held at 8.30pm on 25 January 2017 at the Jaguar Sports and Social Club, Browns Lane, Coventry

  1. Present: 40+ members.
  2. Apologies – Scott Shepherd, Joe Kelly, Damian Pharoah, Amanda Deavy.
  3. Minutes of Last Year’s Meeting – Last year’s minutes accepted (Proposed: Roger Ladbury, Seconded: Corinna O’Connor).
  4. Matters Arising from Last Year’s Minutues – None.
  5. Chairman’s Report – Bob Adams reflected on another great year.
    • Bob enjoyed working with the rest of the committee – sorry to see Mark Dalton and Corinna O’Connor leaving the committee after great work
    • The men’s and women’s captains did a great job
    • The men were promoted to Division 2 of the Birmingham Cross Country League
    • Women’s participation is increasing in events and there have been great results
    • The club is co-hosting the final Men’s Cross Country League fixture at Coundon Park
    • The 10Km race was another great success – thanks to everyone involved
    • The Warks Road Race League was well supported and contested
    • The club Road Race league and Summer handicap were great competitions
    • The training nights and Sunday runs are excellent with coaches doing a great job
    • The Cotswold Hilly 100 was another great club event
  6. Treasurers Report – Tony Mackness circulated a full year financial report, and discussed the details. The committee recommended that subscription fees for existing members are frozen despite the England Athletics fee increases. New members fees increase by £1. Accepted (For 40, Against 0)
    Fees are now due.
    Existing Member Renewals:
    Full rate: £28, Concessions: £20, Second Claim: £19.
    New and Rejoining Members:
    Full rate: £42, Concessions: £30, Second Claim: £28 (all include vest).
  7. Special Proposal for Life Membership – The committee recommended that Bob Adams was awarded Life Membership for 33 years dedicated service to the club.
    Proposal accepted (For 40, Against 0).
  8. Proposal Received
    1. Proposal – I propose we change the way that the Most Improved Runner Award is decided. Rather than only a members vote, I propose that 50% of the vote is based on actual statistics from UK Athletics sponsored site ‘Run Britain’ Rankings.
      Therefore, half on a public vote and half on real ranking stats. Whilst the committee makes informed nominations it would be good to base it on some quantifiable data.
      We need to think about fine detail but if we use the average improvement in the bottom line and award 50 points to the top runner. Then 49, 48 ,47 etc.
      Also, we need to have a think about number of races that count as not everyone does all of them, but I guess the average should be based at least 3 or maybe it should be their best 5 like the RRC.
      The public vote then of 1,2,3 would attract 50 points for the top score and so on 49, 48, 47, etc. Add both together and that’s your winner.
      I still think it’s important to retain the ‘public vote’ part as some journeys of improvement often include the overcoming of personal barriers that only we as ‘fellow’ club members may know.Proposed by: Kevin Coughlan, Seconded by: Tony Mackness.Amendment – Use the ‘Run Britain’ data to create a shortlist of candidates, then open vote to membership as usual.Proposed by: Clare Rowntree, Seconded by: Bob Adams.Amended proposal accepted. (For 27, Against 3)
  9. Election of Officers
    • President – Tony French
    • Chairperson – Bob Adams
    • Secretary – Mark Baker
    • Treasurer – Tony Mackness
    • Mens Captain – Spencer Davies
    • Ladies Captain – Clare Rowntree
    • Membership Secretary – Richard Cawley
    • Social Secretary – Julie Liggett

    Non committee

    • Summer Handicap – Richard French
    • Website – Roger Ladbury
    • Kit Person – Damian Pharoah
    • 10km race – Tony French, Tony Mackness, Kevin Coughlan, John Ralph, Sean Flanaghan, Terry Moynihan
    • Press Officer – Martin Winch
    • Men’s Vice Captain – vacant
    • Ladies’ Vice Captain – Cath Fenn
    • Club Coach – vacant
    • Endurance Coach – Clive Horton
    • Road Race Champs Administrator – Kevin Coughlan
    • Auditor – Terry Moynihan
    • Welfare Officer – Liz Pharoah
    • Men’s Team Manager (Road) – vacant
    • Mens’ Team Manager (Cross-Country) – vacant
    • Ladies’ Team Manager (Road) – vacant
    • Ladies’ Team Manager (Cross-Country) – vacant
  10. Awards for 2016
    • Mens Road Race (overall) – Stuart Lumsden
    • Ladies Road Race (overall) – Amanda Deavy
    • Senior Mens Road Race – Damian Dear
    • Senior Ladies Road Race – Clare Rowntree/Amy Burdis
    • O/35 Mens Road Race – Martin Winch
    • O/35 Ladies Road Race – Jill Pittard/Sarah Booker
    • O/45 Mens Road Race – Terry Moynihan
    • O/45 Ladies Road Race – Sally Eason
    • O/55 Mens Road Race – Pete Fellows
    • O/55 Ladies Road Race – Sarah McNaney
    • Veteran of the Year – Claudie Combelas
    • Mens Summer Handicap – Mark Parker
    • Ladies Summer Handicap – Louise Myers
    • Mens Cross-Country – Stuart Lumsden
    • Ladies Cross-Country – Jill Pittard
    • Paul Kelly Trophy – Spencer Davies
    • Clubperson of the Year – Spencer Davies
    • Most Improved Runner – Richard Cawley
  11. Any other business:
    1. Co-hosting League Cross Country Race – Help is needed from everyone in February at Coundon Park.
    2. Awards Night – there was a discussion about moving the event to later in February, but it was decided to keep to the current weekend in January.
  12. Meeting closed at 9.35pm

Minutes prepared by Mark Baker