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July 2019

<h4 “wellingborough5”>Wellingborough 5 Mile – 28 July

  Steve Turvey 32:01

<p “wellingborough5”>After my ordeal at the Sphinx 5 Mile race, I was hoping for a nice dry 5-miler this time around – sadly this one turned out to be just as wet!

Bedworth Park 5k – 28 July

1 Martin Mchugh 21:37
2 Spencer Davies 22:08
10 Anita Sanderson 29:58
14 Annie McHugh 32:39
15 Tracey Cox 33:14

Five of us headed to Bedworth for the Sunday 5k in damp conditions. Only 16 turned up which meant it soon spread out. Martin not being pushed took it easy, I was glad to see an improvement on the previous days parkrun, Anita was experienced and took it all in her stride, Annie and Tracey were first timers and played a cat and mouse game all the way round. A great low profile event – Spencer

Lee Valley 10-Mile – 28 July

  Chris Goodman 1:06:01
  Kirstie Murray 1:33:37


Just the two of us ran the Lee Valley 10 mile race. It was a lovely, flat course through the park, alongside the river.

Perfect weather conditions for running – cloudy, a slight drizzle and a light breeze at times – Chris

Lakeland 50 Ultra – 27 July

  Tony Bowe 12:45:02

24 Hr Conti Thunder Run 2019 – 20/21 July

Excitement for Thunder Run 2019 had been building for 6 months. With stable teams (totally un Northbrook) until a last minute withdrawal we knew each other and orders were clear – RUN. The military style operation of pitch gathering was accomplished by the forward recon team of Parker and Davies. This was more stressful than the run and did result in plan G being used. Once we both stopped panicking and fending other teams off our back-up arrived. Steve slapped us and bought us back to working as a team, the mannequin guarded the other pitch while we established pitch side. Then the next back-up team arrived with food for the recon team. Set-up stopped, then we realised just a short amount of time was left before the beer bus opened. Priorities. Friday was raucous, Northbrook showed how to party and even with a damp start the music was loud, the limbo was low, the karaoke was awful and the banter was close to the bone.

Saturday saw the hangovers and the realisation, as everyone else turned up, of the feat that was in front of us. It was a dry run for the 8 doing the 10k. They stuck in groups as none of them had done the course before. They certainly knew they had reached our cheer zone with the pom-poms, the banners and the loudest support going. Midday saw the main event start, Liam was leading for us, but 2 miles in disaster struck, our charismatic Scotsman rolled and sprained his ankle, being Liam he still finished the last 4 miles to keep his team rolling. As the news filtered through plans and changes were put into place. Teams changed, runners dug deeper than they ever had, the strength that suddenly developed from everyone was Northbrook at its best.

Then the heavens opened, the rain was so heavy our marquee gazebo broke, there were falls, there was mud there were puddles but Northbrook pushed through. Conditions meant times dropped slightly but Northbrook kept rolling. Our cheer zone was fuelled by afternoon tea, prosecco and beer and our new Scotsman cheerleader was loud enough to ensure we carried on giving everything we had.

The night was lonely, but there was always a Northbrooker out there at some point and we kept each other going. The onset of dawn saw exit plans being devised through foggy and sleepy minds and what was required to squeeze every lap in. Liam was bought back to pitchside, he was needed now more than ever. It had dried up and the oven had been turned onto furnace settings. I had to redeem a blind lap in the night as all lights failed, giving it all on my last lap I could sense dehydration and target time was on but water was needed. The call went out as I approached our cheer zone, Tracey in flip flops came to the rescue, I was going full steam she was vaulting chairs and trying to catch me with the water bottle. Pete had been caught unawares and had to beat me to the handover point. All of our last laps were flying. Mission was accomplished, Paul had been fuelled by family and bacon sandwiches for 24 hours, the rest of us team spirit.

Another great event, another superb club atmosphere and we were all part of one of the best Northbrook weekends since last weekend. What a club, 28 24 hour runners, 8 10K runners, and a total of 15 supporters to keep us rolling and Northbrook loud and present. See you all next year – Spencer

Northbrook Storm
Women’s team of 5
8th of 18 teams
21 laps in 23h 32m 06s

Lap   Time
1 Lottie Graham 01:00:00
2 Lisa Bragg 00:57:30
3 Claudie Combelas 01:00:09
4 Cath Fenn 00:55:17
5 Linda Richards 01:22:22
6 Lottie Graham 01:06:17
7 Lisa Bragg 01:05:22
8 Claudie Combelas 01:03:04
9 Cath Fenn 00:58:15
10 Linda Richards 01:23:41
11 Lottie Graham 01:12:32
12 Lisa Bragg 01:04:47
13 Claudie Combelas 01:05:18
14 Cath Fenn 01:04:46
15 Linda Richards 01:27:27
16 Lottie Graham 01:13:36
17 Lisa Bragg 01:02:16
18 Claudie Combelas 01:02:30
19 Cath Fenn 00:58:30
20 Linda Richards 01:23:39
21 Lisa Bragg 01:04:48

Northbrook Warriors
Men’s team of 5
16th of 41 teams
25 laps in 24h 30m 41s

1 Jamie Gould 00:47:34
2 Spencer Davies 00:53:13
3 Pete Stafford 00:47:46
4 Tom Miler 00:50:52
5 Richard Gould 00:56:13
6 Jamie Gould 00:54:20
7 Spencer Davies 01:06:11
8 Pete Stafford 00:58:36
9 Tom Miler 00:58:50
10 Richard Gould 00:58:30
11 Jamie Gould 00:53:28
12 Spencer Davies 01:03:06
13 Pete Stafford 00:58:47
14 Tom Miler 01:01:07
15 Richard Gould 01:06:32
16 Jamie Gould 01:01:25
17 Spencer Davies 01:22:04
18 Pete Stafford 01:02:42
19 Tom Miler 00:57:49
20 Richard Gould 01:09:43
21 Jamie Gould 00:53:21
22 Spencer Davies 00:53:58
23 Pete Stafford 00:52:45
24 Tom Miler 00:55:51
25 Richard Gould 01:05:58

Northbrook Flash
Men’s team of 5
31st of 41 teams
21 laps in 24h 55m 32s

1 Martin Mchugh 00:48:34
2 Mark Parker 00:52:10
3 John Davies 00:56:41
4 Chris Perkins 01:07:13
5 Paul Robbins 00:55:17
6 David Giles 01:04:38
7 Mark Parker 01:00:44
8 John Davies 01:01:53
9 Chris Perkins 01:17:56
10 Paul Robbins 00:55:14
11 David Giles 01:10:11
12 Mark Parker 01:04:34
13 John Davies 01:11:43
14 Chris Perkins 01:25:10
15 David Giles 02:28:52
16 Mark Parker 01:06:04
17 Chris Perkins 01:49:56
18 Ben Tabram 01:03:19
19 Paul Robbins 01:09:04
20 Mark Parker 01:11:30
21 Mark Parker 01:14:49

Northbrook Thunder
Mixed team of 5
6th of 88 teams
28 laps in 24h 17m 19s

Lap   Time
1 Liam Mills 00:46:17
2 Craig Slyde 00:44:17
3 Damien Dear 00:44:43
4 Rory Anderson 00:42:47
5 Natasha White 00:45:50
6 Martin McHugh 00:51:05
7 Craig Slyde 00:48:10
8 Damien Dear 00:44:33
9 Rory Anderson 00:47:37
10 Natasha White 00:49:37
11 Martin McHugh 00:54:21
12 Craig Slyde 00:48:56
13 Damien Dear 00:52:48
14 Rory Anderson 00:51:37
15 Natasha White 00:57:25
16 Martin McHugh 01:02:54
17 Craig Slyde 00:54:45
18 Damien Dear 01:04:38
19 Rory Anderson 00:53:36
20 Natasha White 00:54:45
21 Martin McHugh 00:56:59
22 Craig Slyde 00:50:29
23 Rory Anderson 00:51:48
24 Natasha White 00:53:53
25 Martin McHugh 00:54:52
26 Craig Slyde 00:52:33
27 Catherine Shepherd 01:04:27
28 Rory Anderson 00:51:37

Northbrook Lightning 2
Mixed team of 6-8
21 laps in 23h 48m 41s

1 David Giles 00:56:58
2 Pia Singh 01:01:47
3 Chris Archer 01:16:45
4 Sara Phipps 01:07:09
5 Sue Clarke 01:12:12
6 Steven Handy 00:55:20
7 Charlotte Mills 01:09:31
8 Ben Smith 00:50:32
9 Ben Tabram 00:54:58
10 Pia Singh 01:10:21
11 Chris Archer 01:27:18
12 Sara Phipps 01:13:03
13 Sue Clarke 01:22:14
14 Steven Handy 01:03:09
15 Charlotte Mills 01:08:18
16 Ben Tabram 01:01:55
17 Pia Singh 01:12:12
18 Chris Archer 01:24:04
19 Sara Phipps 01:08:45
20 Sue Clarke 01:20:00
21 Steven Handy 00:52:10

Northbrook Men’s Solo

13 laps in 22h 59m 12s

1 Paul Stead 01:01:07
2 Paul Stead 01:08:48
3 Paul Stead 01:13:27
4 Paul Stead 01:17:33
5 Paul Stead 01:32:21
6 Paul Stead 01:32:10
7 Paul Stead 02:01:53
8 Paul Stead 01:46:36
9 Paul Stead 02:05:43
10 Paul Stead 04:09:30
11 Paul Stead 02:02:02
12 Paul Stead 01:45:29
13 Paul Stead 01:22:33

Thunder Run 10k race

19 Dawn Webb 1:05:24
22 Catherine Shepherd 1:07:12
22 Leisha Smith 1:07:12
43 Tracey Cox 1:26:30
43 Antoinette McHugh 1:26:30
43 Kelly Parker 1:26:30

Men – Overall

31 Simon Jones 1:05:24
33 Ben Smith 1:07:12


Monty 5k – 21 July

29 Chris Goodman 18:34
46 Darren Taplin 19:13
61 Terry Moynihan 19:41
85 Peter Kirkhope 20:24
127 Sally Eason 22:12
128 Rob Cox 22:16
136 Catherine Armstrong 22:39
154 Eleanor Townsend 23:50
155 Tony Forde 23:52
164 Kirstie Murray 24:30
177 Jo Arden 26:01
186 Julie Liggett 26:27
209 Tracey Williams 29:34
214 Jane Stephens 32:28
217 Ros Myers 32:46
220 Anthony French 34:11
222 Jeanette Chattaway 35:26

While our clubmates were likely hallucinating from sleep deprivation over at Catton Park as the 24hr event entered the final stages, 17 aptly named ‘Thunder Run refugees’ (thanks Rob) assembled at Edmonscote track in Leamington Spa for the Leamington C & AC hosted Monty 5k run. While a few dark clouds threatened rain, the lovely summer weather held as we set off over the short flat course covering a multitude of terrain including race track, grass, compacted gravel and tarmac. Northbrook fared well in a slightly reduced field likely affected by the school summer holidays. What certainly wasn’t affected though were the Sunburst performances; Chris Goodman led Northbrook home followed by excellent performances from many club members resulting in a host of personal and multi-year season best times.

The race started with one and a half laps of the track and finished with a single lap. However, one of our number enjoyed himself so much that he decided upon a second victory lap prior to crossing the finishing line. The irony was not lost that he hailed from the teaching profession, yet had failed to heed the race master’s instructions. But as he said, ‘5k races are so last year’. Clearly, 5.4k is the new benchmark to aspire to – Terry


401 Festival of Running Trail Races – 20/21 July

5k race

  Tony Hughes 26:08
  Anne Hughes 29:07

10k race

  Tony Hughes 1:02:58
  Anne Hughes 1:10:36

6.1k race

  Tony Hughes 34:45
  Anne Hughes 42:27

Overall Festival Challenge

  Tony Hughes 4:34:46 1st MV60
  Anne Hughes 4:52:54 1st FV60

Coventry City Sunrise 5k – 19 July

  Liam Mills 20:19
  Dave Mills 21:19
  Charlotte Mills 23:02
  Claudie Combelas 23:53
  Lottie Graham 24:57
  Ben Tabram 24:57
  Tim Hughes 25:03
  Catherine Armstrong 25:12
  Caroline Parkinson 26:05
  Andy Scruton 26:54
  Chris Archer 28:29



Race the Train – 17 July

  James Lacey
  Steve Turvey
  Damian Pharoah
  Darren Taplin
  Craig Slyde
  Lee McKervey
  Terry Moynihan
  Raghbir Sangha
  Pete Stafford
  Peter Fellowes
  Dinis Gokaydin
  Joe Kelly
  Tom McNamara
  Tom Miller
  Matthew Hathrell
  Ed Cole
  David Mills
  Andrew Ralph
  Louise Myers
  John Pollard
  Richard Hands
  Clive Horton
  Richard French
  Emma Handley
  Darren Handley
  Kevin Coughlan
  Mark Dalton
  Tommy Dempsey
  Gemma Ross
  Sean Duffy
  Adrian Powell
  Lisa Bragg
  Steve Handy
  Sarah McNaney
  John French
  Martin McHugh
  Ben Tabram
  Fern Kenny
  Charlotte Mills
  Harriet Fielder
  Catherine Armstrong
  Francis Mason
  Tim Hughes
  Simon Aldridge
  Craig McNaney
  Amanda Atkins
  Becky Colbourne
  Martina McConville
  Martin Gavin
  Melissa Armston
  Leisha Smith
  Ben Smith
  Gemma Darby
  Pia Singh
  Jo Arden
  Peter Kirkhope
  Mitch Timms
  Rachel Allen
  Jackie Timms
  Corinna O’Connor
  Ellie Aldridge
  Roger Ladbury
  Lottie Graham
  Eleanor Townsend
  Liane Powell
  Tracey Williams
  John Ralph
  Mark Parker
  Sam Ward
  Helen Hodge
  Dawn Webb
  Sara Phipps
  Jane Stephens
  Tony French
  Tracey Cox
  Jamie Gould
  Richard Gould
  Cath Fenn
  Spencer Davies

A few spots of light rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the throng of Northbrook runners gathered on platform 1 of Tile Hill station waiting for the 7.18pm train to Hampton-in-Arden. By the time of alighting the rain had gone away, leaving a warm but overcast evening for the few hundred yards walk to the start point in Fentham Road. There was no time for speeches so timekeeper Bob Adams set us off and then hightailed it back the the station to get the train back to the finish.

The first section along country lanes is the easy warm up for the more interesting off-road bits that start just after crossing the A452. There was no livestock along the route to impede progress other than a few docile grazing sheep, but it was disappointing to see so much land bordering the route having been taken up for construction of HS2.

The abundant vegetation had obviously benefitted from recent weather conditions and the paths were fairly overgrown in places but still quite navigable, although there were a few shrieks heard when some unexpected brambles were encountered.

James Lacey successfully defended his title as Race the Train champion coming home first in 46:55, some 3 minutes slower than in 2018 over the same 9km route. Among the record turnout of 79, some chose to run the route both ways, some one way and some doubling back to bring up the rear and ensure no-one got lost, although one or two people did arrive at the finish from a totally unexpected direction – RL

Northbrook 10k – 14 July

29 Liam Mills 38:05  
40 Chris Goodman 39:24  
43 Darren Taplin 39:35  
45 Adam Brearley 39:50  
52 Craig Slyde 40:06  
57 Amanda Deavy 40:24  
90 Martin McHugh 42:12  
95 Jonathan Seed 42:28  
108 Sean Duffy 43:15  
128 Dinis Gokaydin 44:32  
134 Ian Paterson 44:53  
135 Peter Kirkhope 44:54  
138 Mark Parker 45:12  
141 Spencer Davies 45:19  
145 Tom Cox 45:30  
156 David Mills 45:52 PB
159 Kyle Beddoe 45:59  
161 Sarah Duffy 46:00  
162 Jamie Gould 46:01  
164 David Giles 46:13  
173 Sally Eason 46:30  
193 Adrian Lowe 47:20  
200 Bret Stokes 47:39  
212 Ben Tabram 48:09  
222 John Pollard 48:31  
227 Adrian Powell 48:53  
228 David Halford 48:54  
232 Darron Handley 48:59  
240 Molly Bates 49:21  
255 Charlotte Mills 49:53  
266 Lisa Bragg 50:17  
271 Mike Duggan 50:29  
273 John Murphy 50:31  
285 Paul Cozens 50:59  
311 Becky Colbourne 52:02  
312 Martina McConville 52:08  
314 John French 52:12  
349 Martin Gavin 53:43  
351 Simon Aldridge 53:47  
352 Richard Wise 53:48  
353 Ellie Aldridge (guide For R Wise) 53:48  
364 Julie Cozens 54:02  
375 Pia Singh 54:28  
401 Jo Arden 56:10  
430 Alan Hewitt 58:24  
437 Dawn Webb 58:39  
448 Carolyn Hadley 59:23  
449 David Hadley 59:23  
486 Tracey Williams 61:48  
489 Liane Powell 61:56  
515 Verity Crichton 63:34  
560 Tracey Cox 71:24  
569 Jane Stephens 72:02  


Snowdonia Trail Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10k – 14 July


  Claudie Combelas 7:22:04


  Chris Perkins 5:17:07
  Linda Richards 5:17:59

10 k

  Chris Archer 1:27:15

Snowdonia Trail 37 Mile Ultra Marathon – 14 July

  Tony Bowe 9:21:41

Piece of Cake Trail Half-Marathon, Shropshire – 14 July

  Eleanor Townsend 2:38:54

Piece of Cake Trail Marathon, Shropshire – 13 July

  Tony Bowe 5:13:29

Timberhonger 10k – 13 July

60 Tommy Dempsey 43:47
106 Spencer Davies 47:22
474 Sara Phipps 67:25

Six of us headed down to Redditch, 3 of us to do the best-named 10K race ever and 3 to partake in the best atmosphere around. Timberhonger10K has always been on the list to do and it lived up to its reputation. Hilly, and warm but what a great race. It started off quick and was uphill, but well-supported and excellent marshalling kept us going. Tommy was quick, proving he is on the mend, I was worried about the back to back 10k’s, Sara was unwell and battled through to finish. The supporters drank the bar dry of cider and were treated to live bands in the carnival atmosphere.

Great race, well organised, will definitely be back – Spencer

Sphinx AC Mile Relays – 11 July

Women’s teams of three

4 Gemma Ross Sarah McNaney Louise Myers 20:59
7 Jo Arden Lisa Bragg Fern Kenny 21:45
12 Sarah McNaney Lottie Graham Leisha Smith 23:25
15 Julie Cozens Ellie Aldridge Pia Singh 24:32
16 Gemma Darby Kirstie Murray Verity Crichton 24:32
18 Antoinette McHugh Caroline Parkinson Charlotte Mills 24:41
20 Dawn Webb Julie Liggett Sara Phipps 24:47
21 Julie Horbury Melissa Armston Lisa Bragg 24:58
28 Allison Smith Ellie Townsend Tracey Cox 26:01
29 Fern Kenny Jane Stephens Pia Singh 26:03

Mixed team of four

1 Adam Brearley Pete Stafford Natasha White Sarah Duffy 24:31

Men’s teams of three

2 Liam Mills Ben Smith Chris Goodman 16:27
7 Owen Drage Jamie Gould Tony Forde 18:09
16 Owen Drage Martin McHugh Jamie Gould 19:31
17 Bret Stokes Joe Kelly Sean Duffy 19:32
18 Adam Brearley Spencer Davies Martin McHugh 19:35
21 David Giles Richard Gould Tim Hughes 19:45
22 Paul Robbins Simon Aldridge Martin Seeley- Davies 19:49
24 David Mills Kyle Beddoe Tommy Dempsey 19:55
25 Ben Tabram Darron Handley Simon Jones 20:06
26 Tom Miller Tommy Dempsey Martin Gavin 20:48
  Raghbir Sangha Peter Kirkhope    



With big interest in this event it was always going to be a tough one to arrange. With drop outs in record numbers leaving teams decimated meant at least 9 sunbursts stepped up to become heroes and run twice. What did not help on the day was that Sphinx had changed the running order since informing us the night before. I threw a proper tantrum at them stating how half my men would not be present and most of my women would have disappeared before their new race start times. Sphinx obliged and changed what they could.

The night went by so quickly we did not get a chance to cheer everyone and sort out the ever changing teams but the rest of the club kept everyone going. The women set us off and true to the events nature everyone ran out of their skins, great performances from all our women en masse. Then it was the men’s turn, they were releasing them all and I had to rescue one of our who had just nipped to the toilet. It was fast, our teams were chasing hard and being chased at the same time. We flew and managed 2nd in the men’s race behind a very strong Spa team. Then came the mixed team, we had kept these back from the other races so they were fresh and ready. It was quick, Adam setting them off and quickly establishing a position that Sarah could maintain. Natasha stepped up after Sarah and got Pete to start off in 2nd place against a 12 year old Godiva boy. Pete blasted the first 100 metres and soon overtook him. Pete looked confident, the rest of us watched as a Badgers runner was eating the ground up behind him, but the 400 metre start on him that Pete had was enough, just. 1st place and title
Well done all on a great performance on a great night. it almost all worked out in the end – Spencer

Evesham 10k – 7 July

  Ellie Aldridge 50:44

Lutterworth 5-Mile – 7 July

49 Spencer Davies 35:42
201 Dawn Webb 46:16

Sunday saw the sun and 2 of us heading over to Lutterworth. This was a great find, a real happy and friendly atmosphere, plenty of parking, music to get the atmosphere going, and with the weather it was a real treat. As expected once the race was underway I started to melt into the tarmac, but with a nice and gentle 2-mile downhill start this was good. The hills came in the second half but there was nothing horrific.

There was a nice medal to finish. A great event, well organised, well marshalled (9 marshalls out on course is all that it needed) and well attended – Spencer

Challenge Roth Iron Distance Triathlon – Trail Marathon, Germany – 7 July

  Tony Bowe 4:49:06

Leamington Spa Half-Marathon – 7 July

49 Ben Smith 01:28:20  
214 Ian Paterson 01:38:52  
  Ben Tabram 01:44:01  
  David Mills 01:45:52  
570 Catherine Armstrong 01:51:07  
610 Lottie Graham 01:52:12 PB
629 Lisa Bragg 01:52:56  
720 John Murphy 01:55:59  
741 Allison Smith 01:56:51  

Draycote Seven @ Severn 7k – 7 July

11 Darren Taplin 27:31
12 Chris Goodman 27:39
106 Lottie Graham 37:59
110 Kirstie Murray 38:15
123 Andy Scruton 38:40
248 Jane Stephens 46:34

Black Country Trail Half-Marathon – 6 July

37 Natasha White 1:29:09 2nd female
47 Craig Slyde 1:30:11  
  Pia Singh 2:00:00  

Warwickshire Open Graded Series 1 Mile – 3 July

  Oliver Jones 4:58
  Stuart Lumsden 5:01
  Darren Taplin 5:50

The 3rd race in the Warwickshire Open Graded track series included a 1 mile race. The opportunity to join the great British athletes and join the ‘sub 4’ club meant that three Northbrookers entered the event. Can’t speak for the rest of the guys that entered but I was coughing up lactic acid for about 2 hours after I finished. Funnily enough – a very flat and fast course. Who knew? – Oliver