held by video conference on 18 August 2020

Purpose of Meeting – two meetings were held consecutively.
Meeting 1 was for presentation of reports and proposals from the 10k sub-committee for the Club committte to consider.
Meeting 2 considered issues raised in Meeting 1, plus normal business.

Present at Meeting 1:

A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
R. Cawley (Membership Secretary)
C. Shepherd (Social Secretary)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)

In attendance:

T. Moynihan (Guest)
R. Ladbury (Guest)
S. Phipps (Guest)

Bob Adams thanked the 10Km race sub-committee for all their work.
Sara Phipps has volunteered for 10km race directorship next year.
Terry Moynihan raised two main points for the committee to consider:

  1. Delegated authority
  2. 10Km race charity donations

Present at Meeting 2:

A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
R. Cawley (Membership Secretary)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)

  1. Apologies – none
  2. Matters Arising from previous meeting – none.
  3. Matters arising from earlier meeting with 10Km sub-committee members –
    1. Delegated Authority options were discussed. It was agreed that Richard Cawley will draft a letter to report back to Terry Moynihan.
    2. The committee agreed that the sub-committee can donate entry fees to charity, where the entrant has indicated this preference.
  4. Resignation – Catherine Shepherd stated that she was resigning from all posts with immediate effect. The committee would like to thank Catherine for her contributions. The committee will ask members to consider if they can volunteer for the vacant roles, especially the COVID co-ordinator role, which is urgently needed for the club to organise training safely, and comply with EA guidelines.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness had given details of the accounts.
  6. England Athletics (EA) Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice – the club is following EA guidelines but will need a COVID co-ordinator as soon as possible. Risk assessments and Track and Trace forms are needed for coaching sessions. We need a list of people at sessions in case of a COVID issue. Cath Fenn discussed equipment required by coaches who lead sessions. The committee agreed that required equipment should be purchased or made available.
  7. Virtual Events – there has been great club interest in all the virtual events, and ‘NOT’ race series. Thanks to all the organisers and statisticians. One of these events is Race Around The World, which we completed in 3rd place. A ‘Pairs’ 5Km knockout is getting underway.
  8. Runner of the Month – July 2020 – Men: Tim Hughes (great improvement). Women: Melissa Armston (great improvement and completed GBU relay despite being unwell).
  9. Any other business:
    1. Jack Langman – Jack sadly passed away recently. Jack was an inspirational runner and very respected at the club. A donation in Jack’s memor was agreed from the club
    2. Zoom – different options to Zoom are being considered for future meetings
    3. Membership Fees – the final payment date is 31st August
    4. Masks – Damian Pharoah has ordered Northbrook masks
    5. Cross Country – If league races go ahead, there are likely to be 3 fixtures in Jan, Feb, Mar 2021
    6. Medals – Cath Fenn distributed women’s team medals from a previous cross-country season
    7. Club Trophies – some winners still need to be sent trophies, or collect trophies
  10. Next Meeting – Tuesday 15 September 2020.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker