Northbrook Results

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January 2018

Winter Wychavon Way Ultra – 27 January

Tony Bowe 8:16:30

Midland Cross-Country Championships – 27 January

Men’s 12km race
Northbrook men 38th

160 Liam Mills 52:35
227 Steve Turvey 55:21
362 Spencer Davies 61:55
392 Philippe Rawson 63:56
407 Rob Cox 64:50
427 Tom Miller 66:42
440 Kevin Coughlan 68:43
441 Martin McCrystal 68:52


Women’s 8km race

113 Sally Eason 41:07
208 Julie Cozens 48:50
242 Jeannie Noonan 57:13


Twelve Northbrookers headed to Wollaton Park in cold and wet conditions. What we did not expect was how tough this course was going to be. There were 3 steep inclines per lap, 2 log jumps and a very squishy, sucky, stinking piece of bog ground that went on for what like seemed forever.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough women to complete a team but that did not put them off as they showed the men how to do it. Great runs by all 3 in those conditions.

The men set off before the women which meant some of the women were chased down by the leaders. We had a scene from the Full Monty, confusion when we were lapped and some great battles through the field. Liam led us home (not sure how he gets round these so quickly but I’m sure we could could all learn). A tough course but great running from all of us – Spencer

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 4 – 21 January

45 Spencer Davies 49:14
65 Richard Hands 50:55
74 Tony Forde 52:10
118 Claudie Combelas 57:18 2nd FV55

Four Northbrookers headed to Ilmington with a sick marshall, all still in the hunt for the coveted gilet. The weather was awful, cold, snowy and settling fast the closer we got. Certainly not a day for pushing for a time. The marshalls were out in force with the constant “stick to the right” instructions and “take care, ice and sleet”. With an inch and a half of snow at the top, and with some stopping for snowball fights and having an attempt at a snowman the event was great fun this time. Even the prospect of the long drag up was forgotten about with the biting cold and the snow in the face, but at least the water station was serving ice in the cups this time. All finished safely and we headed to the nearest pub to imbibe a spot of rehydration and enjoy the log fire, even if the landlord was worrying I was on fire, but it was just the steam coming out of the layers – Spencer

Holme Pierrepont Marathon – 20 January

Tony Bowe 4:05:09

Draycote Water Winter 10k – 14 January

9 Liam Mills 39:29 PB
46 Simon Jones 44:09
Peter Kirkhope 44:37

Not the Roman IX – 14 January

109 Craig Slyde 53:18 PB*
126 Spencer Davies 54:08
196 Darron Handley 58:01
253 Paul Cozens 62:17 PB
276 Julie Cozens 64:22 PB

* distance debut

Five Northbrookers headed over to Stratford for the “Not the Roman IX”. For three of us this was our 2nd race of the weekend after the cross-country the day before. This is a 12km (7.5 mile) race taking in the delights of
Loxley Hill. The weather was cold but dry and the field was closely compacted at the start, but it soon spread out and we all found our own places and battles. It’s a race of two halves. The first half appears to be mostly uphill, summiting at the top of Loxley Hill, then you can open the legs up and make the use of the downhill and flat sections. Great race, and a great measure of how the winter training is coming together. PB’s from Paul and Julie and Craig debuting at this distance made it a good day for the club. Well run all – Spencer

Sneyd Pudding Run – 14 January

Katy Davies 1:28:25

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 3 at Cofton Park – 13 January

Northbrook Women 14th (4 to count)
Northbrook Women Masters – 7th (3 to count)

26 Amanda Deavy 26:50
89 Katy Davies 30:52
90 Jill Pittard 30:53
108 Amy Burdis 31:33
109 Cath Fenn 31:37
110 Sally Eason 31:38
133 Claudie Combelas 34:08
164 Julie Cozens 37:51
182 Anne Hughes 41:03
185 Sue Clarke 42:11
186 Verity Crighton 42:51
189 Linda Richards 44:04

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 3 at Cofton Park – 13 January

Men’s ‘A’ Team 14th – 507 points, Overall 15th – 1738 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 9th – 987 points, Overall 8th – 3151 points

46 Stuart Lumsden 37:33
82 Liam Mills 39:04
83 Andy McConville 39:05
92 Rory McPheators 39:34
95 Steve Turvey 39:43
109 Damian Dear 40:08
125 Rob Barry 40:35
145 Damian Pharoah 41:30
174 Rory Anderson 42:36
177 Richard Hodge 42:41
182 Mike Wheeler 42:49
184 Ben Smith 42:58
185 Darren Taplin 43:02
199 Jon Seed 43:57
211 Mark Baker 44:52
221 Spencer Davies 45:27
226 Tommy Demspey 45:55
228 Terry Moynihan 45:56
229 Neil Smith 46:18
230 Craig Slyde 46:27
241 Rob Cox 47:43
246 Tony Hughes 48:16
248 Philippe Rawson 48:41
261 Kevin Coughlan 50:16
261 Kevin Erne 52:17
282 David Giles 56:39
285 Chris Perkins 59:26

Full results on B’ham League web site

League Race 3 at Cofton Park came round with great excitement. We hoped for a good result on a tough course in cold conditions. That meant plenty of racing short shorts and vests out with the men. We had a great turnout with some of our more experienced members back to bolster the ranks, and supporters all the way round the course. The field was again fast, breathtakingly fast till the first climb, and then once it settled the downhills gave us the break from the climbs. The finish was even faster than the start with full blown sprinting for those vital points.

Overall a great performance by the team who gave everything out on the course to give us our best performance season to date. Great battles were witnessed by our jubilant and very vocal supporters right through the field.

We need to do it all again guys, one last big push and we can let them know that if Northbrook go down it won’t be without a fight – Spencer

These are the men who ran…


…and these are the men who made it happen

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile Race 3 – 7 January

19 Spencer Davies 34:48
22 Craig Slyde 35:32 PB
35 Sally Eason 37:10
36 Tony Hughes 37:13 2nd MV60
39 Cath Fenn 37:24
40 Rob Cox 37:44
42 Tony Mackness 37:54
45 Amy Burdis 38:23
57 Bernard Blundell 39:35
64 Paul Cozens 41:40
70 Jo Arden 42:14
76 Julie Cozens 43:41
83 Anne Hughes 45:02 1st FV60
94 Louise Slater 48:11
97 Chris Archer 48:41
104 Emily Hughes 53:29
108 Tracey Cox 56:29

Race 3 in the Grand Prix series saw 17 Northbrookers heading to Chelmsley Wood. With the cold and frost the night before the decision was taken to run the course in reverse, it was still 5 miles but a change is always good to keep the mind alive. There were a few icy patches and the frost seemed to get more compacted as the race went on. Great efforts by everyone, especially the five who had competed at Warley Woods the day before. Great local event, well worth turning up for – Spencer

Enigma Winter Marathons – 6 & 7 January

Day 1 Tony Bowe 3:49:49
Day 2 Tony Bowe 3:55:59

Warwickshire Cross-Country Championships – 6 January

Women – 6km
Masters team 8th – 112 points

71 Cath Fenn 28:22 30 Masters
75 Amy Burdis 28:33 33 Masters
117 Claudie Combelas 31:26 49 Masters
139 Julie Cozens 33:47 59 Masters
164 Sue Clarke 37:02 70 Masters

Men – 10km
Masters team 9th – 203 points

64 Stuart Lumsden 36:18 27 Senior
67 Andrew McConville 36:46 16 Masters
103 Liam Mills 38:15 41 Senior
121 Rob Barry 38:58 41 Masters
164 Darren Taplin 41:16 61 Masters
170 Rory Anderson 41:45 51 Senior
205 Mark Baker 43:51 85 Masters
207 Spencer Davies 44:00 86 Masters
222 Richard French 44:58 96 Masters
232 Philippe Rawson 45:44 104 Masters
235 Craig Slyde 46:11 106 Masters
242 Martin McHugh 46:52 110 Masters
279 Jason Brannigan 63:04 127 Masters



Eighteen Northbrookers headed to the Warwickshire championships to represent the club and fly the sunburst over the field. The course was not as wet as feared but still had one climb on it per lap. The weather was dry but with a bitter cold wind it meant we had to run harder to stay warm. The fields in both the men’s and the women’s events were strong and fast, breathtakingly fast for the men’s first mile.

The women went first to show us men how to do it; they had a great run with some really good battles between themselves and other clubs. Great support from the men to rally the women on gave them an 8th team place on the day in the Masters category – top Coventry club.

The men followed and after the first mile it settled down. Our “groupies” were envied by all the runners around us and they made sure we did not flag or ease off for one second. Everyone gave everything they had out there, resulting
in great performances and some truly epic battles taking place between clubmates and other clubs. One of the most competitive races we have been in for a while.

Same again next week please now you have had your practice – Spencer


l-r: Claudie Combelas, Amy Burdis, Sue Clarke, Julie Cozens, Cath Fenn

l-r: Stu Lumsden, Craig Slyde, Jason Brannigan, Rob Barry, Mark Baker, Spencer Davies, Richard French, Martin McHugh, Andy McConville, Philippe Rawson