Northbrook Results

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March 2018

Enigma Good Friday Marathon – 30 March

Tony Bowe 3:53:44

Maidenhead Easter 10 Miles – 30 March

248 Mark Baker 69:38

London Landmarks Half-Marathon – 25 March

3220 Andy Scruton 2:00:49

The inaugural staging of this event and 9677 finishers

Mad March Hare 10k – 25 March

Chris Archer 1:03:16

Bedford 20 – 25 March

Sean Duffy 2:57:58
Linda Richards 4:09:20
Chris Perkins 4:12:20

Oundle 20 – 25 March

12 Steve Turvey 2:13:33
16 Terry Moynihan 2:23:37
85 Kevin Coughlan 2:54:07

This is a new race, organised by “Nice Work” and it’s definitely one for the race calendar, just an hours drive along the A14 into rural Northants. The course follows a scenic route through the gently undulating, wide, quiet country lanes in and around the pretty Norhamptonshire villages of Fotheringay, Nassington, Yarwell and King’s Cliffe.

There was one long 2-mile hill at about 9 miles but the race produced excellent times for both Steve and Terry in their first 20 mile races.

With a field of just over 200 the race had been re-scheduled from a snowed off 4th March.  It will be bigger next year I’m sure – Kevin

Cleevewold – 25 March

38 Craig Slyde 2:05:11
70 Spencer Davies 2:23:02
76 Martin McHugh 2:28:08
101 Claudie Combelas 2:55:03 3rd FV55

The Cleevewold is a tough and hilly 14 mile multi-terrain race held annually in March. The race starts near to race HQ at the medieval Postlip tithe barn and covers the highest points of the Cotswold hills on Cleeve common, before heading into the countryside and returning to Postlip via the Belas Knap neolithic burial mound.

There were four of us this year for the annual trip down to Cleevewold. The weather was glorious and the views made up for the pain through the legs. This is never an easy event but it’s one I never like to miss as it really tests you. Craig’s marathon training proved and resulted in him leading us home, slightly soggier underfoot than I anticipated which meant wet feet and quads like stone the day after.

Overall a great event as always, excellent running right through the ranks – Spencer

Gloucester 20 – 25 March

94 Natasha White 2:31:31 PB
110 Tommy Dempsey 2:33:51 PB
166 Amy Burdis 2:40:56
293 Mark Parker 2:58:46 PB

Dorney Lake Marathon Prep 20 Mile – 25 March

Andy McConville 2:36:48

Hastings Half-Marathon – 18 March

49 Steve Turvey 1:24:11

The third weekend of March is supposed to be about the start of spring, or so I thought. So, when I agreed with a friend from South Africa to go down to Hastings to do their half-marathon (and in so doing, miss out on Cov Half) I didn’t expect to be fretting about whether the event would actually take place! As it turned out, Cov Half was cancelled due to the unseasonably cold “Mini-Beast from the East”, whilst Hastings, nestled on the south coast and escaping the worst of the ice and snow, survived.

The course itself could be summarised as 4 parts – a series of bruising climbs up from the seafront, some undulations in the middle, a lovely downhill back down to the promenade and a sprint along the seafront to the finish. My Garmin says I recorded an all-time 5km “PB” of 17:43 towards the end of this race! So much for pacing…

A finish (chip time) of 1:24:11 was good enough for a top 50 finish. Well, 49th anyway.

Not the Coventry Half-Marathon – 18 March

Amy Burdis 2:30:00
Claudie Combelas 2:30:00

Claudie and I ran some bonus miles due to navigational issues, so we ran 15.5 miles in 2.5 hours. I don’t know how everybody else got on – Amy

Hardmoors 55 – 17 March

Tony Bowe 13:14:02

55 miles in the North Yorkshire Moors in sub-zero temperatures, 45mph winds and intermittent hail and snow. The event achieved some notoriety in the media with (false) reports of numerous hypothermic runners requiring rescue by the Cleveland Mountain Rescue.

Midland Women’s 6-Stage & Men’s 12-Stage Road Relay Championships, Sutton Park – 17 March

Northbrook women
31st Position – Time 3:18:49

1 Claudie Combelas 45:36
2 Catherine Sheppard 30:28
3 Sarah McNaney 41:18
4 Helen Hodge 34:07
5 Amy Burdis 23:35
6 Cath Fenn 23:45

Legs 1 & 4 – 5.38 miles, other legs – 3.17 miles

Northbrook men

A team – 34th Position
Time 5:11:33

1 Damien Dear 33:30
2 Adam Brearley 35:34
3 Liam Mills 32:21
4 Mark Baker 39:31
5 Spencer Davies 21:12
6 Simon Jones 21:40
7 Oliver Jones 19:46
8 Terry Moynihan 20:19
9 Darren Taplin 21:35
10 Craig Slyde 22:58
11 Guy Bicknell 20:31
12 Joe Kelly 22:36


B team – 42nd Position
Time 5:46:20

1 Peter Kirkhope 38:42
2 Paul Robbins 39:00
3 Kevin Erne 42:03
4 Martin McCrystal 41:01
5 Craig McNaney 24:35
6 Rich Cawley 23:27
7 Martin McHugh 23:14
8 Steve Damms 23:13
9 Craig Murray 23:23
10 Tom Miller 22:06
11 Richard French 22:19
12 John Davies 23:17

Legs 1 – 4 long – 5.38 miles, legs 5-12 short – 3.17 miles

With cold weather predicted and a battle to fill the teams due to a busy calendar (every other race got cancelled) 30 Northbrookers and supporters headed to Sutton Park. As usual the competition was fierce, but noticeably fewer teams in attendance (probably due to the busy local calendar planned for the weekend). Each runner threw everything they could at this and with conditions varying, during and from one leg to another, it meant everyone effectively ran a different race.

A special mention has to go to those on the mass start and the later legs. The weather turned bad and they persevered through what looked like some sort of icy hell to ensure that all the teams finished. Despite the weather it was a fantastic effort from all involved. Well done guys and girls – Spencer


“I am just going outside and may be some time”

Brooksie’s Mystery Tour Trail Race – 17 March

3 Jo Brown 1:14:07 1st Female

An 8-mile self navigation race, following an 8-mile social/guided run around the route.
The Le Mans style start means that the time includes the time taken to put on shoes and remove prior to finish line within an indoor venue. Mud and blizzards added to the challenge.

Fradley 10k – 11 March

68 Spencer Davies 41:44 PB
144 Rich Cawley 46:30

A colder than expected day greeted the two of us we headed up to Fradley with an overcast sky at the start. I was warned that it was flat and fast, and everything felt right on the day to be able to turn up and have a good run. 2 laps followed of a true to say flat course but with enough turns on it to keep us entertained. As usual
I went of too fast then hung on for dear life in the last 1km. I didn’t even have enough left for the sprint as a young lad came powering past me at the end, next time I’ll have him.

A PB for me was achieved, and for Rich, coming out of long slow half-marathon training, all the signs are there for something special to develop over this year. Great race, great course, great organisation and great company – Spencer

Milton Keynes 20 Miles – 11 March

188 Mark Baker 2:38:45
197 Lucinda Wilson 2:39:47
263 Dave Halford 2:45:29

Milton Keynes Half-Marathon – 11 March

238 Tony Bowe 1:42:26
369 Tony Forde 1:49:15

GB Ultras Chester 50 – 10 March

100 Amy Burdis 11:56:00

226 took part and I finished as 20th female.

Fission 20:20 – 10 March

20 mile race

Andy McConville 2:40:14
Sally Eason 2:41:25 2nd FV55
Sarah McNaney 3:04:10
Claudie Combelas 3:06:45
Anne Hughes 3:25:18

20k race

Craig McNaney 1:44:35
Katy Davies 1:57:56


The 20-mile course was two laps of relatively flat country lanes but with a little twist of several sections of road under water; all that cross-country training came into its own. The finish line was only accessible through
another flooded lane but at least there was cake at the end, and the tee-shirts are nice – Sally