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May 2018

IKK BB Berliner Firmenlauf 2018 – 31 May

103 Terry Moynihan 20:23

An opportunity arose to take part in a run during a short trip to Berlin. I spotted fencing being erected around the city centre Tiergarten park and attached to it were posters advertising a 5.5km run around the periphery the following day.

I was able to get a non-runner’s number and joined over 13,000 other runners from various German companies on what can best be described as a slightly extended parkrun on steroids. It took a little over 20 minutes to complete the unusual distance, which passed the iconic Brandenberg Gate and Victory Column.

After a bratwurst, which more than replenished the burned calories, it was then on to continue the sightseeing.

Leamington C & AC Club 5,000m Championship – 29 May

Race 1

1 David Mulvee LCAC M35 17:07.7
2 Phil Gould LCAC M40 17:23.2
3 Greg West LCAC U20B 17:26.0
4 Jonathan Brown Guest SM 17:44.7
5 Chris Melbourne LCAC SM 17:45.0
6 Charlie Staneley LCAC SM 17:50.2
7 Dean Mawby LCAC SM 18:03.4
8 Gavin Fowler LCAC SM 18:27.8
9 Natalie Banghal LCAC F35 18:44.4
10 John Wilson Guest M45 18:59.3
11 Richard Hodge Guest M45 19:06.2

Race 2

1 Jason Hill LCAC M45 18:48.4
2 Julia Bijl Guest SF 18:56.7
3 Jade Holt LCAC SF 19:40.7
4 Monica Williamson LCAC F55 19:46.7
5 Andrew Higgins LCAC M55 19:56.7
6 Jenny Jeeves LCAC F50 20:07.5
7 Nick Tawney LCAC M55 20:19.9
8 Daren Steward Guest M45 20:35.1
9 Paul Oakey LCAC M45 20:40.0
10 Steven Roberts LCAC M55 22:24.1
11 Alex Montgomery LCAC M60 22:45.4
12 Katie Tame Guest SF 23:15.9
13 Carol Blower LCAC F55 25:04.9
James Joyce LCAC DNF

After crashing and burning two weeks previously at Leamington’s club 10,000m Champs, I decided to try and redeem myself at their 5,000m race. They actively encourage guests and ex-Northbrook Men’s Captain John Wilson and I joined another ex-Northbrook member (James Joyce) in trying to see where we were fitness wise.

John and I were placed in the ‘A’ race whilst James was put in the ‘B’ race. It was clear from the off that the race was going to be run off at a pace I couldn’t sustain so I settled into a lonely 12.5 laps trying to keep John within arm’s reach. I finished dead last with 19m06s and John was 7 seconds in front of me.

Leamington were very welcoming and it was great to race on a track, something that I’d never done before this season. I’m not sure that doing a 5,000m track race 48hrs after a leg of the Hilly 100 was my wisest move but a season’s best and my fastest 5k for over 2 years was for me, a good result – Rich

Cotswold Hilly 100, 10-Stage Relay – 27 May

Times are not indicative of pace as leg distances vary

Northbrook Angels
Women’s team

1 Jill Pittard 1:15:40
2 Cath Fenn 1:27:30
3 Anne Hughes 1:43:00
4 Louise Myers 1:32:55
5 Jo Arden 1:33:00
6 Sally Eason 1:24:13
7 Verity Crichton 1:48:38
8 Claudie Combelas 1:28:30
9 Emily Hughes 2:20:00
10 Katy Davies 1:36:00
Total time 16:08:56
Northbrook’s Mister Men
Men’s A team

1 Darren Taplin 1:07:00
2 Mark Baker 1:22:03
3 Tony Hughes 1:25:00
4 Tom McNamara 1:18:00
5 Tom Cox 1:20:55
6 Spencer Davies 1:18:19
7 Craig Slyde 1:15:28
8 Steve Handy 1:29:20
9 Kevin Coughlan 1:30:40
10 Tony Forde 1:28:00
Total time 13:34:45
Northbrook Avengers
Men’s B team

1 Mark Parker 1:16:36
2 John Gibbons 1:38:00
3 Chris Archer 2:06:00
4 John Davies 1:41:58
5 Mike Duggan 1:42:00
6 Martin McHugh 1:33:03
7 Rob Cox 1:30:17
8 Jason Brannigan 1:52:00
9 Tommy Dempsey 1:16:00
10 Fraser Barrett 1:36:00
Total time 16:11:54
Northbrook Marvels
1st mixed team

1 Joe Kelly 1:08:00
2 Terry Moynihan 1:07:00
3 Damian Pharoah 1:19:00
4 Rich Hodge 1:15:00
5 Rich Bruce 1:04:00
6 Rory Anderson 1:11:00
7 Amanda Deavy 1:10:00
8 Natasha White 1:10:00
9 Lucinda Wilson 1:18:00
10 Damien Dear 1:09:00
Total Time 11:51:00

Silverware for the mixed team

Four teams finally stepped out on a cold Sunday morning to represent us at the Cotswold Hilly 100. This was a task in itself to get to this stage with one of the busiest weekends ever chosen to run this event. But we were valiant in our attempt to be there. 40 Northbrookers and one task, to finish with 40 people and maybe a podium. The teams were set out to get the mixed team around and give them a challenge all day.

Their first challenge was to hopefully chase the Men’s A team up to leg 8. The Men’s A team themselves were being chased by the Women and the Men’s B team from the word go.

The Mixed team caught the Men’s A team on leg 8. Then the wonder of the mass start kicked in. The mixed team were chasing the mass starters. They caught the Women before leg 10 had started. Fraser had a 3 mile lead on a determined Damien, and we all watched the reports coming in of Damien tearing lumps out of Fraser’s lead, but the finish was edging closer. He finally passed him with less than half a mile to go and both finished like steam trains, glowing red, out of breath and with steam and sweat soaking them.

A great run out this year, and great competition. The plan worked, the mixed team came home with a first place by over 30 minutes. Everyone of the 40 has stories to tell so be sure you ask them. Great running by everyone involved. Well done all, see you next year – Spencer

Edinburgh Marathon – 27 May

Amy Burdis 3:35:19

Edinburgh Half-Marathon – 27 May

Andy Scruton 1:55:47 PB

A lovely Sunday morning half-marathon around the city of Edinburgh and the coast. Managed to get a PB as well. Training is certainly paying off.

Hardmoors 100 – 26 May

Tony Bowe 31:29:01

110 miles and 6,000m of elevation taking in the dramatic coastline and beautiful
heather moorlands comprising the Cleveland Way.

Run for Beer Relays – 25 May

Northbrook Men
6th position overall
4th in category

1 Rory Anderson 11:48
2 Spencer Davies 12:46
3 Caig Slyde 12:44
4 Tom Cox 12:23
Total time 49:43
Northbrook Men Vets
10th position overall
3rd in category

1 Terry Moynihan 12:00
2 Joe Kelly 12:31
3 Peter Kirkhope 12:51
4 Steve Handy 13:28
Total time 50:51
Northbrook Women A
18th position overall
1st in category

1 Natasha White 12:06
2 Cath Fenn 13:42
3 Jill Pittard 13:59
4 Amy Burdis 14:08
Total time 53:57
Northbrook Men
Super Vets
23rd position overall
4th in category

1 Kevin Coughlan 14:11
2 Craig Murray 13:40
3 Rob Cox 14:02
4 Martin McHugh 13:55
Total time 56:11
Northbrook Women
Super Vets
39th position overall
6th in category

1 Sally Eason 14:24
2 Sarah McNaney 14:02
3 Claudie Combelis 15:15
4 Lisa Bragg 15:45
Total time 59:28
Northbrook Mixed
Super Vets

61st position overall
7th in category

1 Clive Horton 14:01
2 Craig McNaney 14:49
3 Chris Archer 16:55
4 Tracey Cox 20:58
Total time 66:45

Northbrook Women
64th position overall
6th in category

1 Sara Boot 17:20
2 Sue Clarke 17:50
3 Verity Crichton 17:20
4 Sally Eason 15:00
Total time 67:32
Northbrook Mixed
72nd position overall
10th in category

1 Emily Hughes 20:16
2 Craig Hume 18:39
3 Dawn Wenn 17:50
4 Rich Cawley 15:27
Total time 72:15

Friday night at Stratford and what better to do than take part in a 2-mile relay race and drink beer afterwards. 31 Northbrookers turned out to complete 8 teams in this now popular event, a 4 person relay race with each leg following the same 2 mile loop. 2 miles is long enough to leave you gasping for breath and your legs aching, but not long enough to leave you exhausted.

Rob set the teams out to give all the categories a challenge and his tactics worked well. 1st place for the women and 3rd place for the Men’s Vets team. With Natasha picking up the prize for the fastest female on the night this was both a great social and a successful event – Spencer

Ryton Pools 5 Mile – 24 May

Terry Moynihan 31:35
Jamie Gould 32:02
Natasha White 32:18
Craig Slyde 33:56
Spencer Davies 34:43
Pete Stafford 35:42
Simon Jones 35:43
Peter Kirkhope 37:00
Craig Murray 37:23
Peter Fellows 37:38
Mark Baker 37:58
Martin McHugh 38:07
Tony Forde 38:41
Kevin Coughlan 39:22
Tony Mackness 39:46
Kevin Erne 39:52
David Giles 40:11
Gemma Ross 41:28
Karen Brewster 41:46
Lisa Bragg 42:40
Rich Cawley 42:45
Eleanor Townsend 43:13
Kirstie Murray 43:26
Michael Cherrington 44:49
Mark Smith 45:07
Allison Smith 45:32
Julie Liggett 47:21
Richard Hands 47:53
Verity Crichton 47:55
Kelly Parker 60:30

The Leaden Boot Challenge – 20 May

5 Paul Stead 5:24:00

Lead stolen from the church roof of St Peters, Alstonefield in 2010 prompted numerous fund raising activities within the Parish to raise £10,000 needed to re-lead the roof and to introduce a security system. One of the many fund raising schemes was the development of a challenge event centred around the Parish. A small team of local walkers sought to create an event that was both challenging and fun.

The result is the Leaden Boot Challenge, a 26.2 mile walk/run that entails 5800 feet of ascent, and descent, starting and finishing in the White Peak village of Alstonefield.

Draycote Water Spring 10k – 20 May

37 James Stubbs 51:30
43 Gemma Ross 53:15

Draycote Half-Marathon – 20 May

Sarah Fry 1:38:17

Liverpool Marathon – 20 May

69 Liam Mills 3:09:23
1061 Andrew Pitt 4:10:36
1724 Craig Slyde 4:33:58
2030 Mark Parker 4:46:03

Liverpool Half-Marathon – 20 May

Oliver Jones 1:34:57
Katy Davies 2:00:51

Knowle 10k – 20 May

20 Jamie Gould 38:13 PB
Peter Kirkhope 44:31

A scorching hot day in Knowle village for their annual 10km, 5km and children’s fun run. After mainly training through the winter months, the hot conditions and a midday start time were not ideal so the aim of a sub 40 mins soon changed to just get round in one piece.

The race route was 2 laps of a 5km course which took us around the Knowle village and local residential area, which was fortunately littered with families and their children spraying us with water hoses, water guns and cups of water (much needed in the 25 degree heat). The event is an extremely fun and family orientated event and I would recommend to all for 2019. The course is generally flat with one or two slight inclines and there is superb support the whole way round. With approx 700 runners in the 10k section I was delighted to cross the line in 20th position, in a time of 38:18.

A huge thank you to all the club members and coaches who have helped me improve my running since joining the club this year! I am delighted and proud to be a part of the club – Jamie

Grafman Middle Distance Triathlon – 20 May

Tony Bowe

Swim 1.2 miles 0:31:20
Bike 56 miles 3:18:30
Run 13.1 miles 1:56:48

Shin Dig In The Shires Marathon – 19 May

Tony Bowe 5:55:49

Lovely Trail marathon which takes in the Wenlock Edge ancient woodland in the Shropshire Hills.

West Country Ultra 100 Mile – 19 May

6 Amy Burdis 27:16:29

A “flat” 50 (but not easy at all) from Taunton to Minehead along river and coast, followed by a hilly (extremely hilly) out and back 50. Very little route markings and long distances between checkpoints, but very scenic and friendly.

There were 22 starters but only 12 finished. I finished 6th and was 1st of the 4 women to finish.

Firkin 5 Mile – 19 May

15 Spencer Davies 38:50
39 Jill Pittard 40:55 3rd female
59 Martin McHugh 43:21

Hook Norton’s 5 mile for the 2nd year and it was even better than the first year. It was hot, baking the off-road to an ankle breaking concrete effect. This year there were 3 of us, Martin, Jill and me and one eager supporter in Tracey. There were many more runners this year (obviously the free pint for finishing was a big draw). We were told that there was a beer stop at half-way, but when I got there they had not started to serve the beer. However, Martin made up for it with a casual pint and a chat before commencing.
The run into the finish for me was fast as a 16 year old intent on winning her age category was using me as a pacer. By the time we finished, Tracey was on her 2nd pint and cheering everyone. Great race in a great area with fantastic organisation.

Jill won the prize for 3rd female, and Martin and I had another pint as our reward – Spencer

Leeds Half-Marathon – 13 May

Rory Anderson 1:28:54 PB

The weekend marked my fourth time taking part in the Leeds half-marathon. The first half of the course is particularly challenging as it is mostly uphill but from there on in it becomes relatively fast (if you can endure the suntrap that is Kirkstall Road). The support from the locals and students is brilliant so I would recommend the event to anyone willing to make the trip up North.

I was grateful to achieve a PB and my first sub-90 half marathon, followed by a few post race beverages with fellow runners and supporters from my university club (excuse the vest).

Bristol 10k – 13 May

Peter Kirkhope 44:44

Market Drayton 10k – 13 May

106 Chris Goodman 41:12
727 Kirstie Murray 52:52 PB

A hot and sunny, but enjoyable Market Drayton. Especially enjoyable as Kirstie got a new PB – by 23 minutes!

Draycote Water 10k Summer Series – 13 May

Mark Dalton 48:42
Andy Scruton 51:28 PB

A lovely Sunday morning with blue skies for a nice 10k around the reservoir. A small field of 154 runners with Northbrook representation in the race and also cheering on from the sidelines made for perfect conditions. Great little race with a family atmosphere and I managed a huge PB, 2 seconds shaved off to be precise, but they all count – Andy

Stratford Half-Marathon – 13 May

Ben Smith 1:24:00
Amanda Deavy 1:28:36
Damian Pharoah 1:30:06
Tom Miller 1:36:59
Spencer Davies 1:39:49
Ian Paterson 1:38:04 PB
Adrian Powell 1:47:19
Leisha Smith 2:06:11
Darron Handley 2:13:28
Anita Sanderson 2:18:39
Sara Boot 2:19:09
Gillian Coulson 2:19:09
Susan Clarke 2:19:09

Ultra Trail Snowdonia 50 – 12 May

Tony Bowe 23:15:12

53 miles and 18,000+ ft of climbing over 10 peaks, including summiting Snowdon twice.

Silverstone 10k – East Midlands Grand Prix Race 1 – 9 May

Pos Cat M/F Cat Pos
270 Joe Kelly M45 42:34 246 31
366 Richard Hands M45 44:28 327 44
425 Adrian Powell M55 44:58 376 22
538 Charles Jones M65 47:20 460 4
704 Mike Duggan M75 49:22 582 2
810 Julie Cozens F55 51:19 153 4 PB

Full results

A lovely evening saw 6 Northbrook runners complete this two lap course around Silverstone Racing track. No potholes and and a nice smooth running surface saw some decent times achieved (I was looking for sub 45 mins and beat it by 2 seconds!). Just over 1600 finishers, well worth the trip down the M40 – Adrian

Silva Great Lakeland 3-Day Event – 5 to 7 May

Claudie Combelas
11th overall in Cafe Class
total time: 15h 0m 33s

21 16.41 miles 5:36:13 Day 1
15 14.69 miles 5:30:15 Day 2
8 13.2 miles 3:54:05 Day 3

This is a great run over different peaks of the Lake District with lots of climbing and clambering but also with some great downhills. The weather was amazing and the views to die for. Can’t recommend it enough – a great way to get away from it all.

Due to poor map-reading skills I lost my way and added 2.5 extra miles to Day 1. On Day 2 I added only 1 extra mile, but that was uphill.

Sleaford Half-Marathon – 6 May

20 Terry Moynihan 1:26:49
62 Tom Miller 1:39:39

After the razzmatazz of the London Marathon a couple of weeks ago, it was a return to a smaller event to run the first half-marathon of the season. With family in tow, Tom Miller and I headed across to The Fenlands in glorious weather. We joined 450 runners on the outskirts of Sleaford, where the event started and finished at the local football club’s ground.

It was billed as flat or at most mildly undulating and that was certainly my experience as we trotted round the 13.1 mile circuit which comprised a brief run towards town before doubling back into the countryside and completing a figure of 8 circuit through several picturesque villages. To be honest, I wilted in the heat in the second half and was dragged along in the last mile by the encouragement of a fellow runner from Lincoln Wellington AC. Thanks to Chris Phelan-Heath who I’d raced alongside exchanging places for the entire course. Tom put in a strong finish to get a good time after recent injury.

We then settled down to welcome in the other runners and enjoy an ice cream before heading to Skegness to dip our toes in the sea. It was an excellent event with PB potential, really well organised by Sleaford Striders AC and I’d highly recommend it for consideration in your race calendar next year – Terry

Milton Keynes Marathon – 7 May

Liam Mills 3:48:38
Liz Pharoah 4:44:21

Kenilworth Runners Mayday 10K, Relay and Fun Run – 7 May

Individual 10k race

17 Craig Slyde 44:42
25 Mike Wheeler 46:06
52 Spencer Davies 50:15
60 Peter Kirkhope 50:52
82 Cath Fenn 52:54
107 Martin McHugh 56:40
124 Lisa Bragg 59:59
147 David Giles 64:23
154 Chris Perkins 67:11
171 Linda Richards 73:00

3-Leg 10k Relays

72 Just You Do It 51:42
Dawn Webb
Martin McHugh
Simon Jones
163 Tom’s Angels 68:49
Tracey Cox
Tom Miller
Kelly Parker

Children’s 1-Mile Fun Run

10 Alexander Davies 8:32
30 Henry Jones 10:07
76 Joseph Davies 11:40
87 Holly Parker 11:58


Even the sunburst was out-sunned on this scorching bank holiday Monday. Nevertheless, 17 Northbrookers with their families headed to Kenilworth’s Abbey Fields for the Kenilworth Runners May Day event. Before the event even started the sun was beating down and conditions just got hotter as the race set off. The 10k race followed a three-lap, three hill per lap course around the very hilly Abbey Fields, and those who opted for it wilted in the furnace-like heat. It was hot and hard work.

Craig ran us all into the ground with a very impressive time to take 17th overall. David turned an ankle, Martin suffered heatstroke and Tom had his hands full with his “Angels”. For most of us we were just happy to finish.

Northbrook also fielded a couple of relay teams for the event – a much wiser choice than individually running all three laps! Some of the children then participated in the well attended fun run, and the runners and their families rounded off the event with a picnic in the park. A really nice family event – Spencer/David

Birmingham 10k – 6 May

137 Jamie Gould 40:18
Ian Paterson 43:53 PB
Andy Scruton 53:37

A fine Sunday morning in Birmingham with clear blue skies and approximately 20 degrees. Not only was the sun bursting on my vest but it was bursting from the skies for a change! A large event with 8000 runners, a good route for the first 9km with the final km being largely uphill. A great event and proud to have represented Northbrook AC – Jamie

Revenge of the Fifth Marathon – 5 May

Tony Bowe 6:25:33

May the 4th Be With You Trail Half-Marathon – 4 May

Craig McNaney 2:40:58
Amy Burdis 3:22:18