Northbrook Results

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September 2019

Exmouth 10k – 29 September

  Paul Robbins 45:55

Bournville Leafy 10k – 29 September

201 Sara Phipps 1:08:28

Great Scottish Run – 29 September

10km race

  Liam Mills 36:44 PB
  John Pollard 48:59  


  Charlotte Mills 1:47:52 PB

Double Gloucester 5 Mile – 29 September

20 Damien Dear 42:23
23 Spencer Davies 43:08
54 Mark Parker 51:10
77 Lottie Graham 62:36
78 Sarah Duffy 62:36
90 Catherine Shepherd 69:06


This was an event that we had entered and had pretended we had not. The cheese rolling hill (Coopers Hill) in Gloucester is famed for chasing a cheese down it. Then some sadistic race director came up with the ingenious idea of a 5 mile race up it! There was no parking available so we parked at race collection about a mile and a half away. Pushchairs, hangovers, kids and runners made their way up to the start. To put it into perspective, to get to the bottom of the hill was a mile of 25% gradient single track road, the double pushchair famed for its exploits at Bedworth and Coventry was relayed up to the bottom of the hill. Everyone was already moaning then the sheer size of the hill stopped all conversation.

The 5 mile course started at the bottom of the hill, went up it, then looped for 4 miles before heading back up it to finish at the top. Sean, Kelly and supporters were going to stop at the bottom. Damien was going for King of the Hill (fastest up the first attempt) and was close in 2nd. You could tell those who tried for it, there were lungs everywhere at the top. For the rest of us we summitted and could muster the legs into action. The girls showed tremendous teamwork as fears were conquered (Lottie actually descended to help Catherine and Sarah). After the summit I was running in fear of Mark catching me; I found Damien and managed to drag him for a mile before he decided there was no way he was going to finish behind me.

There was mud, puddles, trenches, and it was great work till the bottom of the hill loomed into sight. Kelly was handing out Baby Bels to make the final ascent even harder. The kids were bellowing and we climbed. Damien had finished as I summitted then we waited. Mark appeared, making the most of the climb, then he stopped, kids and adults were using him for hand holds, then the biggest bellowing voice ever appeared. If she shouted your name you literally ran up the hill in fear. Mark looked shell-shocked. Lottie and Sarah climbed together, Lottie guiding and helping Sarah to a finish where they held hands to cross the line. Then it was Catherine’s turn, Damien and Lottie descending to encourage her, the booming voice was bellowing, she made it safely and looking shell-shocked.

I was told off for finding a stupid race, but by the time we were reunited with the kids and the cars the smiles had returned. Great event, not a pb course, but a great course that will make you laugh – Spencer

Windsor Women’s 10k – 28 September

  Sara Phipps 1:10:39

Aston Subedge Trail Marathon – 28 September

  Tony Bowe 5:25:16

The Tissington Trail Half-Marathon – 29 September

  Claudie Combelas 1:55:12 3rd FV55
  Chris Archer 2:24:30 PB

Point to point trail half along the old railway line from Parsley Hay back to Ashbourne in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. “Conditions will be testing for runners” it said in the race brief. It was a bit windy and it rained hard towards the end, but otherwise a straightforward trot on a good surface on an overall downhill course. A grand day out, although we missed Pia, who had done it the previous day – Chris

The Tissington Trail Half-Marathon – 28 September

  Pia Singh 2:01:53

Hull Marathon – 22 September

578 Sara Phipps 5:19:05

Equinox 24 – 21/22 September

Team Chafing the Dream
Small team mixed
7th out of 143
Total time: 24:26:39

1 Jamie Gould 00:48:48
2 Damien Dear 00:45:08
3 Natasha White 00:44:51
4 Pete Stafford 00:52:44
5 Marie Edmunds 00:49:30
6 Jamie Gould 00:49:36
7 Natasha White 00:46:01
8 Richard Gould 00:57:41
9 Pete Stafford 00:46:46
10 Marie Edmunds 00:54:32
11 Jamie Gould 00:52:05
12 Natasha White 00:49:03
13 Damien Dear 00:44:51
14 Pete Stafford 00:48:19
15 Catherine Sheppard 01:05:33
16 Jamie Gould 00:55:02
17 Damien Dear 00:51:36
18 Damien Dear 00:50:35
19 Natasha White 00:50:48
20 Pete Stafford 00:50:41
21 Jamie Gould 00:58:30
22 Damien Dear 00:56:32
23 Natasha White 00:54:42
24 Pete Stafford 00:52:40
25 Jamie Gould 00:53:59
26 Marie Edmunds 00:54:55
27 Natasha White 00:55:02
28 Pete Stafford 00:55:22

Team Northbrooking Chance
Small team male
11th out of 143
Total time: 24:33:04

1 Craig Slyde 00:43:37
2 Mark Parker 00:56:09
3 Martin McHugh 00:49:14
4 Spencer Davies 00:52:43
5 John Davies 00:54:37
6 Craig Slyde 00:44:52
7 Mark Parker 00:57:21
8 Martin McHugh 00:49:20
9 Spencer Davies 00:52:50
10 John Davies 01:00:02
11 Craig Slyde 00:46:04
12 Mark Parker 00:53:31
13 Martin McHugh 00:53:37
14 Spencer Davies 00:59:14
15 John Davies 01:02:10
16 Craig Slyde 00:48:55
17 Mark Parker 00:55:56
18 Martin McHugh 00:57:10
19 Spencer Davies 00:59:46
20 John Davies 01:03:55
21 Craig Slyde 00:46:42
22 Mark Parker 00:55:24
23 Martin McHugh 00:53:48
24 Spencer Davies 00:52:52
25 John Davies 01:02:54
26 Craig Slyde 00:47:55
27 Mark Parker 01:01:49

Team Northbrook Rising
Small team mixed
48th out of 143
Total time: 24:38:08

1 Claudie Combelas 01:00:36
2 Caroline Parkinson 01:02:50
3 Tim Hughes 01:02:44
4 Adrian Lowe 00:55:57
5 Chris Archer 01:15:01
6 Claudie Combelas 00:59:30
7 Caroline Parkinson 01:03:32
8 Tim Hughes 01:01:36
9 Adrian Lowe 01:01:59
10 Chris Archer 01:17:16
11 Claudie Combelas 00:59:12
12 Caroline Parkinson 01:06:03
13 Tim Hughes 01:15:39
14 Adrian Lowe 01:01:20
15 Chris Archer 01:20:45
16 Claudie Combelas 00:59:39
17 Caroline Parkinson 01:12:42
18 Tim Hughes 01:28:02
19 Adrian Lowe 00:59:04
20 Chris Archer 01:21:39
21 Claudie Combelas 01:00:17
22 Caroline Parkinson 01:04:36

Team The Pharatrons
65th out of 70
Total time: 24:31:08

1 Laura Steward 01:48:37
2 Liz Pharoah 01:03:40
3 Liz Pharoah 01:18:20
4 Liz Pharoah 02:03:12
5 Liz Pharoah 01:23:29
6 Liz Pharoah 01:26:14
7 Laura Steward 02:00:55
Day 10k
118 competed

56 Annie McHugh 01:13:51


One of the best weekends of the year got off to a cracking start with the advance recon team of Davies and Cox bagging our cheer/camping pitch site on the finish straight 200 metres from the finish line. Then the troops started to arrive, the weather was glorious and the beer was flowing; after all carbing up for a 24 hr event is essential, right?

First up was the Friday night beer mile and we had a surprise up our sleeves. I had no idea how popular the surprise would be, they were queuing to get photos taken with me in the 2 metre inflatable dinosaur costume. We were famous, spiderman aka Jamie, and dinosaur aka me were the cabaret for the live band and the start of the beer mile. A few tricks were needed as the beer for the beer mile had to be inside the costume as was the head torch. Again we stole top fancy dress outfits but this was proving more difficult than I had thought, most of the beer was spilled over me by excitable adults and children. There was a head torch problem as it was not securely attached, then it ended up in the tail.

They said go and I went for it, needing a head start. After 10 metres I realised how dark it was, how blind I was and how hot it was in the costume. Then like every good superhero, Spiderman came to my rescue. He guided me along the whole mile much to the joy, applause and encouragement of the whole event campsite. Northbrook had secured legendary status in 1 mile, well done to the rest of us that completed the beer mile.

Then the following day it was the main event and hangovers were rife, I was worried as Mark being second off in my team had not been seen moving for 2 hours and was grey. The day 10K started with the main event and Annie held her own, a top half finish for someone who had not done the course (and “that hill”) before. Its name as a segment was chosen for a reason.

The teams went with Annie and as the laps rolled by the teams progressed, 3 teams and half of a pairsome so there was always a Northbrooker out there to cheer. We started in glorious sun, with the castle as an ideal postcard picture in the background. It became colder at night but the pace did not drop, two of the teams were heading to the top 10 and we were cruising. As dawn broke, we were still strong though fatigue was telling as legs were being pounded to climb “that Hill”. Then the heavens opened, “Chafing the Dream” were top of the two teams but their pace was dropping. “Northbrooking Chance” dragged, pushed, shouted and cajoled them around, the club pulled together and we kept pushing out the laps. Last lap out and the glory legs fell to Pete, Mark and Caroline. “Do us proud and get us up that table” were their instructions. If pride could be bottled, then it is seeing your fellow club mates charge
the finish line with the sail banner. (The only thing missing at that point was the dinosaur who had been packed away). Half of a pairsome, 1 10K day runner, 1 experienced team and 2 novice (to Equinox) teams, loads of supporters (who have shouted and drunk themselves hoarse), a club reputation written into Equinox 2019 history books. What else could we ask for?

As we sat having a beer watching the cars queue to get out and listening to the awards, we had forgotten something. Our own Natasha White had only won 2nd place in “Queen of the Hill”. After all why would you not put a time trial on the toughest segment out there? I would have needed her speed to get there in time but I tried and I did not spill a drop!!


This is one of the best events around. If you want team spirit, a competition, a challenge, a party atmosphere then Equinox is the answer. Will we be back? Hell yeah I have more ideas that require the troops to come on board and I know they look forward to it as much as I do, even if at first some of the ideas are met with “Whattttt? – Spencer

Balsall Common 10k – 22 September

7 Stuart Lumsden 35:39  
15 Steve Turvey 38:16  
32 Darren Taplin 40:36  
54 Tommy Dempsey 42:46  
60 Matthew Hathrell 43:24  
87 Peter Fellows 45:48  
97 David Giles 46:37  
100 Ben Tabram 46:37  
124 Catherine Armstrong 47:59 PB
136 Darron Handley 49:12  
140 Louise Myers 49:27  
144 Mark Dalton 50:06  
146 Tony Bowe 50:16  
160 Michael Cherrington 52:00  
177 Pia Singh 54:28  
178 Bob Adams 54:28  
206 Dawn Webb 58:31  
207 Lottie Graham 58:31
215 Paul Berrett 60:08  
224 Nav Rai 66:52  
230 Ros Myers 69:22  
240 Jane Stephens 72:32  
244 Jeanette Chattawy 76:49  

Clew Bay 10k, Ireland – 21 September

  Martin Gavin 53:04


Midland Counties Road Relays, Sutton Park – 21 September

Men 6 x 5.88km

Team Gazelle
Position 55
Total time: 2:14:49

49 Stuart Lumsden 20:44
45 Robin Aston 21:51
47 Oliver Jones 21:54
54 Sean Duffy 23:52
54 Steve Turvey 22:53
55 Terry Moynihan 23:35

Team Pronghorn
Position 99
Total time: 2:45:32

105 Steve Handy 25:13
101 David Mills 26:57
97 Austin Wade 25:37
99 Kyle Beddoe 27:53
95 Paul Robbins 26:48
99 Fraser Barratt 33:04

Team Springbok
Position 100
Total time: 2:46:02

110 Tom Miller 26:58
103 Craig Murray 25:16
99 Ben Tabram 26:15
101 Kevin Coughlan 27:53
100 Bob Adams 30:20
100 Francis Mason 29:25

Women 4 x 4.33km

Team Lightning
Position 61
total time: 1:20:40

62 Amanda Adkins 19:04
66 Sarah Duffy 20:17
58 Sarah McNaney 20:15
60 Lottie Graham 21:04

Team Electron
Position 86
total time: 1:34:47

82 Megan Miller 20:29
88 Jo Arden 23:08
84 Melissa Fagan 23:57
86 Helen Hodge 27:13

Team Proton
Incomplete team
total time: 1:14:14

96 Kirstie Murray 22:14
94 Pia Singh 23:50
101 Emma Mitchell 28:10




This is the road race I love to hate. Organisation is a nightmare as you need a crystal ball to forecast the future injury status social calendar of Northbrook AC a month ahead of the event, the annual grid lock getting into/out of Sutton Park makes a Los Angeles freeway look derelict, distinctly average overpriced coffee, nervousness wondering if everyone will arrive, an unforgiving course with an ice-cream van placed midway round laughing at you as you pass since there’s no opportunity to stop… I could go on. However, it was the Northbrook spirit of 29 great runners that turned these minor downsides into a great overall success to reflect on, with six of our teams pitted against the top clubs spanning Nottingham to Bristol. And we held our heads high, with a very respectable finish for both the men’s and women’s teams.

For the men, team Gazelle finished 55th led out by Stu Lumsden and tailed in by me (quite a bit slower for me I’m afraid), which placed us 4 positions higher than last year. I’d organised two equally paced teams for good club competition with the remaining men and was delighted to see team Springbok and Pronghorn finishing within 30 seconds of each other – not bad for a 35km race!

The women’s teams were also on great form, with Amanda Adkins leading out team Lightning and all four participants putting in great performances to live up to the name. They finished 61st out of over 100 top midlands teams. Team Electron was meant to be pitted against team Proton, but unfortunately team Proton was jinxed from the outset as the four-member team was reduced to three, due to an unfortunate mid-week injury. I put it down to poor team naming choice since a proton comprises 3 rather than 4 quarks. Nevertheless, teams Electron and Proton put in excellent performances, living up to the supersonic speeds of the sub-atomic particles. Putting chemical analogies aside, everyone put in a great performance, were smiling, and should be proud of themselves. I came away with a great sense of pride of being part of Northbrook AC. 

We were also fortunate to come away with some silverware from Midland Counties XC for being the most improved club. I was a little embarrassed at collecting it, since I generally bleat about not liking vross-country at every available opportunity. However, the embarrassment didn’t extend to avoiding the photo opportunity.

Finally, many people say organising the event is a thankless task. It isn’t. A large number of people thanked me before, during and after the event and I’m grateful to you. While in an attempt to produce a vaguely amusing spiel, I’ve pointed out some of the more challenging aspects, let me know if you’d like to arrange next year’s event. It’s very straightforward – Terry

Cransley Hospice Half-Marathon, Kettering – 15 September

  Pia Singh 2:03:22
  Tracey Williams 2:39:38

Tibberton Trot 10k – 15 September

  Simon Jones 47:25
  Dawn Webb 59:56


A new 10k trail race in Tibberton. A great course for cross-country practice, with a goody bag that includes a voucher for a drink at the local Sutherland Arms – Dawn

Worcester Half-Marathon – 15 September

  Tommy Dempsey 1:33:18

Worcester City 10k – 15 September

  Eleanor Townsend 50:15

Handsworth Park 10k – 15 September

  Chris Archer 1:09:32

Bit of an up and down three-lap course around Handsworth Park in the September sunshine in aid of British Heart Foundation. Community feel about this low key event.

Forest Trail Marathon, Henley-in-Arden – 14 September

  Lisa Bragg 5:42:00
  Claudie Combelas 5:42:00
  Tony Bowe 6:20:00


It was a lovely day, clear blue sky, a little warm but not hot. The course was beautiful, hardly any roadwork, mainly fields and woodland, lots of hills and as always a LOT of styles and kissing gates.
Claudie really kept me going for the last 9 miles, I was really low but we finished together – Lisa

Forest Trail Marathon – 17 Mile Event, Henley-in-Arden – 14 September

37 David Tittle 3:53:00

A slow time due to a hamstring and getting a bit lost.

Forest Trail 10k, Henley-in-Arden – 14 September

9 Chris Archer 1:41:00

A bit of a hot one in the lovely fields and by-ways of Warwickshire. Self navigation went a bit awry so there was a bit of crawling through hedges which added to the mileage and the time. A friendly little trail race.

New Forest Trail Half-Marathon – 8 September

  Dawn Webb 2:20:01


My first trail half-marathon and I loved it!

Draycote Water 10k – 8 September

24 Sally Eason 47:03 2nd FV50
35 Katherine Plunkett 50:06  
102 Annie McHugh 67:47 PB

Draycote Water 10 Miles – 8 September

19 Tommy Dempsey 1:10:37  
20 Martin McHugh 1:11:02 PB
79 John Murphy 1:31:25  
158 Jane Stephens 2:04:36  
159 Helen Hodge 2:04:37  

Draycote Water 20 Miles – 8 September

6 Martin Winch 02:17:30  
15 Terry Moynihan 02:24:21  
28 Jonathan Seed 02:30:37  
44 Mark Baker 02:39:28  
45 Tom Miller 02:39:58  
46 Rob Cox 02:40:44  
61 David Halford 02:46:41  
63 Gemma Ross 02:47:49 PB
113 Lottie Graham 03:17:01 PB
114 Eleanor Townsend 03:17:50  
129 Allison Smith 03:24:41  
161 Sara Boot 03:53:41  

Stratford Big 10k – 8 September

32 Robin Aston 36:57  
34 Oliver Jones 37:15 PB
169 Spencer Davies 43:01  
224 David Giles 45:01 PB
410 Peter Kirkhope 49:53  
458 Michael Cherrington 50:46  
482 Lee Miller 51:10 PB
574 Andrew Scruton 52:54  
638 Martin Gavin 52:23  
702 Eleanor Aldridge 54:17  
937 Tracey Williams 59:48 PB
989 Sarb Sumal 1:00:20  
1013 Chris Archer 1:00:58  
1272 Tracey Cox 1:09:03 PB

Fifteen Northbrookers, five from the training group, and supporters travelled to Stratford on a glorious morning. The weather was cool, no wind, dry and sunny – perfect. Nerves were plenty and the chat was keen. With the event having sold out it was busy, and having deposited the training groups in their various start areas we sorted ourselves out.

Oliver was way ahead as was Robin, but the interesting race for the day was between David, Kyle, Pete and me. Two chasing pbs, one injured and one struggling for form meant it was going to be competitive. I was pleased to lead the four of us home, a bit of form appearing to return as this was a “feel good” race. The greenway was sapping but there were plenty of runners to track down for the finish. PB’s were scattered through our ranks, and once my lungs were back working the encouragement and abuse rained down on Northbrook on the finish straight. Everyone ran amazingly well and the beers afterwards tasted even better for it.

As for the 10K training group, improvement was evident from all of them with Tori leading them home. She dodged a slap on the finish straight and did not even appear out of breath. Definitely one to watch.

Another great event and one of my favourites – Spencer




Simplyhealth Great North Run – 8 September

7105 Lisa Bragg 1:52:56
12513 Pia Singh 2:02:57
23472 Kevin Coughlan 2:23:19

Silverstone 10k – 4 September

  Damian Pharoah 37:51 PB

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – 31 August to 1 September

  Tony Bowe 44:56:27

106 miles and 33,000 ft of elevation in the Alps circumventing the Mont Blanc Massif. Between entry ballot rejections and injury, I’ve waited 4 years for this wonderful event in a magnificant part of the world. The race started at 6pm on the Friday evening and I eventually finished just before 3pm on the Sunday afternoon. My tactic was to try build up a time buffer of about 2 hours ahead of the cut-offs and also to stay well fed and watered throughout.

Going through 2 nights was a new challenge but it turned out not as bad as I anticipated. Nearly 1,000 runners DNF’d from a starting field of 2,543. I feel privileged that I got to do this and very happy that I successfully completed it.

Maidenhead Half-Marathon – 1 September

659 Mark Baker 1:44:35


Today was a tough run in the Maidenhead Half-Marathon representing MV50 Masters for Wales and the Celtic Team v England. I struggled in the warm conditions, finishing 10th in my category behind some very fast England runners. However, I was the 2nd Celtic Team finisher in my category.

This was the second event in the Masters competition this year. Next it’s the York marathon in October.

Wissey Half-Marathon – 1 September

  Catherine Armstrong 1:54:00

My third time at this small and very friendly half around the villages of West Norfolk. Mostly flat course, with a few long steady inclines. I ran a course best by just over two minutes. Set out at a conservative pace and still had some left in the tank at the end, but that was the plan!

Kenilworth Half-Marathon – 1 September

16 Stuart Lumsden 01:16:59  
67 Martin Winch 01:27:07  
92 Chris Goodman 01:28:28  
166 Sean Duffy 01:33:35 PB
173 Jo Brown 01:35:12  
194 Martin McHugh 01:36:18  
206 Andrew McConville 01:37:02  
267 Mark Parker 01:39:12  
269 Tony Forde 01:39:14  
270 Peter Fellows 01:39:25  
288 Steve Handy 01:39:44  
301 Rob Cox 01:40:15  
322 Kyle Beddoe 01:41:12  
347 Ian Paterson 01:42:53  
349 Gemma Ross 01:42:17 PB
350 Richard Hodge 01:42:07  
365 Sally Eason 01:43:02 3rd FV55
400 Tom Miller 01:45:12  
408 Adrian Lowe 01:44:54  
429 Sarah McNaney 01:46:03  
481 Terry Moynihan 01:46:51  
482 Sarah Duffy 01:48:23  
490 Liam Mills 01:48:07  
491 Charlotte Mills 01:48:08  
501 Peter Kirkhope 01:48:49  
509 Spencer Davies 01:50:02  
523 Mark Dalton 01:49:33  
559 Richard Hands 01:52:26  
590 Kevin Coughlan 01:52:30  
678 Lisa Bragg 01:56:32  
691 Lottie Graham 01:56:16  
690 Eleanor Townsend 01:56:16  
694 Claudie Combelas 01:56:17  
693 Katherine Plunkett 01:56:16  
713 Leisha Smith 01:57:23 PB
724 Pia Singh 01:58:22  
723 Melissa Armston 01:58:28  
800 Allison Smith 02:00:04  
842 John Murphy 02:03:33  
878 Kirstie Murray 02:04:33  
903 Adrian Powell 02:06:40  
969 Carolyn Hadley 02:09:05  
1201 Tracey Williams 02:26:36  
1204 Liane Powell 02:26:38  
1251 Chris Archer 02:31:02  
1297 Jane Stephens 02:45:19  
1308 Helen Hodge 02:51:29  
1310 Sue Clarke 02:51:29  
1311 Tracey Cox 02:51:29  
1309 Sara Phipps 02:51:29