 01:09:47
  Chris Goodman 01:08:30
  Kathryn Adams 01:12:00
  Natasha White 01:06:00
  Damian Pharoah 01:12:30

Team Butte – Mens Team
total time: 12:33:41
Team Captain: Spencer Davies

  Tommy Dempsey 01:12:00
  Paul Robbins 01:19:13
  Tony Forde 01:23:00
  Tom McNamara 01:20:11
  Owen Drage 01:10:23
  Tom Cox 01:16:42
  Steve Turvey 01:14:55
  Sean Duffy 01:12:06
  Adam Brearley* 01:13:59
  Pete Stafford 01:11:12

*Sean Duffy completed the last
2 miles due to injury

Team Drift – Mens Team
total time: 13:40:17
Team Captain: Spencer Davies

  Mark Parker 01:17:34
  Jamie Gould 01:30:18
  Mark Baker 01:23:48
  Spencer Davies 01:21:30
  Francis Mason 01:20:36
  Kyle Beddoe 01:25:34
  Tom Miller 01:23:00
  Richard French 01:24:58
  Rob Cox 01:19:03
  Damien Dear 01:13:56

Team Elevation – Mens Team
total time: 15:31:39
Team Captain: Sally Eason

  Emma Vardy 01:28:08
  Mickey Pearson 01:24:37
  Alan Smith 01:39:00
  David Giles 01:43:01
  David Mills 01:23:51
  Adrian Lowe 01:31:44
  Pete Kirkhope 01:30:30
  Simon Aldridge 01:27:16
  Kev Coughlan 01:27:37
  Fraser Barrett 01:55:55

Team Climb – Womens Team
total time: 16:31:00
Team Captain: Elle Townsend

  Catherine Shepherd 01:35:00
  Enya Tabram 01:27:00
  Elle Townsend* 01:45:00
  Fern Kenny 01:44:00
  Kirsty Murray 01:30:00
  Megan Miller 01:30:00
  Debbie Campbell 01:39:00
  Kelly Parker 01:53:00
  Ellie Aldridge 01:42:00
  Allison Smith 01:46:00

* directed off course by a rival
team in error

Team Fell – Mixed Team
total time: 16:37:22

Team Captain: Chris Archer

  Carolyn Hadley 1:40:13
  David Hadley 1:32:50
  Chris Archer 2:00:58
  Katy Davies 1:34:00
  Joanne Evans 1:38:40
  Cliff Evans 1:44:04
  Pete Marshall 1:38:34
  Tracey Cox 1:55:06
  Steve Simspon 1:25:34
  Stewart Pearman 1:27:23

When the whisper came out that The Hilly would be on this year it was not believed until it was official, then the relief from all that a real club event was going to happen swept in the entrants for us like a tidal wave. The date clashed with others in the same area meaning we were lighter on numbers compared to normal but we still managed 6 full teams with 1 super sub on standby.

The plan was laid, it was the mixed competition again. But fielding 1 mixed team would not work as we needed to give our greyhounds a challenge they could sink their teeth into. So, just before 5am five Northbrook hares gathered in the centre of Stratford. It was lighter than normal and mild. At 5am our hares were released. The call went to the mixed team, chase them down, they are going to make you work for this one. Our five soon settled into their individual paces, Tommy leading them home on leg 1 and releasing an eager Paul. Jamie was next out of the blocks and the rest quickly followed. They knew they were being hunted down. By this point our first greyhound, Amanda, was eating up the miles determined to get the team on the best start it could.

Our hares were running for their lives but up nothing short of Snowdon as a shellshocked Jamie announced at the end, although Paul seemed to float up the same Snowdon with ease. The gap at the front was growing, Tony Forde on his first outing at the hilly in years made his mark against no other than Mark Baker. But Terry was in full flow, our hares must have flattened Snowdon as Terry made it look flat. Our first hares were in sight as Ben was released. Ben passed Elle on this leg, as a rival team must have been worried about our women’s team and directed her off course. What they did not know was that increasing Elle’s distance fell into her strength. Team Climb’s captain for the day not being put off stormed through.

Our mixed team never gave up, our hares who had been passed knew they had to complete for the team so their mass start hares could be released keeping the mixed team chasing all day long. Leg 4 and it’s not easy. I was convinced the Stu greyhound would catch me – it does make you run for your life.After the last monstrous hill I could see the finish, Stu was not in sight, floor it because I knew the next greyhound would catch our team. At this point the sun was determined to make the hilly the normal furnace it resembles. Every runner after this point was going to need shade, suncream and fluids as temperatures soared.

Francis was off like a shot, Stu followed me in about 5 mins later releasing Dan. Dan, new to the club, showed his pedigree as he left like a train, passing Francis on leg 5. Now it was down to team Butte to keep the mixed team pushing till our hares were released on the mass start.

They were slowly catching team Butte. As the 2 teams started leg 8 our 3 mass starters had already put the distance between them and the chasers. The race was on. Sean “Tarmac” Duffy (not known for his love of hills) versus Kathryn. He kept the gap the same releasing Adam just ahead of Natasha. The 3 hares leading them over Ilmington behind Team Drift pushing everything they had to ensure we were not lost. Our leg 7 runners ensuring the hares still out were not running on lost causes. But Ilmington is Natashas home ground, we have all seen her measure the uphill here then release everything as she comes off the top. Adam was being hunted by a fine hunter on the way up, once they’d summited, Natasha hit him with everything she had. She caught one of the other hares with 2 just remaining out of reach.

Leg 10 and it was close. Damian had to hold Pete off. The 2 hares soon fell but Damian knew Pete was flying behind him. But this was leg 10. The sun had soaked into the tarmac all day long and now it released its heat making this an oven on full for the run in with finisher after finisher looking like they had come through the Avon as they finished. All shell shocked, hunting for the shade to flake out and collapse in.

Once we were all in, and the bar shocked that we were ordering beer (seriously they could not be more inefficient), the organiser hunted me and Liam out. We had won by over an hour. Three times he came back to check, even checking we had fielded the 3 required women.

But let the full sixty take the stand. Everyone of them had an integral part in this win. Everyone one of the fifty ensuring that the ten could not sit back and breeze this through. The fact that there were no stories this year shows what an excellent job the team captains did with their work beforehand so that on the day we could focus on our running.

Sixty heroes stand up and take your bow, you deserve the recognition – Spencer

Cotswold 113 Middle Distance Triathlon Half-Marathon – 6 June HM

  Claudie Combelas 2:19:18

Northampton 10k – 6 June 10K

  Jill Pittard 0:44:16
  Simon Abbott 0:44:57
  Lisa Abbott 0:47:23
  Collette O’Keefe 0:54:46

Cotswold 113 Triathlon Half-Marathon – 6 June HM


  Claudie Combelas 2:19:18

A day of all seasons, lots of rain and a steamy finish paddling in the lake.

Tysoe Windmill Trail 10k – 5 June 10K

27 Vicky Boyle 0:50:04 2nd SF
33 Spencer Davies 0:52:23  
55 Adrian Powell 0:57:27  
61 Debbie Campbell 1:00:48  
92 Julie Liggett 1:06:41  
101 Cliff Evans 1:08:07  
107 Marianne Rutter 1:10:02  
108 Alan Hewitt 1:10:02  
109 Joanne Evans 1:10:02  
116 Tracy Jefferson 1:12:40  
128 Liane Powell 1:21:29  
129 Tracey Williams 1:21:35  
131 Kelly Parker 1:23:14  
132 Tracey Cox 1:23:15  
140 Jane Stephens 1:37:39  
141 Yvonne Boyle 1:41:52  

Lovely sunny day and great so many Northbrookers there running or supporting! Last years raced was cancelled due to COVID so it was nice to be back supporting what is a really friendly local event. The hills were as tough as ever but this is more than compensated by the beautiful views. Definitely a race to recommend and hopefully we’ll be back again next year. Special mention to Victoria Boyle who led the Club home in a brilliant 50:04 having dropped a certain Mr Davies after a mile – Adrian