Club Races and Awards

All paid up members are eligible to compete in club events, score points and win awards. Guest runners or lapsed members may compete, but do not score points or win awards.

Summer Handicap

A series of 6 races per season over a designated 5 Kilometre course. The Summer Handicapper calculates handicaps and publishes results separately for men and for ladies. Basic points are awarded in each race to the first 50 men finishers and to the first 30 women finishers, with 50 points to the first man, 49 points for the second and so on. The first woman is awarded 30 points, the second 29 points and so on. Finishing positions lower than 50th for men and 30th for women do not qualify for basic points in that race.

Additional points (Bonus Points) are awarded for Personal Best performances in a race, provided that the member has completed 5 previous races over the same course. If all 6 races are completed in a season the 5 best points scores count towards the total. In addition, the first finisher in each race wins a £5 prize voucher.

Road Race Championship

Road races run over various distances in a calendar year.

Race distances are:

  • the Summer Handicap 5Km
  • 5Km
  • 5 miles
  • 10Km
  • 10 miles
  • Half-Marathon
  • 20 miles
  • Marathon

Other than the Summer Handicap 5Km race and the Parkrun 5Km races, any certified race over the appropriate distance can be included. The Road Race Championship results compiler will award 100 points to the fastest time in a category, then 99, etc. Categories are All Men, All Women, Veteran Men (V35, V45, V55 & V65) and Veteran Women (V35, V45, V55 & V65). If a member completes more than 5 distances in a calendar year, the best 5 distances count to their total.

It is the responsibility of members to inform the results compiler of their results, to ensure that these results are included in the Championship. Results published on the Club website will be automatically included as are parkrun results.

Parkrun Cup

The Parkrun Cup works on a handicap system. Club members notify the competition organiser of their wish to participate, each competitor is then given a target time equal to their parkrun PB for the current year. Pairs of names are drawn at random and the two people in each pair compete against each other for the best time in order to progress to the next round. Each round takes place at Coventry parkrun with, preferably, runners in each pair competing on the same day. There is a two or three week window for each round.

Runner A has a PB for the year of 22.00
Runner B has a PB for the year of 20.00

In order for Runner A to progress to the next round, Runner A has to finish inside 2 minutes of Runner B’s time on the day of the run. If Runner B runs 20.10, Runner A has to run 22.09 or less to progress to the next round.

If Runner A wins by running 22.09, the time Runner A defends for the next round remains at 22.00 minutes. If Runner A wins by running 21.55, then Runner A defends 21.55 in the next round.

The competition progresses round by round until the final round when the winner of that round is the competition winner.