held by video conference on 9 March 2021


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
T. Hughes (Membership Secretary)
S. Duffy (Social Secretary)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)
S. Eason (Women’s Captain)

In attendance:

S. Phipps (guest)

  1. Apologies – A. French (President) technical issues prevented attendance, J. Davies (invited as Welfare Officer)
  2. Matters Arising from previous meeting – Bob Adams will update Tony French on the meeting after Tony could not join due to technical issues.
  3. Northbrook 10Km race – Sara Phipps passed on a proposal from the 10k sub-committee that the 2021 Northbrook 10Km race is not going to take place, due to Covid restrictions and uncertainties. The committee agreed with the proposal (the Allesley Festival has already been cancelled). A virtual 10km event will be looked at. The Northbrook 10Km plans to return in July 2022.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness circulated details of accounts before the meeting. Tony and Mark Baker attended the Warwickshire video AGM. There are no Warwickshire fees due from clubs this year. Tim Hughes has access to the membership portal and is liaising with Tony Mackness to collect subscriptions. Approximately 140 members have paid subscriptions so far.
  5. England Athletics (EA) Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice – current COVID rules for full lockdown, restrict training in groups. The latest information is always available on the EA website or from the leaders and coaches. Leaders and Coaches are continuously reviewing the rules. Spencer Davies said that information about booking into small sessions will be sent to members very soon, when guidelines allow it. Spencer said that Roger Ladbury had done an excellent job with the technical preparations for booking sessions. Training places are limited until more leaders have been trained. The current leaders will only be able to organise a limited number of sessions per week, so patience is needed from members.
  6. Virtual Events – there has been great club interest in all the virtual events, and ‘NOT’ race series. Kevin Coughlan organised ‘2 for 1’ runs for February. For March, there is a ‘7 sins’ hilly challenge and a ‘hare and tortoise’ relay. Virtual training sessions will be displayed on the club website. Details of the virtual Summer Handicap will be circulated for April
  7. Social Events – Sarah Duffy has ideas for events when we are out of lockdown, such a ‘welcome back’ event. As the ‘Awards Party’ survey did not have a high response, there is no Awards Party this year. Details of the awards winners have been communicated to members.
  8. Awards – we have results for Clubperson of the Year and Most Improved Runners. These will be announced soon.
  9. Runners of the Month – February 2021 – Men: Guy Bicknell (inspiration and encouragement). Women: Meghan Miller (top of virtual running league).
  10. Any other business:
    1. Tributes – Sadly club member Guy Bicknell has passed away recently. Northbrook will purchase flowers, and members can provide a ‘guard of honour’ for the funeral.
    2. Training – Spencer Davies is sending out weekly training communications.
    3. Weekly Speech – Bob Adams is sending current and historical information.
    4. London Marathon Club Places – club cannot apply until more information known.
    5. Social Media – a volunteer is needed, who is good with digital publicity, to promote Northbrook on social media.
    6. Facebook Admin – Bob Adams discussed with Cath Fenn and Tim Hughes about admin access, and public/private interactions.
    7. Facebook Marketplace – Tim Hughes will create the Item Sales page as outlined by Claudie Combelas.
  11. Next Meeting – Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 7.30pm to be held by video conference.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker