Northbrook Results

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May 2019

Run for Beer Relays, Stratford – 31 May

Northbrook Men 1
Team position – 7

1 Spencer Davies 12:44
2 Chris Goodman 11:46
3 Craig Slyde 12:23
4 Damien Dear 10:59

Northbrook Supervets 1
Team position – 16

1 Pete Kirkhope 12:38
2 Joseph kelly 12:59
3 Tom Miller 13:42
4 Terry Moynihan 12:04

Northbrook Supervets 2
Team position – 17

1 Ben Tabram 12:32
2 Sean Duffy 12:59
3 David Mills 13:21
4 Richard Gould 12:42

Northbrook Vets 1
Team position – 18

1 Mark Parker 13:10
2 Adrian Lowe 13:32
3 Craig Murray 12:51
4 Martin McHugh 12:26

Northbrook Mixed 1
Team position – 31

1 Tommy Dempsey 12:25 *
2 Elle Townsend 14:13  
3 Kirsty Murray 15:18  
4 Jamie Gould 12:42  

* 3rd in team category

Northbrook Women 1
Team position – 34

1 Sarah McNaney 13:57 *
2 Katherine Plunkett 14:10  
3 Sarah Duffy 13:43  
4 Cath Fenn 13:48  

* 3rd in team category


Northbrook Women 2
Team position – 57

1 Sally Eason 14:37
2 Lisa bragg 15:02
3 Ellie Aldridge 15:32
4 Catherine Shepherd 16:35

Northbrook Mixed 2
Team position – 59

1 Ritchie Allen 13:30
2 Verity Crichton 17:44
3 Melissa Fagan 16:40
4 Rich Cawley 13:54

Northbrook Supervets 3
Team position – 62

1 Rob Cox 14:39
2 Julie Cozens 16:00
3 Claudie Combelas 15:47
4 Chris Archer 16:19

Northbrook Mixed 3
Team position – 67

1 Simon Aldridge 15:54
2 Sarah Harries 17:54
3 David Tittle 15:19
4 Sally Eason 14:46

Northbrook Women 3
Team position – 97

1 Tracey Cox 21:13
2 Melissa Armston 15:02
3 Kelly Parker 19:28
4 Helen Hodge 18:38

Forty-three Northbrookers headed to Stratford on a warm Friday night for the Run for Beer relays. Together we fielded 11 teams and everywhere you looked there was a Northbrook vest. We took quite a lot of comments from the organisers who were happy to see us throw so many people at it. This is a 4 person relay with each runner running a 2-mile lap before passing the baton on to the next in line. It’s a fast event that is gaining popularity as indicated by the 105 teams present on the night. We set up base camp on a bench next to the run course, each of us would get huge encouragement as we ran through the tunnel of cheers this way.

The first lap was fast and I was trailing 3 of ours and all of us were pushing our own boundaries, but was it fun. The support at base bench kept us pushing right to the end where you hoped your next runner was waiting. As you passed the baton over, there was relief then the realisation that your legs had gone and your lungs were still somewhere out on the tramway. But the smiles said it all. The later legs were panicking over how fast their team mates were running, the first legs were drinking beer, the shouts got louder and the speed of every runner was beyond what was expected.

What a great Northbrook night. We may not have won, but a couple of 3rd places and a 2nd place is a fantastic result that we all worked for. Take a bow Northbrook, you were fast, you were visible, you were loud and you were heard. We shall be back next year for more fun – Spencer


Vitality London 10k – 27 May

  Ben Tabram 46:02 PB
3120 Tony Mackness 46:30  
  Lottie Graham 51:55 PB
  Pia Singh 56:47 PB
  Tracey Williams 61:01 PB

It’s been a few years since I ran the streets of London, and I really enjoyed the experience of doing it once again. The race is very congested, and despite being off in the second wave I spent the first 5k weaving in and out trying to get an even pace going.

The course itself has lots of twists and turns, and takes in some of the well known landmarks, with the start and finish on the Mall. I finished 32 out of 380 in my age category – Tony

Edinburgh Marathon – 26 May

52 Damian Dear 2:52:13
3027 Danny Murphy 4:10:25

Edinburgh Half-Marathon – 26 May

5559 Catherine Shepherd 2:06:07

Sonning 10k – 26 May

  Tommy Dempsey 41:48

Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon – 26 May

  Tim Hughes 1:56:14

Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – 26 May

  Craig Slyde 3:20:00
  Caroline Parkinson 4:15:06
  David Giles 4:28:34

Birmingham 10k – 26 May

492 Mark Baker 45:24
519 Ian Paterson 45:41
828 Molly Bates 48:31
1901 Pia Singh 55:57
2542 Nicole McClelland 59:30
3550 Gillian Coulson 66:03
3567 Anita Sanderson 66:09

The Birmingham 10km race was my first chance this year to wear a Wales vest, for my MV50 age group, and represent a Celtic Team (comprising Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) running against England in a Masters competition.
The race started in light rain in Colmore Row and followed New Street out to the Aston Expressway. At Perry Barr near Alexander Stadium, the route turned back down the opposite carriageway, and finished in Aston University.
There are quite a few undulations and tunnels, but I got to halfway in reasonable time. The next kilometre, after the turn, was a challenge back into the breeze. Each climb from here, was getting slower, until the final stretch in to the finish.
My finishing time was not as good as I hoped for, but I will have more time to train for the longer Masters races in the Autumn. Nevertheless, I finished 14th MV50 in the National Masters competition.
This was the first time in 10 years that I had the chance to wear a Wales vest in a race, so it was a proud day, and I look forward to the races ahead where I can wear the Wales vest again.
Everyone at Northbrook sent me good wishes before and after the race, and I thank everyone for their support – Mark

Forestry England 10k, Cannock Chase – 25 May

  Sean Duffy 48:34  
  Mark Parker 50:54  
  Sarah Duffy 51:01 2nd in age category

The sun was out for a fantastic 10k event through the Cannock Chase Woods. This is part of the centenary celebration for Forestry England and there are a number of events in different woodlands throughout the year.
We were warned at the start that the race director had chosen a hilly route and it didn’t disappoint. It started uphill and never seemed to come down. Cardiac Hill was the obvious highlight and a nasty kick up just before the finish was also a handy reminder of the nature of the route – Sean

Grand Union Canal 145 Mile Race – 25 May

23 Liz Pharoah 38:12:00 5th female

145 miles along the Grand Union Canal from Birmingham to London and a new club record for the event, breaking the 39 hour 6 minute record set in 1997 by Dave Halford.

Hardmoors 110 – 25 May

  Tony Bowe 31:57:23

110 miles and 15,000+ feet of elevation along the full length of the beautiful Cleveland Way. The race starts in Filey and follows the Yorkshire Coast through Scarborough, Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and Saltburn. It then turns inland onto the moors, climbing Roseberry Topping and the locally known Three Sisters hills eventually finishing in Helmsley.

The route is well way-marked and easy to follow and most people cover it over the course of a week. Kevin will agree that the North York Moors is God’s Own Country.

Bere Pen 10k – 25 May

57 Eleanor Townsend 53:40

Ryton Pools 5 Mile – 22 May

  Stuart Lumsden 28:31
  Liam Mills 29:36
  Andrew McConville 29:37
  Oliver Jones 30:34
  Chris Goodman 32:16
  Darren Taplin 32:31
  Adam Brearley 32:43
  Pete Stafford 32:57
  Tommy Dempsey 33:05
  Jonathan Seed 33:26
  Martin McHugh 34:32
  Damien Dear 34:33
  Spencer Davies 35:05
  Mark Parker 35:40
  Peter Kirkhope 35:42
  Peter Fellows 36:06
  Kevin Coughlan 38:09
  Gemma Ross 38:38
  Tony Mackness 38:41
  Darron Handley 39:03
  Richard Hands 39:10
  Adrian Powell 39:30
  Catherine Armstrong 39:33
  Charlotte Mills 39:48
  Louise Myers 39:48
  Austin Wade 40:14
  Mark Dalton 40:21
  Ellie Aldridge 42:09
  Lisa Bragg 42:50
  Allison Smith 43:17
  Michael Cherrington 43:25
  Martin Gavin 44:29
  Anthony O’Shea 44:29
  Fraser Barrett 44:51
  Jo Arden 44:53
  Kirstie Murray 45:07
  Julie Liggett 45:29
  Dawn Webb 47:12
  Jason Brannigan 47:32
  Tracey Williams 51:44
  John Ralph 52:33
  Ros Myers 53:50
  Tracey Cox 57:50
  Jeanette Chattaway 61:15

Trent 5 Mile – 22 May

  Jill Pittard 34:33 PB

Stratford Sprint Triathlon – 19 May

John Pollard

Swim 400m 10:50
Bike 18km 36:42
Run 5k 24:05
  Total 1:11:42


I finished 121st overall and 2nd in my age category, missing first place by 3 seconds.

Brathay Marathon, Windermere – 19 May

58 Katherine Plunkett 4:09:05


Grafman Triathlon Trail Half-Marathon – 19 May

  Tony Bowe 1:52:47

Rugby Ready Steady Fun Run 5k – 19 May

15 Simon Jones 23:09
109 Dawn Webb 32:06

A really friendly fun run with a 5k loop. A family event for us with Simon running with our youngest son in the buggy and me running with our eldest son – Dawn

Coventry Triathlon 5K – 19 May

  Andrew McConville 00:21:31  
  Sarah Booker 00:24:27 2nd Female, 1st in age group
  Spencer Davies 00:24:45  

Sunday morning of the Coventry sprint triathlon at the Excel Centre and the night before’s beers at a party combined with the lack of sleep was causing me concern. Knowing I had messed up on my predicted times (keyboard slip) gave me a start time well ahead of where I should have been. But time to suck up the remainder of the Guinness and get on with it.

By the time of the run I still had no ill effect, I’d seen Booker chasing me in to the run start and was hoping I had enough left to stay ahead, then seeing the zone that Andy was in and the effort coming out of him spurred me on. Overall a great time for me, improving on last year by a couple of minutes, giving me confidence for the season ahead. Andy had a battle with a Cov Tri club mate all the way and gave everything to finish in the top 10 – a great performance from him.

Sarah gave everything, not aware she was 2nd female overall and 1st in her age group, although the amount of time she spent lying down afterwards did let on that she had certainly been trying.

A great event, well organised, friendly and encouraging atmosphere, thoroughly worth dipping your toe into if you want to try it – Spencer

Knowle Fun Run 10k – 19 May

  Paul Stead 43:49
57 Peter Kirkhope 43:53
100 Andrew Ralph 46:44
453 John Ralph 64:33

Race the Tide 8.5 mile Woodland Trail, Mothecombe – 19 May

53 Eleanor Townsend 1:24:46

Worcester Half-Marathon – 19 May

  Chris Archer 2:34:51
  Chris Perkins 2:48:40
  Linda Richards 2:48:42

A warm day for a trot around the undulations of Worcester – Chris A

Worcester Marathon – 19 May

  Claudie Combelas 4:21:28 3rd FV55

City of Gloucester 10k – 19 May

  Rich Cawley 46:38

Firkin 5 Mile Trail – 18 May

3 Damien Dear 32:22  
9 Craig Slyde 35:06  
15 Martin McHugh 37:12  
18 Jill Pittard 37:37 1st female
20 Spencer Davies 38:05  
29 Mark Parker 39:36  


Saturday afternoon brought the excitement of 6 runners and 1 supporter together as we headed to Hook Norton. Not sure if it was the impending race or the brewery but this was one we had been looking forward to. Mark tried to scupper our chances with a pre-race half each, not that Damien needed topping up.

As we lined up I was told we are “not racing” this one. Fine I thought, full of cold and flu and with breathing not functioning this suited me. On the word go, they shot off like leopards. As the first mile (all on road) passed and my watch alerted me it was a 7 min mile and I was trailing the other five I remembered “not racing”! I caught Mark in the next half-mile, it was uphill and slippery and maybe our racing flats were not the best choice at this point, and I was closing in on Jill when those pesky organisers offered beer instead of water at a drinks station. I mean it’s rude to not take a drink if offered. Martin was just finishing one as I arrived, Jill ignored it so I had to look after the club’s reputation and accept hers as well. Then Mark came sailing past without stopping.

One pint was enough for me mid-race so I set off again trying to catch them. As I passed Mark I could feel the beer swishing inside me but decided to ignore it. This was now road and downhill and this was what my flats were for. In the distance Martin and Jill had found a dog, Martin was happy, Jill took him, then they battled to the end. Back through the fields, over the ruts and along the trail path before the kissing gate. I waited, no-one was interested so I persevered. Thankfully, the stiles that in previous years people had been hurdling were not there this year (I probably flattened them the year before) and it was a chase to the end. Great results from the 6 of us with us all in the top 30 out of 263 finishers. Damien came 3rd and Jill was 1st female, so a few more pints while we waited for the presentation before we dissipated back to Coventry.

A great event, not your usual race but such fun – Spencer

Pineta Monti Rossa 5k Trail Parkrun – 17 May

  Lisa Bragg 27:44

I ran this lovely parkrun with two best friends. We took it really easy and jogged round, just enjoying the experience. It was soft underfoot as running in a pine forest. The main course was out of action so we were on course B. Four laps but it was ok as it took two laps before we knew where we were going. A really small field and only a few volunteers but very friendly.

Blisworth 5 – East Midlands Grand Prix Series Race 1 – 17 May

Pos   Cat   M/F Cat Pos  
124 Tommy Dempsey M45 33:18 118 33  
274 Charles Jones M65 39:36 221 1  

Cotswold Hilly 100, 10-Stage Relay – 12 May

Times are not indicative of pace as leg distances vary

Northbrook Unicorn – ification
1st placed mixed team with a
new mixed team course record

1 Cath Fenn 1:16:30
2 Stu Lumsden 1:02:34
3 Ben Smith 1:12:33
4 Damien Dear 1:01:51
5 Rory Anderson 1:03:35
6 Steve Turvey 1:08:00
7 Liam Mills 1:09:13
8 Sarah Duffy 1:17:10
9 Amanda Deavy 1:05:00
10 Damian Pharoah 1:07:17
  Total time 11:23:43
Wanna B A Team
Men’s team

1 Terry Moynihan 1:05:28
2 Darren Taplin 1:09:03
3 Martin McHugh 1:19:00
4 Craig Slyde 1:12:00
5 Jamie Gould 1:14:00
6 Guy Bicknell 1:09:00
7 Martin Winch 1:06:30
8 Spencer Davies 1:16:00
9 Tommy Dempsey 1:09:26
10 Pete Stafford 1:09:00
  Total time 11:49:07
A Crack Running Unit
Men’s team

1 Raghbir Sangha 1:15:00
2 Pete Kirkhope 1:17:16
3 Pete Fellows 1:25:17
4 Paul Robbins 1:24:56
5 Mark Parker 1:14:39
6 Adam Brierley 1:14:56
7 Tom Miller 1:19:25
8 Richard French 1:15:25
9 David Mills 1:22:00
10 Rob Cox 1:21:47
  Total time 13:10:41

Best in the Sunbursts
Mixed team

1 Adrian Lowe 1:15:00
2 Dinis Gokadyin 1:18:00
3 Austin Wade 1:25:00
4 Danny Murphy 1:21:00
5 Verity Crichton 1:38:00
6 Richard Gould 1:30:00
7 Kyle Beddoe 1:18:00
8 Sara Phipps 1:37:00
9 Mark Baker 1:14:00
10 Darron Handley 1:21:00
  Total time 13:57:00

Northbrook Angels
Women’s team

1 Liz Pharoah 1:28:00
2 Elle Townsend 1:26:29
3 Sarah McNaney 1:28:00
4 Gemma Ross 1:27:30
5 Sally Eason 1:18:55
6 Fern Kenny 1:33:00
7 Ellie Aldridge 1:31:44
8 Caroline Parkinson 1:30:00
9 Claudie Combelas 1:25:00
10 Charlotte Mills 1:26:00
  Total time 14:34:48

Completely Out There All Day
Mixed team

1 John Gibbons 1:32:00
2 Ben Tabram 1:26:11
3 Tom Cox 1:30:04
4 Sean Duffy 1:21:33
5 Julie Liggett 1:34:00
6 Catherine Shepherd 1:47:29
7 Lottie Graham 1:37:58
8 Dawn Webb 1:37:18
9 Jo Arden 1:43:00
10 Rich Cawley 1:23:28
  Total time 15:33:01

The excitement had been building for months on the run up to this years event. With 6 teams out there the toll on the reserves list was huge, 12 reserves used to get the full complement out. But we turned up, and, boy did we turn up in style and force. Everyone seemed excited to start, shocked half-way through legs and exhausted at the end, and relieved to see the next runner in place and ready.

We had 3 teams at the 5am start and 3 teams at the 6am start. Good competition between them all, and the gaps were not that big between our teams all the way round. A huge thank you has to go to the 60 runners that were out there and an even bigger thank you to the supporters they bought with them. The runners can not do it without the support cars to keep them on track and give them abuse/support when the going gets tough. The supporters literally carry you round this course. None of that happens without the fantastic 6 Team Captains that really stepped up on the day; their teams functioned perfectly, I know how much work those 6 put in and how much they did on the day.

On the day you only really get to follow your own team around, but at every support point the sea of Northbrook colours overpowered every other team’s colours. We were a force to be recognised and we had a lot of compliments from every other team out there. It’s when you follow a team around that you see the effort that every runner puts in. This is never a solo event, the team is what matters and I could see that from the faces of the guys I was there for. So proud to be with them and to see how little everyone had left at the end showed that the the team always came first.

We did have a plan (there’s always a plan), the mixed A team was again the focus and before the day we were looking good. I knew how strong the team was and I knew that everyone else out there was integral to their success. They ran strongly and despite C&C informing me constantly it was theirs this year I would just coyly smile back and not rise to the bait. The result would tell. And tell it did, 1st place in the mixed teams with a new mixed team course record. We had the biggest roar when it was announced that we had retained the trophy and I did give the C&C Manager a cheeky wink to confirm I knew all the way along. He disappeared, we partied.

We ran hard, supported hard, celebrated hard and after all had one of the best Northbrook days out for a long time. Well done all – Spencer

Ellenden Farm Frolic Trail, Evesham – 12 May

  Paul Stead 11:00:15 18 laps, 50.4 miles

Bosworth Half-Marathon – 12 May

220 Tony Mackness 1:43:05
  Pia Singh 2:12:20

Draycote Water 10k – 12 May

  Tracey Williams 62:58
  Jane Stephens 69:58

Market Drayton 10k – 12 May

79 Chris Goodman 39:43
209 Craig Murray 43:17
711 Kirstie Murray 51:03
723 Lisa Bragg 51:04
1103 Melissa Fagan 55:23


A nice run through and around the market town, starting and finishing on the playing fields of the local school. The goody bag as always was fantastic – a tray of Muller yoghurts, a pork pie, nana, gingerbread man, another biscuit,
a millionaires shortbread, medal, techie tee, lightweight (v useful) kit bag. This is the reason I run it to be honest.

Nowhere near a pb but 2 secs faster than last year and my fastest/least slow 10k this year – Lisa

Ultra-Trail Snowdonia (UTS 50) – 11 May

  Tony Bowe 19:55:22

55 miles and 17,000+ feet of elevation taking in some of Snowdonia’s most scenic valleys, peaks and landscapes. This was a wonderfully organised event with excellent course markings (for day and night), well-stocked aid stations and enthusiastic marshals. Described as “beautiful beyond belief, savage beyond reason”, this was an epic adventure which should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is also the UTS100 comprising 105 miles and 33,000 feet of elevation which started on Friday but the shorter distance was more than enough for me!

Kingsbury Classic Trail 10k – 7 May

22 Craig Slyde 40:29
32 Martin McHugh 42:09
42 Peter Kirkhope 43:01
160 Catherine Shepherd 58:16


Four Northbrook runners (and their supporters) made their way across to Kingsbury Water Park for the 19th Kingsbury Classic 10k.

It was a fantastic course, with a mixture of trails, grass, and short sections of road, and there was scenery there too (according to the race info) but I didn’t notice it. Not sure if the rest had time to take it in as it was a fast course and all raced well.

A great evening out, recommended – Martin

Kenilworth MayDay Multi-Terrain 10k – 6 May

20 Craig Slyde 45:24
26 Pete Stafford 43:54
35 Martin McHugh 45:24
37 Jamie Gould 45:46
43 Spencer Davies 46:59
57 Rich Gould 48:51
58 Sarah Duffy 48:45
66 Mark Parker 50:46
80 Darron Handley 51:40
82 Cath Fenn 51:45
123 Lottie Graham 57:44
150 Sarah Phipps 61:44
163 Catherine Shepherd 63:45

Relay Teams

53 Tom Miller
Melissa Fagan
Craig Murray
154 Kelly Parker
Tracey Cox
Rich Cawley

Nineteen Northbrookers and supporters headed to the alps of Abbey Fields on a grey and overcast day. It was good running weather as those that felt cold soon warmed up after the first climb.

The race comprises 3 laps of Abbey Fields with 3 good climbs per lap. It’s not for the faint hearted. Six of the more sensible ones ran the event as a 3-person relay (1 lap each). The other 13 powered their way around making mincemeat of the climbs. Good runs all around with Craig leading us home, followed closely by Pete who dragged the rest of us home.

We witnessed a young Duffy leading her dad home on the kids’ fun run and while there was always time for cake the weather ruined the picnic plans.

This is a tough but great local event that really gives the whole family something to do – Spencer


Rightmove MK Half-Marathon – 6 May

  Pia Singh 2:02:36

Great Bristol 10k – 5 May

735 Peter Kirkhope 43:32

Nuneaton Aquathlon – 5 May

9 James Lacey 21:09
15 Spencer Davies 21:55
71 Tracey Cox 38:25

Three Northbrookers headed to Pingles on a sunny afternoon for the Aquathlon. A 5k course on uneven grass was never going to be quick. Whether you are suffering from flying back from a holiday, or having dressing issues this
was always going to be hard work. I started before James and he gave me the chase I needed. Tracey was the finisher with the best smile and got the biggest cheers and run team to see her home.

A great event, even if the timing was not the best – Spencer

Uttoxeter 10k – 5 May

  Rich Cawley 46:29

Milton Keynes Rocket 5k – 5 May

  Jill Pittard 20:30 PB

OMM Trail 10k, Cannock Chase – 5 May

11 Eleanor Townsend 54:27 2nd female
36 Chris Archer 69:43  

Silva Great Lakeland 3 Day Challenge 4-6 May

Claudie Combelas

5 Day 1 4:33:42 12.4 miles
4 Day 2 5:53:55 15.7 miles
4 Day 3 3:32:04 12.1 miles
8 Overall 13:59:00  

Absolutely loved it despite wearing 5 layers
of clothing to sleep in, in the tent at night.

Event details


Sialens y Barcud Coch Trail 10k – 4 May

2 Damien Dear 0:54:50
33 Spencer Davies 1:15:02


Three of us set off on a road trip to deepest darkest Wales. The plan was to incorporate a parkrun en route and then rock up for the Welsh 10K championships at Devils Bridge Falls. The location made it a must for me and with segments of the route titled “dead sheep drop” and “widow makers ridge” why would you not want to do it.

Parkrun was great, a low attendance meant Damien stormed to 1st place without being pushed, Tracey and I got our highest position finishes, and to top it all off there was a Wetherspoons to replenish the fuel levels afterwards. Then onto the main event.

Tracey was our chief supporter (i.e sunbathing while drinking local cider). The event looked busy and while I knew it was steep in places what shocked me was the loose slate path that was close to vertical for almost a mile. I walked it and was proud to admit it (everyone else I could see was walking so I felt better). When I got to the top the views were spectacular with the sea in sight. Then the downhills started. As the 10K point approached it became clear we were still a long way from where we started. My head started to nag, Damien said his legs were falling off at this point, though when I finally finished they were in fact still attached to him. At 6.5 miles the finish was 200 mtrs away, but that would be too simple. Back up another mountain for half a mile before plummeting back to the finish finally.

Tracey and Damien said they could hear me cursing the organisers from the top. A Welsh km is apparently not an English km. 7.5 miles in the end for the Welsh 10K championships! Damien stormed to 2nd place, his reward was a landscape photo and a cheque. I got a bag and a banana which apparently Damien got too.

Must try harder next time, and a re-visit to work out exactly where the “dead sheep drop” was is almost guaranteed – Spencer

May the Fourth Be With You Trail Marathon – 4 May

  Tony Bowe 6:04:36

OMM Trail Marathon – 4 May

11 Lisa Bragg 4:36:42 3rd female, 2nd FV

This was part of the OMM (Outdoor Mountain Marathon) festival spread over Friday night to Sunday afternoon, set in Forestry Commission woodland. I was a bit put off when I realised there were only 25 starters for the full distance, but we ran the first of two laps with the half marathoners so it felt like a larger field.

The course was really well signed, with direction flags and also little ‘reminder’ flags every 50-100m, plus Km markers. It was hilly – very – not so steep and not so long but constantly up and down and up and down. The ground was hard (mainly tracks set up for logging trucks) and quite stony in places but the scenery was great. Even on the second lap there were quite a few people around as other events (bike orienteering, running orienteering) were also taking place. Also, the ‘general public’ was out for a wander with kids, dogs, etc.

The organisers were great too. The marathon included a meal and a drink afterwards – not gourmet, not three course but very welcome. I loved it and would definitely recommend it.