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February 2020

Chester Ultra 50 – 29 February


44.4 miles

  Claudie Combelas 40:15:17

The Emergency Marathon, Telford – 29 February

  Tony Bowe 4:39:40

Dirty Dozen Trail 12k, Cannock Chase – 29 February

21 Matthew Hathrell 1:10:16

Despite driving rain most of the journey out (and a brief hailstorm on the way home), I once again managed to get perfect weather for a trail race. This time the 12k Dirty Dozen on the gorgeous Cannock Chase. Feeling good at the start, I lined up at the front, and was in the top 10 inside the first km, at which point I managed to fall flat on my face. It took a couple more km, and a marshall asking ‘are your knees okay’ for me to notice that both were covered in blood. It didn’t seem to have much of an effect – I fell back through the field at about the usual pace as the trail wound through the countryside, up a few steep (ish) hills and along a few long firmer sections where other people could get their pace up.

After what felt like about 10k there was the ‘Ditch of Doom’, which is a fancy way of saying ‘waist-deep puddle’. Once through this, and with the blood washed off, I felt like the end would be close, so really started pushing on. A full 18 minutes later, I reached the finish line, annoyance slightly placated by hearing the announcer say the race was at least 14k. (One other competitor told me his strava hit 8.97 miles – about 14.4k).

Overall, a really great trail race, and one that I would thoroughly recommend in future.

Gato Head Torch 10k – 25 February

4 Craig Slyde 0:42:37 2nd male veteran
7 Spencer Davies 0:44:33  
19 Jill Pittard 0:50:21 3rd female veteran
25 Claudie Combelas 0:53:26  
55 Chris Archer 1:03:35  

Five Northbrookers headed to Salcey Forest on a dark and wintry Tuesday evening. The weather was trying to sleet, the conditions underfoot, though muddy, were a lot better than expected. With head torches, chest torches, hand torches and trail shoes we were armed and ready.


Chris’s birthday run looked like it was going to deliver an awesome experience. The start was quick and very soon we found ourselves alone in the dark with only our headtorches and the sleet for company. Little glimpses of a headtorch in the distance were the only signs of life on the two 5k laps.

The mix of terrain from hard gravel to soft and squidgy orange mud patches meant we had to stay alert. Craig led us home in 4th place winning 2nd male veteran, Jill bought home 3rd female veteran. A great course and venue, and well worth a return visit – Spencer

Carsington Water Half-Marathon – 23 February

  Katy Davies 2:03:56

Bedworth Park 5k – 23 February

1 Chris Goodman 19:43
2 Craig Slyde 20:38
4 Terry Moynihan 22:03
5 Tom Miller 22:24
10 Spencer Davies 23:14
11 Martin McHugh 23:16
20 Rich Cawley 25:58
21 Gemma Ross 27:01
23 Sarah Duffy 27:45
24 Mike Wheeler 27:54
25 Rich Arnold 28:22
26 Tim Hughes 28:38
29 Sara Phipps 28:52
30 Annie McHugh 28:56
35 Caroline Parkinson 30:51
39 Chris Archer 32:07
40 Pete Marshall 32:52
43 Gillian Coulson 35:10
44 Tracey Cox 35:12

19 Northbrookers headed to Bedworth for the Sunday 5K, 16 of us were incorporating the 5k into a long run training plan. The weather was wet and cold and timing to get there with little standing around was the key. Numbers were buoyed by our presence and we soon set about making the Northbrook presence known right through the field. Chris and Craig battled at the front, Tom and Terry, Martin and Spencer, right through the field, pockets of Northbrookers either running together or working with each other. A great performance by all for the middle of a long run.

Afterwards we all headed off in our different directions, different distances and terrains required. Well done all – Spencer

Leicestershire Half-Marathon – 23 February

  Natasha White 1:26:48 3rd female
  Thomas Mitchell 1:32:24  

Took the trip up to Prestwold Hall with Natasha, tried to hang with her and lasted about 2 miles. Most of the route was round a race track and very exposed to the elements. No PB today, but more miles in the marathon training legs – Thomas

Birmingham Running Festival Trail – 22 February

95 Lee Miller 55:09

LDWA Roundhay 50 Mile, Leeds – 22 February

  Tony Bowe 12:55:00

National Cross-Country Championships – 22 February

Senior Men, 8 miles
6 to count – 71st
9 to count – 38th

455 Stu Lumsden 00:54:09
466 Oliver Jones 00:54:15
655 Andy McConville 00:57:12
973 Rory Anderson 01:01:58
1041 Paul Robbins 01:03:14
1165 Matt Hathrell 01:05:27
1174 Craig Slyde 01:05:34
1213 Martin McHugh 01:06:09
1235 Spencer Davies 01:06:35
1259 Tommy Dempsey 01:07:02
1592 Martin Gavin 01:18:31
1625 Tim Hughes 01:20:40
DNS Tom Miller  
DNS Graeme Brannen  
DNS Kyle Beddoe  
DNS Francis Mason  
DNS David Mills  
DNS Adrian Lowe  

Senior women, 5.5Miles – 63rd

471 Gemma Ross 00:48:22
520 Cath Fenn 00:49:16
526 Lottie Graham 00:49:25
529 Elle Townsend 00:49:28
685 Sarah Duffy 00:54:27
749 Fern Kenny 00:56:33
766 Jenna Davies 00:57:05
777 Caroline Parkinson 00:57:29
828 Sara Phipps 01:00:18
836 Annie McHugh 01:11:47
850 Helen Morris 01:03:15
861 Pia Singh 01:04:05
DNS Dawn Webb  
DNS Verity Crichton  
DNS Amanda Adkins  

The day of the Nationals approached and mother Nature had prepared a treat for us. 24 Northbrookers and 2 supporters headed North to Nottingham, from where pictures were coming of not just puddles, but lakes to go through. Car parking had been hastily rearranged due to fear of cars sinking into the ground, but there was no way they were cancelling this event.

We set up base on the top of the hill (driest place we could find) and we all slowly filtered to meet up, 12 women and 12 men. Eealier age groups had softened the ground up nicely for the women who lined up first, nerves and tears as the 911 starting field toed the line. The charge was like that of the light brigade. With lakes on the starting hill knee deep and the hill to summit, to get the space it was a frantic sprint. The women ran a small lap, a medium lap and an extra long lap, and as we waited at the first mud bath they ungracefully tore straight through it, raising the stinking black mud (or at least we hoped it was just mud) off the bottom, before a further stream wash before attacking the gloopy mud back up the hill. Our women were holding their own, but not many smiles as concentration was needed for every foot placement and to ensure that spikes came back out with them.

Conditions suited Elle and Lottie who made mincemeat of the underfoot ground conditions, looking like they loved every step. Gemma was leading them all, beaming. Have we lured Gemma to the dark side of cross-country? Then they found the “hurdles”, felled logs strategically placed to make your already tired legs scream at you as you hurdled them. Last lap and the splendour of the film set that is “Wayne Manor” was lost on the kicker of the greasy, slippery hill. But they still came. The finish straight was deceptive, it looked like a sweeping downhill, places were made up, then with 100 mtrs to go, a shoe sucking stretch of thick sinking mud stopped most dead in their tracks. The women had done well, covered in stinking mud, soaked from the water, but they were smiling all the same. There’s perhaps something not quite right about our women as they all loved it, the team finishing a very well placed 63rd on the day.

Then it was the men’s turn. 1710 men toed the line and the atmosphere was electric, the ground was being pressed down by our numbers, the shouts of encouragement were deafening, the hairs on your arms were standing up and the roars of anticipation were amazing. Then the gun went off and what can only be described as like a scene from “Braveheart” followed as 1700+ men sprinted through the lakes and up the hill. The pace was phenomenal and no quarter was given, the elbows were out and shoes were being pulled into the ground with every step; you had to go fast to ensure you could find the room to run without being trampled.


The men faced a small, a medium, a long and an extra long lap. After the water bath on the small lap, we were covered with black slime dripping of our shoulders and heads. We were soaked and some had already lost their spikes, but the stream splash at least removed some of the odour. Back up the hill and the pace was not dropping, with lungs on fire, quads screaming to keep pulling the feet out of the mud we descended back for the 2nd lap. The hurdles started to appear and the men were like gazelles. I had to check there was not a hidden trampoline as some were getting significant air as I felt like I was pouring myself over them. Back through the stream and the pace was not slowing.

With the mud bath and then the greasy, slippery hills up to the house, I decided it was time to embrace the pain and go for it. My only colleagues in view were Martin and Tommy. The 3 of us could feed off each other. Tommy kept pushing me and I kept pushing him. Eventually Tommy covered in mud from head to toe could not come back, his legs were giving way. Martin was still doing somersaults and acrobatic splits over the logs as I did my best to try to run through them. Then it was the last lap and more quad and lung bursting hills. Martin was running for his life, and he was dragging me and Tommy who was trying his hardest to stay with us. Over the last of the hurdles then on the last uphill the mud got worse, it took everything you had to keep going forward. Matt and Craig were in sight battling ready for the finish straight. I hit the finish straight and tried to take as many as I could on the sweeping downhill straight into the 100 mtrs of thick mud to finish. Breathing in and trying to float, I tried to do my best Stu impression. It worked, straight across the top and across the finish line.

My legs reminded me they were still in the mud at this point as I collapsed over the barrier wondering what hell I had just visited. The men, everyone of them looked broken and battered, but spirits slowly returned. Stories of heroic battles, of waving the sunburst from high and low emerged, every one having fought to hold places through the whole course. The 6 team counting men finished 71st on the day, the 9 men counting team finished 38th. What a performance.

I have never known conditions to be so bad for the Nationals, and for those of us who turned up we deserved our finish places, in the knowledge that we were out there making the best in the country run hard to beat us.

What an event, what a course, what a race. The best bit? We have the best team spirit ever. The banter, the friendship, the teamwork, everyone of us supporting and carrying each other. All 24 would toe the line again (once the kit has been disinfected and scrubbed clean). As Captains, Cath and I could ask no more from any of them, it is this club and the teams that make our positions easier – Spencer


Hoka One One Winter Trail Half-Marathon, Port Talbot – 22 February

  Carolyn Hadley 2:31:00

Endurance Northumberland Coastal Marathon – 22 February

  David Tittle 6:29:33

Not the most impressive time but conditions were tough with gale force winds (sometimes in my face), rain, hail and diversions due to high tides. Scenery on the Northumberland coast was stunning as ever on the 44.08km route from Alnwick to Bamburgh.


Dukeries Trail 10.8 Miles, Nottingham – 22 February


  Pia Singh 1:54:00

Draycote 10k – 22 February

  Mike Wheeler 43:10

Knype Pool 5 Mile, Biddulph – 16 February

23 Matthew Hathrell 36:00


Whilst everyone else was getting battered by storm Dennis in Ilmington, Naseby and elsewhere, I ventured up near Stoke to find a lovely clear, still day for a 5 mile trail race. No wind, no rain, completely perfect weather for a trail run.

The course itself was nothing special; standard trails rounds a reservoir with a reasonable hill near the middle. I started a little slowly – probably feeling the effects of a couple of pints, and way too much food, at the Awards Night – but came on strong at the end (including overtaking 2 Trentham runners down the hill, which I very much enjoyed).

Slightly disappointed with the finishing time, but had a good day all the same. Not an event I will rush back to, as it’s a bit far to travel for the race distance, but I think very much worth it given the weather.

Love in the Air Valentines Trail 7.5Km, Limuru, Kenya – 16 February


This was a Valentine Trail Run with options for 7.5 KM, 14 KM or 21 KM. I had signed up for the 14KM run but the planned start time of 7am turned into 7.40…so I had to opt for the shorter 7.5 KM run as did a few others. After a group warm up, the 40ish participants were sent round the dam, then up a very big hill onto the flatter part of the route which had a number of sneaky ups throughout. We then headed back down the hill and through the finish line….which turned out not to be the finish line, another loop through it again but…still not the finish (the marshall had wandered off & no sign of finish)!

Eventually the Race Director appeared & sent us up a final, very steep, ascent where the finish line was still being put up. It was the longest 7.5km (10km) I’ve run and at 7,400 ft the altitude made it one of the toughest; however, as ever, great fun & camaraderie with fellow runners. The run was not timed.

My finisher’s medal is alas in quarantine as it had been shipped over from China – Sally Eason

Bedworth Park 5k – 16 February

  Andy Scruton 26:31
  Richard Arnold 28:53

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 5 – 16 February

Race 5 Results

22 Natasha White 00:43:49 1st FV35, 2nd female
39 Paul Robbins 00:45:54  
45 Martin McHugh 00:46:42  
49 Spencer Davies 00:47:13  
79 Mark Parker 00:49:54  
91 Cath Fenn 00:50:48  
168 Rich Cawley 00:57:45  
197 Pete Marshall 01:00:55  
218 Annie McHugh 01:03:11  
220 Richard Hands 01:03:43  
226 Sara Phipps 01:03:55  
261 Chris Archer 01:08:21  

Series Results – 5 Races

    Total time Cat Pos
  Martin McHugh 3:59:16 9
  Spencer Davies 4:04:58 16
  Richard Hands 4:47:29 30
  Chris Archer 5:35:30 16
  Natasha White 3:33:10 1
  Cath Fenn 4:11:12 3


The day after the awards night and a few heads were hanging from the night before. Storm Dennis was still raging, but there was no way that the organisers were going to cancel their season finale. Twelve Northbrookers turned up in various states, excuses were aplenty and with the wind and the rain this was going to be a challenge.

Hill first and this time it meant the wind was in your face all the way up. As you summitted the wind was cross-ways pushing you from one side to the other, taking your breath and making you gasp for every breath you needed. Natasha was clear, leading us and dragging Paul with her. The rest of us were doing our best to catch up. The drop into the village was as fast as normal and then the tour of the village was into the head wind again.

The shelter of the club house was warmly embraced as were the series awards and the hoodies and buffs for the ever presents. Six of us completed every race with Natasha winning the women’s series prize.

For one of us, once was not enough, another lap of the hill down to the village to finish and meet everyone else at the pub, a roaring fire and a welcome beer to celebrate another series finished.

Well done all, keep your eyes peeled for a potential trip out in the summer for a social run on the Ilmington hills – Spencer

Naseby 1645 – 16 February

  Julie Liggett 2:41:00
  Jo Arden 2:44:10

Jo and I braved storm Dennis and travelled to Naseby to run the Naseby 1645 race. The first 5 miles faired well with the wind behind us, but we were lulled into a false sense of security. As we hit mile 10 the wind and hail were hitting us head on, with hill after hill after hill, the end couldn’t come quick enough. 

We both said after a hot cup of tea “what an amazing race”. I would recommend it-Julie 

Newcastle Valentines 10k – 16 February

  Tom Cox 42:46

Railway Ultra, Coalport – 15 February

  Tony Bowe 5:39:14

Worcester 23 Mile Ring Run – 9 February

  Katy Davies 4:32:00
  Paul Stead 4:32:00

Dorney Lake Winter Half-Marathon – 9 February

  Thomas Mitchell 1:29:24 PB – first ever sub-90

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 4 at Aldridge Airport – 8 February

Northbrook Women – 5th Overall
Northbrook Women Masters – 3rd Overall

9 Natasha White 27:35
37 Amanda Adkins 30:47
51 Cath Fenn 32:20
57 Sally Eason 33:07
66 Gemma Ross 33:48
67 Lottie Graham 34:03
69 Katherine Plunkett 34:15
71 Eleanor Townsend 34:17
80 Claudie Combelas 34:49
93 Debbie Campbell 36:40
139 Annie McHugh 41:21
142 Pia Singh 41:41
162 Liane Powell 46:43
167 Tracey Williams 50:21
170 Tracey Cox 51:55
171 Kelly Parker 51:56

Another great turnout from the women’s team with 16 travelling to Aldridge Airport. Thankfully we had a bright if breezy day. Conditions were soft under feet in places, some good grassy stretches and then a long drag through fairly deep mud on a woodland trail! Some great running over 4 miles and with teamwork we also managed to get the event shelter up despite the gusts of wind.

As we finish the season we have 6 women who have run all 4 events and another 5 who have run 3 events. This is I believe a record for the club. At race 3 we had 28 finishers, definitely a record!

We are very happy to come away from the season with 3rd place medals in the Masters and a strong 5th place team overall. Looking forward to next year already – Cath



Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 4 at Gloucester – 8 February

Men’s ‘A’ Team 6th – 206 points, Overall 6th – 926 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 1st – 493 points, Overall 1st – 2019 points

12 Stu Lumsden 34:37
27 Robin Aston 36:34
30 Andy McConville 36:53
32 Liam Mills 37:05
39 Steven Turvey 37:36
66 Matthew Hathrell 39:19
67 Paul Robbins 39:20
69 Craig Slyde 39:28
78 Damian Pharoah 40:02
82 Terry Moynihan 40:20
92 Spencer Davies 40:51
105 Martin McHugh 41:42
115 Tommy Dempsey 42:24
126 Tom Miller 42:56
136 David Mills 43:25
140 Tony Hughes 43:43
147 Adrian Lowe 44:02
154 Francis Mason 44:16
166 Mark Baker 45:25
168 Kevin Coughlan 45:38
169 Kyle Beddoe 45:43
180 David Giles 46:58
182 Martin Gavin 47:05
185 Tim Hughes 47:39

Full results on Bham League web site

Race 4 and the final league race of the season meant that excitement and anticipation was high. 24 Northbrookers and 1 gallant supporter headed south for the last league push of the season. Plock Court was flat and very firm underfoot, the signs were that this was going to be fast and it did not disappoint. The road runners amongst us revelled in it, those who needed inclines and a bit more mud struggled.

Promotion was an impossible task so all the eyes were pinned on the B team and maintaining our first place. The top 6 were dragged by Stu and pushed by Paul who made sure Matt had to work hard to bring the A team home. Paul dragging the B team with him was followed in by a train of Northbrookers, our men had left everything they had on the flat firm football pitches. They were speechless from effort, winded from pushing and drained from the final sprints to the finish. Every position was fought for, battled with and held off for the team place. The support for everyone from the team was raucous, they were all roared and shouted to the finish. Was it to get out of the cold? No, team spirit. 24 men all within 13 minutes of each other showing what a great team we have in place.

One last hurrah due for the Nationals and we can now look forward to the tarmac – Spencer



Enigma Quadzilla 4 Marathons in 4 Days, 6 – 9 February

Day 1

  Duncan Gordon 3:43:48
  Tony Bowe 4:29:47

Day 2

  Duncan Gordon 4:07:32
  Tony Bowe 4:38:05

Day 3

  Duncan Gordon 4:26:26
  Tony Bowe 4:28:57

Day 4

  Duncan Gordon 4:13:31
  Tony Bowe 4:39:07


Day 1 – Quicker than planned

Day 2 – Tired legs already

Day 3 – Lots of aches so slowed to be good for the final day tomorrow

Day 4 – A very windy & wet run today. Glad that I took my time yesterday.


Just managed to get a shot of Tony at the finish – Duncan

Leicester 5k Winter Series Race 4 – 6 February

10 Martin McHugh 20:39 1st MV45
11 Spencer Davies 20:44  
23 Chris Archer 26:56 1st MV55

1st male team


The dream team were reunited for the last fling at the Leicester 5k Winter Series. The weather was cold and dry with very little wind, perfect for running. The Parks Department had also been out to grit the paths. As usual the start was fast and a group split off, Martin head down was running for his life. I tried to stick but his Teflon was applied well, but he did not disappear, and after mile 1 I was able to start reeling him back but I ran out of course.

What a way to finish the series, the best time for all 3 of us and the men’s team prize again. Five bottles of wine secured for our good ladies waiting back in Coventry, with Martin and Chris winning their age groups.

Was this also the first competitive outing for the Northbrook socks? Spencer


Big Polar Bear Challenge, Ryton Pools – 4 February

  Kelly Parker 4:52:12


On a cold Tuesday in February one intrepid soul went into the blustery wilderness of Ryton Pools to run a distance unknown. The Big Bear Events were running their Polar Bear Challenge. A 3.3 mile lap and 6 hours to clock up as many miles as they can.

First obstacle was school drop off, making me 18 minutes behind the start time when I began. Secondly, a wiggley 2 -year old in a buggy. It was a great event for me to see exactly how long I could stay running. With toilets and refreshments available on every lap it was very reassuring that a cuppa was never too far away (cupless race I brought my own very large mug). On finishing my 6th lap I retired with a ring of a bell and 19.8 miles under my belt (feet), my
furthest distance to date.

I collected my medal, a cider and a homemade flapjack and still made the school run in plenty of time. Happy to be waving the Northbrook sunburst.

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile, Race 3 – 2 February

8 Stu Lumsden 29:11
17 Craig Slyde 32:03
35 Spencer Davies 34:52
36 Mike Wheeler 34:57
44 Matt Hathrell 35:52
67 David Giles 40:59
112 Chris Archer 54:35

Seven Northbrookers headed to Chelmsley Wood for the 3rd race in the Centurion 5 mile Grand Prix series. The numbers were down for some reason and with 4 of us having the previous day’s Massacre in our legs the aim was to get round first and if a time came with it then it would be a bonus.

The weather was unseasonably warm, perfect for a good run. The start was hectic as always and it soon settled out as space was found, Stu leading the way for us with Craig following. Mike, Matt and I ended up in a battle as I was being pulled along by the competition.

A great run and one of the better times round centurion for me in a while – Spencer

Murcia Half-Marathon and 10k, Spain – 2 February


  Sean Duffy 1:35:55


  Sarah Duffy 50:58


It was February, the sun was shining and it was over 20 degrees! The rain never made it to the plane on our little racing trip to Spain! However, many of the locals turned up as if we were racing in the UK (gloves were spotted).

It was a brilliant event in Murcia and the goody bag that went with it and after the race was like the generation game. A long sleeved top, a short sleeved top, a hat, a bag, sweets, beer, pop, water, fruit…the list goes on and all for 20 euros.

Sarah ran well in the 10k and was really happy with her time and Sean did the same in the half-marathon. A marker from Murcia and a highly recommended event – Sarah and Sean

Watford Half-Marathon – 2 February

  Katherine Plunkett 1:49:39

I would recommend the course if you want some hill training!

Stourbridge Trail 10 Miles – 2 February

  Pia Singh 1:55:00

Mayhill Massacre 9 Mile – 1 February

5 Natasha White 1:20:06 2nd female
7 Matt Hathrell 1:20:16  
8 Craig Slyde 1:20:50  
19 Spencer Davies 1:30:45  
35 Mark Parker 1:36:54  
45 Claudie Combelas 1:41:59  
52 Lisa Bragg 1:45:30  
83 Chris Archer 1:58:59  

Eight Northbrookers and just as many supporters headed down to Mayhill on a windy and cold morning. The weather was bright but the wind had a nip. With the first 2 miles of this being uphill we soon welcomed the breeze to cool us down. This is a great route which incorporates a lot of climbs and some very deep shoe sucking mud/clay, but it brought smiles at every corner. It did look like the sign imps had been out as the front end were constantly caught standing or lost as the signs were “missing”. It ended up with some extra mileage and climbing but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A great event, worth returning for next year – Spencer



The Cake Trail Marathon, Shropshire – 1 February

  Tony Bowe 5:54:12