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September 2017

Guardians of the COD RC Trail Marathon- 30 September

Claudie Combelas 4:43:07

One of those How Hard Can It Be events, starting in Coalport and following the Silkin Way and negotiating the roundabouts of Telford, all in heavy rain. Only 37 on the marathon course so rather lonely, but met some fabulous people.

Berlin Marathon – 24 September

501 Stuart Lumsden 2:45:01

Baxter’s Loch Ness Marathon – 24 September

Amy Burdis 3:34:33

Draycote Water 20 Mile – 24 September

47 Dave Halford 2:39:58
68 Mark Baker 2:48:48

Draycote Water 10k – 24 September

11 Paul Cozens 49:48 1st MV50
24 Julie Cozens 56:19 1st FV55

Enigma Automobiles Marathon – 23 September

Tony Bowe 4:33:59

Equinox 24 Hour and 10k – 23 September

10k Race

Rich Cawley 0:53:51
Chris Perkins 1:12:14
Linda Richards 1:17:59
Tracey Cox 1:18:10


The Equinox24 is a 24 hour mixed terrain race around a 10k loop against the clock, set in the Belvoir Castle Estate.
Nervous excitement was the order of the day as the sun broke through to give warm conditions with still wet ground

Four Northbrookers competed in a 10k race held over the first lap of the 24 hour event. They completed the same course as the main event giving them an inkling of what was coming up for the rest of us.

24-hour event

Solo Female

Jo Brown 16 laps


The Square Pair
Helen Wyatt 10 laps
the other square 11 laps

Small Team

Northbrook Chance
Damian Pharoah 4 laps
Jill Pittard 5 laps
John Davies 4 laps
Spencer Davies 5 laps
Liz Pharoah 5 laps

Northbrook descended on Belvoir Castle in various teams and sizes to enjoy the Equinox 24 Hour event. From solos to pairs to a team we were there to enjoy ourselves and run as far as we could. A wet start on Friday night saw the Beer Mile reduced to a field of 30, but 2 of us gave it a go. I think the drinking skills need to improve as the run was far better than the attempted drinking. Saturday, no rain, warm weather and the anticipation of a 10k lap with various features such as “not that hill”, “that hill” and “the field” all lay ahead of us. What could go wrong? Nothing it appears.

Jo had a flyer, completing her first 10 laps in 12 hours, and her next 6 laps saw her digging deeper than we had ever seen before. Massages, support from the sidelines and walking company by all her family and colleagues from the team got her through to the end. An amazing woman.

In the pairs, Helen stuck rigidly to her plan, and it worked, the pair achieving what they wanted and finishing high up the board. Helen was very organised between runs with rest and fuelling which meant we hardly saw her from Midday to Midday, her pit crew working just as hard to keep her rolling.

In the the team, apart from a few last minute sprints up the finish straight to get to the handover in time, we all performed as we expected. Consistent laps and having the ability to change plans to suit the whole team kept the morale up and everyone going forward. The supporters had all ran the 10k race so they deserved their rewards and made all the noise needed to keep us going as we turned onto the finish straight.

A great event with more friends than just Northbrook and encouragement all around. We shall return next year.

Finishing positions haven’t been published but we estimate that:
Jo Brown was either 3rd or 4th solo lady
Helen Wyatt’s pair team was 2nd mixed pair
The small team were 6th small team.

Midland Counties Road Relays – 23 September

Men 6 x 5.88km

Position 81
Total time: 2:37:38

103 Tommy Dempsey 25:20
103 Kevin Coughlan 27:12
96 Rob Barry 24:26
91 Liam Mills 23:20
86 Terry Moynihan 23:26
82 Guy Bicknell 23:54

Position 99
Total time: 2:51:45

118 Fraser Barrett 32:25
114 Martin McHugh 28:19
113 Craig Murray 26:06
108 Tony Williams 28:11
105 Mark Parker 27:27
100 Paul Robbins 29:17

Position 101
Total time: 2:56:57

119 Chris Archer 33:36
116 Bob Adams 30:02
114 Rob Pool 29:16
110 Craig Slyde 28:27
107 Richard French 26:13
102 Tom Miller 29:23

Discrepancy between final team and final runner position due to subsequent
disqualification of a team

Women 4 x 4.33km

Position 64 total time: 1:22:55

91 Claudie Combelas 24:58
77 Clare Rowntree 19:54
62 Cath Fenn 19:11
64 Louise Myers 21:52

Position 93 total time: 1:34:22

112 Helen Hodge 25:13
102 Lisa Nowak 22:14
99 Jo Arden 23:38
93 Julie Cozens 23:16

Incomplete team

109 Gillian Coulson 24:30
93 Lucinda Wilson 20:41

Heart of England Trail Marathon – 17 September

42 Rob Barry 5:20:00
54 Tony Bowe 5:54:00
57 Liz Pharoah 5:54:00
59 Helen Wyatt 5:54:00

English Half-Marathon, Warrington – 17 September

Tony Hughes 1:49:39
Anne Hughes 1:59:56 3rd FV60

Rugby 10 – 17 September

36 Terry Moynihan 1:07:34
39 Damian Pharoah 1:08:04
48 Liam Mills 1:08:48
87 Tommy Dempsey 1:13:22
99 Dave Halford 1:16:26
100 Amy Burdis 1:16:28 PB
103 Peter Fellows 1:16:42
108 Spencer Davies 1:17:14
118 Cath Fenn 1:18:29
137 Rich Cawley 1:22:03
143 Mark Parker 1:23:12
147 Martin McHugh 1:23:54
160 John Davies 1:26:47
167 David Giles 1:28:44
178 Gemma Ross 1:32:59
191 Anita Sanderson 1:39:31

Forest Heart of England Marathon – 16 September

Tony Bowe 6:14:00

Yabba Dabba Doo Half-Marathon, Chasewater – 16 September

Amy Burdis 2:31:03

Great North Run – 10 September

498 Andrew McConville 1:26:53
1375 Guy Bicknell 1:33:36
13884 Craig Robinson 2:02:23
29308 Donna Mutch 2:33:27

Nuneaton 10k – 10 September

Terry Moynihan 39:34

Inaugral Nuneaton 10k hosted by Nuneaton Harriers. Enjoyable road race setting off from the Town Hall and then 3 laps on roads encircling Pingles leisure centre with a detour into the park for each lap. The route then finished at Pingles stadium track where we were greeted by the Lord Mayor dishing out medals. A flat course with PB potential. No chip times this year, but believe they’re being considered for future events.

Lichfield 10k – 10 September

Paul Cozens 51:56
Julie Cozens 57:29

Stratford Big 10k – 10 September

105 Spencer Davies 43:43
151 Craig Murray 45:33
162 Rich Cawley 45:54
165 Peter Kirkhope 46:03
176 Jill Pittard 46:22
333 David Mills 51:25
342 Michael Cherrington 51:44
415 Jenny Clark 52:47
451 Rebecca Jarvis 53:53
500 Lisa Nowak 55:50
533 Jacqueline Dooley 55:45
623 Faye Creechan 58:05
671 Sara Boot 59:17
684 Chris Archer 59:32
686 Narelle Copland 59:39
691 Louise Slater 59:58
694 Gillian Coulson 59:57
698 Helen Hodge 60:21
712 Emily Hughes 60:31
722 Sarbjit Sunal 60:49
726 Linda Richards 61:47
734 Susan Clarke 61:21
752 Chrissie Cooper 62:02
775 E Wu 62:54
847 Tracey Cox 66:06

Training group all smiles after Stratford Big 10kSunday morning provided perfect running conditions, and for the 10K training group this was the race they had worked towards for 18 weeks. Eighteen from the group turned out with most of them now in club colours, and the Northbrook contingent in total was 25. All were nervous with the thought of PB’s and the memory of the furnace that was the Northbrook 10K. With some coming back from injuries it meant that the chat beforehand was all about various excuses.

As soon as the hooter went thoughj it became serious, all excuses were forgotten and everyone put an effort in with some great performances and fantastic improvements by the 18 from the Thursday training groups. It was great to see the results of their training, and most of them are now nervously looking forward to integtrating into the Wednesday sessions.

Prosecco, cola (for the drivers), cake and snacks (as well as a few tears) accompanied the post-race celebrations in the park, and they left not only great friends but by now also Club colleagues – Spencer

New Forest Marathon – 9 September

403 Claudie Combelas 4:22:00

The Marathon route started and finished in Brockenhurst and wound its way through the heart of the New Forest National Park. The multi-terrain course was promoted as offering one of the most scenic running experiences in the country, with a blend of forest enclosures, open roads, far reaching views and sight of the famous New Forest ponies. There was plenty of rain too.

John Fraser 10 Mile – 3 September

Richard Dimbleby 1:25:11

Kenilworth Half-Marathon – 3 September

15 Stu Lumsden 1:18:15
37 Steve Turvey 1:23:54
69 Jonathan Seed 1:27:25
72 Andrew McConville 1:27:34
74 Terry Moynihan 1:27:30
145 Mark Baker 1:33:19
157 Jo Brown 1:34:41
163 Tommy Dempsey 1:34:44
221 Liam Mills 1:38:56
284 Amy Burdis 1:42:11
300 Sally Eason 1:43:50
302 Peter Fellows 1:43:41
318 Darron Handley 1:44:53
323 Cath Fenn 1:45:17
374 Mike Duggan 1:47:53 2nd MV65
385 Mark Parker 1:48:30
386 Mark Dalton 1:48:17
388 Spencer Davies 1:48:26
442 Martin McHugh 1:51:57
461 Charles Jones 1:52:38
550 Dominic Price 1:56:51
555 Michael Cherrington 1:56:52
604 Louise Myers 2:02:13
631 Helen Wyatt 2:03:59
633 Rebecca Jarvis 2:04:22
635 Gemma Ross 2:04:36
655 Jacqueline Dooley 2:05:38
677 Chris Perkins 2:07:17
703 Kevin Coughlan 2:09:37
753 Fraser Barrett 2:14:42
757 Anita Sanderson 2:14:26
830 Linda Richards 2:27:08
854 Steve Damms 2:35:19

Dingle Marathon – 2 September

Claudie Combelas 4:35:32

The scenery was beautiful but I couldn’t really appreciate it because of torrential rain, high winds and mist.

Bedford Half-Marathon – 2 September

Joe Kelly 1:33:49 PB
Steve Damms 1:39:30
Sarah McNaney 1:41:25
Craig McNaney 1:43:10

Joe, Steve, Sarah & CraigThis was the inaugural holding of this particular Bedford Half Marathon and should not be confused with the well established one that is held in December.  This particular event was hosted by a new running club (Bedford Running Club – novel name) and was a very well organised race.

The course was around a park and country estate and was virtually pancake flat, apart from the one bridge that you had to go over (twice) that traversed a canal.  Fully tarmacked pathways with only about half a mile on grass at the end added to the excellent route.

I could not fault the organisation of this event.  It was definitely looked at from a runner’s point of view and not once did we have a problem.  Everything flowed beautifully,  the baggage drop, the waves that runners started in, the water stations, marhsalls on the course, signage, the finishing funnel – everything had been thought of to ease the race along. And with over 2000 runners taking park, this was no mean feat!  The park at the end had even been turned into a fun zone, ideal for families and supporters who may have come down to watch as there were stalls, bouncy castles, live bands and plenty of food to eat.

It was a brilliant day out and some reasonable times done by all – especially by Joe who smashed his PB.  Just hope Steve’s legs held up as he was the mad one doing the Kenilworth Half-Marathon on the Sunday as well – Sarah



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