held on 20 January 2020


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
M. Baker (Secretary)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
R. Cawley (Membership Secretary)
C. Shepherd (Social Secretary)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)

In attendance:

R. Ladbury (Guest)
T. Moynihan (Guest)

  1. Apologies – M. Baker (Secretary)
  2. Matters Arising – None
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness sent details of accounts. Subs for 2020 agreed as the following:
    Renewals 1st claim – £30, 2nd claim – £20, New members – £45, Concessions – £21.
  4. Social Secretary Report – Tickets are on sale for the awards night; they are £15 each. Catherine has taken names for 70+ tickets so far. The night starts at 7.00pm and will finish at 12.00am.
  5. Men’s/Women’s Captains’ Report – The club members have been running far and wide as per usual with some tremendous performances.
    It was noted that Northbrook were spoken highly of for our assistance in putting on the XC event at short notice
  6. 10Km race – Roger noted the race was not open yet as there was not a licence in place.
  7. Runners of the Month – December 2019 winners – Men: Craig Slyde (continuing level of performance in multiple events). Notable performances from Duncan Gordan, Tony Bowe and Fraser Barrett.
    Women – Lottie Graham (recent 10 mile PB and her continuing commitment to the club). Notable performances from Natasha White, Claudie Combelas and Anne Hughes.
  8. AGM Discussions
    • The Brian Waterfield award for best veteran runner (over 35) was agreed by the committee.
    • If, at the AGM, there is an agreement for there to be an award for most improved male and female, these awards can be handed out at this years awards night.
    • A shortlist for most improved runners was agreed by the committee; Lottie Graham, Martin Gavin, Sean Duffy, Craig Slyde, Tommy Dempsey, Charllote Mills, Gemma Ross. This list is not exhaustive, as members can vote for whom they like.
    • A shortlist for Club person of the year was agreed by the committee; Spencer Davies, Cath Fenn, Claudie Combelas , Rob Cox, Terry Moynihan, Kevin Coughlan. This list is also not exhaustive.
    • Discussions were held regarding the less serious awards of the night. These are to be confirmed in the next few weeks.
    • The following nominations were made online for the Committee positions:
      Member Secretary – Rich Cawley
      Social Secretary – Catherine Shepherd
      Club Secretary – Rich Cawley
      Treasurer – Tim Hughes
      Mens Captain – Spencer Davies
      Ladies Captain – Cath Fenn.
    • There was a discussion regarding changes to the handicap points for men and women. This will be voted on at the AGM.
    • Tony Mackness was nominated at the Committee meeting to continue as Treasurer. There will be a vote at the AGM for this position.
    • Rich Cawley may have to stand down to enable Mark Baker to continue as Club Secretary, should he wish to do so.
    • It was noted the Committee votes on who the club president will be for the forthcoming year. There was no vote on the night.
    • There will be an additional proposal for the AGM, which involves amending Rule 64 of the club constitution.
  9. Any other business:
    The committee discussed having a more fluid social media profile between the various platforms. The current Northbrook Facebook page was decided to be made private with a new page/group being used to represent the club and its activities.
  10. Next Meeting – Monday 17 February 2020 at 8pm at Bob Adams’ residence.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker