held by video conference on 7 July 2020


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
C. Shepherd (Social Secretary)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)

Purpose of Meeting – to comply with this section of the EA guidance:
“Covid-19 Co-ordinator identified in each club to take responsibility for club plan and risk assessments. This must be in place before any activity can happen.”

  1. Apologies – A. Mackness (Treasurer) R. Cawley (Membership Secretary) S.Davies (Men’s Captain)
  2. Matters Arising from previous meeting – Cath Fenn and Catherine Shepherd raised the following points:
    a) correction – Coaches – the committee agreed funding for 3 x CIRF and 6 x LIRF courses.
    b) addition – Finance – all expenditure should be agreed by the committee, including sub-committee expenditure.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness circulated details of accounts before the meeting.
  4. England Athletics (EA) Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice:
    • The committee members were advised to read the latest EA advice and rules before this meeting.
    • The club needs a COVID-19 Co-ordinator role, which Catherine Shepherd has kindly volunteered to cover.
    • This COVID-19 Co-ordinator role will be supported by the committee. Catherine will communicate with the committee who will all have responsibility for communicating and applying EA COVID advice and rules to members.
    • Initially the club need Risk Assessment, Accident form and Matrix.
    • The club needs to follow EA advice to gradually transition from virtual running to ‘normal’ running.
    • EA indicate groups should be a maximum size of 6 people (can be 1 coach and 5 people). People in groups should be 2 metres apart.
    • Main communication with members will be by email. The membership portal can be used, but Richard Cawley will need to check this.
    • Richard Cawley can check the members on the email list with Roger Ladbury.
    • Members should not meet at the Jaguar club for training (even though the bar is now open).
    • The weekly speech will update members with the latest information.
    • The Kirby Corner Track booking rules and limitations will be checked by Cath Fenn.
  5. Any other business:
    1. Cross country-if League races go ahead, there are likely to be 3 fixtures in Jan, Feb, Mar 2021.
  6. Next Meeting – Tuesday 23 July 2020.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker