Northbrook Results

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October 2020

Pumpkin Marathon – 31 October



16 Claudie Combelas 05:07:03

Pumpkin Half-Marathon – 31 October

6 Chris Archer 3:30:31

Extremely wet conditions today running around Ironbridge and surrounding villages, which may have contributed to both Claudie and I going awry and adding a couple of miles each to our runs.

Excellent organisation for a self-nav event (did I mention we got lost), for what may turn out to be the last race of the year – Chris

Leicestershire 10k – 25 October

98 Steve Turvey 00:39:43

A welcome return to actual racing (albeit in a COVID-secure venue). A longstanding knee injury dampened expectations, although in the end an upset stomach was more of the issue. Can definitely beat this time if I get to another 10k this year.

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 1 – 25 October

20 Natasha White 00:45:06 2nd FV35, 3rd female
23 Tony Forde 00:45:51  
26 Spencer Davies 00:46:50  
33 Mark Parker 00:48:15  
44 Tim Hughes 00:50:37  
53 Cath Fenn 00:52:04  
69 Claudie Combelas 00:55:06  
80 Fern Kenny 00:56:01  
82 Richard Arnold 00:56:05  
94 Allison Smith 00:58:15  
97 Caroline Parkinson 00:58:34  
146 Pete Marshall 01:12:19  
147 Sara Phipps 01:12:21  
152 Chris Archer 01:13:22  
153 Verity Crichton 01:13:23  
155 Kelly Parker 01:14:15  
159 Tracey Cox 01:16:02  

Hardmoors 55 Trail Ultra – 24 October

  Tony Bowe 14:11:16

Beachy Head Trail Marathon – 24 October


773 Corinna O’Connor 05:50:45

Birch Challenge Ultramarathon – 21 October

3 Matthew Hathrell 05:41:45

After success at my first ultramarathon, I jumped at the chance to do another when an extra day was added to the Birch challenge, a 32.9 mile 6 hour time-trial on Cannock Chase. This ended up being a bit of a shock to the system though as, unsurprisingly, running on Cannock Chase is a little harder than on the Thames Path.

I started the day vaguely hoping to complete 11 laps of the 3.6ish mile course, which would be a course record. The first 4 laps went really well, but after 6, with my clothes heavy with rainwater, I was feeling pretty dead. I ran/walked the next 3 and was back in time to do a 10th lap (which would have matched the old course record, although someone else did beat it today) but my legs just didn’t have any more in them.

I really enjoyed this event, despite the weather, and will look to do more if I can.

Bedford Autodrome Races – 18 October


191 Rich Cawley 05:04:36
192 Sara Phipps 05:04:37


14 Robin Aston 01:19:49 PB
59 Tom Mitchell 01:31:40  
82 Spencer Davies 01:37:47  

10k race

28 Matthew Hathrell 00:37:50 PB
125 Andrew Scruton 00:54:04  

An earlyish start for the races at Bedford (2 had already gone on in advance) for 5 of us. Our car was full of nervous talk beforehand, nerves not about racing but about racing in these conditions. The weather was perfect, the course was flat and 5k laps, 8 if you were doing the marathon, 4 for the half and 2 for the 10k.

The organisation was brilliant, well thought out and beforehand you felt safe and could see the extra measures in place. They worked very well. With 3 races already out on the circuit we half-marathoners took up our positions on our own cones and were released 4 by 4. This was fast, the winning guy came in at 68 minutes, Robin chasing him, Tom chasing Robin and me wondering where everyone else was.

Matt had stormed past me on his first lap and took his target of a sub-40 by storm. Rich and Sara shouted words of encouragement/abuse everytime we passed them. This could be really fast as a course but a bit of race fitness was lacking on my part.

It was good to be back and to have the sunbursts out there challenging/pushing and being part of it. Now the blueprint is out there and I can see plenty looking to follow this well thought-through example. PB’s for both Robin and Matt – Spencer

Enigma Y-Wing Marathon, Milton Keynes – 18 October


  Duncan Gordon 03:41:04

Fantastic weather for running.

Centurion Running Autumn 100 – 10 October

  Tony Bowe 25:06:11

Black Country Ultra – 4 October


  Claudie Combelas 06:09:09

32.95 miles

Isle of Wight Marathon – 4 October

112 Dave Halford 04:25:57

There was a huge amount of effort this year, to plan for this race to take place during the Covid 19 restrictions.