Virtual Handicap

The Northbrook Summer Handicap is suspended for the time being so here is an alternative you might like to have a go at.

The challenge is at some point during the month to complete the handicap course to the best of your ability.

For STRAVA® users – Ensure you are a member of the Northbrook club on STRAVA®. Set your wearable tech to record your run and let us know when you have completed the course.

Non-STRAVA® users – we are going to have to trust your Northbrook integrity and honesty (or you could join STRAVA®). Time yourself. There’s an online form you can use to upload your manual non-STRAVA® runs. Check your email inbox for a link to the form.

A league table will be made available at suitable time periods to show who’s participated. To make it more interesting, take a before and after picture; yes we really want to see your red faces and you gasping for breath.