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June 2019

Bedworth Park 5k – 30 June

5 Spencer Davies 22:30

I’d been meaning to come along and try out this event for a while, and an unexpected change in the calendar meant this was my chance. It’s 4 laps round the short lap of Bedworth parkrun, but run in the opposite direction. 4 laps is not so bad, I set my mind to it being 4 reps. It’s low key, about 40 runners in total ranging from quickies down to walkers, so it caters for all. My time wasn’t the best ( I blame the heat and a few beverages the day before) but for a run out with a charitable donation it was well worth it.

Wendover Woods Trail 10k – 30 June

  Dawn Webb 1:06:56

Part of the Forestry 100 Running Series, commemorating 100 years of the Forestry Commission. Noted as “a hilly course for those looking for a challenge” – it was definitely hilly but the scenery was beautiful. A lovely wooden commemorative medal too.


Race for Life 10k, Stoneleigh – 30 June

  Andy Scruton 58:30

Thame 10k – 30 June

  Rich Cawley 47:11
  Sara Phipps 60:46

Compton Verney Half-Marathon – 30 June

  Pia Singh 1:59:58

Midnight Mountain Trail Marathon 2019 – 29 June

3 Damian Dear 4:15:02
89 Mark Parker 6:22:25

Great Barrow Marathon, Suffolk – 29 June

  Tony Bowe 5:28:52

Harborough 5 – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 6 – 25 June

Pos   Cat   M/F Cat Pos
230 Charles Jones M65 39:28 191 1

Glorious Gargrave Trail Marathon – 23 June

  Tony Bowe 4:55:54

Run for Nepal Trail Run, Sandown Park Nuneaton – 23 June

5k race

83 Gillian Coulson 41:03

10k race

15 Spencer Davies 00:49:45
35 Pia Singh 00:57:06
51 Anita Sanderson 01:06:15
55 Sara Phipps 01:07:23
57 Tracey Williams 01:09:51
62 Nabh Rai 01:13:09
66 Tracey Cox 01:16:57


Eight Northbrookers headed over to the charity Run for Nepal event in Nuneaton. The weather was warm and the 11am start quite frustratingly turned into a 11:45 start. Having had a few drinks the night before this was always going to be a drunken stumble for me. Once we finally got started the course was well laid out and well marshalled, a bit narrow at the start where we were dodging the fun runners to get into a rhythm.

Four miles in the alcohol was all sweated out and the run could start properly for me, and I loved the well-organised course. It was good to see so many of us out there, with quite a few from the training group doing really well – Spencer

Longest Day Challenge Trail Marathon, Hartshill Country Park – 21 June

8 Tony Bowe 5:25:08 26.2 miles
21 Katy Davies 6:28:44 26.2 miles
22 Paul Stead 6:28:45 26.2 miles
31 Craig Slyde 3:36:12 20.1 miles

Good, Bad & Ugly Relay (3 x 3.2 miles) – 19 June

Pos Team      
1st 6 James Lacey Tony Forde Adam Brearley
2nd 30 Raghbir Sangha Sarah McNaney Marie Edmunds
3rd 11 Amanda Deavy Pia Singh Fern Kenny
4th 10 Adam Brearley Charlotte Mills Alan Hewitt
5th 9 Adrian Powell Sarah Harries Pete Stafford
6th 27 David Aberton* Jackie Timms* Lisa Abbott*
7th 2 Damian Pharoah Tracy Cox Natasha White
8th 28 Colin Piper Leisha Smith Richard Gould
9th 8 Ben Tabram Andrew Ralph Tony French
10th 31 John Pollard Molly Bates Cath Fenn
11th 18 Spencer Davies Simon Aldridge Allison Smith
12th 22 Bret Stokes Fraser Barrett David Giles
13th 15 Tony Williams Mark Parker Chris Archer
14th 19 Lisa Bragg Michael Cherrington Dinis Gokaydin
15th 20 Lottie Graham Jo Arden Pete Fellows
16th 25 Christine Thomas* Kevin Dick* Mitch Timms*
17th 4 Tracey Williams Steve Turvey Paul Robbins
18th 26 Tom  Miller Ellie Aldridge Catherine Armstrong
19th 13 Sara Phipps Melissa Armston Martin McHugh
20th 3 Lee McKervey Ben Smith Tony French
21st 12 Chris Goodman Jeannie Noonan Mark Dalton
22nd 24 Melissa Fagan Caroline Parkinson Steve Handy
23rd 17 John French Craig Murray Julie Liggett
24th 21 Gemma Darby Kirstie Murray  Dave Mills
25th 23 Spencer Davies David Tittle Corinna O’Connor
26th 5 Julie Horbury Kevin Coughlan Martin Winch
27th 1 Tommy Dempsey Annie McHugh Darren Taplin
28th 14  Pete Marshall Tom McNamara Mike Duggan
29th 7 Liane Powell Gemma Ross Peter Kirkhope
30th 29 Elle Townsend Emma Jackson Jamie Gould
31st 16 Claudie Combelas Dawn Webb Austin Wade

* guests from Sphinx AC

Another brilliant turnout of 93 members and guests took part in our annual Club road relay event. Assembling at the start point in Hawkes Mill Lane each team of three was free to choose its own running order, some opting to send off their sprinters first others to setting off at a more relaxed pace in the hope of pulling it back on legs 2 and 3.

Bottles of wine were presented to the winning team of James Lacey, Tony Forde and Adam Brearley. The second team of Raghbir Sangha, Sarah McNaney and Marie Edmunds and the third placed team of Amanda Deavy, Pia Singh and Fern Kenny were given chocolates as prizes.
For full details of this unusual event go to the GBU page.

Good, Bad & Ugly Relay 2019 winners
Tony Forde & Adam Brearley

1st runner-up
Sarah McNaney

Chippenham Longest Day 10k – 19 June

  Tom Cox 43:09


Town centre start and finish, road race round the country lanes which surround the market town of Chippenham. Reasonably flat course with a few small inclines and a downhill finish into the finish in the Market Place.

Arden 9 – 16 June

13 Stuart Lumsden 00:52:43
29 Damien Dear 00:54:59
31 Liam Mills 00:55:35
67 Darren Taplin 01:00:06
69 Natasha White 01:00:31
84 Pete Stafford 01:01:48
86 Martin McHugh 01:01:58
100 Sean Duffy 01:03:06
137 Mark Parker 01:06:10
142 Spencer Davies 01:06:37
146 Kyle Beddoe 01:06:51
155 Jamie Gould 01:07:48
173 Peter Kirkhope 01:09:01
187 Sally Eason 01:10:10
190 Adrian Lowe 01:10:29
205 Darron Handley 01:11:45
218 Catherine Armstrong 01:12:38
226 Charlotte Mills 01:13:15
227 Rob Cox 01:13:30
233 Richard Gould 01:14:47
252 David Mills 01:16:30
266 Eleanor Townsend 01:17:33
271 Allison Smith 01:18:24
288 Julie Liggett 01:20:01
304 Julie Cozens 01:22:25
309 Kirstie Murray 01:23:17
314 Catherine Shepherd 01:24:08
318 Pia Singh 01:24:36
319 Fraser Barrett 01:24:48
333 Dawn Webb 01:27:01
343 Jo Arden 01:29:22
355 Tracey Williams 01:33:51
370 Anthony French 01:44:17
375 Jane Stephens 01:54:06

Bimble Bumble 5 Mile Trail – 16 June

  Rich Cawley 58:35
  Sara Phipps 58:35
  Liz Pharaoh 64:36

Wollaton Park Trail 10k – 15 June

89 Ellie Aldridge 51:04
136 Simon Aldridge 55:00


Ellie and I were the only two from Northbrook to run this 2-lap undulating course on paths and grass in Wollaton Park. It was very well organised and the atmosphere was amazing, definitely go again next year – Simon

The Baslow 26 Mile Trail Bootbash – 15 June

  Paul Stead 5:06:00

Lakeland 5 Passes Ultra – 15 June

  Tony Bowe 9:04:15

32 Miles and 10,000 feet of elevation in the Lake District

Offa’s Dyke 15 – 15 June

  Ben Tabram 2:36:14
  Lottie Graham 2:49:55


Coed-Y-Brenin Trail Marathon and Trail Half-Marathon – 15 June


  Claudie Combelas 5:16:17


  Chris Archer 2:57:23

The weather was kind to us in Wales; cool enough for running, windy enough to keep the midges away, and no rain. As hilly as you’d expect of a trail race in Snowdonia, in the gorgeous surroundings of the National Park with trees, rivers and waterfalls keeping us company. We slogged up the hills and hurtled down them and finished with a huge smile and a hearty sigh of relief.

Very much recommended. “Best day, ever” said Chris, in typical understatement.



Sphinx Summer 5 – 12 June

10 Stuart Lumsden 28:29
15 Damien Dear 28:47
28 Andrew McConville 30:10
31 Damian Pharoah 30:16
37 Martin Winch 30:50
40 Steven Turvey 31:10
51 Natasha White 31:37
55 Guy Bicknell 31:44
56 Chris Goodman 31:48
65 Darren Taplin 32:15
67 Pete Stafford 32:20
71 Amanda Deavy 32:34
73 Jonathan Seed 32:40
85 Martin Seeley-Davies 33:07
91 Martin McHugh 33:20
104 Spencer Davies 33:50
105 Owen Drage 33:50
106 Peter Kirkhope 33:52
111 Ben Tabram 34:10
114 Craig Murray 34:18
120 Sean Duffy 34:27
142 Jamie Gould 35:31
145 Peter Fellows 35:36
148 Ian Paterson 35:46
151 Rob Cox 36:00
154 Paul Robbins 36:07
157 Rich Cawley 36:11
159 Richard Gould 36:18
163 Andrew Ralph 36:31
166 Kyle Beddoe 36:34
167 Kevin Coughlan 36:36
171 David Mills 36:43
175 Cath Fenn 36:54
181 Sarah McNaney 37:03
183 David Giles 37:09
184 Sarah Duffy 37:11
188 Sally Eason 37:17
191 Tony Mackness 37:22
201 John Pollard 37:51
204 Eleanor Townsend 37:58
221 Adrian Powell 38:43
224 Craig McNaney 38:49
227 Mark Dalton 39:09
233 Bret Stokes 39:19
236 Charlotte Mills 39:28
238 Darron Handley 39:33
241 Fern Kenny 39:42
255 Lottie Graham 40:20
257 Kirstie Murray 40:30
265 Claudie Combelas 40:59
266 Lisa Bragg 41:06
267 Ellie Aldridge 41:07
275 Bob Adams 41:24
276 Paul Cozens 41:27
278 Allison Smith 41:29
281 John French 41:35
292 Julie Cozens 42:08
293 Simon Aldridge 42:13
296 Corinna O’Connor 42:26
297 Martin Gavin 42:28
309 Melissa Fagan 43:16
314 Julie Liggett 43:52
320 Fraser Barrett 44:15
321 Tom Miller 44:18
322 Richard Wise 44:19
326 Jo Arden 44:24
336 Jason Brannigan 45:36
340 Paul Berrett 46:17
344 Pia Singh 46:29
350 John Ralph 47:42
357 Liane Powell 48:57
362 Helen Hodge 49:34
363 Chris Archer 49:35
365 Tracey Williams 49:52
374 Kelly Parker 51:39
375 Catherine Shepherd 51:39
385 Jane Stephens 52:57
400 Anthony French 59:53

Cotswold 113 Middle Distance Triathlon – 9 June

Half-Marathon run

  Sarah McNaney 1:52:35
  Claudie Combelas 2:14:47

Two Castles 10k – 9 June

58 Liam Mills 00:38:49  
64 Steven Turvey 00:38:50  
105 Chris Goodman 00:40:17  
118 Darren Taplin 00:40:46  
119 Craig Slyde 00:40:47  
145 Natasha White 00:41:29  
177 Peter Stafford 00:42:29  
187 Martin McHugh 00:42:21  
209 Damian Pharoah 00:42:57  
215 Jonathan Seed 00:41:44  
240 Austin Wade 00:43:40  
248 Craig Murray 00:43:51  
277 Peter Kirkhope 00:44:38  
280 Spencer Davies 00:44:41  
306 Ian Paterson 00:44:50  
328 Sean Duffy 00:45:22  
329 Jamie Gould 00:45:22  
337 Sarah Booker 00:45:17  
374 Sarah Duffy 00:46:14  
397 Paul Robbins 00:46:37  
412 Tony Mackness 00:46:58  
416 Rich Cawley 00:46:33  
425 Richard Hands 00:47:23  
426 Cath Fenn 00:47:00  
474 David Mills 00:46:33  
476 Katherine Plunkett 00:47:27  
477 Ritchie Allen 00:47:26  
493 Gemma Ross 00:47:38  
533 David Giles 00:48:09  
554 Darron Handley 00:48:25  
569 Catherine Armstrong 00:48:36 PB
618 Eleanor Townsend 00:49:24  
619 Melissa Armston 00:49:07  
680 Louise Myers 00:49:51  
698 Adrian Powell 00:50:16  
764 Mark Dalton 00:50:32  
768 Charlotte Mills 00:50:45  
904 Kirstie Murray 00:52:34  
922 Lottie Graham 00:52:12  
983 John French 00:53:38  
986 Paul Cozens 00:53:18  
1071 Lisa Bragg 00:52:01  
1107 Melissa Pope 00:54:08  
1109 Julie Cozens 00:54:41  
1117 Tony Bowe 00:54:51  
1124 Allison Smith 00:54:09  
1319 Paul Berrett 00:55:53  
1360 David Tittle 00:53:33  
1471 Mark Smith 00:57:20  
1476 Pia Singh 00:57:52  
1500 Martin Gavin 00:54:56  
1574 Dawn Webb 00:57:56  
1667 Catherine Shepherd 00:59:16  
1668 Damien Dear 00:58:45  
1834 Chris Archer 01:01:06  
1846 Luke Hoey 01:00:59  
1867 Verity Crichton 01:01:33  
1956 Liane Powell 01:02:14  
1978 Tracey Williams 01:02:27  
2108 Kelly Parker 01:03:37  
2173 Helen Hodge 01:03:40  
2218 Anita Sanderson 01:03:59  
2327 Andrew Scruton 00:59:06  
2487 Ros Myers 01:06:33  
2953 Jane Stephens 01:11:48  
3060 Nav Rai 01:13:06  
3088 Anthony French 01:13:50  
3171 Jeanette Chattaway 01:14:16  
3239 Tracey Mutt 01:15:14  
3243 Alan Hewitt 01:03:33  
3302 Susan Clarke 01:16:05  


Draycote Water 10k – 9 June

  Peter Fellows 44:14 1st MV60

Race to the Tower, 53 Miles Cotswold Way Trail – 8 June

  Tony Hughes 21:34:36
  Anne Hughes 21:34:36

Banbury 5 – East Midlands Grand Prix Series Race 3 – 4 June

Pos   Cat   M/F Cat Pos  
255 Charles Jones M65 39:43 204 1  

Despite a course personal worst for me, I managed 1st in category!
Lovely conditions, pretty course, and well organised as ever.

Mark Parker’s 40th as a Wolf Run – 2 June

A long kept secret for Mark was that he would be undertaking a Wolf Run for his 40th birthday present. A better kept secret (until they pulled into the car park) was that a group of close friends was going to be joining him. Mark found out half-way through a bottle of whisky the night before. As they pulled up he looked like he had still been drinking it. The weather was not the best but as we were going to get wet and muddy the rain did not matter.

I’d been allowed to choose my own clothes and had not thought it through. Pinning the number on the front of my costume was going to be a problem. After a much needed warm up we realised we had
all grown beards in honour of Mark, then the reality of mud and cold water hit a few of us. Fears were faced, there was laughter, there was mud throwing, there was swimming and crawling through unthinkable mud. But through it all we were a team, strong characters helping those that needed the help, laughing all the way round.

The team was the important factor and what a great way to spend an afternoon with a great group of friends. A special mention has to go to the supporters who stood around in the cold and rain for 3 hours while we “adventured”. Well done all – Spencer

Summer Wolf Run 10km Obstacle Race – 1 June

This was the first time I had ever done an Obstacle Course Race. I was part of a work team raising funds for the ‘Mind’ charity. These races are very popular with 6000 entries. Our ‘Wolf Pack’ were given a start slot at lunchtime, on a very hot day at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire. 

The event is not timed for results but we completed the course in about 2h 50m. Our pack planned to work together on the course and help each other around.

There’s a compulsory warmup, then we were off on the 10k route through fields and woods. Within 10 seconds we were wet, jumping straight into a stream. Water and mud were to be a common feature. I don’t have very strong arms, but with help, I attempted every obstacle; some more successfully than others.

The obstacles test strength, courage and teamwork. There were climbing walls, cargo nets, pipe crawls, water slides, mud pits and river swims. There was an exhilarating head first water slide, and a mud pit where I got stuck for a while at halfway. I had to roll through the mud in the end, with some
help from the team. There was a river dive under a pontoon where I couldn’t see anything. On the river exit,  someone fell back and we were under water again for a few seconds. Shortly afterwards, a
pipe crawl had a head first exit into the river, for a swim to the other side. Some of the wall climbs had very small footholds and my arms were soon tired from the effort hanging on.

We were out a long time. We got completely soaked and covered in mud. The best news was that we all finished – just about in one piece. After the final water slide we got a team photo in the river then ran to the finish. One more challenge was the cold hosepipes to get cleaned up, but fortunately
it was still a hot day.

It was great to run a 10k with a difference, and face a completely new challenge – Mark Baker



Shires and Spires Trail Marathon – 1 June

  Tony Bowe 5:50:42

Chillington Trail Half-Marathon – 1 June

  Pia Singh 2:08:08

Chillington 10k Challenge – 1 June

  Jill Pittard 0:54:42 1st female
  Tony Hughes 0:59:20 1st MV60
  Anne Hughes 1:17:29 1st FV60

This was a multi-terrain/trail race around the grounds of Chillington Hall which is on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border. At the same time there was a half-marathon going on and in the race info it stated the routes are as close to the usual 13.1 miles and 10km distances as they could get them. We were instructed at the start that there was a split in the race at about 6 miles which is where the half-marathon runners do another loop. Once I passed the 6 mile point I started to panic thinking I’d missed the sign – fortunately I hadn’t, it was just an extra long 10km race!

The distance I clocked crossing the finish line was 7 miles (not sure that’s close to 10km). Nevertheless, it was a fantastic race and some spectacular views of the Chillington Estate – a race I would definitely do again.

Tysoe Windmill Trail 10k and 5k – 1 June

10k race

3 Damien Dear 00:39:45 2nd SM
13 Craig Slyde 00:44:50  
24 Martin McHugh 00:47:24  
30 Spencer Davies 00:49:27  
37 Mark Parker 00:51:12  
52 Rich Cawley 00:53:43  
54 David Mills 00:53:58  
59 Cath Fenn 00:55:22 2nd female
67 Ben Tabram 00:55:53  
73 Catherine Armstrong 00:56:30 3rd female
87 Adrian Powell 00:58:18  
90 Claudie Combelas 00:58:58  
92 Eleanor Townsend 00:59:06  
113 Michael Cherrington 01:03:24  
121 Ellie Aldridge 01:05:06  
122 Simon Aldridge 01:05:10  
147 Catherine Shepherd 01:12:56  
151 Chris Archer 01:13:51  
152 Liane Powell 01:14:23  
154 Tracey Williams 01:15:41  

5k race

19 Dawn Webb 32:00 3rd FV35
33 Tracey Cox 37:18 3rd FV45

Twenty-two Northbrookers headed to the little village of Tysoe for the annual windmill run. This event has 2 distances, a 10K and a 5K. It’s not flat (635ft on the 10k) and with the sun burning down on us all it was never going to be fast. Everyone seemed jovial before the start, some had done it before, some were new to the event and we all got off safely.

Craig, as usual, was first after 200 mtrs, before the hills caught him. The climb to the windmill through the fields is unforgiving, and positions started to sort themselves out. The 5k girls had to climb to the windmill before descending straight back down and to the finish. For the 10K, get over the top and take the stairs down (yes that steep that stairs are cut into the hill) before you hit a miles worth of tarmac climb.

Everyone at this point was melting from the baking of the sun, Martin was dragging me and
Damien was having a friendly rivalry battle for 2nd. Then the climb continued through more field, but this was the top, higher than the initial windmill climb and you could see downhills from here. A little tumble in the field didn’t stop me, but the water station(s) did. Martin pulled away and I opted for the life giving water. The downhills were fast before we plummeted down past the windmill again back onto the km on tarmac and back through the field.

A great race and some amazing finishes, even if one of us did rugby tackle a random junior in an attempt to not be beaten by him. This is a great event, friendly and well organised and I thoroughly recommend it – Spencer