Northbrook Results

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August 2019

Bedford Twilight 10k – 31 August

  Andy Scruton 55:48
  Ellie Aldridge 56:43

Bedford Festival of Running 5k – 31 August

  Andy Scruton 27:17

Rugeley 10k – 26 August

  Pia Singh 59:17

Badgers 10k – 25 August

41 Chris Goodman 43:09
161 Peter Kirkhope 51:41
308 Michael Cherrington 58:50
353 Kirstie Murray 61:20
423 Sara Phipps 65:30

Severn Bridge Half-Marathon – 25 August

718 Claudie Combelas 2:13:16
1215 Chris Archer 2:48:19

Claudie and I brought our passports for this race that takes in both Wales and England. Part of the M48 is closed to allow the starts on the old Severn bridge; we then ran across the bridge into England, taking in an undulating course with a challenging hill at the half way point. Then back round, across the bridge once more and into Wales for the finish. An excellent race, we’ll be back again – when with any luck it will be cooler. Good bling and a cotton tee-shirt to impress down the pub – Chris

Headington 5 Mile – 25 August

46 Craig Slyde 31:54
79 Tommy Dempsey 34:22

Liverpool to Leeds 130 Mile Canal Run – 24 August

14 Liz Pharoah 32:30:00 3rd female

Having run along the Grand Union Canal earlier this year, this race along a different canal appealed. The weekend itself was extremely hot due to the heatwave. There were aid stations every 15 miles so to get extra hydration it was ok to pop to the local pub or to have an icecream or ice lolly. There were some truly beautiful sights,a fantastic sunrise and a lovely clear evening for stargazing.

BRAT 5K Summerfield Smash – 21 August

86 Martin McHugh 21:06
89 Spencer Davies 21:20

Two of us picked up on BRAT’s attempt to resurrect their 5k race. With limited entries 120 started on the day and with the top end of the field having been “invited” we considered ourselves lucky (or is it unlucky) to have been involved. The course was all on tarmac in a park, flat, laps and potential to be fast. We both had our excuses lined up, and seeing the rest of the field we made up further excuses. In a great way to ensure that runners started in their right ability range the numbers were issued based on ability. We were 92 and 93!

The start was a sprint, and the greyhounds at the front quickly disappeared. I settled into my stride, keeping Martin in sight. I could make up the gap a little bit but his speed meant I could not catch him. It was quick, I just got away with not being lapped as the winner came in in 15 minutes. We both were happy and finished above our expected positions, one of us did not need any excuses, the other one took all the excuses.

A great race and one to revisit it if they put it back on – Spencer

Evolve Multi-Terrain Half Triathlon – 18 August

35 Spencer Davies 2:16:35

My first attempt at this distance meant this was always going to be a steep learning curve. After a dry run the week before and an injury 10 days earlier Tracey and I were happy to see the finish line. The result
was about what I planned. This was a great event and I will come back when the running improves.

Bedworth Park 5k – 18 August

1 Martin McHugh 21:01
13 Annie McHugh 31:18

Llandegfedd 10km Trail Run – 18 August

43 Mark Baker 55:45

Llandegfedd is a breathtaking hidden location for a run. The reservoir is reached through country lanes and has a visitor centre HQ. There were lots of heavy rain showers before the event, so trail shoes were needed – especially on the steep climbs and descents, through single track wooded paths, with stiles and gates to negotiate. The winning time was over 42 minutes, so it’s a challenging test. I was happy to get round intact, a bit further back.

Kimbolton Half-Marathon – 18 August

  Pia Singh 1:59:16

Massey Ferguson Corporate 5k – 14 August

15 Damian Pharoah 18:00
34 Terry Moynihan 20:03
40 Tommy Dempsey 20:43
69 Gemma Ross 22:31
88 Liz Pharoah 23:55
128 Fraser Barrett 27:08
156 Jason Brannigan 29:11
176 Helen Hodge 31:01
177 Dawn Webb 31:02
178 Nav Kaur 31:06
181 Jane Stephens 31:41

Bedworth Park 5k – 11 August

2 Martin McHugh 21:31
26 Annie McHugh 32:21

Birmingham Canal Canter – 11 August

26 miles trail

  Lisa Bragg 4:48:05
  Claudie Combelas 4:48:05
  Tony Bowe 6:04:00

18 miles trail

  Eleanor Townsend 3:50:00
  Sara Phipps 3:50:00
  Lottie Graham 3:50:00
  Liz Pharoah 3:50:00


Claudie and I ran this together, although I was caught up in the ‘excitement ‘ (fear of missing a turn) and hung on the coat tails of a local club for the first 5 miles. Claudie got her own back in the latter miles though. Five checkpoints with biscuits, fruit, savouries, cake and the middle one was a barbecue! (more for the walkers we think).

It rained on and off but that was quite nice as it helped us keep cool. Food was also provided at the end. A great day. We finished with a ‘mad sprint’ – Lisa






Stratford Summer 6 – 10 August

38 Natasha White 00:38:10 2nd FV35
77 Tommy Dempsey 00:41:01  
96 Martin McHugh 00:41:57  
118 Rob Cox 00:43:06  
123 Mark Baker 00:43:26  
127 Ian Paterson 00:43:47  
129 Peter Fellows 00:43:49  
132 David Mills 00:43:58 PB
141 Sally Eason 00:44:32 1st FV55
151 Cath Fenn 00:45:09  
163 Adrian Lowe 00:45:42  
177 Eleanor Townsend 00:46:50  
179 Darron Handley 00:46:58  
181 Catherine Armstrong 00:47:01  
226 Paul Cozens 00:50:15  
228 Charlotte Graham 00:50:18  
245 Michael Cherrington 00:51:26  
249 Julie Cozens 00:51:39 PB
275 Julie Liggett 00:54:02  
290 Melissa Armston 00:55:32  
291 Dawn Webb 00:55:32  
292 Peter Kirkhope 00:55:32  
302 Chris Perkins 00:56:44  
317 Pia Singh 00:58:52  
330 Linda Richards 01:03:51  
332 Chris Archer 01:04:16  
333 Nav Rai 01:04:30  
336 Ros Myers 01:04:59  
337 Tony Bowe 01:05:00  
353 Jeanette Chattaway 01:11:51  

Thirty Northbrookers found their way to Wilmscote on a blustery but dry Saturday evening to run the undulating lollipop course that is the Stratford Summer 6.

Honourable mentions go to Sally Eason who won the FV55 category and to Natasha White who finished as 4th female and 2nd FV35. And of course it was the second run of the day (parkruns notwithstanding) for the redoubtable Mr Tony Bowe (ultra), as it was for Pia Singh (half-marathon) – Chris

Erewash Trail Half-Marathon – 10 August

  Pia Singh 2:00:00

Bedworth Park 5k – 4 August

1 Martin McHugh 20:44  
16 Annie McHugh 32:18 PB

Just the two Northbrookers headed over the border into the wilds of Bedworth for this lovely low key event. Well organised with lots of encouragement for runners – Martin

Cannock Chase Trail 10k – 4 August

  Adrian Lowe 53:13
  Pia Singh 59:00
  Simon Aldridge 59:40
  Ellie Aldridge 60:57

Cowman Trail Triathlon – 4 August


Half-Marathon distance

90 Lee McKervey 1:55:50

10k distance

67 Spencer Davies 0:59:06
154 Catherine Shepherd 1:06:55
162 Linda Richards 1:16:30

A few of us who take part in triathlons were due to go to Milton Keynes to compete in the Cowman triathlon series. Lee was down to do the half distance which culminated in a half-marathon, whilst Linda and I were doing the standard distance which culminated in a 10K. Then we had an idea to build a relay team for it. Being triathlon it takes 3 very special people to do a relay. We needed a swimmer (up stepped Tracey Cox), then a cyclist, injury meant Sara dropped out but upstepped the wonder woman that was Verity, then with Rich being injured we talked Catherine into filling the void. Team girl power was quickly established.

Lee started 2 hours before the rest of us, though we did not see him swim he was not far from us on the bike. The swim for the 3 of us in the standard was more like a fight in a mackerel catching competition. The girls stayed at the back to avoid the bun fight. I figured I’d let them bring it on. Tracey was catching me in the swim and with an eager (and very talkative) Verity itching to get on her bike I was pleased to have pulled out a 2 minute lead on Tracey. The bike section was not flat, ups and downs with a king of the mountains time trial. This for me was all about pulling out a lead on the bike and not letting Lee catch me. The new bike did me proud, I came in just ahead of Lee on the bike (he had cycled twice as far though). I had the lead I feared I’d need and was waiting for Catherine to come storming past me. The legs held up and I was glad to finish.

Our supporters were there at the end driving us on, the pompoms were out in full force on the road and on the run and they were needed, best support ever. The team got to run in together, Linda finished to cheering while Lee was grinding out the 5k hilly laps. The cheers just got louder for him every time. A great day out and to see the Northbrook family growing was what it was all about, well done all – Spencer

Dovedale Dipper 27-Mile Trail Challenge – 4 August

  Tony Bowe 6:42:00

Europe Corporate Games – 3 August

5k distance

  Martin McHugh 22:03  
  Dawn Webb 29:11 3rd FV40
  Helen Hodge    
  Jean Noonan 30:41 2nd FV50

10k distance

4 Chris Goodman 42:49

Running for our employers rather than in club colours, five of us took part in the Europe Corporate Games at Coventry’s War Memoral Park. Martin, Helen, Jean and I took part in the 5k event, with Chris taking on the 10k.

The course was long so no PB’s, but two podium places, one for Jean and one for me – Dawn

Peaks Skyline 30-Mile Trail Ultra – 3 August

  Tony Bowe 7:19:59

Formula One Castle Rock 10k – 2 August

91 Spencer Davies 47:29

Friday evening saw me driving up to Nottingham to participate in a tough 10K that I also ran last year. This is based around Nottingham University campus and the hills were as bad as I remembered them. The weather was hot and humid, no breeze and the air just clung to you. My plan was to get round and see what parts of this course were enjoyable for the second lap. With no time pressure a lot of it was surprisingly enjoyable. The field was fast but I did my own race. A lovely and well organised event with a bar to cool down at afterwards.