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November 2019

Brooks Women’s 5-Mile and Men’s 7-Mile Cross-Country Championships – 30 November

Northbrook Men – 8th

38 Matthew Hathrell 46:02
54 Spencer Davies 49:17
56 Austin Wade 50:04
57 Kyle Beddoe 50:18
60 Ben Tabram 50:30
69 Adrian Lowe 52:19
72 Francis Mason 53:32

Northbrook Woman

31 Claude Combelas 40:05

The Brooks Cross-Country Championships finally came around after rearrangement due to the flooding of the previous location. Bulwell Park in Nottingham was the new venue, the same place it has been held for the past couple of years. The rearranged date halved the women’s team from 9 to 5, but that was nothing compared to the 4 drop outs in the 24 hrs run up to the event.

The weather was cold, and on the sections of course under water there was ice. No need for titanic versions of iceberg warning sirens but this was proper cross-country. Not to be put off our brave solo warrior toed the line with everyone else and did the club proud. Once she had finished we made sure she was back in the warm club house to thaw out.

Then the “mudnificient” 7 men stepped up. This may be an event that’s not that popular but they are still fast. Matt shot off and I could only see him on the switchbacks, Austin was sitting in and Ben was tracking us with Kyle reeling him in. Adrian and Francis were having their own battles through the field.

Great running by all 7 men and woman. The warmth of the club house was appreciated as was the coffee and beer – Spencer



Nottingham Christmas Marathon – 30 November

43 Craig Slyde 3:24:38

Wolverton 5 – 24 November

51 Jonathan Seed 32:55

A fast, flat course around Willen Lake and a race I’ve entered several times over the last 20 years. Good conditions this year and my fastest time in this race since 2005.

Action Heart 6 Mile Tuff-Un, Dudley – 24 November

  Lottie Graham 57:04

Formerly known as the Suicide Six, this was one of the best races I’ve done, with everything trail has to offer in 6 mad miles – mud that suckered shoes off at every turn, enough ups and downs to feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, and a waist-deep stream crossing right before the final hurdle of 4 flights of steps to get to the home straight!

Unsurprisingly not one for PB chasers but I can’t recommend it enough, and the cafe served some of the best hot chocolate ever to warm up afterwards too.

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 2 – 24 November

14 Natasha White 00:42:38 1st Female, 1st FV35
29 Tommy Dempsey 00:45:23  
41 Martin McHugh 00:46:56  
61 Spencer Davies 00:48:18  
75 Mark Parker 00:49:07  
76 Cath Fenn 00:49:29 2nd FV45
102 Richard Hands 00:51:55  
112 Claudie Combelas 00:52:36 2nd FV55
114 Katherine Plunkett 00:52:49  
270 Chris Archer 01:08:58  

Ten Northbrookers, a handful of marshalls and a good vocal support team and one of our own who decided to go for 2 laps to support us all headed to Ilmington for race 2 of the series. The weather was cool, gloomy and mist was covering the hill. It made it almost look do-able.

Race 2 is village first, not everyone’s favourite version. The long hill seems to go on forever. We had the fortune of having 2 marshalls out in the first 2k to ensure we were trying and our very vocal supporters at just before 4k. But the hill just keeps going. Once you summitted it was time to throw yourself from “the top of the world” descending down through hell until you meet the far side of the world, or so it felt. The descent was fast, gravity was on my side on this part. Our last marshall at the bottom of the hill encouraging us to the last man. Then the last uphill km seemed to drag.

The finish was a welcome sight and a chance to catch your breath, to catch up with club colleagues before heading to the local for a warm in front of the fire – Spencer

Silverstone 10k – 24 November

  Martin Gavin 48:40 PB
  Tracey Williams 1:02:11  
  Jane Stephens 1:11:04  

Silverstone Half-Marathon – 24 November

  Lisa Bragg 1:48:09
  Paul Hutt 2:00:39
  Paul Berrett 2:25:02

Actually not road but not trail/multi terrain either as it was all asphalt, some with double yellow lines. The course must have covered every bit of circuit, service vehicle roads, pit lanes, paddock, the bridge over the track, the tunnel underneath, the lot!

After 45 miles of hilly Tenerife the rest of the week, this was great, not completely flat but undulating at most. Tee, fantastic medal and tasty protein drink, bar, choccie dip, yoghurt, water and crisps. Will do again – Lisa



Cannock Rotary 10k – 24 November

  Pia Singh 1:04:00

Leicester University Road Relays – 23 November

Men: 13th out of 18

1 Matt Hathrell 11:16
2 Adrian Lowe 12:30
3 Craig Slyde 11:53
4 Spencer Davies 12:06

Women: 14th out of 14

1 Yvonne Boyle 20:55
2 Debbie Campbell 14:37
3 Tori Boyle 14:29

As numbers dropped we managed to pull together seven Northbrookers for the Leicester road relays at Victoria Park, a short hop up the M69 on a grey and cold day to a new event for us. It was not busy, we knew the competition would be fast, so we came along to experience the atmosphere and test ourselves. This was a 3km/leg relay event.

The women started us off in a race vs the mixed teams. Our 3 women ran faster than we expected, even with a slight detour by Yvonne, and they out-performed our expectations.

Then the men came out, they were quick, we did our best and with the remaining team member standing at a good vantage point we were pushed all the way. Again, the men outperformed themselves and overall it was a great event. Not too big and friendly enough for us to return next year – Spencer




Hardwolds Multi-Terrain 80 – 23 November

  Tony Bowe 20:39:22

80 miles and 9000ft of elevation along the Yorkshire Wolds Way from Hessle (near) Hull to Filey. Lovely route, although a bit tough in the rain and mud.

Derby 10 Mile – 17 November

Women’s team: 4th
Men’s team: 5th

38 Liam Mills 1:02:34  
50 Steven Turvey 1:03:29  
53 Chris Goodman 1:03:34  
58 Martin Winch 1:04:11  
60 Natasaha White 1:04:13 1st FV35
125 Tommy Dempsey 1:08:39  
126 Terry Moynihan 1:08:43  
148 Sean Duffy 1:09:40  
163 Spencer Davies 1:10:42  
164 Martin McHUgh 1:10:49  
179 Craig Slyde 1:11:34  
198 Rob Cox 1:12:17  
269 Tom Miller 1:14:51  
301 Tony Hughes 1:16:07 4th MV60
322 Joe Kelly 1:16:51  
327 Gemma Ross 1:16:57  
335 Sally Eason 1:17:17 3rd FV55
344 Kevin Coughlan 1:17:44  
350 Andrew Ralph 1:17:59  
370 Charlotte Mills 1:18:34  
422 Adrian Powell 1:20:17  
476 Claudie Combelas 1:22:21  
482 Sarah McNaney 1:22:36  
523 Rich Cawley 1:24:08  
732 Allison Smith 1:29:46  
801 Kirstie Murray 1:31:26  
814 Andy Scruton 1:31:47  
836 Mark Smith 1:32:45  
857 Anne Hughes 1:33:17 1st FV65
858 Pia Singh 1:33:20  
859 Sara Phipps 1:33:21  
1250 Helen Hodge 1:45:22  
1262 Liane Powell 1:46:02  
1274 Tracey Williams 1:46:41  
1286 Verity Crichton 1:47:26  
1292 Chris Archer 1:47:40  

Thirty-six Northbrookers and 4 supporters headed up the M1 to Derby. Worries were eased as the organisers announced their 6th version of the route to cope with the floods in the area. It has to be said they did a fantastic job. To get the route re-planned, marshalled, certified and setup as they did is a testament to their organising abilities. And what a route, it may not have been as scenic as the 2018 version but it was just as fast and just as flat.

The weather was wet (again) and with over 2000 runners expected the starts were organised and busy. It’s a strange race where your number reflects the estimated time you provided. You get to see who was confident and who was not. Northbrook were spread through the 9 start pens, with chip timing this was not an issue. As the race started and progressed, with numerous out and backs you got a chance to encourage your clubmates (while keeping an eye on who was chasing you down).

A great run and competition between us all, and a covering of pbs and age placings as well. Our supporters were the most vocal at the end and ensured you gave every last bit you had. Well done all and well done to the organisers – Spencer

Broadway Trail Marathon – 17 November

11 Damien Dear 4:18:23

Coventry 10k – 17 November

  Martin Gavin 49:22 PB
  Julie Ligget 53:53  

Bedworth Park 5k – 17 November

  Mark Baker 22:22

Kirstall Abbey Trail Marathon, Leeds- 16 November

  Tony Bowe 4:45:08

Chessington Running Wild 5k – 16 November

  Dawn Webb 32:13

On the bucket list of my eldest son, a 5k run round the Chessington theme park.

British & Irish Masters Cross-Country International, Aintree – 16 November

6km 65+ race

55 Mike Duggan 30:11 10th MV75

Rother Valley Half-Marathon – 16 November

  Paul Robbins 1:39:13

This is just the second year of this event, which is classed as a road race, but is actually routed around the tarmac/gravel path that encircles two lakes in Rother Valley Country Park. Being near Sheffield, and with “valley” in its name, I was worried that the event would be cancelled due to recent flooding. Luckily, this was not the case, but it was very wet underfoot (and over foot on occasions). In dryer conditions, it would definitely have pb potential, being as flat as you can reasonably expect. Alas, no pb for me, but I was still happy with my time.

Unusually, there are three prices (no frills, race plus medal and “memento”, or medal, memento and T-shirt). I went for the middle option, but the medal and memento (yet another cheap buff) weren’t really worth the extra.

Coalville Trail 10k – 10 November

16 Craig Slyde 43:14 3rd MV40
23 Spencer Davies 45:31 1st MV45
26 Matt Hathrell 46:14  
31 Martin McHugh 47:03 3rd MV45
60 Rich Cawley 51:49  
70 Lisa Bragg 53:01 3rd FV50
143 Chris Archer 64:12  
152 Annie McHugh 65:54  
173 Tracey Cox 75:11  

Nine Northbrookers, including some refugees from the Coundon Cross-Country mudbath, headed to Snibston Country Park, Leicestershire the home of the Coalville Trail 10k. Some were hoping to run a tough Cross-Country out of their legs, some to return to the event and some trying it for the first time. The course had been altered to 3 laps due to conditions underfoot, and some of the offroad hilly and slippery paths had been replaced with with hilly and slippery tarmac.

It was still cold but we knew that would change once we were moving. The start was quick, Matt shot off, Martin was chasing him, Craig (not very well) came past me about 500 mtrs in. No need to panic yet, let the legs get over the shock of being thrust back into action again. 3k in and Martin was struggling, my next target became Matt. Then we found the “puddle”. This was more like 20 mtrs of knee deep freezing water, now we were talking, the sort of terrain that I can revel in.

News had come in that Matt had panicked when he saw Craig sinking waist deep into the water. Obviously after that Craig just aquaplaned it, the speed he was going. This left the feet numb and icy, perfect, meaning having to work harder to get the feeling back. The third lap was dodging the back markers and encouraging our own tail markers. Their job of being the targets for us was working. Matt’s road shoes were slipping on the zig-zag hill, time to push on.

The finish was deceptively up the hill again but I was glad to see it. Coughing lungs and flu we supported our next finishers over the line. We had the perfect spot to encourage our tail markers. We ran Tracey in who was still full of smiles and showed Lisa and me that she was still able to out run us.

Then came the best news, I had won the age category (now renamed as 1st old man with flu wearing gloves and a buff) and a bottle of wine, much to Annie’s and Tracey’s pleasure. Other podium places went Craig, Martin and Lisa.

Well done all, great running on legs battered and exhausted from the previous days Herculian efforts – Spencer/Chris


Draycote Water 10k – 10 November

  Rob Cox 43:25 2nd MV50
  Lee Miller 53:47  

After the rain on Saturday it was a fine, dry clear day albeit a bit nippy at the start on top of the dam. However, once you got going it was a lovely day for running. Very pleased with my time, first time under 45 mins for a 10k for many years and I’m pretty sure that’s the fastest 10k I’ve done in a Northbrook vest – Rob

Draycote Water 10 Mile – 10 November

  Jill Pittard 1:20:54

Seagrave Wolds Challenge – 9 November

131 Claudie Combelas 2:33:17 3rd FV50

It was a very muddy 16 miles of Leicestershire countryside. Very happy with 3rd in age category.

Got back to Coundon Park just in time to support the women’s cross-country! 

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 1 at Coundon Hall Park, Coventry – 9 November

Men’s ‘A’ Team 5th – 209 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 1st – 487 points

13 Oliver Jones 36:12
21 Damien Dear 36:56
37 Liam Mills 38:08
39 Rory Anderson 38:14
46 Robin Aston 39:08
53 Andrew McConville 39:40
61 Steven Turvey 40:09
70 James Lacey 40:45
71 Tom Mitchell 40:45
86 Matthew Hathrell 41:38
90 Darren Taplin 41:47
109 Craig Slyde 42:48
120 Martin McHugh 43:24
129 Austin Wade 44:02
131 Spencer Davies 44:12
136 Steve Handy 44:23
138 Ben Tabram 44:25
156 Richard French 45:16
163 Mark Parker 45:26
172 David Mills 46:07
177 Kyle Beddoe 46:25
179 Owen Drage 46:33
188 Mark Baker 47:40
194 Martin Gavin 48:34
202 Adrian Lowe 49:23
203 Kevin Coughlan 49:30
208 Richard Gould 49:54
211 Michael Duggan 49:57
215 David Hadley 50:33
226 Tom Cox 52:34
234 Fraser Barrett 55:15

Full results on Bham League web site

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 1 at Coundon Hall Park, Coventry – 9 November

Northbrook Women – 6th
Northbrook Women Masters – 3rd

16 Amanda Deavy 27:02
19 Natasha White 27:19
44 Amanda Adkins 30:25
51 Cath Fenn 31:02
60 Sally Eason 31:39
67 Katherine Plunkett 31:52
70 Sarah McNaney 31:59
75 Lottie Graham 32:39
98 Katy Davies 33:45
119 Sarah Duffy 35:12
123 Emma Vardy 35:29
130 Dawn Webb 35:53
157 Carolyn Hadley 37:33
170 Sara Phipps 38:17
173 Helen Morris 38:31
181 Catherine Shepherd 39:15
193 Annie McHugh 40:58
197 Verity Crichton 41:20
203 Kelly Parker 41:56
218 Pia Singh 44:29
225 Helen Hodge 45:22
230 Tracey Williams 45:52
238 Tracey Cox 48:05


November Nightmare Trail Marathon, Coalport – 9 November

  Tony Bowe 5:17:28

Leicester 5k Winter Series – 7 November

21 Martin McHugh 21:02 2nd MV45
24 Spencer Davies 21:11 3rd MV45

The two of us decided to try the Leicester Winter 5k series. It soon came around and we nervously headed up the M69 to the middle of a damp and dark Leicester. It was cold, we were going to run fast. Once the start had been located it was evident there was an equal number of juniors to us in the older generation. Game on.

Two laps of Victoria Park including a narrow 400 metre section that was unlit. The only way to tackle that is eyeballs out with the knowledge that a bulky man such as me will skittle anyone that was in the way. Realistically it was a little less fast on that section, but a great course. I was chasing Martin after an initial panic that I was running too fast, clawing him back in. Unkown to me, Martin was not cruising but in wild panic mode as he knew I was closing.

We will be back and next time maybe even wait around for our prizes – Spencer

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile, Race 1 – 3 November

5 Stu Lumsden 28:55
17 Craig Slyde 33:41
21 Matthew Hathwell 34:54
22 Spencer Davies 34:55
25 Martin McHugh 35:20
45 Tony Mackness 38:41
49 Rich Cawley 39:12
54 Mick Duggan 40:29
59 Paul Cozens 40:49
65 Lisa Bragg 41:14
78 Jo Arden 44:29
79 Julie Liggett 44:45
83 Dawn Webb 46:19
88 Sara Phipps 46:58
93 Chris Archer 49:28
106 Tracey Cox 57:02

16 Northbrookers and 5 supporters descended on Chelmsley Wood in anticipation of the start of the Grand Prix. The weather was good, cool and sunny even if the ground was wet in places. We lined up and took our places, Stu
to lead us home, Craig full of beer was supposed to be taking it easy – yeah right.

As the race progressed pockets of battles developed, Matt, Martin and me dragging and pushing each other, Stu was way ahead, Craig was not taking it easy, supporting groups of sunbursts were right through the field, backed
up by our vocal supporters ensuring that we knew what was going on.

A great race, low key, local and cheap to enter. This could be a good Northbrook season at the Grand Prix – Spencer

Bedworth Park 5k – 3 November

  Lisa Bragg 24:58

Enigma Fireworks Trail Marathon, Milton Keynes – 2 November

  Tony Bowe 3:54:04

Warwick University Cross-Country Relays – 2 November

Northbrook Men – 14th 58:26

1 Pete Stafford 14:02
2 Matt Hathrell 14:41
3 James Lacey 14:21
4 Martin McHugh 15:22

Northbrook Men – 18th 64:30

1 Mike Wheeler 14:13
2 Kyle Beddoe 15:17
3 Steve Handy 15:47
4 Fraser Barrett 19:40

Northbrook Men – 19th 64:57

1 Terry Moynihan 14:27
2 Sean Duffy 15:29
3 David Mills 15:51
4 Rich Cawley 18:43

Northbrook Men – 20th 65:53

1 Tommy Dempsey 14:41
2 Austin Wade 16:00
3 David Hadley 17:46
4 Martin Gavin 17:26

Northbrook Men – 21st 67:43

1 Adrian Lowe 15:55
2 Richard Gould 16:34
3 Bret Stokes 17:35
4 Mark Baker 17:39

Northbrook Women – 5th 51:57

1 Megan Miller 18:00
2 Cath Fenn 16:27
3 Katherine Plunkett 17:30

Northbrook Women – 10th 60:13

1 Dawn Webb 18:18
2 Elle Townsend 16:31
3 Yvonne Boyle 25:24

Northbrook Women – 11th 63:41

1 Kelly Parker 22:46
2 Helen Morris 20:06
3 Debbie Campbell 20:49

Northbrook Women – 12th 68:48

1 Carolyn Hadley 24:41
2 Becky Colbourne 17:00
3 Tracey Williams 27:07

Northbrook Women – 13th 69:00

1 Lottie Graham 17:50
2 Linda Richards 22:43
3 Tracey Cox 28:27

Northbrook Women – 14th 69:35

1 Verity Crichton 22:34
2 Pia Singh 24:27
3 Antoinette McHugh 22:34

Northbrook Women – 15th 71:01

1 Helen Hodge 22:24
2 Melissa Murray 20:41
3 Jane Stephens 27:56

Northbrook Mixed – 6th 59:23

1 Colin Piper 13:16
2 Craig Slyde 14:41
3 Amanda Atkins 16:09
4 Natasha White 15:17

Northbrook Mixed – 15th 70:27

1 Craig Murray 15:23
2 Tim Hughes 17:55
3 Sarah McNaney 17:14
4 Sarah Duffy 19:55

Northbrook Mixed – 16th 73:33

1 Spencer Davies 15:05
2 Kevin Coughlan 17:22
3 Sara Phipps 18:53
4 Emma Vardy 22:13
1 Joanne Richards 24:19

Fifty-four Northbrookers and just as many supporters headed to warwick University to take over their relays. We filled the hall in anticipation of the wet conditions outside. Though it was not raining the ground showed the signs that there was plenty of mud underfoot. This was squishy, boggy, slippy and ankle deep in places, a perfect opportunity for the last cross-country trial before the all important League fixtures. With their being so many of us it felt like every other person finishing was wearing a sunburst.

Leg 1 was fast, the students were out to show the older generation what speed is all about. We older generation reeled them in over the distance, patience and experience making up for the impetuous youth out there. It was certainly wet and muddy but we all gave it our best. The teams raced against each other rather than for position resulting in friendly rivalries and great running by all.

A warm up in the pub afterwards and time to clean the spikes ready for the 1st League races. Coundon Hall Park, Northbrook are coming – Spencer