held on 17 September 2018


A. French (President)
M. Baker (Secretary)
R. Cawley (Membership Secretary and Social Secretary)
S. Davies (Men’s Captain)
C. Fenn (Women’s Captain)

In attendance:

R. Ladbury (Guest)

  1. Apologies – R Adams (Chairman), A Mackness (Treasurer)
  2. Matters Arising – none
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Mackness had circulated details of the accounts prior to the meeting.
  4. Social Secretary Report – A possible Christmas meal may be arranged. The next Awards Night will be on 16th February 2019 at the Windmill Farm hotel. It will be combined with a 40th Anniversary celebration.
  5. Men’s/Women’s Captains’ Report – Mick Duggan reached the final of the World Masters Athetics Championships in Malaga for MV75 800 metres. There were lots of good race runs including the Warks Road Race League, especially the Kenilworth Half Marathon. Lots of the beginners training groups completed the Stratford 10Km race. Terry Moynihan is organising the Midland Relays at Sutton Park.
  6. Cross-country season – We are co-hosting the opening Birmingham Cross-Country race and the Midland Ladies Cross-Country race at Coundon Park on 10th November. Masseys and Sphinx are also co-hosts. Tony French updated the preparations made so far regarding the course, restricted areas, first aid, parking, facilities, etc. Spencer Davies has been organising cross-country training sessions, especially for beginners. Spencer also sent out a cross-country race form to members for them to indicate in which events they can participate.
  7. 10Km race – Tony French said that next year’s race is on 14th July 2019.
  8. Kit – Damian Pharaoh will be placing orders for retro anniversary t-shirts and bobble hats. Any subsidy needs to be agreed with the treasurer.
  9. Runners of the Month – August 2018 winners – Men: Liam Mills (PBs at Castle rock 10Km and Leicestershire 10Km races), Women: Cath Fenn (first in age group at Masseys 5Km race).
  10. Any other business:
    1. Summer Handicap – There were a record 101 finishers in the final race. Thanks to handicapper Richard French and all the helpers this year. There were discussions about whether the event needs changes to manage increasing numbers next year
    2. Parkrun Cup – Richard Cawley said that the first round is underway with 60 members
    3. Rainbow Lockup sale (Club Equipment storage) – No news on the sale. The door needs repairs
    4. Club Membership – now exceeds 200 members for the first time
    5. Jaguar Club Fees – Fees will be due in October. Cost to be confirmed
    6. London Marathon Club Places – to be applied for in November
    7. AGM – needs to be booked at Jaguar for 2019
    8. Coaching – LIRF accreditation course available on 9th December
    9. Thunder Run – Request to increase subsidy for event. Treasurer needs to consider viability against Anniversary Awards night subsidy and possible kit subsidies
  11. Next Meeting – Monday 22 October 2018, venue to be confirmed.

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker