held at 8.30pm on 24 January 2018 at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club, Browns Lane, Coventry

  1. Present: 35+ members.
  2. Apologies – Adrian Powell, Fraser Barrett, Andrew Ralph, Liz Pharoah.
  3. Minutes of Last Year’s Meeting – Last year’s minutes accepted (Proposed: Sarah McNaney, Seconded: Kevin Coughlan).
  4. Matters Arising from Last Year’s Minutues – None.
  5. Chairman’s Report
    It’s probably been the busiest year for Northbrook AC since I was elected as Chairperson. There has been more interest in the cross-country season, with more women running in Division 1 this year after promotion.
    Special thanks to Clare Rowntree and Cath Fenn for all their work organising a race at Coundon Park alongside Masseys women. In fact, it was great to see Cath offer to captain the women’s team after Clare moved away during the year.
    The men are fighting hard to stay in Division 2 of the Birmingham League, and Spencer Davies is encouraging all of the team to run well.
    Northbrook teams also performed well in the Warks Road Race League, the Cotswold Hilly 100, and the Thunder Run relay this year. Special mention goes to Tommy Dempsey who completed all the races in the Warks Road Race League. The women won the team prize at the Sphinx Summer 5 mile race, and there were Northbrook winners at the Sphinx mile races.
    It’s been encouraging to see the number of runners in the Summer Handicap. Great credit goes to Richard French, the handicapper, and all the timekeepers, who have been using a new results app this year.
    The hard work that everyone is putting into the Sunday, Monday and Wednesday sessions is producing some great results. There have also been beginner sessions aimed at our 10Km race which encouraged more people to join the club.
    Thanks to Mark Baker for organising our support points at the Coventry Half Marathon.
    Last July the club again hosted the 10Km race, which continues to be a fantastic event. There was a record entry, and great support from our sponsors. There was a great amount raised for charities. Many thanks to the 10Km sub-committee for all their efforts.
    It’s been another great year on the social front, with Julie Liggett organising the Awards Night, and many other events, including a quiz presented by Mitch Timms from Sphinx.
    Finally, I’d like to comment on the fact that we are continuing to attract new members, with membership now around 170, and great credit for this must go to our Membership Secretary, Richard Cawley. Roger Ladbury also continues to do an excellent job updating the club website. I would like to ask members to volunteer for the new roles that help the club to grow in future.
    Thanks to everyone on the committee and the training group leaders who have all helped the club this year.
  6. Treasurers Report – Tony Mackness sent a report. The committee recommended that subscription fees increase for new members to match the England Athletics fee increases, but stay unchanged for current members.  Accepted (For 32, Against 0)
    Fees are now due.
    Existing Member Renewals:
    Full rate: £28, Concessions: £20, Second Claim: £19.
    New and Rejoining Members:
    Full rate: £43, Concessions: £31, Second Claim: £28 (all include vest).
  7. Proposal Received
    The minimum age for Club membership to be changed to 18 years.
         Proposed by: Roger Ladbury, Seconded by: Tony French
    Clause 5 of the Club constitution to be changed to read:
    “Membership of the Club shall be open, on application, to anyone interested in recreational or competitive running, aged eighteen or over but otherwise regardless of age, and regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs.”Consequent upon this change Rule 2 of the Club Rules be changed to read:
    “Anyone satisfying the general admission criteria (as determined from time to time by the Committee) can become an Ordinary Member, provided that they are an amateur as defined from time to time by UK Athletics and that they are aged 18 or over at the date of their application.”
    Also consequent upon these changes the Club committee to review Rule 15 (Guest Runners) to ensure that the Club’s policy on allowing guest runners does not give rise to possible safeguarding issues where guests are aged under 18.
    In the current constitution the minimum age for Club membership is 16 years. The previous constitution had no lower age limit so when the constitution was rewritten in 2014 it was thought prudent to specify a lower age limit, and the limit of 16 years was taken from the UK Athletics model constitution.
    A person under the age of 18 years is classed as a child and special arrangements have to be in place where children are involved in activities outside of the home. For example, a Safeguarding Policy should be in force and there should be a person designated as the responsible person. There are also issues around the sharing of showers and changing areas where adults are present, and there is a need to have special reporting procedures should a child make a complaint. Clearly the Club does not have the wherewithal to comply with these requirements. In addition, there is special duty of care placed on the leaders of sporting activities in which a child is included, and the Club is not able to ensure that an activity group that included a child would be controlled by a person with the requisite knowledge and/or readiness to accept that responsibility.
    Proposal accepted. (For 32, Against 0)
  8. Election of Officers
    • President – Tony French
    • Chairperson – Bob Adams
    • Secretary – Mark Baker
    • Treasurer – Tony Mackness
    • Mens Captain – Spencer Davies
    • Ladies Captain – Clare Rowntree
    • Membership Secretary – Richard Cawley
    • Social Secretary – Richard Cawley

    Non committee

    • Summer Handicap – Richard French
    • Website – Roger Ladbury
    • Kit Person – Damian Pharoah
    • 10km race – Tony French, Tony Mackness, Kevin Coughlan, Terry Moynihan, Steve Turvey
    • Press Officer – vacant
    • Men’s Vice Captain – vacant
    • Women’s Vice Captain – vacant
    • Club Coach – Liz Pharoah
    • Endurance Coach – Clive Horton
    • Road Race Champs Administrator – Kevin Coughlan
    • Auditor – Terry Moynihan
    • Welfare Officer – vacant
    • Men’s Team Manager (Road) – vacant
    • Men’s Team Manager (Cross-Country) – vacant
    • Women’s Team Manager (Road) – vacant
    • Women’s Team Manager (Cross-Country) – vacant
  9. Awards for 2017
    • Men’s Road Race (overall) – Stuart Lumsden
    • Women’s Road Race (overall) – Amanda Deavy
    • Senior Men’s Road Race – Ben Smith
    • Senior Women’s Road Race – Amy Burdis
    • O/35 Men’s Road Race – Steve Turvey
    • O/35 Women’s Road Race – Jill Pittard
    • O/45 Men’s Road Race – Terry Moynihan
    • O/45 Women’s Road Race – Cath Fenn
    • O/55 Men’s Road Race – Tony Hughes
    • O/55 Women’s Road Race – Sarah McNaney
    • O/65 Men’s Road Race – Mike Duggan
    • O/65 Women’s Road Race – Ros Myers
    • Veteran of the Year – Cath Fenn
    • Men’s Summer Handicap – Andrew Ralph
    • Women’s Summer Handicap – Emma Boyle
    • Men’s Cross-Country – Steve Turvey
    • Women’s Cross-Country – Jill Pittard
    • Paul Kelly Trophy – Spencer Davies
    • Clubperson of the Year – Spencer Davies
    • Most Improved Runner – Damian Pharoah
  10. Any other business:
    1. Good, Bad & Ugly – the route was discussed but it remains the same.
    2. 40th Anniversary of the Club – celebrations later this year.
    3. Club Funds – discussion of how balance should be used.
    4. Thanks to John Ralph and family – for 10Km race help over the years.
    5. Marketing of Club to new members – discussed.
  11. Meeting closed at 9.35pm

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker