held on 22 July 2019


A. French (President)
R. Adams (Chairman)
A. Mackness (Treasurer)
M. Baker (Secretary)
C. Shepherd (Social Secretary)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)

In attendance:

R. Ladbury (Guest)

  1. Apologies – R. Cawley (Membership Secretary)
  2. Matters Arising – None
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness provided details of the accounts. We have 201 members.
  4. Social Secretary Report – Sphinx AC are organising a multi-club Christmas party on 14th December at the Standard Triumph Social Club.
  5. Men’s/Women’s Captains’ Report – The Warks Road Race League continued with the Two Castles, Sphinx 5 and Arden 9. We had mixed team winners at the Sphinx relays. The Thunder Run relay was successful with many runners in teams. Club events were successful including the Good, Bad and Ugly relay and Race the Train.
  6. Summer Handicap – Barcodes were used for the third time (first time without backup) in the fourth race of the series. Thanks to all helpers.
  7. 10Km race – The race was on 14th July 2019, and was a great event. Thanks to all the organisers and helpers. There was a large entry again this year. The fun run was also popular. Sara Phipps is joining the 10Km sub-committee.
  8. Runners of the Month – June 2019 winners – Men: Darren Taplin (3 races where top 3 for club and leads MV45 in Warks league), Women: Julie Cozens (PBs at lots of distances).
  9. Any other business:
    1. Birmingham Cross-Country League – Men’s race will only go ahead if a Division 3 League officiator is appointed. We are jointly hosting the first Division 3 fixture on 9th November 2019 with Sphinx and Nuneaton. We will also host a women’s Midland League Division 2 race.
    2. Welfare Officer – Catherine Shepherd volunteered for this role.
    3. Coaching – Cath Fenn discussed further funding for coaches.
    4. Trophy – Awaiting award for ‘most improved team’ in the Midland Cross-Country Champs.
    5. Parkrun – runoffs planned against Sphinx and Masseys.
    6. Training – Spencer Davies said new 5Km to 10km improvement training is popular.
    7. Coventry Half Marathon – no donations were available for clubs from this year’s event. Next year’s event clashes with other races.
    8. Gazebo – a new one is needed. Spencer Davies will investigate.
    9. Club Photo – Thanks to Roger Ladbury for taking the photo.
  10. Next Meeting – Monday 2 September 2019 at 8pm at Cath Fenn’s residence.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker