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December 2019

Peterborough New Year’s Eve 10k – 31 December

  Sarah McNaney 48:31 1st FV55
  Claudie Combelas 50:43 2nd FV55
  Chris Archer 63:13  

Fantastic 10k set in and around Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough. Billed as flat and fast originally but due to the deluge of water the area has had to contend with over the past few weeks some of the original course was either flooded or covered in thick mud. Consequently, there was a change to the course 12 hours before the race started. It did not detract from the race but it meant the course was maybe not as fast as it could have been. Conditions underfoot were still a little slippery in places due to the mud on the pathways and the sections where we had to run through the woods slowed the pace down. That aside, it was a very pretty route that was littered with happy marshals cheering us on.

I was first home for Northbrook and managed to bag myself a win in my age group.  I was swiftly followed by Claudie who was second in her age group which was a fantastic effort having completed the ‘7 Sins’ the day before, and had only arrived back from Qatar the day before that. We were followed in by Chris who was completing his 100th race in 2019, again, an amazing achievement in itself.

We were all rewarded with a medal and a t-shirt and a brilliant goody bag with plenty of things to eat and drink on the way home.

Definitely one to do again, it’s just a shame it’s not nearer to home – Sarah

Seven Sins Multi-Terrain, Forest of Dean – 30 December

  Claudie Combelas 1:22:49 2nd FV50

Mallory Park 10k – 29 December

  Charlotte Mills 48:27

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 3 – 29 December

18 Natasha White 0:42:16 1st FV35
48 Tony Forde 0:46:18  
65 Martin Mchugh 0:48:00  
82 Cath Fenn 0:49:07  
108 Mark Parker 0:51:50  
110 Spencer Davies 0:52:06  
123 Bret Stokes 0:53:19  
132 Lottie Graham 0:54:12  
136 Lisa Bragg 0:54:19  
192 Michael Cherrington 0:59:18  
213 Sara Phipps 1:00:52  
227 Richard Hands 1:03:10  
233 Katy Davies 1:03:30  
234 Anne Hughes 1:03:31 1st FV55
248 Chris Archer 1:04:52  
250 Pete Marshall 1:05:03  

Massey Ferguson Pace Race – 29 December

  Fraser Barratt 29:42 0:02, 1st male
  Yvonne Boyle 39:15 0:07, 2nd female
  Bob Adams 27:47 0:13
  Sean Duffy 23:08 0:20
  Tom Cox 24:04 0:43
  Sally Eason 26:02 0:50
  Tracey Williams 35:30 1:15
  Mike Duggan 28:45 1:35
  Sarah Duffy 28:45 2:37

This is a guess your time run over 3.55 miles, run without a watch. The winner is whoever finishes closest to their predicted finish time, so it’s not the fastest who wins – Sally

The figure in column 3 is the difference between actual and predicted finish times

Winter Warmer 5 Mile Trail, Sandwell Valley Farm – 29 December

  Pia Singh 51:00

Great Barrow Christmas Trail Marathon, Suffolk – 28 December

  Tony Bowe 4:57:25

Seven Sins Multi-Terrain, Forest of Dean – 28 December

  Craig Slyde 1:04:47 2nd MV35
  Natasha White 1:05:06 1st female
  Matthew Hathrell 1:09:40  
  Sean Duffy 1:18:42  
  Spencer Davies 1:25:19  
  Lottie Graham 1:26:28  
  Catherine Shepherd 2:12:52  
  Kelly Parker 2:12:54  
  Tracey Cox 2:13:11  

Phoenix Firebird Winter Trail Marathon – 28 December

  Duncan Gordon 4:20:20



Bedworth Park 5k – 22 December

1 Rory Anderson 19:47
2 Craig Slyde 20:12
5 Sean Duffy 21:43
7 Spencer Davies 22:57
8 David Mills 23:11
10 Bret Stokes 23:41
15 Rich Arnold 24:24
18 Lisa Bragg 25:07
19 Tim Hughes 25:39
20 Simon Jones 25:43
22 Caroline Parkinson 26:00
23 Sarah McNaney 26:14
28 Melissa Armston 27:35
30 Sara Phipps 28:29
31 Chris Archer 28:31
36 Sarb Sumal 30:26
38 Dawn Webb 31:28
39 Verity Crichton 31:39
41 Graeme Brannen 34:09
45 Anita Sanderson 35:02
52 Tracey Cox 36:10
53 Sarah Duffy 36:14
54 Cath Fenn 36:16
55 Gillian Coulson 36:19
56 Susan Clarke 36:22
63 Jordan Tooth 37:58
64 Damien dear 38:00

27 runners, 2 juniors and 5 supporters turned up for our visit to the Bedworth 5k Christmas run. This seemed like a great way to sign off before Christmas with friends. We had planned some extra miles for those that are looking at halfs and the extra worked well. The best bit was the planned visit to Wetherspoons afterwards for breakfast and some rehydration.

The company was great, the 5k appreciated our extra bodies and we all had an enjoyable time – Spencer



Gaddesby Gallop 5.25 Mile Trail Run – 21 December


34 Matt Hathrell 0:43:59
44 Craig Slyde 0:46:02
94 Spencer Davies 0:57:13
168 Chris Archer 1:15:51
207 Kelly Parker 1:30:38
208 Tracey Cox 1:30:52

Six of us took on the challenge of the Gaddesby Gallop for the first time. We were expecting mud and a few obstacles and what progressed was hard work but great fun. Tracey and Kelly went on to register us, securing bib numbers 2 to 7, while the 4 guys stopped off to warm up at Leicester Victoria parkrun first. It was busy, entries on the day only and an event that is becoming more popular meant our plan worked. As we nervously waited at the start, we were warned of the pond, of the drainage tunnel and of the river. The organisers announced conditions were the worst they had ever seen out there (at least it was not raining) and that they confirmed the fences this year were electrified. At this point we picked Tracey back up of the floor.

Once started it was evident the first few fields were queues at the stiles, or hurdle either the barbed wire or the electric fences. I decide to queue. Matt and Craig had disappeared so I settled into a slog. It was heavy going underfoot with the mud sucking you in at every step, if only I knew how to glide over the top. Pond first and it was cold, and very “squidgy” on the bottom, this was chest deep, and hard work followed to get out and warm back up, the girls were fighting the reeds that were pulling them back into the pond. Then mud followed to sap the strength and energy. The drainage tunnel was “fun”, narrow, low, dark and with a cold stream running over a cobbled flooring. This is what we had come for. Then followed more energy sapping strength and endless mud. The river was cold and deep, this seemed to be a point where people were spectating, the legs were numb afterwards. Then just more energy sapping slog to the slurry and the mud. This was never going to be fast but it was great fun. I decided to head back out and gave Chris a shout of encouragement as he slipped and slid through some of the trail. I found the girls just before the river and resisted a second return for me instead opting for the spectating/jeering experience. They were in good spirits and soon slogged their way to the slurry covered finish line.

Then came their experience of the 2nd drainage tunnel. No-one else knew this till they revealed they found another tunnel, this time a lot narrower still about 10 metres long and with only a small air pocket at the top and a fast flowing river running through it. Yep, they went through it describing it as a dark log flume. Our girls are no delicate flowers it seems!! Top running/wading/sliding/laughing by all and we were rewarded with age category wins for us all. Great fun where you have to count your shoes at the end to make sure the mud hasn’t claimed one of them, and we will be back – Spencer/Chris

Enigma Christmas Cracker Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 18 December

  Tony Bowe 4:04:07

Enigma Christmas Cracker Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 17 December

  Duncan Gordon 4:29:02

Twinge in calf from mile 14, so steady state after that.

Wolves & Bilston 5 Mile Turkey Trot – 15 December


75 Spencer Davies 34:31
193 Richard Arnold 42:32
248 Sara Phipps 46:34
272 Verity Crichton 48:49
339 Graeme Brannen 56:32

Five Northbrookers and a supporter travelled the day after the Christmas party to the turkey trot. Lured by a turkey for finishing we expected more of a chicken or for it to still be alive. When we arrived it was evident
that there must be a farm that bred horse size turkeys; were they that heavy or was it the ice on the floor that caused numerous marshalls to slip? Time for coffee and to settle the pre-race nerves.

The start of the race was supposed to be a lap and a half of the track before heading up the cycle
embankment and out onto the roads. I went for a warm up to find that the track was sheet ice. This was going to be interesting. Slip sliding and gingerly tip-toeing to the exit gates I discovered the reason everyone else was hugging the barrier for dear life in the queue to get off (Sara and Richard reckon they queued for nearly 5 mins to get off the track). As I slipped and struggled on the embankment the Christmas spirit took hold and hands were offered to get some of us off the icy embankment. 40 seconds lost so time to start running and to warm up. A great course if a little undulating. I was soon eating up the miles. Our supporter was surprised to see the winners returning in just over 25 minutes. For me I got an earful of abuse and encouragement at 33 minutes before heading back onto the now renamed ice rink/running track of doom. At least I could slide the last 200 mtrs.

A reasonable time considering the ice, and time to collect my turkey. Not sure whether to ride it (yes they were that big) or wear it I opted for Rich’s car boot. Richard was next in followed by Sara whose hamstring worries did not appear to be an issue. A beaming Verity followed then bringing us home was Graeme. I’m not convinced it was a smile, more like a grimace but all were home with no injuries or incidents to report. Now to find an oven big enough to cook the horse-size turkey – Spencer

Evesham Festive Trail 10k – 15 December

  Martin McHugh 49:32
  Dawn Webb 1:04:18
  Simon Jones 1:04:19
  Annie McHugh 1:12:33

Four of us ventured out to Evesham for 10k of mud, deep puddles and festive cheer! This was a tough course but brilliant fun. A well organised charity event, which I highly recommend to those that love cross country running – Dawn

Stockport 10 – 15 December

  Lottie Graham 1:23:22 PB

I was up in Stockport this weekend to visit a friend, and a 10 mile race promising hills and tired legs seemed like a good antidote to a hangover. Starting in the Woodbank track with helpful markers to let you know where to put yourself for your goal time, it set off out the memorial park and then out into the wilds of Stockport. There was a small hill at mile 4, followed by a massive one at mile 6 and then a gruelling one at mile 8, but the views were lovely and the support was great. I went with the goal of a 1 hour 30 finish but set off too fast and decided to just try and hang on – despite the hangover hitting hard at mile 7. I managed it for a 23 minute PB.

Very pleased to have a fun road race after a bit of a confidence knock at Lisbon and Draycote Water this year. Fab venue with great showers, hotpot in the cafe and brilliant goody bags. Might try and make a return next year.

Mortimer Forest 9-Mile Trail Run, Ludlow – 15 December

82 Matthew Hathrell 85:44

A gruelling 9 mile trail run, and, with over 1200ft in elevation gain, I use the word ‘run’ loosely, as many of the hills are a struggle to walk up and too steep to run down. The majority of the course being covered in an inch of mud didn’t help either. The toughest hill – Poison Bank, at about 2 miles – broke me for a little bit (Ice Hockey on Saturday night won’t have helped), but I recovered in time for the Big Dippers (imagine running down and back up the cheese rolling hill 3 times) and finished reasonably strongly on the downhill as it started to rain.

Definitely a fun course and one that I’ll look to do again next year. Thanks to Elle for providing the entry.

Victoria Park, London Half-Marathon – 15 December

  Natasha White 1:25:25 PB, 2nd female

East Coast Santa Dash 5k, Gt Yarmouth – 15 December


30 Claudie Combelas 23:45 2nd FV50
75 Chris Archer 27:38  

Following a day of focused race preparation involving a gig, beer, a midnight kebab and a full English breakfast, the Northbrook contingent arrived at the blustery and bracing seaside for a promenade along the, er, promenade. Out and back along the sea front with great support from the marshals and the locals in their traditional dress of “Kiss Me Quick” hats and “I’m with this idiot” tee-shirts. Claudie was speedier than a speedy thing and delivered a season’s best 5k. I was working hard when a child drew alongside in the last 100m. I thought “What would Mark Parker do?” and put on a sprint to make sure the young chap was left crying into his candy floss at the finish line. A quick trip to the beach and then home in time for tea – Chris

Aldersley Turkey Trot 5 Mile – 15 December

  Richard Arnold 42:32

Stoneleigh Reindeer Run 10K – 14 December

  Martin Gavin 51:54
  Becky Colbourne 51:54
  Pia Singh 1:00:00

Floodlit Festive 5k, Stourbridge – 11 December

31 Chris Archer 27:59

A midweek race for my 91st of the year in a frantic attempt to join Spencer in the 100 Club. A trip to Stourbridge on a cold and icy Wednesday evening. Three and a half laps of a well-lit cycle track, a bit slippery underfoot in places. A great community spirit and welcome from Kidderminster & Stourport AC, whose couch to 5k class were graduating this evening. No medals, no tee-shirts, but the mince pie and mulled wine were very welcome.

Sneyd Pudding Runs, Walsall – 8 December

10 miles

20 Craig Slyde 1:06:54  
36 Jonathan Seed 1:09:33  
60 Martin McHugh 1:13:20  
65 Spencer Davis 1:14:23  
92 Cath Fenn 1:17:36 2nd FV45
120 Darron Handley 1:20:08  
162 Rich Cawley 1:25:13  
201 Caroline Parkinson 1:29:57  
214 Tim Hughes 1:32:30  
309 Chris Archer 1:57:54  

5 miles

6 Sean Duffy 33:29 2nd SM
93 Sara Phipps 46:39  
123 Annie McHugh 49:26  

Telford 10k – 8 December

  Robin Aston 36:44 PB

Keyworth Turkey Trot Half-Marathon – 8 December

429 Claudie Combelas 1:49:26

Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon – 8 December


  Chris Goodman 1:25:05 PB
  Thomas Mitchell 2:33:20  

After a last minute sign up (the afternoon before), I headed down to Milton Keynes to take part in their last Half-Marathon of the year. I went with the hope of a PB and that’s what I got. A PB by 2mins 45.

Conditions were perfect, cool but not cold, and almost warm in the sun. It was a lovely, fairly flat route around Milton Keynes, the rise and fall over canal bridges, or under a road bridge – Chris

I ran to pace my friend Laura round her first half-marathon in her training for London next year – Thomas

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 2 – 7 December

Northbrook Women – 8th, Overall 5th
Northbrook Women Masters – 3rd, Overall 2nd

28 Cath Fenn 30:33
32 Sally Eason 31:03
49 Claudie Combelas 33:44
86 Annie McHugh 39:34
101 Kelly Parker 44:17
102 Tracey Williams 45:05
108 Tracey Cox 48:43

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 2 at Betley Court  Farm, Crewe – 7 December

Men’s ‘A’ Team 9th – 345 points, Overall 6th – 554 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 2nd – 583 points, Overall 1st – 1070 points

28 Liam Mills 38:25
51 Matthew Hathrell 40:23
52 Tom Mitchell 40:34
64 Andy McConville 41:50
71 Tommy Dempsey 42:12
79 Craig Slyde 43:00
81 Terry Moynihan 43:12
87 Martin McHugh 43:50
94 Spencer Davies 44:32
97 Steve Handy 44:41
111 David Mills 45:53
113 Mark Parker 46:06
124 Mark Baker 47:38
127 Francis Mason 48:15
148 Adrian Lowe 54:08
150 Fraser Barrett 54:14

Full results on Bham League web site

16 men, 7 women and numerous supporters put themselves out to get to the re-located 2nd League race in Crewe. Yes Crewe, in Cheshire, that lovely subdistrict of Birmingham. Due to the relocation the teams were decimated, but not just ours, numbers for the whole race were down. Organisers note, if you want people to turn up don’t put your event 90 minutes away!!

Commitment-wise, the men were finishing work early, travelling from Gloucester and diverting
while on works trips. We were still going to field teams. The new gazebo made it’s first appearance and made sure our members were sheltered and warm and it looked damned good. The weather was dry, the course was dry and fast and so was the competition. The women started us off with Captain Cath leading her troops home, cheers for them all from the gathering men were loud from Cath to Tracey, each one greeted with the respect they deserved for making the trip.

Then the men came, Division 1 floated round making it look like they never made contact with the ground. Our charismatic scotsman was flying, chasing and pulling the team with him, the rest of us were doing our best, a lot of us being in counting positions we would never normally dream of.

At the end of the day we did what we needed to do. The result was never going to be the best for us due to the relocation, but with 5 teams not showing we are still in the League unlike them who have to reapply next year to rejoin. Our ‘B’ team is still flying, being 1st in the 4 race series to date. The next race is at Trentham so travelling required guys and a push needed bigger than we have ever needed before – Spencer



Enigma Christmas Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 7 December

  Tony Bowe 3:47:05

Gato Sports Head Torch 10k – 7 December

  Dawn Webb 57:46

The first race of the Gato Sports Head Torch 10k series. A two lap route through Salcey Forest in the dark.

Leicester 5k Winter Series Race 2 – 5 December


8 Martin McHugh 20:54 3rd MV45
16 Spencer Davies 21:37  
39 Chris Archer 29:36 1st MV55

Chris had been talked into joining the two of us this time for our monthly trip to Victoria Park. The weather this time was cold and windy but the field was reduced in numbers, though the strength of the field was still evident. After a short warm up we were ready for the off. The start is slightly down hill and feels like hell for leather, with my heart stuck in my throat and lungs full to burst we turned for the slight incline. They were still sprinting and Martin was off with them. There would be no catching him tonight.

The course was good and the dark section felt like “shut your eyes and get through it as quickly as possible”, maybe that’s why Chris and Martin brought body torches. I soon found myself running in space with no-one to push or chase me. Slightly slower for me this time round, Martin was on fire and clocked sub 21. Chris made sure we would stick around for the prize giving; 1st in his age category and rewarded with a bottle of wine and well deserved.

Well run all, January beckons in this series next – Spencer

Enigma Déjà Vu Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 3 December


  Duncan Gordon 3:53:32

Coombe 8 – 1 December

31 Damien Dear 0:58:22  
38 Natasha White 0:59:29 1st FV35
61 Matthew Hathrell 1:01:57  
66 Craig Slyde 1:02:13  
71 Tom Mitchell 1:02:52  
73 Paul Stead 1:03:05  
79 Martin McHugh 1:03:39  
94 Spencer Davies 1:05:57  
103 Ian Paterson 1:07:14  
105 Cath Fenn 1:07:34 1st FV45
115 Mark Parker 1:08:14  
121 Tony Mackness 1:09:13  
131 Adrian Lowe 1:10:44  
154 Bret Stokes 1:12:59  
158 Claudie Combelas 1:13:12 2nd FV55
162 Rich Cawley 1:13:30  
166 Martin Gavin 1:13:45  
167 Darron Handley 1:13:46  
171 Katherine Plunkett 1:14:14  
173 Becky Colbourne 1:14:28  
177 Catherine Armstrong 1:15:02  
184 Adrian Powell 1:15:24  
198 Tim Hughes 1:16:43  
209 David Giles 1:18:12  
213 Michael Cherrington 1:18:36  
229 Liz Pharoah 1:19:56  
230 Katy Davies 1:19:56  
237 Jo Arden 1:21:03  
238 Caroline Parkinson 1:21:06  
253 Sara Phipps 1:23:42  
255 Pete Marshall 1:23:46  
273 Carolyn Hadley 1:26:45  
274 David Hadley 1:26:45  
289 Antoinette McHugh 1:30:40  
296 Pia Singh 1:33:17  
299 Catherine Shepherd 1:35:08  
301 Chris Archer 1:35:37  
309 Lianne Powell 1:37:50  
315 Tracey Williams 1:40:08  
329 Tracey Cox 1:48:29  
336 Yvonne Boyle 1:56:04  

On the 1st day of December it was crisp and white, and also very squidgy and muddy. 41 brave Northbrookers and numerous braver supporters turned up to watch the frozen runners head off on the annual Coombe run. This was cold, and you had to work hard. Every footstep was hard work, breath, calves and energy straining to move forwards. There were loads of us, plenty of groups of competitive and supporting Northbrookers keeping each other going.

Damien led us home followed closely by Natasha, the Northbrook shirts kept piling through the finish, we were noticeable by our numbers right through the field. This was a cracking workout for next weeks alps XC.

Great work all, and well run in some of the toughest conditions seen there – Spencer



A throng of freezing Northbrookers at the Coombe 8

Bedworth Park 5k – 1 December

7 Lisa Bragg 25:34
13 Richard Arnold 27:41