Northbrook Results

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February 2017

Tokyo Marathon – 26 February

Anne Hughes 4:32:54

Bolton Abbey Marathon – 25 February

Tony Bowe 5:43:53

English National Cross-Country, Nottingham – 25 February

Men’s race

First six places to count.
Northbrook 110th out of 131.

478 Stuart Lumsden 48:46
884 Graham Dodd 53:37
1209 Joe Kelly 58:24
1238 Steve Damms 58:42
1340 Spencer Davies 60:31
1525 Kevin Coughlan 64:19
1559 Tom Miller 65:31
1670 Philippe Rawson 70:40


Womens’s 8km race

176 Anita Howe 35:45
367 Amy Burdis 39:47
424 Cath Fenn 40:59



Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 5 – 19 February

26 Spencer Davies 45:08
34 Tony Hughes 46:30
36 Paul Robbins 46:47
42 Jill Pittard 47:16 3rd FV35
50 Cath Fenn 48:01 3rd FV45
142 Amy Burdis 58:27 2nd FV55
154 Anne Hughes 59:47 3rd FV55
155 Jason Brannigan 60:02

Eight Northbrookers headed over to Ilmington on a pleasant Sunday. The fifth and final race in the series saw us tackle “the hill” first. Tony set himself a task by starting at the back but soon carved his way through the field with the added incentive of targeting “the next” Northbrook vest in front of him. As always in this series what you go up you will come down and for me it gave me a chance to juggle water and chase the pack of Stratford runners out in front. Afterwards I was glad to think that I would not be seeing “the hill” again until the next series, and with the added warmth from the series prize of the hoody and the packet of sausages there was nothing left to do but see Jill claim first in her age position and all the other ladies finish in the top three for their age categories – Spencer

Dorney Lake Half-Marathon – 19 February

16 Andrew McConville 1:26:52

I ran the Dorney Lake half-marathon today (The location of the 2012 Olympic rowing events). Lovely flat course however half of the lap is very open to the head on wind which either picked up as the race went on, or I was tiring quicker than normal!

Railway Ultra Marathon, 28 Miles – 18 February

Tony Bowe 5:07:08

Wokingham Half-Marathon – 12 February

Guy Bicknell 1:27:18 PB
Damian Pharoah 1:30:31 PB
Corinna O’Connor 1:35:40 PB

Corinna, Guy and I made the journey down to Wokingham for one of Corinna’s favourite Halfs. It was cold, wet and dark when we left Coventry, but when we arrived in Wokingham 100 minutes later it was dry, light and still cold. We had been making our excuses for days, tight calfs, tighter hams, full of cold, cold feet, colder fingers, not ran for a while, ran too much, dog ate my training schedule – we had them all and were sandbagging to the max. As all runners know, we have to make these excuses just in case it all goes wrong and we can reel them out again to our running friends. This cunning ploy obviously worked as we all left with shiny new PBs, the race securing its place in the list of favourites for another year. The hot showers and the free hot drinks at the end helped cement this position – Damian

Midland Women’s Cross-Country League Race 4 – 11 February

Northbrook Women Overall 4th,
Northbrook Women Masters 1st, 2nd overall

8 Amanda Deavy 23:39
13 Anita Howe 23:39
36 Jill Pittard 25:44
54 Cath Fenn 27:20
56 Amy Burdis 27:26
57 Sally Eason 27:30
96 Katy Davies 29:19
101 Claudie Combelas 29:57
168 Anne Hughes 34:09
203 Helen Hodge 37:30

Another great performance was put in by the ladies team at Warwick Univerisity. Amanda Deavy returned for her first race in over three months and put in a storming performance. The combined effort led to the masters’ team finishing first on the day and second in the season. An astounding performance by every runner across the four league games resulted in the ladies finishing in 4th position overall. Cruelly we missed out on promotion by just 11 points. – We will be pushing for promotion in the 2017/18 season. Roll on November – Clare

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 4 at Coundon Hall Park – 11 February

Men’s ‘A’ Team 14th – 653 points, 12th overall – 1898 points
Mens’ ‘B’ Team 7th – 944 points, 7th overall – 3679 points

76 Damian Dear 43:10
85 Graham Dodd 43:44
111 Seb Jones-Brain 44:39
115 Steve Turvey 44:43
127 Rob Barry 45:57
139 Terry Moynihan 43:02
145 Jonathan Seed 47:05
148 Joe Kelly 47:17
155 Spencer Davies 47:51
161 Richard Hodge 48:09
166 Tony Hughes 48:30
169 Richard French 48:48
172 Steve Damms 49:10
173 Mark Baker 49:17
182 Tommy Dempsey 50:01
200 Tom Miller 51:07
218 Mark Parker 53:18
220 Kevin Erne 53:49
221 Will Kirk-Wilson 53:59
227 Philippe Rawson 54:42
250 Fraser Barrett 67:35

Full results on Bham League web site

Twenty-one Northbrookers patched up the club for the final race of the season, with a cunning (and great) course set out by Tony and companions. We turned up in the snow and wind and rain. Our “12th” man today was indeed our supporters/marshals who pushed on every Northbrooker as they approached and passed. It worked, as we all ran out of our skins and achieved the season’s goal of staying up in Division 2. A fantastic performance on the day followed the good work done all season to carry the club over the line. Thanks to all who have run all season long, and to those who stood in to bail us out on the last race.
The next season starts in October (unless you are doing the Nationals in 2 weeks time) – Spencer

Moreton Morell Mad Dash – 4 February

10km race

60 Charles Jones 49:39
131 Helen Hodge 68:18

20km race

7 Andrew McConville 1:23:46
17 Steve Damms 1:30:10

Lovely course and perfect weather – Charles

Coastal Trail Series, South Devon – 4 February

Amy Burdis 27.6 miles 6:05:09
Lisa Busby 13.4 miles 3:32:20

The South Devon stage of the Coastal Trail Series is something of a cult classic. The course is contained within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is simultaneously picturesque and punishing. With its blend of jagged rocks interspersed with idyllic sandy coves, this coastline is jaw droppingly beautiful and hugely inspiring. You weave your way around the technical coastline, before heading inland to tackle a few of the infamous Devon hills.

It was insanely hilly and muddy, but had stunning scenery and lovely weather, really tough but heaps of  fun – Amy

Enigma Quadzilla 4-Day Marathons – 2 – 5 February

4 Marathons in 4 days

Tony Bowe

Day 1 5:02:57
Day 2 4:57:42
Day 3 4:54:29
Day 4 5:07:13