Northbrook Results

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November 2018

Derby 10 Miles – 25 November

13 Stuart Lumsden 0:58:54 PB
51 Amanda Deavy 1:04:43
108 Spencer Davies 1:09:18 PB
110 Tony Forde 1:09:31 PB
111 Tommy Dempsey 1:09:38 PB
211 Sarah McNaney 1:14:58 PB
260 Andrew Ralph 1:17:06
292 Jill Pittard 1:18:41
315 Craig McNaney 1:19:53
395 Rich Cawley 1:21:58 PB
442 Sarah Duffy 1:21:10*

*Debut at this distance

The race conditions were perfect for this increasingly popular 10 mile race. Starting and finishing at Pride Park Stadium in Derby, the route was a mixture of paths, some gravel and about half a mile of grass; all traffic free. Well-marshalled and well organised, this could become a firm favourite for those looking for a fast race. Not once was the course congested due to the starting arrangements which meant that those wanting to test their legs could do so with ease. All the paths and trails that we ran on appeared to be closed to the public for the duration which meant no getting tangled up with a stray dog or a runaway child. Facilities in the stadium were excellent with the added bonus of no queueing for the loos as there appeared to be 100’s of them.

As you can see from the results, Northbrook runners did the club proud, partly due to the route that we ran but, of course, mostly due to the excellent help we get on Mondays and Wednesdays from our training group leaders – Sarah

Run for Rotary 10k – 25 November

16 David Giles 46:09 PB

Only 61 runners turned out for this 10k at Draycote Water, organised by the Rotary Club. Feeling nervous about running in such a small field, I was dubious about my chances of getting a late season pb, however a few club vests from local clubs helped carry me through with people to chase down.

I managed to knock over a minute and half of my previous best so was glad I made the trip over!

Birmingham Insurance Institute Santa 10k – 25 November

Katy Davies 58:55

Wolverton 5 Miles, Milton Keynes – 25 November

55 Richard Hodge 30:28
65 Damian Pharoah 31:00 PB
72 Mike Wheeler 31:32
90 Mark Baker 33:22

Sneaky, sneaky behaviour by the OAPs as the autumn leaves are falling…..
Leaving it till late in the year for a late charge, a few of us had managed to find this gem of an event only a 55min drive away from Coventry for a flat and very fast 5 mile race.

It was a 2 lap race around a man-made lake and with a race going back decades that has traditionally been a magnet for fast runners, it was great to be in a race where the standard would really drag you along. I managed some really tight pacing and was pleased with the result, extending the purple patch of form I’m in to a good 7 weeks now. Damian came in not long after me, setting a great PB for himself and Mike and Mark were also pleased with their improved times for this year.

As an example of how good the field is, the first 4 runners were under 25mins, the first MV45 did 26m48, the first MV50 was 29m17, the first MV60 was 29m30 and the first female was 29m05s. Pretty stacked! – Rich

Broadway Off-Road Marathon – 18 November

68 Steve Bottomley 5:05:28
101 Corinna O’Connor 6:23:02

Coombe 8 Multi-Terrain – 18 November

34 Craig Slyde 0:56:53
48 Paul Stead 0:58:22
49 Peter Kirkhope 0:59:00
63 Ian Paterson 1:01:21
85 Martin McHugh 1:04:09
86 Cath Fenn 1:04:15
97 David Giles 1:05:46
101 James Stubbs 1:06:24
103 Rich Cawley 1:06:33
116 David Mills 1:08:08
130 Darron Handley 1:10:20
156 Andy Scruton 1:13:18
160 Jo Arden 1:14:17
167 Michael Cherrington 1:14:52
185 Sara Boot 1:17:48
236 Tony French 1:31:12
242 Verity Crichton 1:33:13
251 Pia Singh 1:43:54
254 Jane Stephens 1:44:16

Coventry 10k – 18 November

29 Pete Stafford 42:18
30 Jamie Gould 42:23
48 Sean Duffy 43:54 PB
56 Richard Gould 44:37
70 Kevin Coughlan 46:19
72 Sarah Duffy 46:29 PB
101 Gemma Ross 49:26
108 Katherine Plunkett 50:13
263 John Murphy 59:20

Nine Northbrookers chose the race closest to home as other groups headed off to find the Illmington Hill and the trails of Coombe Abbey Park.  Our choice was met with reward as we all ran fast times with the Duffys bagging
PBs a piece, me ruuning a season’s best and among other great times there are likely more PBs.

Whilst 3 laps of the War Memorial Park may be seen as a doorstep mundane 10K event it served its purpose as many looked to improve their 10K times for gaining valuable points in the club road race league – Kevin

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 2 – 18 November

11 Natasha White 42:41 1st Female
24 Tony Forde 44:56
43 Spencer Davies 47:02
45 Tommy Dempsey 47:10
63 Richard Hands 49:19
163 Julie Cozens 61:27
193 Charlotte Graham 64:42
231 Jo Moyse 72:27

Clockwise round the village this time and not my favourite way round. Nvertheless, eight of us made our way over to Ilmington on a day with fantastic running conditions.

Natasha was in form as was Tony. The rest of us were left in their wake. For me the arrival of Tommy meant I knew I had a race on. What followed was the worst 5k start to any race I have ever done. At 5k I actually stopped and had an argument with my legs, falling short of grabbing the nearest branch and thrashing some life into them. It worked; water station consumed and it was like someone had strapped an outboard motor to me. The descent was vicious and fast, groups of runners I normally finish with were left in my trail. Then Tommy appeared in the distance and the “outboard” motor effect was still there. With 400 metres to go I had reeled him in and carried on.

A great race this time around, Natasha again won the female field, Tony got a sub 45-minute and the rest of us fielded some fantastic results. Is it the worse way round? I’m not sure but it was good fun – Spencer

Brooks Women’s 5-Mile and Men’s 7-Mile Cross-Country Championships – 17 November

Northbrook Men – 9th

49 Darren Taplin 44:41
56 Rob Barry 45:25
76 Tommy Dempsey 48:42
79 Spencer Davies 49:04
96 Martin McHugh 50:39
106 Paul Robbins 51:54
115 Martin McCrystal 54:07
116 Ragbhir Sangha 54:29

Northbrook Women – 11th

41 Enya Tabram 37:11
57 Sarah Duffy 39:31
75 Karen Brewster 44:30
79 Julie Cozens 45:51
80 Helen Morris 46:09
87 Tracey Williams 52:41

14 Northbrookers headed up to Bulwell Park, Nottingham in good running conditions. The ground was probably a bit too hard for spikes but it was another chance to wear them and practise. There might have been a small
sized field, but as it was in Notts backgarden the competition was fast.

The women showed us how to run first in their 5-mile race and they did the Sunburst proud. Everyone finished and they all surprised themselves with how well they coped. It was great to support them and keep them going.

Then it was the men’s turn in the 7-mile race. 1 small lap and 3 large laps meant some were in danger of being lapped. The competition was fast and we all had our own battles within our own pairs. The women were
everwhere cheering and offering us “advice”; it was a great atmosphere and kept us going.

A great run out and finishing positions of 9th and 11th for the teams. Well run all – Spencer

Draycote Water Winter 10k – 11 November

2 Liam Mills 37:37
10 Guy  Bicknell 39:51
28 Peter Kirkhope 43:10 2nd MV50
71 John Murphy 47:52
112 Darron Handley 51:32
184 Jason Brannigan 57:27
185 Martin Gavin 57:28

Coalville 10k – 11 November

18 Spencer Davies 44:51 1st MV45
41 Rich Cawley 51:17
52 David Giles 52:03
142 Tracey Williams 66:33 3rd FV50
172 Jane Stephens 78:51
173 Pia Singh 78:52


In the season of double headers, 6 Northbrookers put their legs back together after Saturdays XC and arrived at Coalville. The weather was cold to start but soon warmed up. This 10K is based on old coal mine slag heaps that have been turned into a country park. This means it’s not flat. The hills are steep, slippery and the mix of tarmac to trail is 60:40. Two experienced hands knew that meant trail shoes, as David soon found out trying to ascend the first mudslide. A sideways shuffle through brambles ensued for him. It got worse, Rich and David in a pack took the wrong turn. Up to 25 went about 30 seconds off course before realising their errors.

For me, it was my best time around here and with tired legs I was pleased to get top 20 and 1st in age category. Rich and David battled each other all the way round and both put in sterling performances on tired legs. Then the women brought the prize home, they won the team prize. It goes to show what sheer grit and determination can do – Spencer

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 1 at Coundon Hall Park, Coventry – 10 November

Men’s ‘A’ Team 5th – 208 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 3rd – 519 points

20 Stuart Lumsden 34:46
26 Damien Dear 35:04
31 Liam Mills 35:17
34 Andrew McConville 35:22
39 Ben Smith 35:35
58 Rory Anderson 36:26
64 Steve Turvey 36:51
66 Richard Hodge 36:55
86 James Lacey 37:31
91 Rob Barry 37:39
102 Damian Pharoah 37:58
110 Martin Winch 38:22
121 Mike Wheeler 38:56
125 Joseph Kelly 39:06
128 Owen Drage 39:20
132 Spencer Davies 39:28
133 Jon Seed 39:31
152 Mark Baker 40:21
166 Tommy Dempsey 40:58
177 Richard French 41:44
181 Simon Jones 41:47
189 Steve Handy 42:08
199 Tony Hughes 42:36
201 Martin McHugh 42:49
203 Paul Robbins 42:56
212 Sean Duffy 43:39
213 Kevin Coughlan 43:41
215 Mark Parker 43:49
220 John Davies 43:56
240 Richard Cawley 45:11
243 Martin McCrystal 45:26
250 Michael Duggan 46:10
252 David Giles 46:28
256 Steve Simpson 47:45
258 Ragbhir Sangha 48:11

Full results on Bham League web site

Thirty seven Northbrook men descended on the “home” fixture of Coundon Hall Park, from far afield. The call was heard in Leeds, Sheffield, Sutton Coldfield and from 25 years previous. They came and they kept coming. By the time the team was gathered we were raucous, and full of enthusiasm and excitement. The women showed us how to run, then the heavens opened. Cross-country season was here. The start line was spirited, the teams names chanted, the steam rising off the men. This was not a place to stand back, you had to get in the mix, and early.

Division 3 has improved, but so have we. Stu set the pace, and the train of sunbursts behind him kept going. We had one drop out injured and one dropped out with the event proving a hard fast race. The intensity of a cross-country league race was soon remembered – no quarter is given and you take the guy in front, then repeat. There were a couple of fallers, Rory resembled Bambi as he face planted in front of a Northbrook cheer squad, I went over trying to keep a pack behind me. But the groups of Northbrook runners kept coming. We all left everything we had out there. What a team, what an event. 5th place overall is a great start to the season, but, we all need to push on.

The order is simple, another 2 places at least each please, and finish positions 7-18 need to chase harder. You know what to do, Plock Court awaits. It’s fast and flat, and its ready for the Northbrook train – Spencer


Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 1 at Coundon Hall Park, Coventry – 10 November

Northbrook Women – 10th
Northbrook Women Masters – 7th

8 Natasha White 23:35
50 Cath Fenn 26:31
62 Enya Tabram 27:00
90 Sarah Duffy 28:12
104 Katherine Plunkett 29:03
118 Jenny Clark 29:44
149 Emily Drage 31:23
153 Eleanor Townsend 31:31
155 Katy Davies 31:36
164 Sara Boot 32:01
165 Julie Cozens 32:02
167 Dawn Webb 32:24
177 Catherine Shepherd 33:00
180 Helen Morris 33:11
213 Verity Crichton 35:19
218 Louise Slater 35:51
220 Pia Singh 36:05
238 Tracey Williams 37:42
244 Kelly Parker 38:57
256 Jane Stephens 41:23

Six Dales Circuit, 25 Miles – 10 November

Paul Stead 4:44:09

Let’s Go Round Again Nottingham Marathon and Half-Marathon – 4 November


Paul Stead 3:33:29


4 Terry Moynihan 1:26:40 2nd MV45
8 Amanda Deavy 1:28:35 2nd female

Rockingham 10 Mile and 10k – 4 November

10 mile race

16 Liam Mills 1:02:53 PB
20 Richard Hodge 1:04:41
23 Andrew McConville 1:04:57
26 Damian Pharoah 1:06:04

10k Race

3 Damien Dear 36:35 PB

This is what this time of year is all about – sneaking off in a van full of club mates, trying to work out if the event you’re doing will be cool, not windy, flat and deliver you the time you’re hoping for (and crucially the requisite points in the road race league).

Andy, Damian, Liam, Charlotte and I set off chasing points, times and dreams to the Rockingham race circuit and were treated to a three in one race as the organisers were also running a 10k and a 5k event at staggered starts.

We had a simple 3 and a bit lap course to negotiate, and once we were away we settled into our positions with me watching Liam power away into the distance and Andy and Damian keeping me within sight. The miles ticked off relatively easily, although the wind was strong enough to make a difference in certain sections. Thanks to some of the sharp corners and exposed nature, I could see Andy slowly advancing on me over the last lap and a half and I was worried that a fast finish from him would result in a close tussle. I managed to hold him off, albeit only by a few seconds, but at this stage of the season, that’s enough.

I’m still not convinced on the accuracy of the course, as all 4 of us recorded different distances with my Garmin clocking up 10.2 miles. Mmmmm……. Needless to say, it’s my fastest time at the distance since 2009 and my 2nd fastest time ever so bigger picture and all that. Charlotte Mills clocked 1h24m02s which put her 2nd overall in her age category which shows the speedy nature of the race.

Damien Dear rattled off an impressive PB of 36m35s for 3rd place overall in the 10k race – Rich

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile – 4 November

8 Steve Turvey 31:18
10 Natasha White 32:16 PB, 2nd female
15 Spencer Davies 33:30 1st MV45, 3rd MV
20 Peter Kirkhope 33:48
21 Mark Baker 33:59
27 Simon Jones 34:53
29 Tommy Dempsey 35:09
34 Cath Fenn 35:45 3rd FV
44 Sean Duffy 37:17
47 Tony Mackness 37:38
48 Rich Cawley 37:42
50 Martin McHugh 37:52
54 Sarah Duffy 38:29
64 Mike Duggan 39:15
80 Jo Arden 41:43
93 Katy Davies 43:36
95 Julie Cozens 44:23
105 Dawn Webb 47:32
109 Linda Richards 49:18
112 Julie Horbury 50:44

Twenty Northbrookers and friends went over for the first race in this season’s Grand Prix series. The weather was dry and not too cold. All looked and sounded nervous beforehand, talking their chances down. For some the 2 miles or 4 miles of cross-country the day before was weighing heavy on the minds and the legs.

Steve set the pace and dragged us all along in his wake, with pockets of us behind having our own battles. Northbrook cleared up in the prizes with Natasha claiming 2nd female, Spencer claiming 3rd old man and Cath claiming 3rd old woman.

Overall a great race and a great event. Roll on Race 2 – Spencer

Warwick University Cross-Country Relays – 3 November

Northbrook Men – 9th 48:12

1 Liam Mills 11:44
2 Andy McConville 11:48
3 Mike Wheeler 12:08
4 Darren Taplin 12:32

Northbrook Men – 20th 52:25

1 Tom McNamara 12:21
2 Craig Murray 13:22
3 Rich Cawley 14:06
4 Tom McNamara 12:36

Northbrook Men – 23rd 55:00

1 Lee McKervey 12:45
2 Sean Duffy 13:49
3 Martin McHugh 14:31
4 David Mills 13:55

Northbrook Men – 24th 55:15

1 Martin McHugh 14:28
2 Ragbhir Sangha 14:55
3 Spencer Davies 13:11
4 Richard Gould 12:41

Northbrook Men – 26th 57:05

1 Spencer Davies 12:56
2 Steve Handy 13:16
3 Rob Cox 15:13
4 Phil Rawson 15:40

Northbrook Men – 28th 57:35

1 Richard Gould 12:12
2 Martin McCrystal 14:40
3 Chris Perkins 17:21
4 Mark Baker 13:22

Northbrook Women – 12th 49:44

1 Elle Townsend 16:44
2 Karen Brewster 16:03
3 Julie Cozens 16:57

Northbrook Women – 13th 51:26

1 Cath Fenn 13:48
2 Jeannie Noonan 17:01
3 Tracey Williams 20:37

Northbrook Women – 14th 52:03

1 Sara Phipps 17:00
2 Melissa Fagan 16:11
3 Verity Crichton 18:52

Northbrook Women – 15th 53:00

1 Sally Eason 15:21
2 Dawn Webb 17:33
3 Kelly Parker 20:06

Northbrook Women – 17th 53:10

1 Lotte Graham 17:26
2 Helen Morris 18:09
3 Linda Richards 19:30

Northbrook Mixed – 4th 49:50

1 Terry Moynihan 12:02
2 Marie Edmunds 13:33
3 Natasha White 12:12
4 James Lacey 12:03

Northbrook Mixed – 15th 64:04

1 Sarah Duffy 15:02
2 Mark Parker 14:18
3 Helen Hodge 20:40
4 David Giles 14:04

Saturday came round with dryish weather and 43 Northbrookers bearing down on to the Warwickm Uni relays. Our biggest contingent ever at this event and the sea of sunbursts out on the course, together with the added  supporters was a tremendous sight.

At times we felt like we were a train, but the serious bit was indeed serious. 2 miles of cross-country running hurts like hell, and to top it off leg 1 was furiously fast. You just got sucked along with the youth from the universities. But we did amazingly well, 4 men ran twice to complete teams, in tough competition.

We may not have won but we certainly showed up. League race next and we are all needed again – Spencer


Poppy Run, Sutton Coldfield 5k – 3 November

Andy Scruton 25:00