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October 2019

Lakeland Trails Dirty Double – 26/27 October

Saturday Cath Fenn 1:24:11
Sunday Cath Fenn 1:30:31

Starting and finishing at Jenkins Field, on the shores of Ullswater in Glenridding, the “Dirty Double” is the finale of the Lakeland Trails season.

Saturday: the 15K Helvellyn Trail Challenge follows a circuit along footpaths and bridleways that take you into the foothills of Helvellyn, with elevated panoramic views of Ullswater, and dramatic vistas of Helvellyn and the surrounding peaks. Underfoot conditions were wet and tricky in places.

Sunday: Starting from the Ullswater Pier at Glenridding, the journey starts with a beautiful half hour cruise aboard the Ullswater Steamer, which takes you to the start in the hamlet of Howtown. The 14K Ullswater Trail Challenge follows footpaths and bridleways along the lake shore, giving panoramic views of Helvellyn and the surrounding peaks, finishing back in Jenkins Field. Much of the course passes through ancient woodland at its autumnal best. Underfoot conditions varied with some tricky rocky and tree rooted sections adding to the fun.

Cannock Chase Trail 10k – 27 October

  Jane Stephens 1:31:31
  Tracey Williams 1:31:32
  Yvonne Boyle 1:31:55

Bedworth Park Trail 5k – 27 October

  Martin McHugh 20:44
  Lisa Bragg 24:44
  Annie McHugh 30:41

Stroud Half-Marathon – 27 October

  Tom Miller 1:40:55
  Paul Robbins 1:42:38

Rugby Half-Marathon – 27 October

12 Robin Aston 1:22:54  
61 Craig Slyde 1:31:56  
70 Thomas Mitchell 1:33:19 PB
172 Tony Bowe 1:44:23  
273 Claudie Combelas 1:53:25  
535 Pia Singh 2:16:03  
627 Chris Archer 2:25:43  

Last minute entry for Chris and Claudie, Claudie seeking revenge for pulling out of the Thames Trot 50 miler yesterday having collided with a tree: “It jumped out” she claims. In the event the weather was lovely in Rugby, the trees remained in their places and the 2-lap course gave us enough ups and downs to keep it interesting. Triple T pulled up at 8 miles but the rest of us got around to receive the rugby ball shaped medal, which may come in handy as I understand there is a competition on for the odd-shaped ball at the mo – Chris

Veenendaal BVC Circuit 2019 Race 1 – 26 October

  Amy Burdis 28:48
  Steve Turvey 38:37


I was visiting Northbrook’s ‘Dutch Ambassador’, Amy Burdis, for her birthday weekend. Naturally we had to find the nearest race, which fortunately wasn’t too far away in Veenendaal. The course itself was surprisingly hilly (they do have some proper hills there, it seems!) with steep climbs at the start of each lap and gorgeous descents later on to make up for it. Part of the course was used for cyclo-cross, so we also had plenty of sand to compete with.

As with UK cross-country races, the women get a little short-changed on the distance, meaning that Amy completed 5760m, whilst I got to do a bonus lap in running 9360m – Steve

Goyt Valley Challenge, Buxton – 20 October

  David Tittle 6:45:00


I would recommend this event to all lovers of trails, hills, bogs, mud, streams, more hills, stings in the tail and amazing scenery.

The distance is 39.9km with an elevation gain of 1169m.

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 1 – 20 October

5 Oliver Jones 39:10 3rd SM
17 Natasha White 42:16 1st female, 1st FV35
23 Craig Slyde 43:21  
44 Tony Forde 46:00  
69 Martin McHugh 47:25  
72 Spencer Davies 47:37  
95 Richard Hands 49:09  
123 Cath Fenn 51:05  
161 Claudie Combelas 54:00 3rd FV55
200 Michael Cherrington 56:58  
202 Rich Cawley 57:00  
223 Ellie Aldridge 58:38  
265 Sara Phipps 1:02:04  
269 Pete Marshall 1:02:38  
273 Chris Archer 1:03:07  

Fifteen Northbrookers headed to the little village of Ilmington for the first race in the Winter Series. The weather was as close to perfect as you could ask for, cold and sunny but you would soon warm up. It might be a small village, but there is a significant hill here which draws us all back.

Hill first on this route and after the fast 1st km we turned and saw the beast of a hill in front of us. My eyes looked up and I remembered what was about to come; embrace the pain and don’t go too hard. Plenty of time after this to recover and make up. The hill doesn’t get any easier, and I saw my club colleagues disappear and come back into view.

I locked onto Martin and knew this would be a good battle as we pushed and pulled each other along. Similar battles were happening throughout the field with a good representation right through the field. Our supporters were out giving us updates and pushing us on and they gave us that extra urge to keep on pushing right through to the finish.

Great running by all followed up by a drink and a meal in the local pub. Village first next time – Spencer

A number of old hands and a number of Ilmington virgins convened in the south of Warwickshire for the first of this season’s series. Great race conditions: cool calm and clear. While Angela was busy dodging a crash-landing drone, Natasha was at the sharp end of the race taking first female. Oliver secured a creditable 5th place overall with Claudie earning 3rd in her category. So much for the “easier” way around, we’ll see what the reverse fixture brings in November – Chris

Great South Run 10-Mile, Portsmouth – 20 October

2725 Mark Dalton 1:21:30

Lisbon Marathon – 20 October

  Lottie Graham 4:33:18

Having missed the Abingdon entries, I decided to go further afield and have some last minute sun for my second marathon attempt. A 40 minute tram journey out to the coastal town Cascais (just catching a beautiful sunrise) followed by a slightly chaotic start (inline skaters, about 8 portable toilets for 5,000 runners and no real starting pens) and we were off. It started with 12k of an out and back before going along the coast back into the centre of Lisbon. The route was absolutely beautiful and had plenty of aid stations along the way, although lacked any crowd support until the last 3k.

I didn’t have a great race, as after a good start I managed to get hit on the head by a water bottle and spent the last 13 miles weaving across the road. Nonetheless, a beautiful course and not too far off a PB despite the concussion!

Abingdon Marathon – 20 October

  Gemma Ross 3:42:14
  Sarah Duffy 3:59:16
  Eleanor Townsend 4:16:07
  Allison Smith 4:24:03

Amsterdam Marathon – 20 October

  Thomas Mitchell 3:27:30 PB
  Lisa Bragg 4:11:52  


I’ve always been a fan, flat course (my sister disagrees), my old stomping ground, summer training, start and finish in the Olympic stadium, etc, etc. Having said that, I’ve not run a road marathon since my last time here in 2005. I wasn’t going to run one unless I could be competitive. I’ve finally bashed that mentality out of me. Will never get another pb at this distance but I now feel confident I can get within 26 minutes, when I train. So I will. Slower than I can do but faster than I deserved – Lisa

Yorkshire 10-Mile – 20 October

  Sally Eason 1:15:58 3rd FV55
  Tom Cox 1:23:15  
  Tony Hughes 1:28:26  

Yorkshire Marathon – 20 October

886 Rob Cox 3:33:16 1
1532 Mark Baker 3:56:50  
  Jamie Gould 4:24:55  
4268 Mark Parker 6:31:14 2
4269 Damien Dear 6:31:15 2

1 subject to appeal
2 world record for Viking boat

The Yorkshire Marathon was the final race of the year for me in the Masters Series. Previous races were over 10Km and a Half Marathon.

I was representing Wales as part of a Celtic team v England in the MV50 category. It’s fair to say that I haven’t been in great form for this series and any hopes of improvement were dashed by a foot injury, which I have been managing for a while. Last week it flared up, and I would have pulled out of the race if I were not part of the Celtic Team. It is an honour to wear the Welsh vest and any opportunity to run could be the last! Therefore, I decided to follow a strategy of going slower with short strides but more steps. This would reduce each foot impact. However, the Masters runners are placed near the front of the race, so I had to keep out of the way. Things settled down until later in the race when my feet and knees were feeling the extra steps.

My finishing time was my slowest ever Marathon. However, finishing was a miracle, and it’s amazing what mind over matter can achieve. I wasn’t feeling too bad at the end, and could still walk, so now it’s time for a full rest before the cross-country season. I’ll be in a new MV55 category next year, so I hope to get back in the team with some faster runs – Mark Baker


Perfect running conditions with it being cool, not too windy and dry. Although billed as being flat there are a number of significant long slow burning hills particularly up and down the A166 with U-turns at each end which I understand presented particular challenges for the 85 foot long Viking boat with a limited turning circle.

Very pleased with my debut at this distance but particular kudos to Mark and Damien who, with their fellow Vikings, were successful in beating the world record for 40 Vikings carrying a boat, by something in the region of 2 hours – Rob

Rotary Blenheim 10k – 20 October

  Catherine Armstrong 47:50 PB

An all time 10k PB. Pacing went out of the window and I started far too fast, meaning that the second half was really painful! Beautiful course though so I did try to enjoy it.

Midlands Cross-Country Relays – 19 October

Men – 34th

29 Liam Mills 22:17
35 Austin Wade 26:10
34 Craig slyde 24:16
33 Martin McHugh 26:12

Men – 36th

52 Kyle Beddoe 27:18
51 Francis Mason 28:30
46 Kevin Coughlan 27:59
40 Spencer Davies 26:32

Men – 45th

51 Adrian Lowe 27:07
53 Tim Hughes 31:59
54 Rich Cawley 29:50
45 Sean Duffy 25:54

4 legs of 6km per leg

Women – 16th

18 Amanda Adkins 26:18
16 Cath Fenn 27:44
16 Becky Colbourne 29:40

Women – 34th

34 Ellie Aldridge 32:27
31 Antoinette McHugh 37:10
34 Nav Rai 39:41

Women – 35th

30 Emma Vardy 31:23
37 Jane Stephens 46:24
35 Dawn Webb 31:59

Women – 37th

41 Pia Singh 35:54
38 Tracey Cox 43:22
37 Tracey williams 38:52

3 legs of 6km per leg

Twenty-four northbrookers and four supporters headed over to Aldersley Village for the first cross-country fixture of the season, 4 women’s teams and 3 men’s teams. We’d set them up to race against each other. The weather was good, not typical cross-country, but the sponginess of the grass and the inclines made it feel like a xc fixture. It was good to see 13 new faces trying out cross-country. Every one set off smiling on their first lap as they passed us encouraging, their 2nd laps were not so smiling and the abuse was there to keep them trying. But the finish straight was all about encouragement. They may not have smiled as they finished, but after a couple of minutes the smiles were beaming and the stories of their own races were plentiful.

This was a great day. We may not be up there with the podium places on this event but we turn up, show our colours, give each other great support and ensure that the Northbrook support is one of the loudest out there – Spencer



Dave Lewis 27.5 Mile Trail Challenge, Kelham – 19 October

  Tony Bowe 6:28:13

NYRR Staten Island Half-Marathon – 13 October

528 Craig Slyde 1:30:16

Manchester Wiggle Half-Marathon – 13 October

  Caroline Parkinson 1:56:42

Draycote Water 10k – 13 October

  Katherune Plunkett 47:18  
  Ritchie Allen 47:18  
  Leisha Smith 51:23 PB

Birmingham Short Half-Marathon – 13 October

  Pia Singh 1:40:30

Route shortened to 11 miles.

Oxford Half-Marathon – 13 October

  Jane Stephens 2:44:12

A very wet race, with a down pour whilst running most of it.

Eden Project Marathon and Half-Marathon – 13 October


21 Damien Dear 3:35:19
90 Martin McHugh 4:10:01
157 Claudie Combelas 4:37:03
207 Mark Parker 4:58:57


224 Richard Hands 1:55:21
262 Spencer Davies 1:58:12
657 Rich Cawley 2:26:43
768 Chris Archer 2:38:44
805 Sara Phipps 2:43:56
806 Catherine Shepherd 2:43:55
  Sean Duffy 2:01:05*

* changed to half-marathon en route

A weekend planned in Cornwall for the Eden full and half soon came around. The partying had been in full swing, the beach had been visited, parkrun had been done and we were beginning to eat the campsite out of food. But Sunday morning bought misty fog and very wet conditions. Before we started everyone was soaked, our supporters were just wanting to get in the dry domes and for us to start so they could be out of the rain.

The marathoners started first, then we in the half were dragged out to the start. We were then introduced to the Kenyans on the front line. I wondered what we had been talked into back in March. I decided I would not race them today.

The first 2 miles were downhill on road (more like rivers after the rain). We then turned on to the trails which progressively got deeper with ankle sucking mud. This was going to be hard. I was glad to see the back of the mud and land back on tarmac. To find the tarmac was unrelenting, hill after hill. I’m not sure what profile I’d been studying but this was steep uphill and plummeting downhills. As I was out to enjoy this one, I made the most of banter with marshalls all the way round, they gave as good as I was giving which meant the miles just slipped away.

The Kenyans at this point were finished, showered, fed and watered and enjoying the heat of the domes. The last mile and the domes of the Eden Project came into view, then I heard the Northbrook supporters. I was still at the top and with half a mile to go it was concerning if they were all I could hear. But it was downhill and I was waving at every cheer of abuse and encouragement. Aeroplaning into the finish to get a high five off the organiser before venturing round to find the supporters that were so vocal.

The sun had come out now and it was good to sit down with a well earned beer and pasty. Shortly after I arrived the marathon winners started to come in making sure that Rich Cawley was pushed all the way to the line. Then Damien came storming through, Chris, Martin, Sara, Catherine, Claudie and a shell shocked and weary Mark to bring us all home.

This was a great event, very challenging and you certainly knew you had been on a half/full course while out there – Spencer


Green Leek Trail 10k, Burton Green – 13 October

  Martin Gavin 53:01
  David Tittle 64:27
  Tracey Williams 70:03

A lovely run even if it was a bit damp. Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it. A definite for next year – Martin

Trelissick parkrun (Spencer’s 100th) – 12 October

3 Damien Dear 19:56
36 Spencer Davies 24:26
58 Sarah Duffy 25:58
74 Claudie Combelas 27:33
110 Rich Cawley 30:14
128 Sara Phipps 31:11
129 Chris Archer 31:12
170 Mark Parker 36:13
182 Kelly Parker 37:41
183 Tracey Cox 37:59
205 Jordan Tooth 41:40
207 Catherine Shepherd 42:00

Saturday morning after a night of heavy drinking bought us to Trelissick parkrun for a couple of milestone parkruns. As it was my 100th I decided to celebrate as Spiderman; it was made more special as close friends made the trip with us to participate. Sarah was celebrating becoming a tourist.

Trelissick is a National Trust parkrun and its absolutely stunning. You run along the estuary on trail paths before climbing for a loop around Harrys fort. Then back down and finish up to the end. Damien pushed and got 3rd. I discovered running in the suit was a little warm, Rich was on his return, Jordan was a parkrun virgin and the Northbrook contingent was everywhere.

A fantastic morning out finishing up with dispensed cider and cakes – Spencer


Centurion Running Autumn Trail 100, Goring-on-Thames – 12 October

  Tony Bowe 24:32:45

River Ness 10k, Inverness – 6 October

  Chris Goodman 38:23 PB
  Kirstie Murray 52:02  


Over the weekend we made the long annual trip up to Scotland to support a friend who was running the Loch Ness marathon.

Whilst waiting for him finish we ran the River Ness 10k, one of the fastest 10k races in the country. The rain subsided just before the start, and we had a nice cool dry run which gave me a new PB – Chris

Bournemouth Half-Marathon – 6 October

  Pete Marshall 2:23:40

Rugby 10 Mile – 6 October

11 Stuart Lumsden 0:59:18  
26 Liam Mills 1:03:53  
28 Damien Dear 1:04:13  
38 Steven Turvey 1:05:42  
56 Ben Smith 1:07:57  
78 Tommy Dempsey 1:10:41  
89 Martin McHugh 1:11:46  
96 Tony Forde 1:12:33  
110 Peter Fellows 1:13:52  
121 Mark Baker 1:14:58  
125 Spencer Davies 1:16:01  
126 Jamie Gould 1:16:01  
136 Sally Eason 1:17:18  
142 Kyle Beddoe 1:17:50  
143 Tony Bowe 1:17:54  
152 Rob Cox 1:18:27  
156 Kevin Coughlan 1:18:48  
161 Charlotte Mills 1:19:08  
176 David Mills 1:21:14  
178 Dave Halford 1:21:26  
179 Darron Handley 1:21:28  
185 Katherine Plunkett 1:22:42  
189 Louise Myers 1:23:15  
195 Lisa Bragg 1:24:34  
205 Megan Miller 1:26:06  
207 Leisha Smith 1:26:09 PB
214 Eleanor Townsend 1:27:36  
218 David Giles 1:27:56  
247 Richard Gould 1:32:43  
266 Pia Singh 1:37:26  
268 Sarbjit Sumal 1:38:57  
286 Catherine Shepherd 1:48:48  
287 Tracey Williams 1:48:59  

Chester Marathon – 6 October

565 Jonathan Seed 3:29:29  
661 Terry Moynihan 3:33:54  
839 Craig Slyde 3:42:24  
951 Sean Duffy 3:45:42 PB
1148 Tom Miller 3:54:10  
1274 Mark Parker 3:56:37 PB
1514 Steve Damms 4:04:17  
3002 Linda Richards 5:47:35  

Following heavy rain in the week building up to this event, the organisers managed to tinker with the start and finish areas to ensure the race could go ahead. There were over 3,000 starters and 8 runners from Northbrook taking part. Conditions were pretty decent with the heavy rain staying away for the majority of the race. There were a couple of light showers and only one heavy downpour which meant that we weren’t completely soaked through as we tackled the countryside and hills in Cheshire and Wales. The 2 hills at mile 24 seem a tad harsh – Sean

I entered Leicester marathon a couple of weeks ago, then that got rained off. Thanks to Chris Perkins for letting me have his entry for Chester. A 5:15am start to drive up to Chester is perhaps not the best prep. Thanks to Craig for driving.
A mixed bag of results. Craig, Terry, Tom and I all blew up to varying degrees. Mark came home with a big PB. Linda turned emergency responder when someone dislocated a kneecap (ouch!). Very happy with the result considering I’ve averaged 15miles/wk over the past 3 months and it was a last minute decision to enter. Definitely the toughest race I’ve ever done. Missed my PB by 50secs – Jonathan

Seco Alcester 10k – 6 October 

  Martin Gavin 53:02

Lovely morning for a run in beautiful countryside, sold out and very well supported, really enjoyed it even though it was a bit tricky getting through the crowd at the beginning. Would definitely recommend it.

Hanney 5 – 6 October 

  Catherine Armstrong 37:42 PB

My third time here – first time with Northbrook. A fairly flat five-miler around the Oxfordshire village where I grew up. Perfect temperature although a bit blustery! Very well organised and competitive with lots of fast local female club runners. Massive PB for me – 1 min and 23 secs better than previous best at this distance.

Cardiff Half-Marathon – 6 October

6399 Paul McGurk 1:58:33

Tweed Valley Tunnel Trail Run 20k, Peebles – 5 October

  Claudie Combelas 2:12:50
  Chris Archer 2:39:43

A flat run out along the Tweed river for the first 9k, then up to a 400m vantage point above the valley before heading back down through the gorgeous forest and through the specially lit disused train tunnel for 600m about a mile from the finish. Brilliant autumn day for it, we’ll be doing this one again – Chris

2019 BMF Supersonic 10k, Bournemouth – 5 October

  Paul Berrett 1:00:22