held by video conference on 21 July 2020


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
C. Shepherd (Social Secretary)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)

Purpose of Meeting – to comply with this section of the EA guidance:
“Covid-19 Co-ordinator identified in each club to take responsibility for club plan and risk assessments. This must be in place before any activity can happen.”

  1. Apologies – R. Cawley (Membership Secretary)
  2. Matters Arising from previous meeting – none.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness said that accounts had hardly changed since the last meeting.
  4. England Athletics (EA) Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice:
    • The committee members were advised to continue to read the latest EA advice and rules.
    • Cath Fenn and Catherine Shepherd are attending a EA webex meeting for an update on 22nd July.
    • This COVID-19 Co-ordinator role will be supported by the committee. Catherine Shepherd will communicate with the committee who will all have responsibility for communicating and applying EA COVID advice and rules to members.
    • Catherine Shepherd distributed Risk Assessment, Accident form and Matrix documents before the meeting for feedback. Tony French discussed how some content from existing forms can be included. Some further changes can be included eg hygiene, and a Track & Trace form is needed. A ‘Northbrook session’ needs to be defined.
    • EA indicate groups should be a maximum size of 6 people (can be 1 coach and 5 people). People in groups should be 2 metres apart.
    • The club needed to follow EA advice to gradually transition from virtual running to ‘normal’ running. In some cases, EA guidelines seem to conflict with Government guidelines. Coaches cannot be responsible for non-club organised running activities or ad-hoc training.
    • Members should not meet at the Jaguar club for training (even though the bar is now open).
    • The weekly speech will update members with the latest information.
  5. Virtual Events – there has been great club interest in all the virtual events, and ‘NOT’ race series. Thanks to all the organisers and statisticians. Some of these events are Race Around The World, which we are due to complete soon in 3rd place, and the Good, Bad & Ugly. There will be a possible Hilly event in August, organised by Spa Striders.
  6. Runner of the Month – June 2020 – Men: Rob Cox (great running and lots of virtual training and quiz organisation). Women: Caroline Parkinson (ran the Coventry way 40 miles even though it was cancelled)
  7. Any other business:
    1. Zoom – the committee agreed to cancel the Zoom subscription as soon as possible, and use the free Zoom option for meetings.
    2. Masks – Damian Pharoah is organising purchase of Northbrook masks.
    3. Cross country-if League races go ahead, there are likely to be 3 fixtures in Jan, Feb, Mar 2021.
    4. Medals – Cath Fenn received medals from a previous XC season.
    5. Club Trophies – some winners still need to be sent trophies, or collect trophies.
  8. Next Meeting – Tuesday 18 August 2020.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker