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January 2020

Not the Roman IX – 26 January

16 Natasha White 00:48:15 1st FV35, 2nd female
18 Craig Slyde 00:48:35 2nd MV40
74 Martin McHugh 00:55:02  
103 Spencer Davies 00:57:23  
124 Rich Cawley 00:59:06  
127 Adrian Powell 00:59:15  
146 Claudie Combelas 01:00:47 1st FV55
150 Katherine Plunkett 01:00:56  
176 David Tittle 01:03:20  
234 Bob Adams 01:09:05  
270 Sara Phipps 01:12:30  
274 Antoinette McHugh 01:12:57  
314 Chris Archer 01:17:57  
319 Liane Powell 01:19:28  
321 Tracey Williams 01:19:44  
332 Ros Myers 01:23:08  
338 Kelly Parker 01:24:35  
339 Tracey Cox 01:25:13  
342 Jeanette Chattaway 01:26:27  

NTRIX returned for 2020 having missed a year and 19 Northbrookers turned up on a cold and windy day. Huddling together for warmth at the start meant that as soon as the race started we had to run to stay warm.

The space and field soon settled down with Natasha and Craig battling to lead us home. The rest of us battled our way through a headwind and up Loxley Hill before approaching the “bump” at the end. A slight change to the finish from previous runnings of the event did not deter from the event.

A great course and well organised, and it was good to see so many of us out there challenging ourselves on an unusual distance. Even better to see Natasha and Claudie earning prizes from their efforts – Spencer

Farnborough Half-Marathon – 26 January

  Tommy Demsey 1:33:37

Mallory Park 10k – 26 January

  Pia Singh 57:11


Bedworth Park 5k – 26 January

1 Craig Slyde 19:01
5 Martin McHugh 22:32
8 Spencer Davies 23:21
11 Richard Arnold 24:36
16 Sarah Duffy 25:03
17 Sean Duffy 25:07
18 Andy Scruton 26:00
35 Anita Sanderson 32:39
36 Gillian Coulson 33:42
39 Jane Stevens 33:37
42 Yvonne Boyle 37:32

Eleven Northbrook members turned up on Sunday morning for the Bedworth Park 5k, some with tired legs from the previous day’s gruelling cross country, some including it as part of a long run.

Craig shot off from the start and never reappeared, setting the standard and leading the field home. The rest of us followed doing what we could. We had to shoot off straight afterwards but another great local event supporting a charity – Spencer

Winter Wychavon Way Ultra 40 Miles – 25 January

  Tony Bowe 10:00:34

Midland Cross-Country Championships – 25 January

Men’s 7m race
Northbrook men 22nd (31)

81 Oliver Jones 00:44:39
86 Stu Lumsden 00:44:55
208 Craig Slyde 00:51:25
242 Matthew Hathrell 00:53:27
249 Paul Robbins 00:53:54
292 Spencer Davies 00:56:37
300 Martin McHugh 00:56:59
312 David Mills 00:57:57
316 Kyle Beddoe 00:58:47
330 Francis Mason 01:00:32
337 Kevin Coughlan 01:01:46
347 Adrian Lowe 01:04:47
  Andy McConville DNS
  Austin Wade DNS
  Damian Pharoah DNS
  Graeme Brannen DNS
  Liam Mills DNS
  Martin Gavin DNS
  Tim Hughes DNS

Women’s 5m race
Northbrook women – 22nd (32)

103 Amanda Adkins 00:40:05
104 Cath Fenn 00:40:06
121 Lottie Graham 00:41:37
135 Catherine Armstrong 00:42:27
156 Claudie Combelas 00:43:53
166 Eleanor Townsend 00:44:46
176 Debbie Campbell 00:45:47
177 Emma Vardy 00:45:53
207 Carolyn Hadley 00:50:08
210 Annie McHugh 00:50:30
215 Helen Morris 00:51:57
221 Pia Singh 00:53:45
226 Verity Crichton 00:58:02
228 Tracey Williams 00:59:57
235 Yvonne Boyle 01:07:33
  Caroline Parkinson DNS

27 Northbrookers and supporters headed North to Prestwold Hall for the Midlands Cross-Country Championships. The weather was cold and dry but the conditions underfoot were more of a worry. With the juniors having gone round first the ground had been “loosened up” for the women’s race, a 2 lap race during which the men supporting had a great vantage point to cheer on our women. Some great running with Captain Cath leading the way until the final sprint with Amanda. Our 15 women were amazing, the awaiting spectators were shocked to hear of a hill (the course looked flat from where we were), great battles through the field from ours and smiles (afterwards) showed that the women’s team is strong.

Then it was the men’s turn, and by now the ground was cut up, sticky and fluid under every footfall. But everyone had to run on the same. I did realise half way round that the leaders had some sort of levitation device as they appeared to not touch the ground! We soon settled into our order and the course seemed flat. Then we entered a technical woods stage which gave a change to the flat fields. Then we turned and the embankment loomed up on us, we were warned, and this was steep. Break the climb and get over the summit and throw yourself down the embankment to get ready to go again. 3 laps later and the turn to the finish was uphill (sadists) but at least they turned us at 3 laps this time.

Great running by all the men, our 2 front runners battled all the way setting up a great rivalry, Craig at his best weaving, Matt back from injury, Paul exhausted at the end and me running for my life. Martin was chasing and being chased by David. The team kept coming in, all looking exhausted and shocked having given everything they had.

This was a tough, tough course but our camaraderie and supporters were the best, a great atmosphere and great to be part of the teams on the day. A great Northbrook day out – Spencer




Four Villages Half-Marathon, Helsby – 19 January

  Rory Anderson 1:25:59

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 4 – 19 January

12 Natasha White 0:42:06 1st female
35 Paul Robbins 0:47:22  
62 Spencer Davies 0:49:39  
68 Martin McHugh 0:50:08  
77 Cath Fenn 0:50:38 2nd FV45
86 Mark Parker 0:52:07  
110 Tony Forde 0:54:04  
157 Craig McNaney 0:59:27  
208 Pete Marshall 1:04:06  
215 Sara Phipps 1:04:35  
220 Dawn Webb 1:05:21  
257 Chris Archer 1:10:07  

Twelve Northbrookers and 4 supporting/running Northbrookers headed to Ilmington for the 4th race in the Winter Series. It was time to try the series hoodies on for size, with the weather how it was we should have kept them on to keep us warm while we ran. It was cold, the roads were icy, slippery and frosty. There was no grip and very little push off, but it’s never stopped us before.

Natasha set the pace with Tony dragging the rest of us along. The weather was foggy as well as icy so runners ahead soon disappeared into the freezing gloom. The expected view at the top of the hill was just fog, then the marshall appeared out of the gloom warning of treacherous icy conditions on the steep down hill. I was soon aware he was not exaggerating and took to the mud in the gutters at the side. The mud was slippery but not treacherous. Tony and Martin appeared out of the icy fog, both walking to save slips and injury. I let everything loose in the mud and plummeted down the hill like a steam train out of control. One of the best downhill descents for a long time. Others were not so lucky; two reports of injuries incurred through falls.

The final kilometre up hill was more lethal, ice skates would have been better suited as there was no push off, just slipping. A great race with the icy twist thrown in. For me a further 6 miles was required, Natasha joined me to keep my spirits up before we all re-gathered in front of the roaring open fire in the pub – Spencer

Bedworth Park 5k – 12 January

16 Chris Archer 28:14 PB
23 Pia Singh 30:04  
24 Liane Powell 30:51  
32 Tracey Williams 32:20  
38 Gillian Coulson 35:42  
45 Yvonne Boyle 36:48  
47 Jane Stephens 38:43  

Oundle 5k and 10k – 12 January

Oundle 5k

28 Antoinette McHugh 0:29:36 PB

Oundle 10k

10 Craig Slyde 0:39:58 1st MV40
51 Spencer Davies 0:44:58  
80 Martin McHugh 0:47:44  
89 Rich Cawley 0:48:18  
401 Tracey Cox 1:11:13  


Six Northbrookers and 1 supporter headed east to Oundle for the new year races. The weather was warmer than expected with a headwind but stayed mainly dry. The 5K and the 10K started together with the 10K being 2 laps. Annie was our sole representative in the 5K and on tired legs from the previous day’s cross-country heroics she managed to pull out a PB, great running followed
by even greater support.

In the 10K, 4 of the 5 of us had tired legs and knocks from the previous days heroic cross-country performances, Craig and Martin shot off, I took my time to ease the legs back into action. Craig had disappeared from view, Martin carrying a knock on his ankle soon drifted back into view.
A quick check he was OK and I pushed on, Craig was not to be caught.

A great course, even if one stretch was like running into a hairdryer (it’s a long time since I have had use for one of them). I was pushed at every step by other competitors but they were not going to catch me. Annie’s encouragement at the end saw me collapsed over a fence looking for my lungs and my breath. I headed back out to run Tracey in, knowing this was her 3rd run in the weekend and she was still smiling when I found her at the bottom of a hill. She did not give in though, pushing on and battling to the end.

Great running by everyone and great organisation. Then we got to the presentation, Craig running watch-free had won 1st MV40. Never could there have been a better winner, truly deserved – Spencer



Draycote Water 10k – 12 January

79 Ritchie Allen 0:47:30  
90 Katherine Plunkett 0;48:11  
115 Rich Arnold 0:49:19 PB
121 Lisa Bragg 0:49:44  
184 Bob Adams 0:54:47 2nd MV60
191 Andrew Scruton 0:55:27  
428 Anita Sanderson 1:15:19  

It’s often quite windy and today was no exception. A number of us braved the winds and occasional rain. The last 1k was difficult, a ‘bracing’ head wind with no shelter – Lisa

A PB nearly 2 minutes better than my previous – Rich

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 3 at Coombe Park – 11 January

Northbrook Women – 8th Overall
Northbrook Women Masters – 4th Overall

10 Natasha White 27:54
46 Amanda Adkins 32:23
52 Sally Eason 32:45
56 Cath Fenn 32:52
61 Clare King 33:15
63 Gemma Ross 33:18
66 Katherine Plunkett 33:25
84 Becky Colbourn 34:28
95 Megan Miller 35:07
99 Claudie Combelas 35:18
110 Debbie Campbell 36:03
115 Katy Davies 36:31
118 Eleanor Townsend 36:49
127 Emma Vardy 37:34
128 Sarah Duffy 37:35
134 Ellie Aldridge 37:45
150 Dawn Webb 39:16
157 Carolyn Hadley 40:00
172 Annie McHugh 41:27
176 Helen Morris 41:55
187 Pia Singh 43:51
193 Anne Hughes 44:25
196 Verity Crichton 44:36
212 Tracey Williams 48:44
213 Kelly Parker 49:25
214 Tracey Cox 49:26
230 Jane Stephens 56:25
232 Yvonne Boyle 57:53

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 3 at Stoke – 11 January

Men’s ‘A’ Team 5th – 166 points, Overall 6th – 720 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 1st – 456 points, Overall 1st – 1526 points

11 Stu Lumsden 0:40:31
14 Oliver Jones 0:40:50
27 Robin Aston 0:42:59
30 Steve Turvey 0:43:14
40 Rory Anderson 0:44:31
44 Tom Mitchell 0:44:51
49 Craig Slyde 0:45:21
51 Andy McConville 0:45:25
67 Liam Mills 0:46:42
81 Tommy Dempsey 0:48:04
105 Kyle Beddoe 0:50:13
106 Spencer Davies 0:50:16
109 Terry Moynihan 0:50:42
114 Paul Robbins 0:51:01
124 Tony Hughes 0:51:50
129 David Mills 0:52:33
131 Martin McHugh 0:52:43
140 Mark Baker 0:54:01
143 Martin Gavin 0:54:30
145 Francis Mason 0:54:44
156 Adrian Lowe 0:55:36
182 Tim Hughes 1:04:32
188 Graeme Brannen 01:20:22
DNF Matt Hathrell  

Full results on Bham League web site

24 Northbrookers and 1 supporter made the 70 mile trek to one of the most distant suburbs of Birmingham, Stoke–on–Trent. It was some distance to go and as a club we could not ask anymore from our men. Everyone of them was a hero on the day. The course found by Trentham AC may not have been true cross-country (more like a trail race) but they had found a mountain range.
800ft of climb over 3 laps was going to be testing. Footwear choice had to be trails, though some had only spikes or road shoes. With stony paths, the spikes rattled on every step and the road shoes slipped and gave little traction.

Step up Northbrook, and so we did. Stu was back, our charismatic flying scotsman was hobbling from the start. But the order was strict, make every place count. Matt left everything out there pulling a calf and unable to continue, but in true team spirit he was roaring every sunburst on. Liam’s knock got worse and worse but he still managed to finish through the pain, Martin rolled an ankle after a mile and pushed through the pain for the finish. The road shoes on Terry made his going harder work than anyone else and he still pushed and dragged us all to the finish.

Then the greatest performance, from one of our Greatest Showmen. The warrior that was Graeme, ensuring that no Northbrooker would be left behind pushed everyone home. It takes true grit and determination but what support he received. A baptism of fire for Graeme and he earned his finish.

On the day, our season’s best performance, our lowest point score, but this has been a tougher division than I expected. Promotion is unlikely but we will still ensure we are represented at the highest level in Gloucester. Well done guys, 24 heros.

Our supporter was our extra push, she had one of the loudest voices out there and ensured that we knew where she was. Great supporting by Charlotte dragging every Northbrooker over the summit of the Stoke Mountain range – Spencer



Leicester 5k Winter Series – 9 January

11 Martin McHugh 21:11 1st MV45
18 Spencer Davies 22:27 2nd MV45
36 Chris Archer 27:43 1st MV55


Three of us returned to Leicester for the 3rd race in the Winter Series – 5K around Victoria Park. It was cold but the rain held off. The field was small but still fast.

Martin shot off from the start and managed to hold onto his lead all the way, once I had got going I started to pick off the numbers ahead of me. Chris running with no watch was enthused to a fast time.

Once the results were in we were happy to learn that not only had Chris and Martin won their age categories, but the 3 of us bought home the team prize as well. A pretty successful night for Northbrook all the way round – Spencer

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile, Race 2 – 5 January

8 Craig Slyde 31:41
15 Mike Wheeler 33:21
25 Matthew Hathrell 34:54
26 Martin McHugh 35:01
31 Tony Hughes 35:55
50 Spencer Davies 38:12
51 Rich Cawley 38:14
57 Lisa Bragg 39:00
61 Craig Mcnaney 39:31
75 Mick Duggan 40:53
83 Katy Davies 42:36
87 Richard Hands 43:32
91 Julie Liggett 44:02
101 Jo Arden 45:26
104 Dawn Webb 46:49
108 Sara Phipps 47:44
112 Anne Hughes 48:42
114 Antoinette McHugh 50:14
115 Chris Archer 50:14
125 Tracey Williams 53:17
130 Tracey Cox 58:16
131 Yvonne Boyle 59:12

Twenty-two Northbrookers and supporters made the short hop up the road to Chelmsley Wood for the 2nd race in the Centurion 5 mile Grand Prix race series. New years resolutions were evident as there was an increase in numbers to normal. Everyone seemed nervous beforehand, tired legs from the cross-country or from a warm up at Bedworth 5K seemed to be the excuse everyone was using.

Craig led the way holding off Mike to lead us home in a respectable 8th place. What followed was battle for Northbrook pride right through the field. Great running by all and with it being the first 5 mile of the new year I’m sure we will all progress further – Spencer

Bedworth Park 5k – 5 January

10 Lisa Bragg 24:44
13 Gemma Ross 25:15
14 Sarah Duffy 25:18
16 Rich Arnold 26:12
17 Caroline Parkinson 26:46
26 Tim Hughes 28:54
37 Chris Archer 31:54
55 Catherine Shepherd 38:10
56 Damien Dear 38:14
57 Jordan Tooth 38:16

Enigma Winter Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 4 January

  Tony Bowe 4:25:43

Warwickshire Cross-Country Championships – 4 January

Northbrook Men – 5.5m

104 Robin Aston 34:59
125 Liam Mills 35:44
139 Matthew Hathrell 36:21
143 Thomas Mitchell 36:32
168 Andrew McConville 37:54
170 Craig Slyde 38:00
190 Tommy Dempsey 38:58
211 Martin McHugh 40:31
218 Kyle Beddoe 40:55
220 Tom Miller 41:00
246 Spencer Davies 43:48
252 Martin Gavin 44:09
258 Adrian Lowe 45:23
259 Kevin Coughlan 45:28
266 Mark Parker 46:37
267 Tim Hughes 46:46
278 Graeme Brannen 1:03:13
DNS Darren Taplin  
DNS David Mills  
DNS David Hadley  

Northbrook Women – 3.5m

71 Amanda Adkins 26:33
76 Cath Fenn 26:53
96 Lottie Graham 28:00
100 Becky Colbourne 28:06
123 Megan Miller 29:28
132 Claudie Combelas 30:03
135 Emma Vardy 30:17
149 Caroline Parkinson 31:35
154 Ellie Aldridge 31:41
163 Sara Phipps 32:33
178 Carolyn Hadley 34:21
180 Antoinette McHugh 34:47
184 Verity Crichton 35:13
194 Pia Singh 37:10
195 Kelly Parker 37:17

Senior Women – 8th position
Women Masters – 8th position

Senior Men – 6th position
Men Masters – 13th position


Thirty-two Northbrookers descended on Warley Woods, Smethwick on what seemed like a summers day. The ground was firm, but the hills were still present.

3 laps for the womens and 4 for the men meant our large group of supporters were constantly shouting encouragement.

This is a great venue and the course was short for both races but towards the end no-one was complaining. The women went first and did us proud, Amanda leading them home with Kelly and Pia chasing our packs in. Great running against a top quality field left both seniors and masters in 8th place. The women were even happy when they returned to see the men trudge off.

The men’s race was fast, the competition was fierce and the 4th time up the hill made it feel even steeper than before. Great running from all the men, Robin leading us home and Graeme making sure we did not lose anyone. 6th seniors team and 13th masters on the day.

Amazing to be part of a record breaking Northbrook turnout now to repeat it for the next league race. Well done all – Spencer