held at 8.30pm on 23 January 2019 at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club, Browns Lane, Coventry

    1. Present: 32 members.
    2. Apologies – Helen Morris, Joe Kelly, Mike Duggan, Catherine Shepherd.
    3. Minutes of Last Year’s Meeting – Last year’s minutes accepted (Proposed: Roger Ladbury, Seconded: Corinna O’Connor).
    4. Matters Arising from Last Year’s Minutues – None.
    5. Chairman’s Report  – It’s been a particularly special year for Northbrook AC as it has enabled us to celebrate the founding of the club some 40 years ago, under its original name of Northbrook Striders. In this connection, the Ruby Relay event took place in August, where the winning team completed the most laps in 40 minutes. Next month, we will continue the celebrations at our annual awards night in the Windmill Village Hotel.
      On the running front, largely due to our inspirational captains Cath Fenn and Spencer Davies, we have continued to see an increase in the numbers competing for the club in the league and championship cross-country races. In the Warwickshire Road Race League, Natasha White was 2nd woman overall, with others highly placed in the age categories. There has also been unprecedented interest in the club Road Race Championships. We fielded 4 teams in the Cotswold Hilly 100, with victory in the mixed team event. Teams also ran well in the Thunder Run and Midlands relays. We fielded 80 runners in the Sphinx Summer 5 mile race, and won lots of prizes in the Sphinx mile relays.
      There was a record turnout at the Summer Handicap, with 101 runners in one of the races. Thanks to handicapper Richard French for coping with the extra workload. Thanks to everyone involved with the 10Km race, for anther excellent event. We now have over 200 members at the club. The training sessions continue to produce good results. The 5km improvement sessions have helped to attract new members.
      Special thanks to Richard Cawley for taking on the roles of Social Secretary and Membership Secretary. The Christmas meal was well attended. Thanks to everyone on the committee and the training group leaders who have all helped the club this year.
    6. Treasurers Report – Tony Mackness sent a report.
      The committee recommended that subscription fees remain the same for new members (there has been no increase in the England Athletics fee), but there will be a one-off £2 subsidy for current members due to celebration of the 40th anniversary of Northbrook AC.
      Proposed by: Tony Mackness, Seconded by: Craig McNaney.
      Proposal accepted. (For 32, Against 0)
      Fees are now due.
      Existing Member Renewals:
      Full rate: £28, Concessions: £20, Second Claim: £19.
      New and Rejoining Members:
      Full rate: £43, Concessions: £31, Second Claim: £28 (all include a club vest).
    7. Proposals Received
      Proposal 1
      That the May 2019 handicap be a charity race. The nominated charity will be the Myton Hospices. Donations will be on a voluntary basis through Justgiving or a bucket collection.
      I would like to raise some money for the Myton Hospices where my father is currently resident. The event could be continued on an annual basis with the handicapper nominating a charity at the AGM.
      Proposed by: Richard French
      Seconded by: Mark Baker
      After much discussion the proposer accepted that a written rule is not needed and vote need not be taken, but the proposal will be supported by the club.Proposal 2
      That there be two new annual distance awards created for the 2019 season:
      Award 1 – Miles Champion Ultra. For the highest aggregate number of miles run in the calendar year in any races, off-road or on-road, that are over Marathon distance, plus any running miles that are part of a Triathlon or a Duathlon.
      Award 2 – Miles Champion. For the highest aggregate number of miles run in the calendar year in any races, off-road or on-road, that are up to and include Marathon distance, plus any running miles that are part of a Triathlon or a Duathlon.
      Proposed by: Kevin Coughlan
      Seconded by: Terry Moynihan
      Amendment 1 – proposed by Roger Ladbury – award for only the Road Race Championship distances.
      Voting: For 9, Against 21 – Amendment 1 rejected.The original proposal was withdrawn and replaced by Amendment 2
      Amendment 2
      – proposed by Tony Forde – have one award for highest distance, from all distances registered on website. Where the event distance is unclear, it will be the advertised event distance.
      Voting: For 19, Against 6 – Amendment 2 accepted.
    8. Election of Officers – the following officers and committee members were elected/re-elected unopposed:
      • President – Tony French
      • Chairperson – Bob Adams
      • Secretary – Mark Baker
      • Treasurer – Tony Mackness
      • Men’s Captain – Spencer Davies
      • Women’s Captain – Cath Fenn
      • Membership Secretary – Richard Cawley
      • Social Secretaries – Tom Miller and Catherine Shepherd

      Non committee

      • Summer Handicap – Richard French
      • Website – Roger Ladbury
      • Kit Person – Damian Pharoah
      • 10km race – Tony French, Tony Mackness, Roger Ladbury, Kevin Coughlan, Terry Moynihan, Steve Turvey
      • Road Race Champs Administrator – Kevin Coughlan
      • Auditor – Terry Moynihan

      Vacant roles – Press Officer, Welfare Officer, Coaching Co-Ordinator.
      Retired Roles – Endurance Coach, Club Coach, Men’s Vice Captain, Women’s Vice Captain, Men’s Team Manager (Road), Women’s Team Manager (Road), Men’s Team Manager (Cross Country), Women’s Team Manager (Cross Country).

    9. Any other business:
      1. Northbrook 10k – Tony Mackness stated that approximately £26k has been raised for various charities since the 10Km race started.
      2. Adrian Powell thanked the committee for their work in the last year.
    10. Meeting closed at 9.35pm

    Minutes prepared by Mark Baker